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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Back Door 1973 8th Street Nites

Genre: Blues
Rate: 166 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:35:39
Size: 41,71 MB

United Kingdom

This album wasn't ment as a big jazz-rock thing-it's the "three man rocks up a bar in the unusually style" concept which makes Back Door so special. It's no free jazz band (fortunatly), it's a rockin' jazz thing! This album is different to Back Doors first LP, it's truely much more raw bluesy jazz-rock, and a fine try to bring the old blues stuff into a little jazzy form without to forgett the blues roots. So thats the goal. Raw, unpolished, direct and deep from the belly. Listen to this perfect interpretation of Johnsons "32-20 Blues"-thats pure sugar for any bass player - Colin Hodgkinson leaves no free space for any guitar player - he rules the song and did it in a way bluesrockfreaks love!

You can't compare this album with the first one but it's still brilliant and precious! (badliver)


01 - Linin' Track 04:01

02 - Forget Me Daisy 02:15

03 - His Old Boots 03:24

04 - Blue Country Blues 02:47

05 - Dancin' In The Van 01:53

06 - 32-20 Blues 02:26

07 - Roberta 02:51

08 - It's Nice When It's Up 02:56

09 - One Day You're Down, The Next Day Your Down 03:35

10 - Walkin' Blues 03:15

11 - The Bed Creaks Louder 02:22

12 - Adolphus Beal 03:54

Back Door here:


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