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Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Farpoint Station 2014 Urgent Intervention


I very much enjoy your blog, and since I respect your musical opinions very much, I guess it won't hurt if I send you a link to present you a new band. It is my own band, The Farpoint Station, and I have a new album...

I live in Croatia and play since i was 12, and that was long ago. :o)

I have no contract, no label, and I have just finished my new (3rd) album, and would be very honoured if you could find some time to hear it. It is professionally recorded, mastered at Amsterdam mastering by Darius Van Helfteren.

The Farpoint Station is a project that I started back in 2004. Soon after that I have formed the backup band The Farpoint Station that appears for the first time on my first album titled “Return of The Son of The Monster From The Yellow Lagoon II” (Tunecore).

After this album which was jazzy oriented, the band transforms itself into a power trio and records the second album named “Astral Neighbourhood“ for the US market (Tunecore).

During last year the band enters the studio again and records the brand new album “Urgent Intervention“, that was released this September. On the album the band adds strong Hammond grooves to the hardened classic rock grooves. The album could be shortly described as the unique blend of old-school progressive blues-rock with some ethnic and funky flavour.

Nenad Resnik


Nenad Resnik: Guitar and Vocals
Miroslav Grabar: Bass
Zlatko Ivankovic: Drums
Raphael Wressnig: Hammond
Ferid Hukic-Feco: Bongos
Valter Stepcic: Additional percussion
Neven Resnik: Additional keyboards and space effects




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