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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Super Chikan 2001 Shoot That Thing

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:54:47
Size: 100,21 MB

United States

On this release for Rooster (arguably the best blues record label operating) James "Super Chikan" Johnson and the Fighting Cocks release that infectious feeling they deliver live. There is a long history of comic blues (mainly "blue" blues, as in Bo Carter of "Bannana in Your Fruitbasket" fame) but Chikan brings us into the postmodern era as only he could. The humor he is known for is generally subtle, sometimes outrageous, but always effective. Every cut contains what could only be explained as a sly grin from Chikan.

The title cut is the best example of that "live" feeling, an 8 1/2 minute jam that is the standout on the album. If you're lucky enough to see him live, this album will remind you of the great time you had; if you haven't, this is a great approximation. Throughout the album Chikan and the Cocks unleash that funky blues boogie that no one does better. If you're one of those people that find the contemporary blues scene derivative, you owe it to yourself to pick up this album and see how wrong people can be. This album is as fresh as it gets, and Chikan is a true and priceless original. "Shoot That Thang" has all of the qualities of the legendary Chuck Berry: Boogie music at its loosest and best; inventive and well-written lyrics; and one hell of a lot of personality. Don't miss this. (malaguarambler)


01 - Guilty Man 04:21

02 - Don't Mess With The Blues 04:12

03 - Tin Top Shack 03:49

04 - Mennonite Blues 08:55

05 - Bus-Train-Rain 04:30

06 - Staingy Wid It 03:48

07 - Could Have Been Me 04:25

08 - Junky Trunk 04:40

09 - Marry Me 02:12

10 - Wrong To Sing The Blues 05:31

11 - Shoot That Thang! 08:24

Super Chikan here:



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Anonymous said...

I saw James "Super Chikan" Johnson and the Fighting Cocks live about 2 years ago and he whipped the crowd into a blues boogie frenzy. An interesting note is that he makes his own guitars and some of them are quite interesting (note the one on the cover).

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