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Friday, October 10, 2014

Trapeze 1992 Welcome To The Real World

Genre: Rock
Rate: 224 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:59:11
Size: 94,83 MB

United Kingdom

Holy frickin' smokes, this is one incredible one-off "reunion" shows specially recorded. Glenn Hughes, Mel Galley and Dave Holland are in fine, funk if not rockin' form. Accompanied by Asia's Geoff Downes of keyboards, Trapeze fly high from the start.

All of their well known songs are here, plus two additional ones, Homeland and Welcome to the Real World. The 2 newer ones are also featured on Glenn Hughes/Geoff Downes "The Work Tapes" CD, which released in 1991 was a collection of studio quality demos. The 2 vary much, as Trapeze perform them with actual drums and guitar that make them very good songs while on the Work Tapes they came across as light pop music. Aside from that though, this concert demonstrates the powerfulness behind Glenn Hughes voice. Anyone who was BLOWN away by his own Burning Japan Live CD in 1994 and even on the Tommy Bolin 1997 tribute release will be tickled to death to hear him on this, he is absolutly astonishing! This is the closet he comes to sounding like the voice he had in the 70's, shattering glass once again. Mel Galley and Dave Holland also shine on this. Mel's guitar playing is still good, even after years of hand problems, you'd never know it here. He even gets in a vocal shot on Midnight Flyer, giving Hughes a break in the action. Dave Holland, who drummed for the Mighty Priest almost the entire 80's , get's down and dirty on this. Him and Hughes lock in some of the tightest and nastiest funk rhythms ever heard. Geoff Downes, the unoffical Trapeze member is around. He safely stays low throughout the entire show except for the new songs and getting into the extended jams here and there.

I thought at first it'd be a bit annoying heringa keyboard in the funk sound but i was surprised just how little i heard after listening. Fans of Hughes, funk, rock, soul music should get this. Fans of Purple, Whitesnake, and Priest, this is an acquired tatse, but a delicious one at that! (cd-heaven)


01 - You Are The Music... We Are Just The Band 05:18

02 - Way Back To The Bone 06:37

03 - Welcome To The Real World 05:50

04 - Coast To Coast 05:51

05 - Midnight Flyer 06:52

06 - Homeland 06:21

07 - Touch My Life 06:32

08 - Your Love Is Alright 08:30

09 - Black Cloud 07:20

Trapeze here:


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