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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Joe Richardson Express 2001 Wayyyy Beyond The Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:52:32
Size: 72,05 MB

United States

The Joe Richardson Express is Joe, bassist Kevin Phelan, and drummer Mike Taylor. It is a trio, and it works. Produced by Joe Richardson and Christy Popp in a tasteful, "simple is good / old school fashion," it delivers a lot of soul and feel in 11 tracks that hold together well. All were created by Joe; he got some collaboration on "Dead Man's Money" from Mike and Lori Taylor. In the midst of writing a review (which may suggest critique), the fellas keep groove an obstacle between me and criticism. I can't rave, but he has a cool voice. I don't hear fancy guitar playin', but I don't want for nuthin'. The man plays with taste and tone; the band is there in classic form, and it works.

I hear spiritual music from the top, with "Medicine Man." It drives......and with "Come Home Baby," cut # 2, the spirits relax into a rich brew of potent smokehouse charm. These men have soul. Their skills are not those that raise the hairs on the back of my neck; they are the kind that have me soothingly bringing my eyelids to lazily close, in welcome want of what may come next. I have been won over in a lane where my personal tastes don't usually drive, because The Joe Richardson Express knows how to drive real well. They hug the road. Especially alien to my usual tastes, "Showed My Soul To You" also showed me a nice guitar touch, a real talent. Better yet, it shows me that my tastes were only that; they were what I thought they were. Now I know a little better. I'm glad this band is on the move. The Joe Richardson Express has ridden into friendly territory, and my ridin' lane's enriched. Look into a good thing for yourself at (This review is copyright © 2001 by Bobby Manriquez, and Blues On Stage)


01 - Medicine Man 03:14

02 - Come Home Baby 07:50

03 - Dead Man's Money 04:13

04 - Greyhound Bus 03:57

05 - Damn That Guitar 03:52

06 - Kill Me Quickly 06:17

07 - I've Seen The Devil 03:49

08 - Please Don't Love Me Anymore 04:43

09 - Showed My Soul To You 02:11

10 - Lil' Mambo 04:37

11 - Goin' On 03:10

12 - Hidden Track 04:39

Joe Richardson Express here:



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