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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Savoy Brown 1970 Looking In

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:39:38
Size: 72,67 MB

United Kingdom

Review by Mike DeGagne

Savoy Brown's blues-rock sound takes on a much more defined feel on 1970's Looking In and is one of this band's best efforts. Kim Simmonds is utterly bewildering on guitar, while Lonesome Dave Peverett does a fine job taking over lead singing duties from Chris Youlden who left halfway through the year. But it's the captivating arrangements and alluring ease of the music that makes this a superb listen.

The pleading strain transformed through Simmonds' guitar on "Money Can't Save Your Soul" is mud-thick with raw blues, and the comfort of "Sunday Night" is extremely smooth and laid back. "Take It Easy" sounds like it could have been a B.B. King tune as it's doused with relaxed guitar fingering. The entire album is saturated with a simple, British blues sound but the pace and the marbled strands of bubbly instrumental perkiness fill it with life. Even the Yardbirds-flavored "Leaving Again" is appealing with its naïve hooks, capped off with a heart-stopping guitar solo.

This album along with Street Corner Talking best exemplify Savoy Brown's tranquilizing style.


01 - Gypsy 01:02

02 - Poor Girl 04:09

03 - Money Can't Save Your Soul 05:32

04 - Sunday Night 05:25

05 - Looking In 05:20

06 - Take It Easy 05:44

07 - Sitting An' Thinking 02:54

08 - Leavin' Again 08:30

09 - Romanoff 01:02

Savoy Brown here:



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