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Thursday, November 13, 2014

John Ussery & The Full Tilt Blues Band 1999 Gettin' Lucky

Genre: Blues
Rate: 238 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:42:30
Size: 71,17 MB

United States

Excellent vocals, guitar playing, excellent bass, some dynamite organ and blues harp, throw in a horn section on cue... this definitely is great stuff. Well mixed and professionally performed, these are quality tracks with some great licks being layed down on a variety of instruments, each coming in on cue and hitting the mark. The drums are "miced" perfectly, the mix is absolutely perfect - technically, these recordings are superb.

Technical stuff aside, there are some great tunes on this CD. A number of songs on this CD are particularly compelling, "I've Been Abandoned" in particular moves me, as well as "Somebody Help Me". These tracks, as well as "It's Raining Down in Texas" illustrate John's ability to color his music with expressive vocals - very soulful, and well done. Some of the songs grow on you and take on new meaning after a few plays, like "Jump and Get It" - I love it! My favorite track is the title song "Gettin' Lucky" - great guitar and singing by John, and always makes me smile. This is great stuff. Don't hesitate to buy this CD or John's other CD "Cryin' and Screamin' ".

John Ussery has been a pro on the Rock and Blues scene for quite a while. This recording is testimony to his ability - you'll be humming some of the tunes the next day, the mark of a truly good song. Man, this is good stuff. No, this is Great Stuff. (Steve Munro)


01 - Gettin Lucky 03:16

02 - Still Raining 03:33

03 - Get Out My Life Woman 03:29

04 - I've Been Abandoned 03:45

05 - Serve It Up 03:33

06 - Somebody Help Me 03:43

07 - You Cut Me To The Bone 03:49

08 - It's Raining Down In Texas 06:42

09 - Ain't Gonna Quit You 04:15

10 - Jump And Get It 03:37

11 - Love That Guitar 02:48

John Ussery & The Full Tilt Blues Band here:


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