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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Joe Richardson Express 2002 Somhelgisfel

Genre: Blues
Rate: 198 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:44:34
Size: 67,21 MB

United States

Keep the doors and windows unlocked when you hear this--a handy exit is the best thing for survival instincts when you feel your flesh crawl. This is what a Rottweiler would sound like if it could play music, and Joe looks like that evil wizard Saruman in "Lord of the Rings."

If you want to conjure up some powerful spirits, don't expect anything that will be easy to handle when the Express summons them-or else. This is primal, raging, and aboriginal in nature, and if you find the hair standing up on the back of your neck, just be glad your head is still attached to feel it.

Joe and his buddies can crack your back as well, just trying to move to those on-the-torture-rack rhythms. Lenny Kravitz gets a thumbs-up for "The Gospel," and Jimi and Stevie Ray sent "Cry" and "Mother Rain" down from the Heaven's Hall of Guitar Heroes. Watch out for the "Black Sheep of the Blues": you're gonna be the one who gets skinned for your hide.

Not safe yet? There's a touch of dobro mojo when you reach "Virginia," but "Witch Cat" will boil you alive in a Louisiana bayou cauldron with a voodoo chant. Dig this--J.S. Bach gets soul too: Joe blows a "Mass in Delta Minor" on harmonica. Salvation comes with the morning light, and pray for mercy. (Mitch Lopate)


01 - Feelin' Like The Dead 03:23

02 - Black Sheep Of The Blues 04:05

03 - Golden Idol 02:28

04 - Somhelgisfel 02:52

05 - The Gospel 05:09

06 - Cry 04:14

07 - Virginia 03:12

08 - Trouble 05:01

09 - Witch Cat 05:00

10 - Mother Rain 07:04

11 - Mass In Delta Minor 02:06

Joe Richardson Express here:



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