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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Matti Norlin 2010 Live - Blues 3 Trappor Upp

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:10:20
Size: 160,92 MB


This is the latest album from Sweden's Matti Norlin. It's his 4th blues CD and his first since 2002. The album was recorded live at Blues 3 Trappor Upp (3 Stairs Up) in Tranemo Sweden and features a number of Matti Norlin originals with a smattering of blues classics from the likes of Robert Johnson and Charlie Patton.

A couple of things stand out on this CD. The first is the camaraderie between Matti and his audience. Although the dialogue is in Swedish, there is obvious humour apparent and the participation between artist and fan is quite extraordinary. The second is Matti's astonishing guitar playing. As well as his picking, he also plays quite a mean slide. His forays into rag time are also quite sensational.

The set kicks off at a brisk pace. Two Norlin originals, "Mind Your Own Business" and "Mainstream Blues" split by Robert Johnson's "Up Jumped The Devil" and by now the audience are really lapping this up.

A change in tempo, any one for ragtime?. I've found another way to live and "Airy Man Blues" are brilliantly played. The Big Bill Broonzy number "How You Want It Done: is the albums highlight. Controlled tension at it's very best. A trio of Norlin originals are next up. "Biscuits" (I've never heard a blues number with references to baking powder before), "Not Allowed" and "Groovin" are real rootsy, gutsy numbers before we return to some more rag time in the shape of "Milkcow Blues Boogie" and "Piccolo Rag". Two Charlie Patton numbers, "Shake It and Break It" and "Bird Nest Bound" follow before Matti is joined by Fredrik Haake on assorted kitchen utensils (baking trays, saucepan lids and cymbal) The disc closes with a rabble rousing "Emigration Blues".

This has to be one of he best solo live albums I have ever heard. Those who were present witnessed something quite special. The rest of us will have to hear the CD, It's indispensable.. (Mike Lightfoot)


01 - Presentation 01:22

02 - Mind Your Own Business 03:28

03 - Up Jumped The Devil 04:05

04 - Mainstream Blues 03:11

05 - I've Found Another Way To Live 04:03

06 - Airy Man Blues 03:53

07 - Airplane Blues 03:49

08 - How You Want It Done 07:11

09 - Biscuits 03:10

10 - Not Allowed 04:37

11 - Groovin 02:50

12 - Milkcow Blues Boogie 03:00

13 - Piccolo Rag 02:33

14 - Mellansnack 01:18

15 - Shake It And Brake It 02:07

16 - Bird Nest Bound 02:57

17 - Big Road Blues 04:20

18 - Mellansnack 2 01:18

19 - Ragtime Walks In Golden Shoes 04:51

20 - Emigration Blues 06:17

Matti Norlin here:



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