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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tail Dragger 2005 My Head Is Bald

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:00:52
Size: 139,24 MB

United States

Review by Steve Leggett

James Yancy Jones, known professionally as Tail Dragger, is on the radical edge of contemporary blues simply by not changing a thing since he first hit the Chicago blues scene from his native Arkansas in the 1960s. A Howlin' Wolf protégé, Jones has grown into his role as an elder statesman, and in an era when drums are processed and guitar leads are as much synthesizer as they are strings, his "just the old blues, thank you, Ma'am," approach is downright refreshing. My Head Is Bald, a live set from Vern's Friendly Lounge on Chicago's West side, is as comfy as a pair of old wool socks, and while Jones isn't particularly innovative -- he still sounds like an ever-so-slightly polished-up version of the Wolf -- his version of the blues is so familiar and devoid of flash that it feels lived in and real, and original songs like "Tend to Your Business" and "Prison Blues" seem like they've been around forever. A Tail Dragger show is predictable, but that's the charm of it. This is blues in the neighborhood bar. You wouldn't want it to sound any other way.


01 - Intro 01:19

02 - Sitting Here Singing My Blues 09:25

03 - Talk 01:09

04 - Tend To Your Business 04:24

05 - Talk 00:50

06 - Prison Blues 08:10

07 - Talk 01:43

08 - So Ezee 05:32

09 - My Woman Is Gone 07:31

10 - Talk 03:32

11 - My Head Is Bald 08:57

12 - You Gotta Go 04:02

13 - Jump For Joy 04:18

Tail Dragger here:



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