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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Exit 42 2004 Last Call

Genre: Country-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:49:16
Size: 112,63 MB

United States

Album Notes

Sure, we have the rockin' guitars, the virtuoso bass lines, great vocals, and a killer pedal steel guitar. They let it all hang out in tracks like "Last Call" and "Eye of the Hurricane". But you also get introspective songwriting, real world experiences, and a whole lot of fun.

Exit 42 has been playing together for 14 years, opening big shows, playing small dives and coming up with new things all the time. The value of this group is five people who care about what they do, enjoy doing it, and actually like each other.

Raised on everything, influenced by a bunch of bands and artists, and putting it all together to say what they want to say. Mix with that a healthy dose of Colorado independence, a desire to push the envelope, and innovative arrangements, and you have Exit 42.

From Shelley Dowdy's powerful vocals, to Dave Ely's excellent pedal steel guitar work. Add innovative bass lines not often heard in Country music from Kent Balog. Round out the rhythm section with Gary Balog on drums and percussion (twins make the best rhythm section!). Top it off with fiery guitar and vocal work from Scott Davis.

Exit 42 wants you to listen, to laugh, to dance, to think, to enjoy. Pop in the CD while you drive through wide open spaces, and it fits just right. Put it on after a fight with your mate, and it is a fine elixir. Get pumped up for a night on the town. Think about the things that may haunt you. Go ahead, see if it works. The themes of real life are right here. It's your life...we're just writing about it!


01 - Last Call 03:47

02 - Wyoming Wind 03:41

03 - Running 03:35

04 - Eye Of The Hurricane 03:47

05 - I've Gotta Run 03:07

06 - She Won't Quit On You 04:28

07 - Miss Me 03:06

08 - Honky Tonk Your Memory Away 02:18

09 - If You Don't Want Me Around 03:50

10 - Who Sent Her Flowers 05:31

11 - One Chance 04:36

12 - 100 Ways To Say Goodbye 03:52

13 - (Unlisted) Wyoming Wind [Acoustic] 03:38

Exit 42 here:



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