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Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Lone Crows 2012 The Lone Crows

Genre: Rock
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United States

Riding the buzz from their premiere single “Moonshine,” The Lone Crows are proud to announce the release of their self-titled debut album. Comprised of ten fast and furious tracks, this album has a good mix of jams and radio worthy songs that cross over several genres. The album musically showcases influences that range from 70’s Blues rock to early 90’s grunge to even 60’s Psychedelic rock. “The Lone Crows” shows growth from the band’s original style extended jams, spot on instrumentation, and more fleshed out song writing. Singer songwriter Tim Barbeau exorcises his inner demons with everything from soulful belting to banshee like shrieks.


Tim Barbeau: Guitar, Vocals
Julian Manzara: Guitar
Andy Battcher: Bass
Joe Goff: Drums, Percussion

Anders Nelson- Organ (Track 9)


01 - Lone Crow 03:34

02 - Can't Go Home Again 05:34

03 - Heard You Call 05:16

04 - You Got Nothing 04:05

05 - Moonshine 05:11

06 - The Ghost 06:10

07 - When I Move On 04:21

08 - The Crawl 05:11

09 - Runnin' Through My Head 13:07

10 - Blues 04:14

The Lone Crows here:

Recently I got a mail from the manager of this band. You can read the text here:


My name is Andre from Minneapolis, Minnesota and I recently came across your blog. I really liked it and I'm glad that there're other people out on the net the enjoy blues rock as much as I do. There's this new blues rock band from Minneapolis that i think you should check out. They're called The Lone Crows and they recently released a single which I'll link you to below. give it a listen and if you like it i'll le me know and i'll let you know when they release their full album. Thanks

Sincerely, Andre

Get the album here:

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