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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Big O's Blues Bar and Grill 2014 Big O's Blues Bar and Grill

Welcome to Big O’s Blues Bar and Grill, where each chilled beer comes with a hot bassline and the boiling gumbo comes with cool rhythms. The food is good, the barman’s friendly and we don't stop ‘til Big O says so. If you don't mind a dirty glass and a rough sound, pull up a stool and see where it takes you. All our dishes come live, unedited and piping hot from our Kitchen.

History of Big O’s

In the summer of 2014, one room became a centre of music for four days only. On each day a band was formed and, as the embers of the grill grew cold, so does the life of the band.

Monday was ‘Big O and the Furious Three’, an incongruous group which covered everything from slow jam (pertinently entitled ‘Slow Jam’) to balls-to-the-wall swamp rock of ‘The Farm’. The combo featured Hefford’s Blues chops, Aldous’ versatile drumming with the solid bass of Ooms.

On Tuesday, we welcomed Gwinny and Ryan Williamson to the Bar, the style shifting a longer form with an emphasis on hum-able tunes.. The songs became a lot more raw and a lot more honest, returning to the root of the Blues: I’ve got it bad and it ain’t good. The etymology of the band’s name came from Gwinny’s name ‘Guinevere’. As she was jamming with the house band on the side, rather than with her main band ‘Blessum’, ’The Lancelots’ seemed an apt name.

released 10 September 2014

'Big O'
Oliver Morris - Guitar, Electric Keyboard. Vocals,

'The Furious Three'
James Hefford - Electric Guitar
Alex Ooms - Electric Bass
Phil Aldous - Drums

'The Drumline'
Phil Aldous - Precussion

Gwinny- Vocals, Electric Keyboard

'The Lancelots'
Ryan Williamson - Electric Guitar
Oliver Morris - Electric Bass, Keys (track 2), Vox (Track 7)
Phil Aldous - Drums

'The Down'n'outs'
Ryan Williamson - Acoustic Archtop, Vox
Oliver Morris - Double Bass, Vox
Phil Aldous - Cajon


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