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Friday, September 26, 2014

Eddie Martin 2007 Contrary Mary

Genre: Blues
Rate: 238 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:49:07
Size: 82,82 MB

United Kingdom

Release Notes:

Ripping slide guitar and a genre-sweep from classic rock to country blues-rock map the contours of the latest tough but slick album from the UK songwriter Eddie Martin.This album rocks with exciting grooves and hooks-aplenty, masterful slide guitar and harmonica playing. What raises the yardstick above a good-time party album – even though it works on that level if you like – is the songwriting, which combines lyrical depth and passion.

All 10 tracks are original and feature Martin’s trademark gritty emotive vocals and excellent musicianship all-round. It’s a must-buy party record for all generations….but there’s lyrical depth to ponder as well as grooves to move your feet to. (


01 - Contrary Mary 05:55

02 - Something About You Baby (I Like) 05:09

03 - Watching The Weather 04:55

04 - Month On Mondays 03:46

05 - Beautiful Miracles 05:43

06 - Give It Time 04:12

07 - Better The Devil You Know 05:26

08 - Strong For You 04:15

09 - Living For The Weekend 04:27

10 - Ingolstadt 05:19

Eddie Martin here:



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