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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Super Chikan 1997 Blues Come Home To Roost

Genre: Blues
Rate: 251 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:59:52
Size: 102,90 MB

United States

As far as debuts go, the one from James "Super Chikan" Johnson is one of the most auspicious and accomplished of modern times. Recorded in Clarksdale, MS -- about as close to a home as blues has -- it covers the bases, from the sophisticated soulful swing of "Crystal Ball Eyes" to the funk of "Super Chikan Strut" and the Mississippi pride of "Down in the Delta" (albeit with a bayou rhythm).

Unlike so many bluesmen, however, Super Chikan doesn't always take himself too seriously -- he's not averse to crowing like a rooster, or throwing in a self-deprecatory chicken scratch on the guitar, or the overbearing mama of "Mama & the Chillen." In addition to being a very solid, occasionally inspired, writer (as on the soul "service" history of "Captain Love Juice"), he's a very decent vocalist, and a guitarist who tends to hide his light under a bushel, rarely unleashing his talents, which is a shame, because the ability is there. When he does get (semi-) properly serious, on the slow-jam "Bleeding From the Heart," he shows himself following classic footsteps, a Chicago wail tempered by a Delta heart that simply oozes the blues in every note and syllable.

More than simply a novelty act, Super Chikan is part of the great lineage of American blues music, and proof that the blues is very much still alive and kicking -- thankfully. (Chris Nickson)


01 - Down In The Delta 04:20

02 - Well Gone Dry 05:04

03 - Crystal Ball 04:13

04 - Super Chickan Strut 04:58

05 - Mama & The Chillin (Part 1) 03:15

06 - What It Is 03:51

07 - Captain Love Juice 04:05

08 - Camel Toe 04:08

09 - White Rock Rooster 03:53

10 - Bleeding From The Heart 06:54

11 - Mr. Rich Man 03:09

12 - Rockin' (That 'Cane ) & Rollin' (Mary Jane) 04:31

13 - The Real You 04:16

14 - Mama & The Chillin (Part 2) 03:15

Super Chikan here:


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