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Monday, September 29, 2014

Mighty Mo Rodgers 2002 Red, White And Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:52:56
Size: 121,27 MB

United States

This picture of me as a child holding the American flag was taken in the South, where Blues was born. A colored boy acting as color guard to red, white and blues musings. Nothing symbolizes America more than its flag and no people wanted to be American more than my people.

Blues is Americana music, coming from those dark places of wisdom an oral testament to our self determination. It is a spiritual commodity of exchange, a tool that we use to negotiate and navigate our way through the marketplace of life. And because of Blues, I am free to be me. So I don't have to behave.

And I am happy, happy as a runaway slave. (Mighty Mo Rodgers)


01 - Red, White And Blues 03:41

02 - The Holy Howl 04:36

03 - The Boy Who Stole The Blues 05:24

04 - The Boogie Man 02:28

05 - Blue Collar Blues 03:56

06 - Dna 04:04

07 - Prisoners Of War 04:24

08 - Children At Play 00:42

09 - Have You Seen The American Dream 03:43

10 - We Be Marchin' 04:08

11 - Happy As A Runaway Slave 03:57

12 - I Do This For The Dead 04:10

13 - Welcome To The Faultline 06:09

14 - Cadillac To Go 01:34

Mighty Mo Rodgers here:



1 comment:

Mark Loveday said...

The Boy Who Stole The Blues. Unbelievably infectious track.

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