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Friday, September 19, 2014

Jethro Tull 1970 Benefit

Genre: Progressive Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:54:54
Size: 125,58 MB

United Kingdom

This is my favorite straight forward bluesy, rock, trippy Tull album. I listened to Benefit the most probably in the 70's (my teenage years), although I loved Stand Up, Aqualung, Thick as a Brick, Minstrel in the Gallery And Songs from the Wood about as much. Tull was one of my top bands then (and now) and I really feel that these albums are some of the best Rock has to offer. Benefit, as the best song-oriented album from the blues/rock stretch in my opinion, really stands out as the gelling of the Tull sound.

Martin Barre found his confidence and ran with it while Ian Anderson really picked up the complexity level of his many contributions. Glenn Cornick's bass playing is outstanding and represents some of the best of the era, although this was his last gig with Tull. John Evan joins the band here and adds to the more layered quality and strangely seems to be the glue that binds that classic Tull sound. Other members seem to feed off of the new energy! Benefit feels to me very brooding and powerful...the psychedelic atmoshere is at a peak here as well. I am trying to describe why this album is one of the greats of all time to me, but words do little to describe the powerful emotional impact I feel for this one, for whatever reason...crank it up and feel for yourself!

The Extra tracks are a great addition (Teacher was on the original American album) and the sound quality is at a new high. This is an essential recording of the era and a truly great bargain, although lyrics should have been included as well as better track notes (I like it better than Aqualung - newbies could begin here with confidence). Enjoy!!! (t'amant)


01 - With You There To Help Me 06:19

02 - Nothing To Say 05:14

03 - Alive And Well And Living In 02:49

04 - Son 02:51

05 - For Michael Collins, Jeffrey And Me 03:52

06 - To Cry You A Song 06:16

07 - A Time For Everything? 02:44

08 - Inside 03:50

09 - Play In Time 03:50

10 - Sossity; You're A Woman 04:43

11 - Singing All Day 03:07

12 - Witch's Promise 03:52

13 - Just Trying To Be 01:38

14 - Teacher (Original UK Mix) 03:49

Jethro Tull here:



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