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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Eugenio Finardi 2005 Anima Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:49:55
Size: 114,16 MB


Album Notes

It was only supposed to be 3 gigs, three blues clubs in Northern Italy. Just for fun!

We gathered in Forlì, at the home of a Vintage Fender collector, for three days of rehearsals. There was just enough time to put together a repertoire, a few classics to justify a jam session.

But "Anima*Blues" had other plans.

From the first notes, I realized that something special was coming to life, something that had ancient but familiar echoes. Each one of us had limitations but, merging with those of the others, they turned into a unique sound. And the creativity!

In the first three days we conceived "Holyland", "Heart Of The Country", "Marta's Dream" and "Sweet Surrender". We started doing gigs, like the memorable concert at the "Festambiente" festival near Grosseto. I knew exactly what I wanted the record to sound like so I decided I would pay for it out of my own pocket and that I would start my own production & publishing company: EFsounds.

I called my good friend Sandro Pascucci, the Mayor of Longiano, a small paradise in the hills of Romagna, home to Teatro Petrella, a tiny jewel box theatre where we spent a week rehearsing, eating and recording. That's where we organized all the ideas, the lyrics and, in the process, also wrote "Pipe Dream", "Estrellita", "Barn Yard Mama" and "Long Way Home".

But for our final recording we needed a Mecca of Vintage! The sound I wanted was crystal clear in my mind, but to catch it, I needed the NEVE 5116 board of "Officine Meccaniche", owned by my friend Mauro Pagani. It was there that, in seven incredible days of absolute concentration, we finally recorded "Anima*Blues". There we wrote "Mojo Philtre", completed "Mama Left Me" and, at 6 p.m. the last day, we improvised "Doctor Doctor".

Finally, listening to it one night at home, I realized that I had finally found my Holy Grail: the lost album that-they-never-let-me-record, and that "Anima*Blues" is not only my new album but, in many ways, also the oldest of all, since I've been dreaming of it for precisely 40 years. (Eugenio Finardi)


01 - Mama Left Me 03:59

02 - Heart Of The Country 03:33

03 - Pipe Dream 03:00

04 - Holy Land 03:42

05 - Long Way Home 04:21

06 - Marta's Dream 03:52

07 - Mojo Philtre 03:39

08 - Estrellita 04:58

09 - Barnyard Mama 03:47

10 - Doctor Doctor 01:47

11 - Spoonful 06:10

12 - Sweet Surrender 07:07

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