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Friday, April 30, 2010

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals 2005 Live Oh Five

Genre: Blues
Rate: 160 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:52:41
Size: 60,24 MB

United States

(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals is a Vermont-based band that has recently gained national attention with its newest album,This Is Somewhere. The band blends funky blues, soul and rock from the sixties and early seventies.

The lead vocalist is 26-year-old multi-instrumentalist Grace Potter who attended St. Lawrence University for two years before heading off into the world of music. She plays the Hammond B3, Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer Electric Piano, and electric and acoustic guitars. Also in the band are Scott Tournet (guitar/slide guitar/harmonica), and Matthew Burr (drums). Bryan Dondero played bass (electric and upright) and mandolin with the group until his departure in early 2009.

The band has independently recorded and released two albums, Original Soul (2004) and Nothing But the Water (2005). Marketing efforts include word-of-mouth, online promotion and marketing through The band signed a deal with Hollywood Records in December 2005 and re-released Nothing but the Water on May 23, 2006.

In 2005, the band was nominated for two categories at the Boston Music Awards; Best Local Female Artist and Best New Local Act. They also performed at the awards ceremony.[citation needed] In 2006, the band won the Jammy Award for Best New Groove and was nominated for two more Boston Music Awards: Album Of The Year (major) for the re-release of Nothing But the Water, and Female Vocalist Of The Year (for front woman Grace Potter). Potter, playing Hammond Organ and singing lead vocals along with guitarist Joe Satriani, Steve Kimock, Reed Mathis, Willy Waldman, and Stephen Perkins performed a cover of Neil Young's "Cortez the Killer", at the Jammy Awards to a standing ovation at the Jammy Awards during the same appearance.

The band released its third album, This Is Somewhere, on August 7, 2007 on Hollywood Records and toured that fall supporting Gov't Mule for its October and November North American tour.

The song "Apologies" has been featured on the shows All My Children, Kyle XY, One Tree Hill, and Brothers & Sisters, and the song "Falling or Flying" was featured on the hit drama show Grey's Anatomy and appeared on Volume 3 of the show's soundtrack.[citation needed]

The band recently supported The Black Crowes on their North American tour.

On August 2, 2007, the band made its network television debut on NBC's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. This was followed by appearances on ABC's Good Morning America on August 7, 2007 and CBS The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on August 10, 2007.

In 2008, the group opened for the Dave Matthews Band for three dates - a two-night stand at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center in Saratoga, New York 6/20-21, and 6/24 at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield, MA. The band played a full set at the Mile High Music Festival on 7/20.

In November 2008, Bose began using "Ain't no Time" in their North American IPOD SoundDock sales displays.

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals released the news on May 11, 2009 that T-Bone Burnett would be producing their next album, Medicine, tentatively scheduled for fall of 2009, however by November 13, 2009, the band posted a new release date for the album, pushing it back to Spring 2010.

During the 2009 Bonnaroo Music Festival, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, along with playing their own set, joined Gov't Mule and moe. on stage for their shows. With Gov't Mule, Potter and Tournet joined Mule on stage, while with moe. they one-by-one replaced the band during moe.'s 5 hour set and played 4 of their own songs to be replaced back by moe..


01 - Long Way To Go 04:40

02 - Gumbo Moon 11:20

03 - Go Down Low 03:56

04 - Lovers Lost And Found 12:11

05 - Come And Go Blues 06:33

06 - 2:22 05:30

07 - Nothing But The Water 08:31



Enjoy the music!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Walter Trout & The Free Radicals 2004 Viva Las Vegas

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 48000
Time: 02:27:22
Size: 337,37 MB

United States



01 - Dust My Broom 09:47

02 - Reason I'm Gone 12:06

03 - Talk To Ya 08:10

04 - Cry If You Want To 05:15

05 - Work No More 07:16

06 - Walkin' In The Rain 10:11

07 - Best You Got 07:57

08 - Finally Gotten Over You 12:51


01 - I'm Tired 06:38

02 - The Life I Chose 05:57

03 - Marie's Mood 12:28

04 - Gotta Leave This Town 11:44

05 - I Don't Want My MTV 05:48

06 - Life In The Jungle 08:02

07 - Serve Me Right To Suffer 16:49

08 - Good Enough To Eat 06:23




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Duane & Greg Allman 1968 Duane & Greg Allman

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:28:02
Size: 64,21 MB


Unreleased Demo Recordings for The Band "31st Of February", On Which Gregg and Duane Played As Studio Musicians. Sessions Recorded In September, 1968. Includes An Early Version of "Melissa"

Recorded at TK Studios in Hialeah, FL.


Bass - David Brown
Drums - Butch Trucks
Featuring - The 31st Of February
Guitar - Duane Allman
Producer - Steve Alaimo
Vocals, Guitar - Gregg Allman, Scott Boyer


01 - Morning Dew 03:37

02 - God Rest His Soul 03:47

03 - Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out 04:23

04 - Come Down And Get Me 03:25

05 - Melissa 03:03

06 - I'll Change For You 02:49

07 - Back Down Home With You 02:21

08 - Well I Know Too Well 02:06

09 - In The Morning When I'm Real 02:31



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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ostbahn Kurti & Die Chefpartie 1989 Liagn & Lochn

Genre: Austro Rock
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:53:41
Size: 98,27 MB


01 - Voll Do 03:39

02 - Da Joker 04:36

03 - Arbeit 03:03

04 - (Heit Loss I) Anschreibm 02:34

05 - Pudel 05:32

06 - Romeo, Romeo 03:58

07 - Liagn & Lochn 03:48

08 - A Schritt Vire (Zwa Schritt Zruck) 03:50

09 - Kumm Ham 03:19

10 - Des Wetter Wird Umschlogn 04:37

11 - Da Brade Weg 03:31

12 - Haasses Pflosta 04:35

13 - Unter Null 03:42

14 - Bleib Allaa 02:57



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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Eric Burdon's I Band 1996 Pasadena Live

Genre: Blues
Rate: 203 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 01:16:54
Size: 128,33 MB (MP3) + 382,67 MB (FLAC)

This is a soundboard recording of Eric Burdon's I Band's performance at Pasadena, CA in early '96. Mark Craney was still present here on drums, being replaced by Aynsley Dunbard shortly after. The line-up also includes the supreme Larry Wilkins on guitar.

This concert is a bootleg, released on Feather Records.


Eric Burdon: vocals
Dean Restum: guitar
Larry Wilkins: guitar
Dave Meris: bass
Mark Craney: drums



01 - Monterey 07:22

02 - Little Wing 10:02

03 - Roadhouse Blues 10:54

04 - When I Was Young 09:05

05 - River Deep - Mountain High 07:39


01 - Bring It On Home To Me 06:52

02 - No More Elmore 12:21

03 - We Gotta Get Out Of This Place 03:35

04 - House Of The Rising Sun 09:04


Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6

Enjoy the music!

Heads Hands & Feet 1996 Home From Home (The Unreleased 1968 Album)

Genre: Rock
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:38:39
Size: 70,83 MB


01 - Bringing It All On My Own Head 04:35

02 - Ain't Gonna Let It Get Me Down 02:37

03 - How Does It Feel To Be Right 04:12

04 - Achmed 02:21

05 - Precious Stone 04:15

06 - Friend Of A Friend 02:02

07 - Windy & Warm 04:24

08 - Who Turned Off The Dark 03:39

09 - Can You See Me 03:22

10 - Home From Home 05:41

11 - Make Me Feel Much Better 01:31



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Monday, April 26, 2010

The Allman Brothers Band 1970 Idlewild South

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:30:54
Size: 70,72 MB

Review by Bruce Eder

The best studio album in the group's history, electric blues with an acoustic texture, virtuoso lead, slide, and organ playing, and a killer selection of songs, including "Midnight Rider," "Revival," "Don't Keep Me Wonderin'," and "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" in its embryonic studio version, which is pretty impressive even at a mere six minutes and change. They also do the best white cover of Willie Dixon's "Hoochie Coochie Man" anyone's ever likely to hear.


01 - Revival 04:06

02 - Don't Keep Me Wonderin' 03:31

03 - Midnight Rider 03:00

04 - In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed 06:58

05 - Hoochie Coochie Man 04:58

06 - Please Call Home 04:03

07 - Leave My Blues At Home 04:18



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Black Cat Bone Featuring Paul Deslauriers 2009 What A Way To Make A Living

Genre: Blues
Rate: 208 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:40:53
Size: 61,65 MB

Blues-rock with fiery guitar playing and fantastic boogie-woogie piano. Travel from the Mississipi Delta to Chicago and beyond on the debut album from Canada's most highly acclaimed blues-rock bands of the 1990s.


01 - Devil In Disguise 03:31

02 - Bossaroni Blues 04:16

03 - Bisquit Blues 05:53

04 - Bye-Bye Baby 04:15

05 - Branson Boogie 01:56

06 - I Got A Girl 03:43

07 - Maggie Campbell Blues 04:08

08 - Kinhearted Woman 08:35

09 - Separation Lament 04:36



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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Walter Trout & The Radicals 2004 Jazzbones

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 48000
Time: 02:34:09
Size: 352,91 MB

Recorded live at Jazzbones - Tacoma, Wa, 2/14/2004 (Bootleg copy - Not for sale)



01 - Dust My Broom 08:35

02 - Reason I'm Gone 09:55

03 - Talk To Ya 07:41

04 - Cry If You Want To 05:07

05 - Love So Deep 06:30

06 - Gotta Leave This Town 10:13

07 - I Don't Want My MTV 04:44

08 - Finally Gotten Over You 21:31


01 - I Can Tell 07:58

02 - Walkin' In The Rain 10:16

03 - Work No More 07:45

04 - The Life I Chose 07:07

05 - I'm Tired 06:58

06 - Life In The Jungle 08:07

07 - Marie's Mood 04:44

08 - Re-String Guitar Jam 02:38

09 - Serve Me Right To Suffer 17:35

10 - Good Enough To Eat 06:45


Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble 1984 Couldn't Stand The Weather

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:38:36
Size: 52,93 MB

Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Stevie Ray Vaughan's second album, Couldn't Stand the Weather, pretty much did everything a second album should do: it confirmed that the acclaimed debut was no fluke, while matching, if not bettering, the sales of its predecessor, thereby cementing Vaughan's status as a giant of modern blues.

Stevie Ray Vaughan: guitar, vocals
Jimmie Vaughan: guitar
Fran Christina: drums
Stan Harrison: saxophone, sax (tenor)
Chris Layton: drums
Tommy Shannon: bass


01 - Scuttle Buttin' 01:55

02 - Couldn't Stand The Weather 04:45

03 - The Things (That) I Used To Do 04:58

04 - Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) 08:03

05 - Cold Shot 04:04

06 - Tin Pan Alley (Aka Roughest Place In Town) 09:16

07 - Honey Bee 02:46

08 - Stang's Swang 02:49



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Heads Hands & Feet 1973 Old Soldiers Never Die

Genre: Rock
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:36:53
Size: 69,65 MB


01 - Jack Of All Trades-Meal Ticket 04:25

02 - I Won't Let You Down 05:04

03 - Soft Word Sunday Morning 04:32

04 - One Woman 05:30

05 - Just Another Ambush 03:56

06 - Stripes 04:57

07 - Taking My Music To The Man 03:43

08 - Another Useless Day 04:46



Enjoy the music!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Innes Sibun 1999 After Dark Live

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:04:29
Size: 121,51 MB

United Kingdom

Innes began playing the guitar at the age of twelve, & by the age of fifteen was regularly gigging with any band that would have him, playing blues, punk, jazz, folk & rock music. Although never formally trained in music, blagging gigs with jazz players old enough to be his father gave him a solid background in the basics of music. His other early teacher was a well worn copy of B.B. King Live at the Regal, that was pinched from a second hand shop in Bath. This formed the basics of his playing style.

In 1990, he formed the Innes Sibun Blues Explosion & recorded an album "That's What The Blues Can Do" which was produced by Mike Vernon, the man responsible for Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac & Eric Clapton. The album which was released on the bands own label, MMF. Records, was voted UK's best blues album of 1991 by RTE. In 1993, Innes was asked if he would be interested in joining Robert Plant's band to tour the "Fate of Nations" record, so not expecting to get the gig, Innes went off to Birmingham to a small rehearsal studio & played blues with Robert, Charlie Jones, Michael Lee Oliver Woods. A week later he got a phone call to say that he had the gig & a list of songs to learn for rehearsals before the tour began Miami. The tour played through the US for four months including a spot on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno & on MTV. This was followed by the European leg of the tour, then back to the US to play the Hollywood Rock Festival in Sao Paulo & Rio, then onto Venezuela, Chile, Argentina & Mexico.

On returning from the tour, Innes was approached by Victory Records in New York with a view to recording an album for them. This turned out to be "Superstitious" which was recorded at Roadhouse in London & the Show Place in New Jersey. The line up for this recording became the basis of the Innes Sibun Band with Steve Robinson, a brilliant singer who Innes had wanted to work with for a long time, John Baggott the only member of the Blues Explosion, provided Hammond & piano (John is now a member of Portishead), bass player Jerry Soffe & Drummer Eddie John made up the rock tight rhythm section.

The band made several tours of Europe to promote this CD, then toured Germany again supporting Roger Chapman & Chris Farlowe. !n 1995 the band recorded their second album "Honey Pot" & again toured relentlessly, mainly in Germany where they became a firm favourite on the festival circuit which included playing the Leverkusen Blues Festival which was filmed for German TV. The third album "Stardust" was recorded for Provogue & featured Nick Holland on vocals as a temporary replacement for Steve, & Rich Causon in Hammond. Charlie Jones, bass player with Page & Plant was in the producer's chair. Several tours later Steve returned on vocal duties with the band now slimed down to a four piece (which meant an end to all the organ jokes). Andy Maggs replaced Jerry on bass guitar. In August of 1998 the band played the "After Dark" festival in Germany which was recorded for release as" After Dark" on Provogue. In December 1998 the band went to New York & played with Peter Green, one of Innes's biggest influences.

The band had previously recorded a track for a tribute album for Peter called "Rattlesnake Guitar" which also featured guitar greats like Rory Gallagher, Snowy White & Harvey Mandel. In January 1999, Innes played acoustic with Robert Plant on a tribute album to Skip Spence of the band Moby Grape, the result of this session can be heard on "More Oar " which also contains tracks by Beck, Tom Waits & P.J. Harvey. (


01 - I'll Be There 06:31

02 - Don't Look For Me 05:23

03 - Sandy 07:17

04 - Say It Loud 04:06

05 - It's Too Late 06:32

06 - Angelstar 06:09

07 - Lonely Nights 06:06

08 - My Eyes Are Crying 04:13

09 - Fisherman's Wharf 07:19

10 - Little Wing 02:56

11 - My My My 07:57



Enjoy the music!

Jeff Strahan 2009 Double Live At Billy's Ice

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 02:09:40
Size: 296,67 MB

United States

"Red Dirt Blues" - - Where hard driving Texas Blues, cruising in a 92 Caddy "low rider" collided with an Outlaw Country freight train. The dirt, debris, fire and smoke created a huge Rock 'n Roll mushroom cloud. (

Album Notes

If you aren’t familiar with Jeff, he is a native of Lamesa, Texas, near Lubbock where he grew up on a diet of edgy country, blues and rock 'n' roll. He eventually moved in the 80's to Austin and played a variety of genres in a variety of bands. Frustrated with the “music business” Jeff pursued a “real job” with the hope of returning to music. He was actually a successful trial lawyer in Texas for 10 years before deciding to return to music in 2000. (We lose one lawyer and gain back a great musician all at once - that's a good day!!) He moved to Durango, Colorado to gain musical inspiration. This must have worked as Jeff delivers a killer live performance that you do not want to miss.



01 - Intro 00:32

02 - Everyday's A Holiday 04:57

03 - Amen To The Blues 04:18

04 - Confused 04:47

05 - Del Rio 06:19

06 - Cooler Than Cool 04:51

07 - Viva Mexico 05:42

08 - Smoke Filled Room 05:38

09 - Superman 05:31

10 - New Girlfriend 06:03

11 - Looking For My Rhythm 04:04

12 - Montana 06:35

13 - Just A Douche (With Texas Renegade) 06:06


01 - Hard To Be A Cowboy 12:01

02 - Take Me To Texas 08:32

03 - To Much Of A Good Thing 04:57

04 - Love Me Right Now 04:18

05 - Along For The Ride 08:31

06 - Green Grass 04:44

07 - Introduction To Folsom Prison Blues 02:36

08 - Folsom Prison Blues 05:47

09 - Southern Jeans 12:51


Mirror part1

Mirror part2

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cream 1969 Goodbye

Genre: Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:33:15
Size: 76,10 MB

Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

After a mere three albums in just under three years, Cream called it quits in 1969. Being proper gentlemen, they said their formal goodbyes with a tour and a farewell album called -- what else? -- Goodbye. As a slim, six-song single LP, it's far shorter than the rambling, out-of-control Wheels of Fire, but it boasts the same structure, evenly dividing its time between tracks cut on-stage and in the studio.

While the live side contains nothing as indelible as "Crossroads," the live music on the whole is better than that on Wheels of Fire, capturing the trio at an empathetic peak as a band. It's hard, heavy rock, with Cream digging deep into their original "Politician" with the same intensity as they do on "Sitting on Top of the World," but it's the rampaging "I'm So Glad" that illustrates how far they've come; compare it to the original studio version on Fresh Cream and it's easy to see just how much further they're stretching their improvisation.

The studio side also finds them at something of a peak. Boasting a song apiece from each member, it opens with the majestic classic "Badge," co-written by Eric Clapton and George Harrison and ranking among both of their best work. It's followed by Jack Bruce's "Doing That Scrapyard Thing," an overstuffed near-masterpiece filled with wonderful, imaginative eccentricities, and finally, there's Ginger Baker's tense, dramatic "What a Bringdown," easily the best original he contributed to the group. Like all of Cream's albums outside Disraeli Gears, Goodbye is an album of moments, not a tight cohesive work, but those moments are all quite strong on their own terms, making this a good and appropriate final bow.


01 - I'm So Glad [Live] 09:11

02 - Politician [Live] 06:18

03 - Sitting On Top Of The World [Live] 05:07

04 - Badge 02:48

05 - Doing That Scrapyard Thing 03:19

06 - What A Bringdown 03:56

07 - Anyone For Tennis 02:36



Enjoy the music!

Ostbahn Kurti & Die Chefpartie 1988 Schene Leich

Genre: Austro Rock
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:41:42
Size: 76,33 MB


Wir haben März '88 und natürlich ist alles wieder ganz anders.

Als ich das letzte Mal über dem Problem saß, die einführenden Worte zu einer Ostbahn-Kurti-LP zu schreiben, hatten wir Winter '84, und der Kurti war eine ramponierte Legende mit katatstrophalen Leberwerten. Daß ein Album wie "Ostbahn-Kurti & Die Chefpartie" jemals (im Feber '85) das frühe Licht der österreichischen Rockszene erblicken konnte, halte ich ja heute noch für ein Mirakel. Viel zu chaotisch verlief Kurtis Leben, gegen jeden modischen Strich war seine Musik. Aber das Album passierte doch, und dann war auch noch "Feuer". Der erste Hit, nach 15 Jahren "Karriere" als wilder Hund.

Der Kurti war plötzlich im Radio, in der Zeitung, und drei, vier Mal zerrten sie ihn sogar vor die Fernsehkameras. Jede Menge neue Gesichter sonnten sich in seinem späten Erfolg und wollten immer schon alte Haberer gewesen sein. Jede Menge Fachleute analysierten und kritisierten Leben und Werk.

Und der Kurti war ratlos. Er trank sein nächstes Achterl und sagte bestenfalls ein karges "Naja" zu so viel Lob. Er trank sein übernächstes Achterl und kommentierte einen Verriß mit einem herzhaften: "Tausend Schas!"

Immer wieder kam er auf dem glatten Medienparkett ins Schleudern: Unvergessen bleibt wohl sein Live-Interview in der Sendung "Treffpunkt Ö3", das mit einer mittleren Feuersbrunst endete, nachdem Kurti - das strikte Rauchverbot im Studio mißachtend - mit seiner Zigarette die Gardinen in Brand gesteckt hatte.

Die Bühne war und ist bis heute der einzige Ort, wo der Kurti mit seiner Popularität umgehen kann und auch Spaß daran hat. Wenn er - seine treueste Begleiterin, die Doppelliterflasche Grüner Veltliner, an der Hand - vor ans Mikrofon kommt, um das Publikum ziemlich formlos aber von Herzen mit einem "D' Ehre" zu begrüßen, dann ist das der Auftakt zu mindestens zwei Stunden maximalem Rock'n'Roll-Vergnügen.

Das Vergnügen ist beiderseits und sprengt nicht selten den Rahmen der branchenüblichen Verhaltensnormen: Mehrmals schon kehrte die Chefpartie von einem Bundesländer-Gastspiel ohne ihren Chef nach Wien zurück. Der Kurti kam dann zwei Tage später, ohne KOmmentar, und ohne Erinnerung z.B. an den Verbleib von Barschaft, Reisepaß und Mundharmonika.

Mit einem Vertragspartner wie dem Ostbahn-Kurti läßt sich schwer eine Karriere nach Fahrplan machen. Und so stand der Kurti bald nach Veröffentlichung von "Ostbahn Live" (erschienen November 85 in limitierter Auflage von 2500 handnummerierten Exemplaren) ohne Plattenvertrag da. Was ihm gar nicht so ungelegen kam, denn: "Warum soll i jedes Jahr a neue Palttn mochn, a wann ma nix dazu einfallt. Des mochen eh die andern."

Wir schreiben wie gesagt März '88, und ich hab mich in den letzten Tagen zusammen mit dem Ostbahn-Kurti, seinem Produzenten Dr. Bei und Mitgleidern der Chefpartie durch insgeasmt 40 Songs gehört, die Ostbahn-Kurti & Die Chefpartie zwischen Mai '86 und März dieses Jahres aufgenommen haben. Der Kurti meint, aus dem Material ließe sich "a anständige Plattn" machen. Ich finde, es reicht für mindestens zwei.

Die Arbeitsmethode war ebenso unzeitgemäß wie unorthodox: Dr. Bei lockte die Chefpartie (z.B. mit einer Kiste Budweiser) alle paar Monate in sein Tonstudio, um jene Songs auf Band zu bannen, die sich Live auf der Bühne bereits bewährt hatten, - "Neiche Schoin" etwa, Kurtis Konzert-Opener aus dem Hause ZZ Top, Phil Lynott's prophetisches "Na, so wirst ned oid" oder Frankie Millar's "Wirklich wahr" dem der Ostbahn-Kurti genau den Witz und die Schärfe zurück gibt, die dem Song in der Country-Hit-Version der Bellamy Brothers abhanden gekommen sind.

Zwei Aufnahmen allerding treten ohne Bühnenerfahrung an: "Chili Con Carne", aus der Feder von Mario Adretti, und erster Exponent des "Rijeka Rock", der längst fälligen Antwort auf die "Tex-Mex"-Musik eines Flaco Jimenez; und "Nochtschicht", Kurtis Breitwand-Gemälde des legendären "Esspresso Rosi", das elf Jahre nach seiner Erstveröffentlichung (als Titelsong der zweiten Ostbahn-Kurti-LP) ein gestrafftes und aktualisiertes Remake erfährt.

Besondere Erwähnung verdient zweifellos auch "Überstar", das seit gut zehn Jahren zu den Höhepunkten jedes Ostbahn-Kurti-Konzerts zählt: die vorliegende Aufnahme entstand im Mai '86 auf Drängen von Josef Havlicek. Wenige Tage später verließ der Gitarrist, der dem Kurti 17 Jahre die Treue gehalten hatte, die Chefpartie. Das neue, nunmehr fünfte Album von Ostbahn-Kurti & Die Chefpartie (seit Sommer '86 mit dem turboschnellen "Wild" Willy Brunner an der Stromgitarre) wird "A schene Leich" heißen. Sagt mir der Kurti.

Ich will wissen, warum. "Weils mei letzte is", sagt er. Heute. Und morgen ist alles wieder ganz anders. Ich weiß das

Günter Brödl


01 - I Hea Di Klopfn 02:14

02 - Frog Net Wos Muagn Is 04:17

03 - Na, So Wirst Ned Oid 03:59

04 - Schee, Schee, Schee 03:40

05 - Neiche Schoin 03:33

06 - Wirklich Wahr 03:15

07 - Chili Con Carne 03:26

08 - Es Gibt Strasn 03:59

09 - Überstar 05:00

10 - Nimm Die Fiass In D'händ 02:32

11 - Nochtschicht 05:47



Enjoy the music!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Walter Trout & The Radicals 2006 Vegas Live

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 48000
Time: 01:17:45
Size: 177,96 MB

United States


To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Walter Trout Band Fan Club, Walter kindly donated this live recording to you, "the fans". It features the last live performance of Jimmy Trapp.

This CD was therefore given FREE to the Fan Club members (CD NO LONGER AVAILABLE)


01 - Ride 'til I'm Satisfied 07:23

02 - Sweet As A Flower 08:55

03 - Helpin' Hand 05:02

04 - Seems Like A Long Time 10:02

05 - Let's Work Together 07:52

06 - I Don't Want My MTV 05:28

07 - Girl From The North Country 07:05

08 - Serve Me Right To Suffer 17:55

09 - Goin' Down 08:03



Enjoy the music!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pavlov's Dog 1975 Pampered Menial

Genre: Progressive Rock
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:33:59
Size: 46,61 MB

Review by Joe Viglione

Pampered Menial was the first album from Pavlov's Dog, a band produced by Murray Krugman and Sandy Pearlman, the duo behind Blue Oyster Cult. The seven men in this group are revealed in the gatefold holding "Horace," a dog, while three engravings from 1849 by artist Robert Vernon make up the front, back and inside cover. Those paintings are striking, and though the music, mostly written by vocalist David Surkamp, tries hard, it just isn't as captivating as the package which surrounds it.

Surkamp sounds like a chick singer, something that wasn't quite in vogue yet -- Journey and the Mickey Thomas Starship wouldn't happen for another four years, not until 1979, and even Thomas' hit with the Elvin Bishop Group was a year away, male vocalists were singing in lower registers at this point. With song titles like "Theme From Subway Sue" and "Of Once And Future Kings" the identity that a Blue Oyster Cult maintained was missing here. "Subway Sue" sounding very much like the 80s version of Mott, the band after Ian Hunter took his leave. If you thought Mott's high pitched vocals were out of place and annoying, check out Surkamp's strange warbling. The band itself isn't half bad. "Episode's mellotron, courtesy of Doug Rayburn and Siegfried Carver's violin, provide more than adequate sounds. Carver's sole composition, "Preludin," comes off as one of the best tracks, perhaps because it is an instrumental version of progressive rock that Triumvirat and early Journey were exploring, But when David Surkamp's vocals kick in again on the next tune, like Pavlov's experiments, it makes the listener want to break things, including this record. "Julia" is a mediocre lyric and ok melody, just destroyed by the vocalist who composed it. If this were an instrumental group, the music would be much easier to take. The band provides elegant rock, majestic drums by Mike Safron, additional keyboards by David Hamilton augmenting Rayburn's mellotron and flute, and solid 70s production from Krugman and Pearlman. Lead guitarist Steve Scorfina co-writes a beautiful piece with vocalist Surkamp in "Late November," but its perfection is marred by the whining sounds of the frontman. It is really sad, as there seems to be much potential here, drummer Michael Safron's "Song Dance" another highly creative number. A & R man Mark Spector had some kind of ears, what he was thinking here is anyone's guess. The solid riffs, the wonderful blend of sounds, all destroyed by David Surkamp's forced vocals which sound like some experiment by Pavlov gone awry. The Mott band from Shouting & Pointing infamy should have been put on a stage with Pavlov's Dog to see which act could clear the room first. "Fast Gun" is another solid progressive tune, but without the polish of a Brad Delp or Steve Perry, it just didn't stand a chance. Columbia Records should re-issue an instrumental version of this disc via their Legacy series, the music deserves it.


01 - Julia 03:12

02 - Late November 03:15

03 - Song Dance 05:02

04 - Fast Gun 03:06

05 - Natchez Trace 03:44

06 - Theme From Subway Sue 04:28

07 - Episode 04:05

08 - Preludin 01:39

09 - Of Once And Future Kings 05:28



Enjoy the music!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Tonky Blues Band Con Mick Taylor 1992 Piedra Rodante

Genre: Blues
Rate: 264 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:53:38
Size: 102,93 MB


01 - Killing Floor 03:41

02 - Blues Runs Down My Leg 04:10

03 - Tronco De Madrid 03:21

04 - Sky Is Crying 08:54

05 - Steady Rolling Man 06:41

06 - I Can't Be Satisfied 04:01

07 - Jam Be 4 03:15

08 - Good Morning Little School Girl 04:26

09 - I'll Play The Blues For You 06:35

10 - Look Watcha Done 03:28

11 - Steppin' Out 02:33

12 - Tributo A Los Viejos 02:33


Part1 Part2

Enjoy the music!

Jeff Strahan 2008 Amen To The Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:54:16
Size: 124,16 MB

Pure Texas sound rooted in blues, rock & roll, country, and folk. Americana Roots Magazine calls this CD one of their favorites of the year. (

Album Notes

If you like music, checking out Jeff Strahan is a worthy investigation. If you like the blues, it's a must.


01 - Southern Jeans 07:31

02 - Amen To The Blues 04:06

03 - Butterfly 05:12

04 - Living For Today 06:56

05 - Too Much Of A Good Thing 04:51

06 - Rebel By Design 03:41

07 - Give Me One Good Reason 06:20

08 - Hope And Faith 06:21

09 - New Girlfriend 03:39

10 - Take Me To Texas 05:39


Part1 Part2

Enjoy the music!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Heads Hands & Feet 1972 Tracks

Genre: Rock
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:38:16
Size: 70,11 MB

Review by Lindsay Planer

Although the core personnel had been together in a variety of incarnations since the mid-'60s, most notable of which was the brilliant and criminally short-lived Poet & the One Man Band, Tracks (1972) was only the second long player from Heads Hands & Feet. The U.K. quintet of Pete Gavin (drums/vocals), Albert Lee (guitar/keyboards/vocals), Ray Smith (bass/guitar/vocals), Charles "Chas" Hodges (bass/guitar/violin/vocals), and front man Tony Colton (vocals) had gained significant notice stateside during a week-long residency at the Troubadour in Los Angeles after the release of their self-titled double-LP debut Heads Hands & Feet (1971).

For their second outing, Tracks, they continue their quest for exceptionally crafted country-flavored material. They waste precious little time, as the fiery "Let's Get This Show on the Road" is a high-energy, good-time ode to the rigors and foibles of live performing and concert touring as exemplified in the chorus "Maybe I'll see Margo/Down in Chicago/And I've got a dancer down in New Orleans." Lee's multi-tasking musicianship is particularly noteworthy as his rollicking keyboard work on both acoustic piano and Hammond organ, coupled with the catchy, if not slightly twangy lead electric guitar lines, rhythmically tie the verses to the chorus. "Roadshow" demonstrates quite a different side to the band, examining Lee's capacity for emotive singer/songwriter balladry. His temperate vocals and melodic piano runs recall that of Jackson Browne or early folksy Tom Waits. Further demonstrating Heads Hands & Feet's wide-ranging musicality is "Hot Property." Remarkably, the combo fuses an energetic bluegrass-inspired instrumental introduction to a funk-driven melody that would not have been too out of place coming from southern rockers Lynyrd Skynyrd. Of equal (if not arguably greater) prowess is the downhome, organic "Jack Daniels," which returns the sound to a loose groove mirroring the Band's rural rockers "Up on Cripple Creek" or "Life Is a Carnival".


01 - Lets Get This Show On The Road 03:49

02 - Safety In Numbers 03:31

03 - Roadshow 03:11

04 - Harlequin 04:22

05 - Dancer 03:19

06 - Hot Property 04:52

07 - Jack Daniels (Old No. 7) 03:25

08 - Rhyme & Time 02:36

09 - Paper Chase 03:49

10 - Song & Dance 05:22



Enjoy the music!

Paul Orta & Tonky De La Pena 2008 Pawn Shop Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 252 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:40:06
Size: 72,36 MB

Album Notes

Its an emotional time when a musician brings his amplifier to the Pawn Shop for a few dollars in order to make it to the next gig and the Pawn Shop man also ends up with the musician's girl friend!

On March 1, 2006 at 1:00pm Tonky De La Pena (from Madrid, Spain) and Paul Orta (from Port Arthur, Texas USA) came into The Musik Faktory Recording Studio to record this "Live" Acoustic CD.

Tonky, with a Martin D28 acoustic guitar, and Paul, with a Hohner harmonica, produced this great sounding recording. No amplifiers were used on the instruments and there was no re-tracking of any musical or vocal parts. The session was recorded as a "live" style performance. There are seven original songs written by Paul or Tonky, and five cover songs.

All lovers of acoustic blues music will enjoy this recording.

Listen to the audio samples then order your copy today.

Thank you for your support and friendship.


01 - Pawn Shop Blues 03:29

02 - Catfish 03:14

03 - Talk To Your Daughter 02:40

04 - Whiskey 03:37

05 - Boogie The Woogie 02:12

06 - Bright Lights, Big City 03:38

07 - Voodoo Mama 05:17

08 - Bring It On Home 02:14

09 - Feel So Bad 03:24

10 - Oh, Susanne 03:55

11 - Vaga Bundo 03:01

12 - Tribute To Sonny Terry 03:25



Enjoy the music!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mike Dugan & The Blues Mission 2009 From The Rough

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:27:56
Size: 63,92 MB

Based in the Allentown, PA area, the home of Bethlehem Steel, blues guitarist Mike Dugan and his band have taken the influences of the region known as the Rust Belt and created their own style of blues. Formed in the early 1990's, Mike and the Blues Mission have toured the East Coast playing a variety of festivals and clubs building a loyal audience and sharing the stage with many blues legends.

First studio session in six years, this 2009 release is a six song EP that features two new originals, three live recordings and a bonus track.

Along with Rob Fraser on bass Jim Oakley on drums live, Steve Decker on drums in the studio. Bonus track features Super Dave Ward on harp and Henry on trombone. Songs include "Bogey Train", "A Bad Case of the In Betweens" and "Get Used To It". (


01 - A Bad Case Of The Inbetweens 04:51

02 - Gotta Good Feelin' 04:14

03 - Now You Got Your Way 05:07

04 - The Bogey Train 04:22

05 - Get Used To It 04:34

06 - Now You Got Your Way (Instrumental) 04:48



Enjoy the music!

Cream 1967 Ricky Tick

Genre: Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:05:32
Size: 149,95 MB

Biography by Richie Unterberger

Although Cream was only together for a little more than two years, their influence was immense, both during their late-'60s peak and in the years following their breakup. Cream was the first top group to truly exploit the power-trio format, in the process laying the foundation for much blues-rock and hard rock of the 1960s and 1970s. It was with Cream, too, that guitarist Eric Clapton truly became an international superstar. Critical revisionists have tagged the band as overrated, citing the musicians' emphasis upon flash, virtuosity, and showmanship at the expense of taste and focus. This was sometimes true of their live shows in particular, but in reality the best of their studio recordings were excellent fusions of blues, pop, and psychedelia, with concise original material outnumbering the bloated blues jams and overlong solos.

Cream could be viewed as the first rock supergroup to become superstars, although none of the three members were that well-known when the band formed in mid-1966. Eric Clapton had the biggest reputation, having established himself as a guitar hero first with the Yardbirds, and then in a more blues-intensive environment with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers. (In the States, however, he was all but unknown, having left the Yardbirds before "For Your Love" made the American Top Ten.) Bassist/singer Jack Bruce and drummer Ginger Baker had both been in the Graham Bond Organisation, an underrated British R&B combo that drew extensively upon the jazz backgrounds of the musicians. Bruce had also been, very briefly, a member of the Bluesbreakers along Clapton, and also briefly a member of Manfred Mann when he became especially eager to pay the rent.

All three of the musicians yearned to break free of the confines of the standard rock/R&B/blues group, in a unit that would allow them greater instrumental and improvisational freedom, somewhat in the mold of a jazz outfit. Eric Clapton's stunning guitar solos would get much of the adulation, yet Bruce was at least as responsible for shaping the group's sound, singing most of the material in his rich voice. He also wrote their best original compositions, sometimes in collaboration with outside lyricist Pete Brown.


01 - Sunshine Of Your Love 04:43

02 - Hey Lawdy Mama 03:29

03 - Sweet Wine 05:05

04 - Rollin' & Tumblin' 06:01

05 - Spoonful 07:43

06 - Sitting On Top Of The World 04:23

07 - Toad 09:34

08 - Hey Lawdy Mama 02:51

09 - Meet Me In The Bottom 04:33

10 - Crossroads 03:32

11 - Steping Out 05:02

12 - Got My Mojo Working (Yardbirds, Sdg, Steampacket-1964) 05:42

13 - Louise (Yardbirds - 1964) 02:54


Part1 Part2

Enjoy the music!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cosmos Factory 1973 An Old Castle Of Transylvania

Genre: Progressive Rock
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:40:42
Size: 74,49 MB

The Japanese progrock band COSMOS FACTORY made a sery of albums in the Seventies with every time another sound. I prefer their debut-album "An Old Castle Of Transylvania" (1973). The long title track (around 20 minutes) is a mind blowing blend of psychedelia and progrock with great build ups and eruptions, very compelling with strong hints from early PINK FLOYD but the swirling movements also brings the long live tracks from URIAH HEEP, DEEP PURPLE, IRON BUTTERFLY, VANILLA FUDGE and Krautrock like early JANE and ELOY on my mind. It contains sumptuous keyboard play including heavy floods of Hammond organ and Mellotron along biting guitar. The interplay between guitar and organ is like "Set the controls for the heart of the sun" from PINK FLOYD. The other songs are also loaded with Hammond and Mellotron, a real 'keyboard nirvana' for the fans of 'vintage keyboards'. (

Formed in 1970, in the ugly industrial city of Nagoya, from the ruins of GS outfit The Silencer, this progressive rock band was courted by a local rock critic who took the band under his managerial wing. They played the local scene for a couple of years before gaining anything more than local success.

Cosmos Factory took their marvellous name from a wholly cosmic misreading of Creedence Clearwater Revival's LP COSMO'S FACTORY, which has unfortunately led many to believe that they were a space rock band. Instead, they were just a fairly bombastic bunch with a good line in titles. Their best LP is the debut AN OLD CASTLE IN TRANSYLVANNIA, but even this is keyboard heavy in an Italian progressive style, and only the epic title track that closes the album enters the realms of real experiment. Otherwise, their work dwells in the same areas as The Nice, Arzachel and early King Crimson. The band finally made its name as support for The Moody Blues and signed to Columbia Records in 1973, releasing the aforementioned debut that same year.

Thereafter, the band signed a better deal with Toshiba's hip Express label, and embarked on the unusual policy of releasing EPs. First came FANTASTIC MIRROR, followed by THE INFINITE UNIVERSE OF YOUR MIND and DAYS IN THE PAST, each appearing throughout 1975. Their second LP A JOURNEY WITH COSMOS FACTORY was released the same year. Film soundtrack work altered their music somewhat, giving it a harder, more clinical edge, and the musical arrangements of their final LPs BLACKHOLE and METAL REFLECTION were more Spartan than the previously lush arrangements of earlier albums, and not heavy metal as the titles would suggest. Cosmos Factory's name and fabulous album titles are the main reason for the band's inclusion here.

Julian Cope (


01 - Soundtrack 1984 03:23

02 - Maybe 05:57

03 - Soft Focus 03:38

04 - Fantastic Mirror 04:32

05 - Poltergeist 04:27

06 - An old castle of Transylvania:

I - Forest Of The Death 06:19

II - The Cursed 04:42

III - Darkness Of The World 02:54

IV - An Old Castle Of Transylvania 04:50



Enjoy the music!

Heads Hands & Feet 1971 Heads Hands & Feet

Genre: Rock
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:16:49
Size: 140,64 MB

Biography by Steven McDonald

Following the dissolution of Poet and the One Man Band, Albert Lee (guitar), Pete Gavin (drums), Tony Colton (vocals) and Ray Smith (guitar) got together with Chas Hodges (bass, violin, vocals) and Mike O'Neill (keyboards) to form the country-influenced Heads, Hands and Feet and recorded a double album that had a great deal in common with the work of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and the Grateful Dead at that time. Their self-titled debut album, populated with guests from the folk and singer-songwriter scenes, was released as a double record in the U.S., but only as a single album in Europe. The record was very well regarded, with Lee's guitar work garnering attention.

Keyboardist O'Neill departed soon after the album's release, and the band proceeded to move away from country influences and towards rock. While the band was able to record and release Tracks to a certain amount of acclaim, internal strife caused continuing problems, splintering the band before the 1973 release of Old Soldiers Never Die, which marked the group's move to Atlantic Records. In 1996, See For Miles released Home From Home, a collection of recordings and demos made before the band's first label signing.

Albert Lee moved on to found the Albert Lee Band with Pete Gavin and Chas Hodges and eventually joined Eric Clapton's band. Chas Hodges later formed the duo Chas & Dave with Dave Peacock.


01 - I'm In Need Of Your Help 01:51

02 - Send Me A Wire 03:54

03 - Look At The World, It's Changin' 08:42

04 - Green Liquor 05:45

05 - Country Boy 05:32

06 - Tryin' To Put Me On 03:21

07 - I Wish You Knew Me 04:26

08 - Devil's Elbow 05:02

09 - Pete Might Spook The Horses 05:17

10 - Everybody's Hustlin'-Hang Me, Dang Me 08:08

11 - Delaware 04:55

12 - The More You Get, The More You Want 06:54

13 - Song For Suzie 07:10

14 - Tirabad 03:30

15 - Little Bit Lonely 02:22


Part1 Part2

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Nazareth 1974 Rampant

Genre: Rock
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:40:30
Size: 74,04 MB

Rampant was the fifth studio album by the Scottish rock band Nazareth, released in 1974.

Review by Donald A. Guarisco

Nazareth's second album of 1974 finds the group tempering the four-on-the-floor hard rock attack they developed on Loud and Proud by working a surprising and effective Southern rock edge into the songs. The end result is an album that sounds like a crossbreeding of early AC/DC and Lynyrd Skynyrd at their hardest rocking.

Some of the country-tinged highlights include "Glad When You're Gone," a funny kissoff to an unwanted lover that pairs hillbilly-styled singing with wah-wah-drenched guitar riffs, and "Jet Lag," a tongue-in-cheek look at life as a touring rock & roller that is driven by some. However, the finest song in this vein is the powerful opener "Silver Dollar Forger"; this hard rocking tale of an outlaw racing home with the cops on his tail has a suprisingly elaborate arrangement and plenty of driving guitar riffs. It feels like the theme song to the great 1970s car chase movie that never was.

Rampant also spawned a hit single and radio favorite with "Shanghai'd in Shanghai," a pile-driving rocker that works an effective stomping beat into its shout-along chorus. The downside of this album is that it lacks the experimental edge of Razamanaz; there is little variation in the style or musical elements from song to song. That said, Rampant is a consistently energetic and engaging collection of Southern-tinged hard rock that will please Nazareth's fanbase and may even win over fans of groups like Lynyrd Skynyrd and Molly Hatchet with its effective grasp of Southern boogie.


01 - Silver Dollar Forger (Part 1 & 2) 05:37

02 - Glad When You're Done 04:17

03 - Loved And Lost 05:13

04 - Shanghai'd In Shanghai 03:44

05 - Jet Lag 06:44

06 - Light My Way 04:10

07 - Sunshine 04:16

08 - Shapes Of Things 05:33

09 - Space Safari 00:56



Enjoy the music!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

X-Japan 1993 X-Singles

Genre: Metal
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:17:57
Size: 71,22 MB

Biography by Linda Seida

The music of X-Japan is an eclectic mixture. The band's repertoire ranged from soft and tearful ballads like "Crucify My Love" and "Endless Rain" to more shocking and hard-driving speed metal numbers such as "Rusty Nail" and the 12-minute "Rose of Pain." Formed in Japan in 1982 as simply X, the group lengthened its name within several years, partly to reflect a change of style that was beginning to become more internationally oriented, as well as a change from its original lineup.

X was formed by vocalist Toshi, aka Toshimitsu Deyama, and pianist and drummer Yoshiki, aka Yoshiki Hayashi. Though not even teenagers at the time, they managed to draw some attention to their heavy metal music. Before long they had added three additional members. The newcomers were lead guitarist hide, aka Hideto Matsumoto, guitarist Pata, aka Tomoaki Ishizuka, and bassist Taiji, aka Taiji Sawada. Early in 1985, the band independently issued "I'll Kill You," its debut single. Yoshiki, with a bankroll from his mother, established Extasy Records in 1986 with the sole intent of issuing only the band's recordings, and soon they put out "Orgasm." Heath, aka Hiroshi Morie, stepped in and took over on bass for Taiji in 1992.


01 - Kurenai 06:53

02 - 20th Century Boy 02:54

03 - Endless Rain 06:35

04 - X Live 09:41

05 - Week End(Remix) 05:45

06 - Rain Live 06:58

07 - Silent Jealousy 07:19

08 - Sadistic Desire 06:05

09 - Standing Sex 04:22

10 - Joker 04:55

11 - Say Anything 08:40

12 - Jealousy Live 07:50



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Tonky Blues Band 1987 Blues Corner

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:38:35
Size: 70,64 MB


01 - Rolling And Tumblin' 04:52

02 - Ponme Otro Whisky 02:46

03 - Trouble In Mind 06:34

04 - Blues Slider 04:11

05 - La Ultima Cerveza 03:33

06 - Blues Corner 05:26

07 - Quiero Una Explicacion 03:06

08 - Cryin' For My Baby 02:39

09 - Andando Por La Noche 01:27

10 - Boogie De Los Locos 04:01



Enjoy the music!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cream 1970 Live Cream

Genre: Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:41:53
Size: 95,90 MB

Review by Rob Bowman & Bruce Eder

Cream was a band born to the stage, a fact that the band and their record label realized the public fully understood by the number one U.S. chart placement for Wheels of Fire, with its entire live disc, and the number two chart peak for Goodbye, the posthumous release that was dominated by concert recordings. And in response to those success, we got Live Cream, Vol. 1 (originally known simply as Live Cream) in the spring of 1970, nearly 18 months after the trio's breakup. This could well be their most consistently brilliant album for sheer musicianship, though it is also a peculiar one on a couple of counts, some of which probably prevented it from reaching quite as wide an audience as it might have otherwise. Released in April 1970 and derived from tapes made at three May 1968 California shows, all of the live tracks here consist of songs originally featured on the group's least ambitious and most rudimentary album, Fresh Cream, dating from 1966 - and as it happens, there's not a hit represented among the five songs, a fact that probably made this release seem more appealing to hardcore fans than to casual and curious listeners (who didn't know what they were missing).

The performances here show how far the group had come in the nearly two years since laying down the studio originals - take side one of the original LP, where they stretch out their playing, as well as boost it to new levels of intensity, on "N.S.U." and "Sleepy Time Time," so that the renditions here are the definitive ones, and by themselves should have made this album an essential acquisition back in 1970. But that brings us to the original side two and the 15-minute rendition of "Sweet Wine," an excursion by all three players that is worth the quarter-hour time commitment of the listener. The live portion of the album ends with their searing, rollicking high energy rendition of Muddy Waters' "Rollin' and Tumblin'." And then, for reasons not clear - except perhaps simply that it was there, in the vaults, and seemed like a valuable piece of property, which it was (and what else were they going to do with it?) - the producers close Live Cream with a studio cut, "Lawdy Mama," an Eric Clapton-inspired take on a traditional tune that subsequently evolved into the hit "Strange Brew" during what became the Disraeli Gears sessions.

It's not a match for everything we've heard, but in the spring of 1970 no one was exactly complaining over being handed a previously unissued studio track by the Cream, as a bonus to the concert performances here. As it turned out, there were more live tracks from some of these same shows to draw on in future releases and reissues, which would include a couple of the group's hits; but Live Cream offers the overall highest quality, both in terms of clarity and fidelity, and the performances, which, in addition to the essential great playing (better in some ways than what was heard on some of the much-vaunted live tracks from Wheels of Fire), include excellent vocalizing by Clapton and Jack Bruce. Not that vocalizing looms that large here - the live tracks are all given extended jazz-based treatment, and the dialog among the three musicians as the jams develop is fascinating. Foreground and background seem to dissolve as all three musicians take charge, using the full range of their instruments. And where Bruce goes with his bass, especially on "Sweet Wine," is every bit as rewarding as the places that Clapton's guitar takes us; and Ginger Baker's playing is a trip all its own. Performances like this single-handedly raised the stakes of musicianship in rock.


01 - N.S.U. 10:18

02 - Sleepy Time Time 06:47

03 - Sweet Wine 15:19

04 - Rollin' And Tumblin' 06:42

05 - Lawdy Mama 02:47



Enjoy the music!

Jeff Strahan & The Strangers 2002 A Little North Of The Border

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:44:07
Size: 80,75 MB

United States

It is a fresh blend of Texas Blues, Rock & Roll, and Outlaw Country with some Tex-Mex thrown in. Think of Hank Williams, Jr. joining forces with Jimi Hendrix.

Band Description

The Jeff Strahan Band is a tight and powerful trio playing “Red Dirt” music. “Red Dirt” was born in the dancehalls of Texas and Oklahoma where hard-core country collided with raw rock & roll. It is a fresh blend of Texas Blues, Rock & Roll, and Outlaw Country with some Tex-Mex thrown in. Think of Hank Williams, Jr. joining forces with Jimi Hendrix.


The Strahan Band is a hard working band cutting its way through the clubs from Colorado to Texas, including Utah and New Mexico. They have recently shared the stage with John Lee Hooker, Jr. and Chubby Checker and are scheduled to perform with Lee Roy Parnell. The band is starting to break into the festival circuit and has several festival dates this summer. Their sound is powerful and original. It leans more to the rocking blues roadhouse side of things, but you can still hear outlaw country overtones.

One of the band’s crowning accomplishments was to compete as a semifinalist at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis in January ‘06. This is the biggest gathering of blues bands in the world. The Strahan Band’s success in getting to this level of International Competition boosted their confidence in their original sound and put their enthusiasm at an all time high.

John Handy, Jr. (drummer for John Lee Hooker, Jr. and grandson of blues forefather, W.C. Handy) summed it up best when he said, “Jeff is a great musician and a great person. He has worked hard and with his sense of humor, great talent, desire, and attitude, he will receive the recognition he deeply deserves!”

Jason Smallheer, Marketing Manager, Durango Mountain Resort/Purgy's Slopeside Bar said, "I have never seen a crowd reaction like these guys had and I've seen a lot of bands. We had to actually ask them to tone it down when they did their second show for fear that the crowd may start an all out riot, ha. It was great!” February 2005.

The band has had some great Kudos and good things are happening. However, this is a band that thrives on paying its dues. They are a mature and accomplished act ready for a national platform, but they remain humble and down to earth. They are easy to work with and strive to make sure that everyone (club owners, promoters, fans, sound engineers, stage hands, etc.) enjoys working with them. Strahan says, “We want to be the kind of band you can’t wait to have back in your venue.”

The Strahan Band has released two CDs and is getting ready to release their third. The momentum and fan base is building. Venues and crowds are getting bigger, CD sales continue to increase, and all of the hard work is starting to pay off for these guys. We guarantee you will not be disappointed. (CD-Baby)


Jeff Strahan (Lamesa, TX): guitar, keys, and vocals
Jack Watson (Gainsville, GA): drums
Wilson Carr (Austin, TX): bass


01 - Del Rio 04:48

02 - Psychotic Blues 03:43

03 - Hard To Be A Cowboy 04:42

04 - Mr. Big Easy 04:21

05 - Don't Tell Me 04:02

06 - Big Fat Lawyers 02:55

07 - Sunshine 04:51

08 - Viva Mexico 04:19

09 - Lucille 05:50

10 - Montana 04:36



Enjoy the music!

Wolfgang Ambros 2000 Ambros Singt Waits

Genre: Austro Pop
Rate: 152 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:50:51
Size: 55,27 MB

Biography by Margaret Reges

An Austrian singer/songwriter and AustroPop pioneer, Wolfgang Ambros became a folk-rock staple in his homeland both for his original tunes and his covers (the work of Bob Dylan and Tom Waits chief among them). Ambros sailed into the limelight in 1971 with the breakthrough single "Da Hofer," and went on to release over 30 albums over the course of the next three decades. Ambros is perhaps best known for "Schifoan," a song that went on to become more or less synonymous with the sport of skiing in his homeland.


01 - Samstag Nacht (Looking For The Heart Of Saturday Night) 03:19

02 - Durt Bin I Daham (In The Neighbourhood) 03:38

03 - Heimatserenade (San Diego Serenade) 03:12

04 - Romeo Verliert Bluat (Romeo Is Bleeding) 03:49

05 - Es Is Vorbei (Ruby's Arms) 05:41

06 - Nach Mir De Sintflut (Shiver Me Timbers) 04:00

07 - Die Sunn Geht Boid Auf (Ol 55) 04:22

08 - Gross In Kagran (Big In Japan) 03:52

09 - Martha 04:02

10 - Weihnachtsgrüsse Von Aner Hure Aus Floridsdorf (Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis) 04:59

11 - Verliab Di Net (I Hope I Don't Fall In Love With You) 03:56

12 - Tom Traubert's Blues 06:01



Enjoy the music!
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