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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Barry Richman 1994 The Moment Of Now

Genre: Blues
Rate: 160 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:00:16
Size: 68,93 MB

United States

This debut album by one of Atlanta's all-time guitar heroes was produced by Jim Gaines (SRV, Santana, etc.) in 1994. It mostly features Barry in the company of Tommy Taylor (drums) and Kyle Brock (bass), of Eric Johnson's band, along with the late Matt Greeley (Sea Level, Spyro Gyra) on vocals and percussion. Nice compositional style and many flavors color the Atlanta guitarists tonal palette. A little bit Jimi, a little bit Beck (Jeff, that is), a little bit Wes, but all Barry. "Feel a Pain", "Reflection Avenue", and "Acid In Your Face" are highlights. Fans of Hendrix, Clapton, and Beck, as well as those of Eric Johnson, Jimmy Herring, and Mike Stern would likely find this a fine addition to their collection. (Paul A. Kelly)


01 - Goin' Down 05:35

02 - Acid In Your Face 05:06

03 - Reflection Avenue 06:07

04 - Mr. Jimi 05:03

05 - Feel A Pain 06:22

06 - Day Of The Eagle 06:22

07 - It's Only A Dream 03:28

08 - Market Jam 04:28

09 - Thank You Jeff 05:25

10 - The Seven D's 05:49

11 - Europe 06:31

Barry Richman here:


The Juke Joints 1999 Walking Down Memphis

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:52:54
Size: 72,66 MB


Just one month before the release of this CD (April 1999), we finished a very succesful Dutch tour together with Willy Foster from Greenville, Mississippi. On this tour Willy's guitar man Mickey Rogers also joined the party , as well as the former Juke Joints keyboard player Wouter Izeboud.

We've recorded a lot of original blues songs with Willy and Mickey in the studio. Two of those recordings are on this album as a bonustrack.


01 - Walking Down Memphis 02:30

02 - Mojo Hand 02:50

03 - You Know What's On 03:09

04 - Too Close For Comfort 02:51

05 - Addicted To The Blues 05:37

06 - Bad Luck 03:42

07 - What's Wrong With You 02:52

08 - Please Baby Please 03:48

09 - Deal With The Devil 04:29

10 - Mississippi Groove 03:34

11 - Jenny Lou 02:53

12 - Just A Little Bit 03:45

13 - Why Do You Treat Me This Way 05:40

14 - You Promised Me Love 05:14

The Juke Joints here:



Friday, August 30, 2013

Holland K. Smith 1999 Walking Heart Attack

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:45:55
Size: 84,08 MB

United States

Album Notes

The tradition of Texas blues is as wide as Texas itself. Sometimes it is easy to wonder if new blood can be struck from the same old vein. Just the opposite would be true of Holland K. Smith. In this, his second CD for Topcat records, Holland has achieved a consistency of feeling that is rare in today's blues recordings. His song writing is a breath of cool air in a crowded train car, something too refreshing to go un-noticed. The band used by Smith for the session was comprised of Eric Mathew on upright and Fender bass, and the superb drumming of Kevin Schermerhorn. Along with 'Gentleman' John Street on keyboards and the White Trash horn section featuring Steve Howard on trumpet and John Smith on sax, the trimmings are on the plate and the entree is being served up piping hot.

Holland knew exactly what he wanted and wouldn't give up until he achieved that end. Whether it be one of his ten self penned originals (check out Devil in The Deep Blue Sea), or his renditions of Jimmy Forest's Night Train or BB King's Beautician blues, Holland has moulded each number into his own instantly recognizable style. Topped with the superb production of Ace bluesman Anson Funderburgh this recording is destined to be enjoyed by many fans of blues and swing. The music presented here comprises Holland's contemporary and traditional elements blended together into music sure to garner a wide and dedicated following.


01 - Walking Heart Attack 04:07

02 - Devil & The Deep Blue Sea 04:30

03 - Deacon's Son 04:08

04 - Little Boy Blues 05:29

05 - Hypnotized 03:13

06 - Queen Of Sheeba 03:37

07 - This, That And The Other 03:11

08 - Take Me Back To Memphis 03:48

09 - Cindy Lee 02:26

10 - For Cryin' Out Loud 02:48

11 - Beautician Blues 03:40

12 - Night Train 04:58

Holland K. Smith here:



Brother Bagman 2010 Rise Above

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:55:08
Size: 126,12 MB

United States

Album Notes

Brother Bagman is Kansas City's current representative for original, feel good, groove-driven soul rock. This latest full length release, their second in four years, is the revelation of a band that has clearly played and traveled many miles over the last several years. Hitting you in the gut is the gritty deep-down rythym section of drummer Cole Harvey and bassist Cliff Moore, who is currently coming off a European tour with blues great Michael Burks. The head swayin' groove that was apparent with the band's earlier recordings has grown another grin, loosening and tightening in just the right places. Strolling and struttin' on top of the groove is the southern rock soul of Landon Leist's smooth growling voice. His heavy, rich electric guitar playing combines to lock the audience into a place of understanding and appreciation. The songs keep the listener close and involved, and the tight vocal harmonies of Cole Harvey help to fill the arrangements perfectly.

"Rise Above" is all the more special as it features the fingers of grammy award nominee Johnny Neel, most recognized for his work with The Allman Brothers Band, Lonnie Mack, and Government Mule among many others. He's also one of Nashville's most sought-out session players when it comes to B-3, Rhodes, or Wurlitzer. So Bagman is downright giddy to have their friend jump in and add some icing on the cake during every single track on the album. Thanks johnny, you made it one hell of a record.


01 - Tick For A Ride 03:01

02 - Rise Above 03:47

03 - Mytime 05:06

04 - Come And Go 04:42

05 - Curtis 04:48

06 - Old Self 07:52

07 - Gettin' Back 07:13

08 - Runaway Soul 04:21

09 - Deeper 06:34

10 - My First Beer 03:20

11 - Musical Fruit 04:24

Brother Bagman here:



Thursday, August 29, 2013

Geoff Achison Band 1995 Genevieve

Genre: Blues
Rate: 260 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:56:18
Size: 101,89 MB



Geoff Achison – guitar, vocals;
John Arthur – bass;
Keith Nolan – piano, organ;
Steve Nicel – drums;
Katherine Daye – vocals;
Jacki Gaudion – vocals


01 - Starting Line 05:55

02 - Straight Into Your Heart 03:14

03 - Someone's Dream 04:32

04 - The Sea Of Storms 00:41

05 - Stepping Stones 04:31

06 - Genevieve 03:06

07 - Desiderata 01:58

08 - Space In Time 04:19

09 - Fine Politician 03:58

10 - Soul Digger 04:06

11 - Time Keeps Changing 03:53

12 - The Sea Of Rains 02:43

13 - On The Shore Of Better Days 02:32

14 - It's Nearly Over 01:12

15 - It's Over 04:31

16 - Bullets And Flowers 05:07

Geoff Achison Band here:


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mojo Society 2006 Mojo Groove

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 160 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:54:31
Size: 62,35 MB


O Blues, estilo musical criado pelos escravos norte-americanos para expressar suas angústias, alegrias e esperanças, tem despertado emoções por onde é ouvido, nos seus mais de cem anos de existência.

No Brasil o Blues goza de boa popularidade desde o final anos 70, encontrando seu auge nos dias atuais. No Rio de Janeiro existe uma cena das mais atuantes, com excelentes bandas e casas noturnas que acolhem o gênero, quase sempre realizando animadas jam sessions que varam a madrugada e reúnem músicos de diferentes bandas numa verdadeira celebração à musica e à arte. E é neste contexto que a banda carioca Mojo Society surge: como fruto de intensas jam sessions ocorridas no circuito do Rio de Janeiro.

Ao lado de releituras das composições clássicas de Sonny Boy Williamson, Albert King, BB King e Bob Dylan, Mojo Society nos traz a juventude e as novas idéias nas composições próprias de seu primeiro cd, “Mojo Groove”. “Mojo Groove”, música que abre o CD e é o cartão de visitas da banda, fala sobre os primórdios, o Circo Voador e a importância que aquele momento teve em suas vidas e as batalhas travadas ao longo da estrada. “Lady Blow”, um típico hard rock dos anos 70, com direito ao Talk Box de Felippão, fala sobre os perigos de se apaixonar pela pessoa errada, com os hábitos errados. (


Marcelo Manes - voz principal, gaita
Felippão - guitarras, voz, slides, violão de aço, backings
Big Alex - guitarras, violoes
Beto Brown- baixo
Rabicó - bateria & percussão


01 - Mojo Groove 05:01

02 - Não Tire O Meu Blues 02:09

03 - When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky 05:56

04 - How Blue Can You Get 05:41

05 - Quero Ver Você 05:24

06 - Lady Blow 05:18

07 - Fim De Semana Na Serra 04:48

08 - Vou Embora Daqui 03:56

09 - Whole Lotta Changes 03:34

10 - Apenas Um Sonho Ruim 04:54

11 - Eyesight To The Blind 03:32

12 - The Hunter 04:18

Mojo Society here:



Catfish Hodge 1996 Adventures At Catfish Pond

Genre: Blues
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:38:13
Size: 35,05 MB

United States

Review by Ross Boissoneau

One of the more enjoyable efforts of the chidren's label, Adventures at Catfish Pond finds singer Catfish Hodge and his friends telling tales in a delightful musical gumbo. Part blues, part jazz, part folk and all fun, Adventures celebrates rural America and its inhabitants, human or otherwise. Hodge's "The Pancake Man" has been covered elsewhere, but not nearly so well as Hodge does it himself. And the stories between tracks add, rather than detract from, the proceedings.


01 - Catfish Pond 03:06

02 - [Story Narration] 01:52

03 - Everybody Come Join The Band 03:04

04 - [Story Narration] 00:45

05 - Pancake Man 02:39

06 - [Story Narration] 01:12

07 - 1 To 10 Blues 02:47

08 - [Story Narration] 01:05

09 - Skippin' On Rainbows 02:44

10 - [Story Narration] 00:49

11 - Down Where The Bluegrass Grows 02:55

12 - [Story Narration] 00:31

13 - Pull Together 02:54

14 - [Story Narration] 01:11

15 - Bowl Of Fruit 04:00

16 - [Story Narration] 00:33

17 - Pancake Man (Reprise) 01:47

18 - [Story Narration] 00:25

19 - Dreamy Time Time 03:14

20 - [Story Narration] 00:40

Catfish Hodge here:


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Alligators 1996 Gimme Some Skin

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:58:22
Size: 133,52 MB

United States

As a hard-touring band of seasoned blues masters, The Alligators have earned their status as a major draw on the Midwest blues scene, delivering authentic blues with a powerfully personal and distinctively driving style. They have been drawing crowds of devotees, and winning new fans, for over twenty-five years. The Rose-Robert Agency is proud to have represented this top-notch, top-draw blues band "The Alligators" for 20 years !

The Alligators can get a large festival audience on it's feet in a matter of minutes, or play sweet, gut bucket blues to a small intimate audience with absolute conviction. Their roots run from the deepest delta forefathers to the contemporary, with many stops along the way. The Alligators are five journeymen who have found themselves on a full-throttle blues train that shows no sign of running out of steam.

Lead vocalist Dave Krammer and harmonica player Wailin’ Dale started the band in 1984. Guitarist Steve Schwartz joined in 1993 followed by the highly respected bassist Frankie Lee and drummer Jon Johnson. Their longevity is a testament to their success. Over their long and esteemed career, they have developed into one of the tightest and most sought after bands in the Midwest.

The Alligators not only have outstanding lasting power as a band but an impressive recording history as well. Beginning in 1994 with their debut CD “Gimme Some Skin”, they have recorded four successful and highly acclaimed CDs. The Alligators are currently touring in support of their fourth recording, released on Hitchcock Records, "20 to Life".

Their powerful stage presentation, coupled with their rousing recordings, has launched these exemplary artists to extraordinary critical acclaim. With a vitality drawn from their authentic love of the blues, The Alligators have outlived and out-shined many other blues bands. They have evolved into respected innovators and caretakers of the music. (

The Alligators aren't an official straight ahead Blues band. They aren't the direct link to the Delta and no one's calling them the hottest jump band in town. What they are, though, is a highly successful synthesis of all of the above in the Motor City - the ultimate Detroit Blues band, the link between the generations and the eras, between the past and the future. What they are is an incredibly energized and exciting band on the Detroit Blues circuit.

This is Detroit Blues. This is the Alligators. See them when they come to a city near you. (Mark E. Gallo)


David Krammer - Vocals
Greg "Wailin' Dale" Blankenship - Harp, Vocals on "Maggie Campbell", & "Whisky, Whisky"
R.D. Jones - Bass, Background Vocals
Mark Seyler - Drums, Background Vocals
Steve Schwartz - Guitars, Background Vocals


01 - 20% Alcohol 04:29

02 - Maggie Campbell 07:05

03 - See Ya Later Alligator 04:21

04 - Too Fat For Rock & Roll 03:49

05 - Gimme Some Skin 02:56

06 - Pocket Full Of Skin 05:12

07 - Bad Man, Good Girl 04:49

08 - 1-900 03:53

09 - Whisky, Whisky 07:04

10 - You A Bad One 04:28

11 - Heart Attack Woman 04:42

12 - Two Finger Handshake 05:34

The Alligators here:


Forrest (McDonald) 1998 Under The Gun

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:52:19
Size: 119,80 MB

United States

Forrest's new CD release is titled, Under The Gun. This 13 song compilation is all rock that doesn't let up. Forrest McDonald and his band mates are seasoned performers, and they sound it. With thick heartfelt bluesy vocals provided by Raymond Victor over McDonald's extremely lucid and moving guitar riffs, you'll hear the power behind this album after one listen. (from the label)


Forrest McDonald: Guitar
Raymond Victor: Piano, Keyboards, Vocals
Scott Murphy: Drums
Marc Caplan: Bass, Vocals, Vocals (Background)


01 - It's Only Love 02:44

02 - Hold On Me 03:55

03 - Through These Days 04:31

04 - Under The Gun 04:23

05 - The Sub Mariner 04:01

06 - Heavy Metal Fever 04:12

07 - Terminal Rock 03:20

08 - On And On 04:54

09 - Devil In White 02:35

10 - Ride Ride Ride 04:17

11 - On Fire 05:49

12 - I'm Not The Waiting Kind 03:18

13 - That's How I Want Our Love 04:20

Forrest here:



Monday, August 26, 2013

The Kelly Richey Band 1999 Dig A Little Deeper

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:50:26
Size: 115,46 MB

United States

"I'm known for slinging an electric guitar, but songwriting is just as much a part of my soul as performing and I really feel that Dig A Little Deeper represents, for the first time, the complete package." So stated Kelly Richey of Dig A Little Deeper; an 11-song compilation that includes nine original tunes by Richey. Dig A Little Deeper is a heartrending synthesis of Richey's outstanding guitar work, honest, heart-felt lyrics and soulful vocal delivery. Dig A Little Deeper was originally meant to be an acoustic solo release, but turned into a KRB recording project that was engineered by Les Campbell and produced by Kiya Heartwood of Arista recording artists’ Stealin Horses.

The material on Dig A Little Deeper was written on acoustic guitar and recorded for this record with a heavy rock influence, blending Richey’s electric and acoustic guitars and highlighting her vocals and harmonies. Terry Williamson delivers solid bass lines throughout, and Eric Maylaben rounds out the band on drums providing a robust rhythm section that nails the tone of and emotional feel of Richey’s songs perfectly. Dig A Little Deeper is a poignant, but never self-pitying, glimpse of Richey at her most vulnerable. Songs like “Raining In My Head” describe an emotional story of a relationship that loses its trust to lies. “You Can’t Stop Me From Cryin” is a song about choosing to express one’s heartache no matter how badly you wish you could hide the pain. “Ripped and Torn” is a somber song of how we often wish things were different, and in time, finding ourselves changed as a result of that longing. Pensive and wistful, Dig A Little Deeper captures not only Richey’s blues-based roots, but also broadens her sound with the introduction of Americana-esque songs like "Is Anybody Listening", "It's Rainin' In My Head" and "Cracked & Bent".

This effort confidently moves Richey forward musically while maintaining the integrity of her powerful guitar playing and vocal moxie that she is known is known for. This album is a must-have for those fans who want to get to know Kelly Richey beyond her electric guitar slinger capabilities! (


01 - It's Rainin In My Head 04:44

02 - Cracked & Bent 03:46

03 - Is Anybody Listening 02:51

04 - Can't Stop Me From Cryin 04:04

05 - Ripped & Torn 05:22

06 - Don't Bring Me Down 04:17

07 - Playhouse 03:39

08 - Dig A Little Deeper 04:47

09 - One Chance To Love Me 06:00

10 - It Was A Good Time 05:48

11 - Hey Joe 05:08

The Kelly Richey Band here:



Burnin Red Ivanhoe 1971 W.W.W.

Genre: Progressive Rock
Rate: 265 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:39:16
Size: 75,92 MB


W.W.W. is the third studio album from Danish progressive jazz/ rock band Burnin´ Red Ivanhoe. I´m a big fan of the debut album called M144 from the band while the selftitled second album went too far into jazz territory for my taste. It´s still a good album though. With W.W.W. Burnin´ Red Ivanhoe returns to the more psychadelic leanings of the debut while still maintaining their jazzy edge.

The change in style compared to the predecessor is very obvious when listening to the first couple of songs on W.W.W. Karsten Vogel plays the organ instead of his characteristic sax on both the opener Second Floor, Croydon, the second song W.W.W. and the third song Avez-Vous Kaskelainen while Kim Menzer plays the flute rather than his usual sax. This change in intrumentation really gives those songs a different sound to the normally very sax dominated Burnin´ Red Ivanhoe we´re used to. The sax does return later on the album but never in the jazzy way it´s used on the predecessor. There are vocals on Second Floor, Croydon, All About All and Oblong Serenade while the rest of the songs are instrumental. My favorites here are Second Floor, Croydon and Oblong Serenade with it´s characteristic trombone theme. The only song I don´t enjoy much is the psychadelic organ dominated title track. It´s way too long and really isn´t very interesting.

The musicianship is excellent. On W.W.W. we really get to hear every facette of Burnin´ Red Ivanhoe´s sound from jazz/ Rock to psychadelic rock to more progressive moments like the ending of Second Floor, Croydon. The interplay between these musicians is magical IMO.

The production is really good and pleasant. Very organic just like the sound on the first two albums.

W.W.W. is a really good album and even though it´s not as challenging as it´s predecessor or as groundbreaking as the debut from Burnin´ Red Ivanhoe it´s a pretty unique album from the band. (


Kim Menzer / flute, trombone, harmonica, Tenor saxophone, percussion
Ole Fick / guitars, vocals
Karsten Vogel / Alto & Soprano saxophone, organ, piano
Jess Staer / bass, acoustic guitar
Bo Thrige Andersen / drums, percussion


01 - 2nd Floor, Croydon 08:37

02 - W.W.W. 06:08

03 - Avez-Vous Kaskelainen 04:47

04 - Kaske-Vous Karsemose 03:50

05 - All About All 04:08

06 - Oblong Serenade 06:25

07 - Cucumber-Porcupine 05:21

Burnin Red Ivanhoe here:


Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Juke Joints 1996 One, Two, Five... Live

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:54:34
Size: 99,80 MB


Recorded at ”De Piek” in Vlissingen, Holland, this live recording is to celebrate our 12,5 year anniversary and is also dedicated to the memory of Rory Gallagher. (


01 - Betty Lee 03:48

02 - Boppin' Through The City 03:03

03 - Chicken Shack 03:24

04 - Please Come Home 03:08

05 - When My Baby She Left Me 05:06

06 - Bad News On The Line 11:58

07 - The Loop 02:52

08 - I'm Working On It 03:14

09 - Long Long Dirty Trail 06:08

10 - Shake It 03:09

11 - Low Down Girl 04:01

12 - That's All I've Got To Say 04:43

The Juke Joints here:



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