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Monday, May 31, 2010

The Animals 1965 Animal Tracks

Review by Bruce Eder

The Animals' second British album, recorded just before Alan Price exited the lineup, displays far more energy and confidence than its predecessor, and it's fascinating to speculate where they might've gone had the original lineup held together. There are a few lightweight tunes here, such as "Let the Good Times Roll" and the rollicking opener, "Mess Around," that capture the Animals loosening up and having fun, but much of Animal Tracks is pretty intense R&B-based rock. "How You've Changed" is a reflective, downbeat Chuck Berry number that Eric Burdon turns into a dark romantic confessional/inquisition, matched by Hilton Valentine's chopped out, crunchy lead work over the break, while Alan Price does his best to impersonate Johnnie Johnson.

The group doesn't do as well with their cover of Billy Boy Arnold's "I Ain't Got You" as the Yardbirds did with the same number, treating it in a little too upbeat a fashion, and Hilton Valentine and Alan Price failing to add very much that's interesting to the break (especially in comparison to Eric Clapton's solo on the Yardbirds' version). "Roberta," by contrast, is a great rock & roll number, and their version of "Bright Lights, Big City," sparked by Burdon's surging, angry performance and Price's hard-driving organ solo. Price's playing opens what is easily the best blues cut on the album, "Worried Life Blues," where Hilton Valentine steps out in front for his most prominent guitar solo in the early history of the band, backed by Price's surging organ.

Burdon and company also excel on a pair of Ray Charles covers, turning in a jauntily cheerful, euphoric performance of "Hallelujah I Love Her So," his jubilation matched by Price's ebullient organ work; and a slow, pain-racked performance by Burdon and company on the slow blues "I Believe to My Soul," arguably ù along with "Worried Life Blues" ù the singer's best performance on either of the group's EMI long-players, and matched by Price's quick-fingered yet equally ominous piano playing.

Genre: Rock
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:57:12
Size: 104,65 MB


01 - Mess Around 02:24

02 - How You've Changed 03:16

03 - Hallelujah, I Love Her So 02:50

04 - I Believe To My Soul 03:28

05 - Worried Life Blues 04:17

06 - Roberta 02:08

07 - I Ain't Got You 02:32

08 - Bright Lights, Big City 02:58

09 - Let The Good Times Roll 01:58

10 - For Miss Caulker 04:02

11 - Roadrunner 02:50

12 - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood [Bonus] 02:29

13 - Club A Go-Go [Bonus] 02:21

14 - Bring It On Home To Me [Bonus] 02:45

15 - We Gotta Get Out Of This Place [Bonus] 03:15

16 - I Can't Believe It [Bonus] 03:32

17 - It's My Life [Bonus] 03:08

18 - I'm Gonna Change The World [Bonus] 03:37

19 - Don't Want Much [Bonus] 03:22



Enjoy the music!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Maggie Bell 2002 Live At The Rainbow 1974

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:15:03
Size: 171,67 MB

United Kingdom

The great Scottish blues lady Maggie Bell's career has been a long and very distinguished one. Her work with the legendary Stone The Crows, an impressive solo back catalogue and the obscure but impressive Midnight Flyer has established Maggie as one of the finest and most important and influential female blues/rock vocalists of the last 40 years. This live album, recorded at London's Rainbow theatre in 1974, gives an idea of Maggie's innate love for soul and blues. The great lady injects a passion into her singing, and it is a joy to hear these classic songs sung by the Scottish "Queen Of The Night".


01 - Coming On Strong 06:08

02 - Wishing Well 04:30

03 - As The Years Go Passing By 06:20

04 - I Was In Chains 04:15

05 - Suicide Sal 05:03

06 - I Saw Him Standing There 06:03

07 - The Preacher 02:01

08 - Penicillin Blues 05:12

09 - Soul Medley 10:56

10 - Medley 09:48

11 - Aileem Mochree 01:52

12 - Medley 12:55



Enjoy the music!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

WT Feaster Band 2007 Long Overdue

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 48000
Time: 00:44:36
Size: 102,15 MB

United States

Album Notes

Long Overdue Indeed,

The Indianapolis power trio of Travis Feaster (guitar and vocals), Austin Shearer (bass), and Jake Iseminger (drums) are joined by J. Wesley Smith on piano and organ for the band's superb debut album, Long Overdue.

After years in residency at the famous Slippery Noodle Inn playing covers of Hendrix, SRV, and all of the Kings, the W.T. Feaster Band has come up with ten great original songs confirming the transition to accomplished musicians in their own right. Celebrity endorsement has already come from Tad Robinson, one of the top singers of Soul Blues, who opines, "Nice sounds, good songs, and great playing."

The CD is a mix of Blues, Rock, Soul, and groovy Funk, with Feaster proving that he can write poignant lyrics as well as play one of the fastest guitars in the midwest. Smith's keyboard playing is melodic improvisation at its best while Iseminger lays down infectious rhythms, adding subtle nuances and clever changes in pace and dynamics. Add the constant, solid rolling bass of Shearer and the outcome is the perfect platform for the bandleader's mellifluous voice and his mind-bending, diamond-hard riffs as Feaster mercilessly attacks his Fender Stratocaster which screams with an edgy intensity on some tracks and is played with gentle intricacy on others.

Tracks that stand out are the pure Blues of "Walk On," the soulful "Out Of Time," and the slow, haunting "Devil's Daughter," the latter sounding atmospheric courtesy of Smith's captivating organ playing. Appropriately, the CD climaxes with the instrumental "Big Ed," showcasing the talents of the remarkable Travis Feaster whose scorching and piercing solos are played effortlessly and with nimble dexterity. This young band is now ready to blast headfirst into the future and lead a new generation of Blues fans down to the Crossroads, something that is long overdue. Watch out for Feaster's first visit to the U.K. in 2008 as the band sounds even better live than in the studio. (Dave Scott - Blues Matters! Publication)


01 - Back For More 04:08

02 - Long Overdrive 03:18

03 - Devil's Daughter 03:40

04 - Walk On 07:32

05 - Out Of Time 04:30

06 - St. Francisville Blues 04:17

07 - Turn Me On 04:48

08 - To Be Your Man 04:23

09 - These Blues 03:29

10 - Big Ed 04:31

Highly recommend!



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Friday, May 28, 2010

Fernando Noronha & Black Soul 2000 Blues From Hell

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:57:11
Size: 130,75 MB

Album Notes

"Explosive guitar work with melodic integrity. Fernando Noronha & Black Soul are forging a new twist towards paying homage to their Heros and in creating originality."
(Chris Duarte / USA)

"Noronha's singing is effective, his guitar playing is informed by SRV and Jimi, but not a cookie-cutter-copied from them. Noronha has ingested the lessons of earlier players. His slow blues shows nice touches of T-Bone, Buddy , and others amid its dynamic shifts" (Blues Revue Magazine / #81 Apr/May 2003 / USA)

"Brazilian guitarist Fernando Noronha shows us blues is an international language. Although unknown in the United States, Noronha has gained some notoriety in South America with his battered Fender Stratocaster and wickedly rocking blues. Practically every cut is a guitar workout, with Hammond B-3-for-hire Ron Levy on organ and production duties. Noronha sings soulfully in English (with a hit of Texas drawl yet) and sports a very good backing band. The music is mostly up-tempo, with the accent on guitar pyrotechnics. Fernando Noronha & Black Soul's third disc is a winner. Muy bueno!" (Bob Cianci - Blues Access Magazine - USA)

"What a great new Blues band. You would never know these guys were from Brazil. After listening to this disc I was blown away. They sound like they were born & raised in Texas. The CD itself has a major label sound quality produced by Ron Levy and is full of great tunes that flow perfectly together. It's hard to beleive this is an indie. Fernando is one of the best new blues rock guitarist I've heard in a while. He's got that SRV Texas tone down pat and his solo's are smokin' hot."
(STEVE ALBANESE - Two Guys Music / USA)

"Fernando Noronha is without question one of the best yet relatively unknown guitarists I have heard in many a day and his band is first rate as well, anchored by the most excellent bass guitar of Chico Preto and the solid percussion of Alexandre "Papel" Loureiro. Joining the band for this set is famed US keyboardist Ron Levy who not only adds his own brand of Hammond B-3 wizardry to the mix, but also doubles as producer. The end result of all of this is one of the freshest and most exciting recordings which has come along in some time. This is a very fine young band with a great future ahead of them."

"When we booked Fernando Noronha & Black Soul we had no idea about blues from Brasil. O.k. the cd they have sent to us was impressive, but blues must be live. I saw the band two times during the European tour, and two times I was excited. We were lucky that they want to record the live cd in our club The Gouden Leeuw in Dongen Holland. Because that was the reason for the band to work really hard (but I think they always do) They have a very good feeling how to play the blues, with individually strong musicians. Most songs they play where their own songs, and I love that, I like to hear some covers, but I have more respect for bands with their own material. Fernando is a real frontman he knows how to comunicate with the audience, not with his talking, but he has a real charisma. This is the fugitive for the blues a young band, hard working, creative musicians, lot of own songs, but with much respect for the old bluesmasters. I hope they can exist for a long time."
(PETER NOOTEN /Blues Promotion Dongen, Holland)

"To say it with historical words: They came, They saw, and They Won ! And how ! Those 4 Brasilian guys play the blues straight from the heart and as good as many of the Big Names in bluesland. We are looking forward to see them again in our club."
(Michel Hofkens, Willem Tell Bluesclub, Belgium)

"I feel so happy and proud when I see such a young band playing the blues so well" (B.B. KING)

"With all respect to the past, this group is forging their own identity into the future, it won't be long before they'll be playing everywhere else, kickin butt, taking no prisoners" (RON LEVY)

"This guitar player improved and put in his own songs a touch that would make the late Stevie Ray Vaughan very proud. (COVER GUITARRA)

"One of the most greatful surprises who have showed up in the brazilian musical scene" (COVER GUITARRA)

"Noronha opened the event with a vigorous sound. With a Stratocaster Fender he exploded with compositions of his two CDs. Not afraid of going deeper he conquered the audience with a magnificent technique, quick phrasing, excellent vibratos and bends and lots of feeling."

"The album shows an excellent sound, but what matters is that Fernando Noronha shows all his feeling when he plays the guitar. With his vigourous bends and vibratos, he is for sure, one of the great guitarrists of Brazil"

"Good surprise! Surprising by the maturity of the arrangements, this CD might set up a carrer which has everything to succeed... Something tell us that this will not be the only time we will be listening about Fernando Noronha and his Black Soul." (COVER GUITARRA)

On the road since 1995, Fernando Noronha & Black Soul have already played in several states of Brazil and countries like Argentina and Chile. They have also opened shows for stars like BB King, Buddy Guy and Jeff Healey and they have toured with Ron Levy and Phil Guy. In the year of 2000, the band released their third album called Blues From Hell, which was produced by the famous american organist Ron Levy, who also played a Hammond B3 in seven tracks of the CD. This album was elected by the media as the best work of the band so far. This strong success resulted in invitations for shows in Europe (the band played 8 gigs in Europe last october/2001, in countries like Spain, Belgium, Austria and Holland, where they recorded live their 4th album). On january 14th/2002, they had played in front of six thousand people at the I Festival Internacional de Jazz Providencia 2002, in Santiago/Chile, beside artists like Mike Stern and Cinthia Scott, ex-Ray Charle's backing vocalist. Experience, tours and talent, with this three words FN&BS have been showing a lot of fun and entertainment to the places where they have played their music. A contemporary and irresistible blues/rock and over 800 gigs in their history, the band has gathered a lot of friends and fans in many places. Check this energy on the stage and find out.


01 - Sugar Daddy 06:08

02 - I Wonder 05:11

03 - Moondog Boogie 03:05

04 - Clap Your Hands 04:33

05 - Pay Back 04:51

06 - Ain't That A Shame 07:10

07 - Blues From Hell 04:12

08 - Voodoo Girl 03:27

09 - Ride With Me 03:03

10 - Blues Been Good To Me 04:10

11 - Crazy Love 05:06

12 - Fat Cherry Lips 03:43

13 - Acid Trip 2000 02:32


Part1 Part2

Enjoy the music!

The Jimi Vincent Band 2007 Been There Done That Won't Do That Again

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:48:29
Size: 110,92 MB

Album Notes

Formed in 1989, The Jimi Vincent Band plays rockin' blues. They rattle the rafters and treat their listeners to an explosive musical experience. One can certainly feel the energy the band generates as they take the listener on a musical journey through the world of blues.

The Jimi Vincent Band is currently playing blues festivals and clubs across this great land and converting new listeners to their brand of the blues. Most recently they opened a show for headliners Bonnie Raitt, Keb Mo and John Lee Hooker Jr. Jimi has also opened for the great Robert Lockwood Jr., Blue Oyster Cult, Foghat, Travis Tritt, Emmylou Harris, and many others.

The band performed at the Heritage Music Festival in Wheeling, West Virginia, a three day blues event featuring many of the major blues bands in the country. The venue is on the banks of the Ohio River and was a beautiful setting to hear bands from all over the country.

The Jimi Vincent Band performed three sets and was asked to be the host band for the after hours jam session held at a local club for all Heritage Festival performers. The audience went wild as The Anthony Gomes Band joined Jimi onstage for a truly memorable set . A number of other musicians took the stage as the blues burned well into the night.

The band has just released its newest CD, "Been There, Done That... Won't Do That Again. It has a mix of original music and classic blues selections. Please check the Discography at for information on all Jimi Vincent Band CD's available.


01 - A Quitter Never Wins 05:17

02 - I Need Your Love So Bad 04:35

03 - Been There Done That Won't Do That Again 02:20

04 - Summertime 06:56

05 - Branded 04:24

06 - Send Me An Angel 03:37

07 - Stay Away Darlin' 02:03

08 - Have You Ever Been Lonely 02:34

09 - Bad News Woman 03:45

10 - Mercury Blues 04:58

11 - I Woke Up This Morning 03:14

12 - Your Man 04:46


Part1 Part2

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Friday, May 21, 2010

The Animals 1966 Animalisms

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:19:16
Size: 145,01 MB

Review by Bruce Eder

During their first two years of recording, the Animals had never quite succeeded when it came to recording LPs -- good as some of the songs on their first two albums, done for EMI, had been, there was this sense that single were what this band was really about.

Then, newly signed to English Decca, they delivered Animalisms, a truly transcendent collection of a dozen songs, mostly superb covers interspersed with some good originals, principally by Eric Burdon and Dave Rowberry. Burdon was never singing better and the group had developed a bold, tight sound that seemed to lift his soul shouting to ever higher levels of passion and conviction. "Outcast," "Maudie," "You're on My Mind," "Clapping," "That's All I Am to You," "Squeeze Her - Tease Her," "I Put a Spell on You," "She'll Return It," and "Gin House Blues" all rate among the best work the band ever did, passionate, gorgeous, and exciting R&B down to the last note, with Burdon at the peak of his career; and "Sweet Little Sixteen," though a relatively minor song here, was their best Chuck Berry cover to date, highlighted by Rowberry's flashy piano (doing some Jerry Lee Lewis arpeggios) and Hilton Valentine's boldest guitar work yet, combining the lead and rhythm parts in a hard chopping, twanging virtuoso performance.

Ironically, the Animalisms album (which was issued in America two months later in somewhat altered form, as Animalization) appeared just as the group was about to enter its final phase of existence -- they'd switched drummers from John Steel to Barry Jenkins during the period in which these tracks were recorded, and Burdon would soon decide to dissolve the lineup.


01 - One Monkey Don't Stop No Show 03:21

02 - Maudie 04:04

03 - Outcast 03:05

04 - Sweet Little Sixteen 03:07

05 - You're On My Mind 02:55

06 - Clapping 01:21

07 - Gin House Blues 04:39

08 - Squeeze Her Tease Her 02:59

09 - What Am I Living For 03:14

10 - I Put A Spell On You 02:57

11 - That's All I Am To You 02:24

12 - She'll Return It 02:43

Bonus tracks:

13 - Inside Looking Out [Bonus] 03:46

14 - Don't Bring Me Down [Bonus] 03:17

15 - Cheating [Bonus] 02:24

16 - Help Me Girl [Bonus] 02:36

17 - See See Rider [Bonus] 04:02

18 - I Just Wanna Make Love To You [Bonus] 03:47

19 - Boom Boom [Bonus] 03:50

20 - Big Boss Man [Bonus] 03:45

21 - Pretty Thing [Bonus] 02:39

Special Bonus Tracks / Stereo Versions:

22 - Don't Bring Me Down [Bonus] 03:16

23 - See See Rider [Bonus] 04:03

24 - Help Me Girl [Bonus] 02:40

25 - Cheating [Bonus] 02:22


Part1 Part2

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The Beat Daddys 1994 South To Mississippi

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:42:18
Size: 96,68 MB

United States

Biography by Richard Skelly

An amalgamation of blues and Southern rock, the Beat Daddys are comprised of Lewis Ross (drums), Brill Morris (bass and vocals), Larry Grisham (guitar, harp and vocals), and Britt Meacham (guitar and vocals). Meacham, from Mobile, Alabama, was a member of Jackson Highway, a group that recorded for Capitol Records, and also toured with soul-blues man Little Milton Campbell. Bassist Morris was part of Mercury Records' David and the Giants and performed in a popular regional Gulf Coast band, Magik. Drummer Ross, also from Mobile, was a founding member of Wet Willie, and he was involved in co-writing the band's hits "Keep on Smilin'," "Red Hot Chicken" and "Macon Hambone Blues."

The Beat Daddys formed in Evansville, Indiana in the mid-1980s and released their own self-produced album before signing with Malaco Records. Their two mid-1990s Malaco/Waldoxy releases, No, We Ain't From Clarksdale and South to Mississippi, are not straight-ahead blues, to be sure, but fans of blues, roots-rock and Southern rock can find much to appreciate in either of them.


01 - Delta Lady 03:49

02 - Train In The Distance 03:43

03 - How Blue Must I Get 02:54

04 - Rainin' In The Real World 04:51

05 - The Love Of A Woman 06:14

06 - Woman's Got The Power 04:44

07 - Good Time 04:15

08 - Hoosier Lottery 02:57

09 - She Got The Moves 04:19

10 - Amazing Grace 01:37

11 - Mississippi 02:55



Enjoy the music!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Johnny Winter 1980 Johnny Winter In The Summer

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:29:54
Size: 205,77 MB



01 - Hideaway 09:23

02 - Messin' With The Kid 07:38

03 - Boney Moronie 04:34

04 - Drum Solo (Extra Cut On This Live Performance) 01:49

05 - Boney Moronie (Continue) 01:51

06 - Mother In-Law Blues 05:56

07 - Sweet Papa John 14:00


01 - The Crawl 04:38

02 - Highway 61 Revisited 09:22

03 - Rollin' & Tumblin' 09:27

04 - Come On In My Kitchen 08:01

05 - Johnny B. Goode 06:43

06 - Jumpin' Jack Flash 06:32


Part1 Part2 Part3

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Rossington Collins Band 1980 1980-12-31 - The Omni, Atlanta (FM)

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:16:32
Size: 175,07 MB


01 - Prime Time 04:57

02 - Opportunity 06:32

03 - Misery Loves Company 06:06

04 - One Good Man 05:58

05 - Winners And Losers 06:40

06 - Getaway 08:33

07 - Three Times As Bad 08:13

08 - Don't Misunderstand Me 05:28

09 - Sometimes You Can Put It Out 09:37

10 - Free Bird 14:28


Part1 Part2

Enjoy the music!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

David Bowie 1972 Ziggy Stardust

Genre: Rock
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:03:25
Size: 57,98 MB

Review by Tarcisio Moura

Bowie´s masterpiece, no doubt about it. It fascinated me when I was 15 and still does, maybe even more so now. Ziggy Stardust is not only his most famous work but also his best, in a career full of great records, many changes and wild mood swings. This concept album is everything you´re looking for in progressive rock: groundbreaking, intelligent, well crafted, innovative and - why not? - outrageously dare. Ok, it´s not symphonic prog in any way, but I firmly believe prog music is much more than that.

With The Rise And Fall... Bowie finally found the right sound and the right band. All his previous works had some glimpses of his genious, but were rather unfocused or somehow badly delivered or both. Now with sideman Mick Ronson to give his music the necessary power and arrangements, he truly shines. His songwriting is absolutely amazing and the lyrics are awesome for such a young and disturbed artist. Highlights are many, but my favorites were always the epic Five Years, Lady Stardust, Sufragette City and the fantastic Moonage Daydream (with the great Mick Ronson guitar solo in the end). Rock´n´Roll suicide took me some time to really figure out how interesting and novel it was for the 70´s scene, and it is one of his greatest works.

The production was right for his sound and the music aged very well. The remaining tracks rate somewhere between good and very good. With no fillers of any kind, this is an album one appreciates just listening to the music, but if you follow the lyrics you´ll understnad why Bowie was such a great songwriter and visionary.

A classic album, that every prog fan should listen to, specially if you like concept albums. And everyone with an open mind should own this one, even if you don´t like what he has done before or since. Five stars with honors.


01 - Five Years 04:43

02 - Soul Love 03:34

03 - Moonage Daydream 04:38

04 - Starman 04:17

05 - It Ain't Easy 03:00

06 - Lady Stardust 03:22

07 - Star 02:48

08 - Hang Onto Yourself 02:39

09 - Ziggy Stardust 03:14

10 - Suffragette City 03:26

11 - Rock 'n' Roll Suicide 03:03

12 - John, I'm Only Dancing [Bonus] 02:46

13 - Velvet Goldmine [Bonus] 03:13

14 - Sweet Head [Bonus] 04:18

15 - Ziggy Stardust [Bonus] 03:40

16 - Lady Stardust [Bonus] 03:34

17 - Starman (Instrumental) [Bonus] 04:16

18 - Hang Onto Yourself (Demo) [Bonus] 02:54



Enjoy the music!

Grace Potter and The Nocturnals album release preview

Grace Potter and The Nocturnals are releasing their third album, which is self titled and due out June 8th.

Leading up to the release, they are rolling out a new video each week. Back in February, the band went down to San Diego and recorded a bunch of a stripped-down, super intimate versions of the songs off their new album. Here are the three they've released so far:

"Things I Never Needed"


"One Short Night"

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Roy Buchanan 1977 Loading Zone

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:39:55
Size: 54,86 MB

Biography by Greg Prato

Roy Buchanan has long been considered one of the finest, yet criminally overlooked guitarists of the blues rock genre whose lyrical leads and use of harmonics would later influence such guitar greats as Jeff Beck, his one-time student Robbie Robertson, and ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons. Although born in Ozark, AR, on September 23, 1939, Buchanan grew up in the small town of Pixley, CA. His father was both a farmer and Pentecostal preacher, which would bring the youngster his first exposure to gospel music when his family would attend racially mixed revival meetings. But it was when Buchanan came across late-night R&B radio shows that he became smitten by the blues, leading to Buchanan picking up the guitar at the age of seven. First learning steel guitar, he switched to electric guitar by the age of 13, finding the instrument that would one day become his trademark: a Fender Telecaster. By 15, Buchanan knew he wanted to concentrate on music full-time and relocated to Los Angeles, which contained a thriving blues/R&B scene at the time. Shortly after his arrival in L.A., Buchanan was taken under the wing by multi-talented bluesman Johnny Otis, before studying blues with such players as Jimmy Nolen (later with James Brown), Pete Lewis, and Johnny "Guitar" Watson. During the mid- to late '50s, Buchanan led his own rock band, the Heartbeats, which soon after began backing rockabilly great Dale ("Suzy Q") Hawkins.

By the dawn of the '60s, Buchanan had relocated once more, this time to Canada, where he signed on with rockabilly singer Ronnie Hawkins. The bass player of Ronnie Hawkins' backing band, the Hawks, studied guitar with Buchanan during his tenure with the band. Upon Buchanan's exit, the bassist-turned-guitarist would become the leader of the group, which would eventually become popular roots rockers the Band: Robbie Robertson. Buchanan spent the '60s as a sideman with obscure acts, as well as working as a session guitarist for such varied artists as pop idol Freddy Cannon, country artist Merle Kilgore, and drummer Bobby Gregg, among others, before Buchanan settled down in the Washington, D.C., area in the mid- to late '60s and founded his own outfit, the Snakestretchers. Despite not having appeared on any recordings of his own, word of Buchanan's exceptional playing skills began to spread among musicians as he received accolades from the likes of John Lennon, Eric Clapton, and Merle Haggard, as well as supposedly being invited to join the Rolling Stones at one point (which he turned down).

The praise eventually led to an hour-long public television documentary on Buchanan in 1971, the appropriately titled The Best Unknown Guitarist in the World, and a recording contract with Polydor Records shortly thereafter. Buchanan spent the remainder of the decade issuing solo albums, including such guitar classics as his 1972 self-titled debut (which contained one of Buchanan's best-known tracks, "The Messiah Will Come Again"), 1974's That's What I Am Here For, and 1975's Live Stock, before switching to Atlantic for several releases. But by the '80s, Buchanan had grown disillusioned by the music business due to the record company's attempts to mold the guitarist into a more mainstream artist, which led to a four-year exile from music between 1981 and 1985.

Luckily, the blues label Alligator convinced Buchanan to begin recording again by the middle of the decade, issuing such solid and critically acclaimed releases as 1985's When a Guitar Plays the Blues, 1986's Dancing on the Edge, and 1987's Hot Wires. But just as his career seemed to be on the upswing once more, tragedy struck on August 14, 1988, when Buchanan was picked up by police in Fairfax, VA, for public intoxication. Shortly after being arrested and placed in a holding cell, a policeman performed a routine check on Buchanan and was shocked to discover that he had hung himself in his cell. Buchanan's stature as one of blues-rock's all-time great guitarists grew even greater after his tragic death, resulting in such posthumous collections as Sweet Dreams: The Anthology, Guitar on Fire: The Atlantic Sessions, Deluxe Edition, and 20th Century Masters and the live When a Telecaster Plays the Blues, which appeared in 2009.


01 - The Heat Of The Battle 04:48

02 - Hidden 03:19

03 - The Circle 02:46

04 - Adventures Of Brer Rabbit 02:32

05 - Ramon's Blues 06:51

06 - Green Onions 07:49

07 - Judy 03:57

08 - Done Your Daddy Dirty 04:06

09 - Your Love 03:47



Enjoy the music!

B. B. & The Blues Shacks 1995 Jive Talk, Slow Walk

Genre: Blues
Rate: 151 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:55:01
Size: 60,76 MB


01 - Just A Little Bit More 03:00

02 - Little Mae 04:01

03 - I'm Gonna Leave 03:42

04 - Sweetest Thing In Town 03:21

05 - The Slow Walk 03:27

06 - Sad Sad Days 05:45

07 - Jump, Jive An' Wail 03:28

08 - One More Chance With You 03:34

09 - Stranger's Hands 03:09

10 - That Ain't Right 03:26

11 - Fancied Nancy 05:28

12 - Down The Floor 03:53

13 - Nothing But A Pain 03:23

14 - Butterscotch 05:24



Enjoy the music!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Chicken Shack 1973 Unlucky Boy

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:44:56
Size: 82,19 MB

Review by Hal Horowitz

Originally released in 1973 Chicken Shack's Unlucky Boy finds guitarist/vocalist/songwriter and band founder Stan Webb in fine form. Only drummer Paul Hancox remains from the uneven Imagination Lady, and indeed the horn-oriented approach here is much different than the plodding Led Zeppelin-isms of the previous disc. Webb contributes six originals, and even though they are derivative of Savoy Brown (a band he joined for the Boogie Brothers album just a year later), his approach here is much more subtle and controlled than on his last effort. Chris Mercer's saxes, often double tracked to sound like a horn section, bring a tough R&B to the mix, and drummer Hancox is a controlled powerhouse. Webb also reigns in his impulse to overextend guitar solos so prevalent on Imagination Lady, whipping off tight, controlled leads instead.

Producer Neil Slaven contributes honest, witty, and often self-deprecating liner notes that help explain why two of these songs suffer from poor mixes (basically, he had consumed various substances and couldn't salvage the songs after the fact). Strings on "As Time Goes Passing By," (also included in a shorter single version) are a nice touch and bring a bit of class to the proceedings while maintaining the R&B slant of the disc. Two unedited studio jams make the cut as "Stan the Man" and the seven-minute "Jammin' with the Ash," both featuring pianist Tony Ashton, who really lets loose on the latter. Things get stripped down for an unusually delicate version of Lonnie Johnson's "Too Late to Cry" with just strummed guitar and bass. The opening trio of Webb-penned tunes shows some of his best songwriting with the instrumental "Prudence's Party" a terrific capsule of Webb's stinging, gritty guitar style. The album sounds dated but harkens back to a particular time in British blues that is charming in its anything goes attitude. That helps make this one of Stan Webb's more consistent and successful offerings.


01 - You Know You Could Be Right 03:47

02 - Revelation 05:13

03 - Prudence's Party 03:14

04 - Too Late To Cry 03:10

05 - Stan The Man 04:25

06 - Unlucky Boy 02:34

07 - As Time Goes Passing By 04:46

08 - Jammin' With Ash 07:04

09 - He Knows The Rules 04:05

10 - As Time Goes Passing By (Single) 03:32

11 - Doctor Brown (Bonus) 03:06



Enjoy the music!

Johnny Winter 1991 Can't Loose The Blues

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:05:19
Size: 149,44 MB


01 - Got To Find My Baby 02:13

02 - Slow Blues 16:23

03 - Pretty Baby 09:08

04 - Illustrated Man 09:53

05 - Blue Mood 07:15

06 - Sugaree 03:26

07 - Instrumental 10:18

08 - Mojo Boogie 06:43


Part1 Part2

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Genesis 1976 A Trick Of The Tail

Genre: Progressive Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:51:09
Size: 116,99 MB

Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

After Peter Gabriel departed for a solo career, Genesis embarked on a long journey to find a replacement, only to wind back around to their drummer, Phil Collins, as a replacement. With Collins as their new frontman, the band decided not to pursue the stylish, jagged postmodernism of The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway — a move that Gabriel would do in his solo career — and instead returned to the English eccentricity of Selling England by the Pound for its next effort, A Trick of the Tail.

In almost every respect, this feels like a truer sequel to Selling England by the Pound than Lamb; after all, that double album was obsessed with modernity and nightmare, whereas this album returns the group to the fanciful fairy tale nature of its earlier records. Also, Genesis were moving away from the barbed pop of the first LP and returning to elastic numbers that showcased their instrumental prowess, and they sounded more forceful and unified as a band than they had since Foxtrot. Not that this album is quite as memorable as Foxtrot or Selling England, largely because its songs aren't as immediate or memorable: apart from "Dance on a Volcano," this is about the sound of the band playing, not individual songs, and it succeeds on that level quite wildly — to the extent that it proved to longtime fans that Genesis could possibly thrive without its former leader in tow.


01 - Dance On A Volcano 05:55

02 - Entangled 06:27

03 - Squonk 06:28

04 - Mad Man Moon 07:35

05 - Robbery, Assault And Battery 06:17

06 - Ripples 08:05

07 - A Trick Of The Tail 04:35

08 - Los Endos 05:47


Part1 Part2

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The Beat Daddys 2007 Live At The Quincy Blues Fest

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:58:48
Size: 134,51 MB

Album Notes:

The sound is crisp; the musicianship impeccable. You might call The Beat Daddys' new album, "Live at the Quincy Blues Fest 2007," a happy accident.

In only their third gig with a revamped lineup, the Beat Daddys had no plans for a live album when the members took the stage last summer in Quincy, Ill.

"Live at Quincy" features 14 songs from throughout the band's career. Grisham sings lead on the majority of the songs, but Stillwell, who lives in Evansville, and bassist Jon Rochner, who resides in Newburgh, take the mike for two songs apiece, and the band harmonizes more than ever before. Drummer Jeremy Clement adds a solid backbeat.


01 - She's All That 04:07

02 - Train In The Distance 04:04

03 - Beautician Blues 04:27

04 - Beverly Hillbillies 05:28

05 - Pale White Circle 05:33

06 - Beg Borrow Steal 05:36

07 - Evil Memory 05:19

08 - Sloppy Drunk 03:26

09 - Hey Joe 05:47

10 - Little Wing 05:12

11 - Bad News 04:36

12 - I'll Always Love You 05:25

13 - Big Thighs 04:07

14 - Where Is She 04:27



Enjoy the music!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fernando Noronha & Black Soul 1999 Heartful Of Blues

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:43:02
Size: 78,82 MB


Fernando Noronha & Black Soul have been playing togheter since January, 1995. Along these years on the road they have recorded 6 CDs and have played in Festivals and Blues Clubs all around the World, taking their music to Countries like Argentina, Chile, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Canada, Switzerland and Austria.

All of these have provided them the opportunity of playing and/or working together with names like B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Jeff Healey, Coco Montoya, Chris Duarte, Ron Levy and Phil Guy, among others. The first CD released by the band was called "Swamp Blues", and it was elected the best CD of 1997 by the listeners of Ipanema FM Radio Station. In 1998 the CD "Heartfull of Blues" hit the musical market with a more professional production and it was mixed and mastered in Dallas/TX.

This album showed the musical growth of the Band. The appreciation came through the magazine "Cover Guitarra", that elected "Heartfull of Blues" as one of the best Blues/Rock Albums ever recorded in Brasil. (


01 - Ain't No Fool 03:12

02 - Groove For The World 03:22

03 - Kickin' Ass 03:01

04 - Bad Boy 05:17

05 - I Ain't No Saint 04:08

06 - It's You 03:07

07 - Howlin' For My Darlin' 05:18

08 - Brand New Woman 05:08

09 - Little Girl 03:28

10 - Sugar Coated Love 03:37

11 - Thunder Shuffle 03:24



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Friday, May 14, 2010

Mon Dyh 1981 Confused Mind

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:45:53
Size: 104,96 MB


01 - Confused Mind 03:57

02 - Blues Between The Birth 03:41

03 - Guardian's Daughter 03:47

04 - Love Song 02:38

05 - Who'll Be The Next 04:55

06 - I Hate Ya' 04:02

07 - Involuntary Chase 02:42

08 - But I Don't Care 02:35

09 - Record God 05:35

10 - Sunny Day 04:54

11 - Heartbeat 03:06

12 - Confused Mind (Single Version) 04:01


Part1 Part2

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Hans Theessink 2009 Birthday Bash

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 02:24:16
Size: 330,52 MB

Biography by Richard Skelly

Dutch blues guitarist, singer, and songwriter Hans Theesink has been carving a niche for himself in the U.S. market throughout the late 1980s and early '90s. It's no easy task growing up in the Netherlands and teaching oneself the blues, but perhaps that's the reason Theesink's guitar stylings are so unique. Theesink became hooked on blues as a teenager listening to the radio, playing mandolin and guitar. His favorites became Big Bill Broonzy, Sonny Terry, and Brownie McGhee, but later on he was exposed to a wider variety of influences. Theesink was 12 or 13 when he began playing guitar in earnest, and by his late teens he was playing in clubs and coffeehouses around Germany and the Netherlands.

Theesink began his recording career in 1970 for a variety of small labels in the Netherlands and Germany, and continued perfecting his craft and honing his skills at clubs and festivals across Europe. Through the '70s, his eventual goal was to come to America to learn firsthand from the masters in the Mississippi Delta. It would be 1979 before Theesink would make it to America, and not surprisingly, his first stop was the Mississippi Delta. The trip proved fruitful, as he met and jammed with many Delta musicians, absorbing all he could from them and eventually incorporating their knowledge into his own style.



01 - Welcome 00:38

02 - Slow Train 05:29

03 - Brand New Dawn 05:03

04 - Happy Birthday 02:07

05 - Gone Girl 03:30

06 - It'll Be Me 02:28

07 - Guess Things Happen That Way 03:18

08 - I Got To Get Back Home To You 05:02

09 - Banjoman 04:48

10 - Shake A Hand 04:54

11 - Bring It On Home 06:02

12 - Another Land 06:51

13 - Bourgeois Blues 04:28

14 - Glory Of Love 02:52

15 - Built For Comfort 06:09

16 - I Shall Not Be Moved 05:42


01 - Catch The Wind 04:10

02 - The Blues Done Have A Baby 04:30

03 - I Wish I Had Someone To Love Me 06:53

04 - Sail Away 03:38

05 - Slap Tap 03:22

06 - Ois Von Mir 03:39

07 - Herzverbunden 03:48

08 - Go, Du Bleibst Heut Nacht Bei Mir 03:48

09 - Colours 04:10

10 - Katrina 04:44

11 - No Expectations 04:01

12 - Sail Away 04:02

13 - You Got To Move 06:19

14 - See You Later Alligator 05:01

15 - Whiskey In The Jar 02:44

16 - Will The Circle Be Unbroken 05:10

17 - May The Road 04:56


Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Downchild 2009 I Need A Hat

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:45:47
Size: 104,73 MB


Review by William Ruhlmann

Veteran Toronto blues band Downchild celebrates its 40th anniversary and releases its 16th album with I Need a Hat, as Mr. Downchild himself, guitarist Don Walsh, continues to lead an ensemble that also features singer Chuck Jackson, saxophonist Pat Carey, keyboardist Michael Fonfara, bassist Gary Kendall, and drummer Mike Fitzpatrick.

The all-original track list is also provided by Walsh (except for "Down in the Delta" and "Time to Say Goodbye," which are by Jackson), and the styles range from the jump blues opener "This Must Be Love," to Chicago and Delta styles. Guests join the party, including Dan Aykroyd (for whom Downchild served as an inspiration when he created the Blues Brothers), playing a harmonica solo on "You Don't Love Me"; trumpeter Wayne Jackson of the Memphis Horns on "Somebody Lied" and "These Thoughts Keep Marching"; and guitarists Colin James ("Somebody Lied") and Colin Linden ("You Don't Love Me"). As a songwriter, Walsh has the blues about the usual subjects, including love gone wrong and financial reversals (due, in part, to credit company woes, according to "Somebody Lied"). He also speculates that he might have been more successful with a gimmick ("I Need a Hat") and worries that time is passing him by ("Some More of That," the only song on which he takes lead vocals). But he doesn't sound like he's really going to change his ways any time soon, and from the evidence of I Need a Hat, he has no reason to; he and his band play the blues comfortably and confidently and, having marked this milestone, are likely to go on playing.


01 - This Must Be Love 02:52

02 - I Need A Hat 03:17

03 - Somebody Lied (feat. Colin James And Wayne Jackson Of The Memphis Horns) 06:07

04 - You Don't Love Me (feat. Colin Linden And Dan Aykroyd) 04:28

05 - Rendezvous 03:55

06 - Down In The Delta 05:55

07 - Time To Say Goodbye 03:45

08 - What Was I Thinking 05:23

09 - These Thoughts Keep Marching (feat. Wayne Jackson Of The Memphis Horns) 03:54

10 - Some More Of That 02:56

11 - El Stew 03:15


Enjoy the music!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Johnny Winter 1998 Live In NYC 97

Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Johnny Winter assembled Live in NYC '97 with assistance of his fan club, drawing all of the recordings from an April 1997 performance at the Bottom Line. Produced by Winter's longtime colleague Dick Shurman, the record doesn't follow the predictable pattern of a live album -- instead of hits, it offers fan favorites and covers, which makes for a much more interesting listen. Throughout the album, Winter simply rips, tearing through all five songs with blistering energy. This is the live album hardcore fans have been wanting for years, and it doesn't fail to deliver on its promise.

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:58:04
Size: 53,06 MB


01 - Hideaway 07:30

02 - Se-Su-Shun - Got My Mojo Work 06:54

03 - She Likes To Boogie Rea Low 06:40

04 - Black Jack 08:22

05 - Just A Little Bit 05:11

06 - The Sun Is Shining 06:15

07 - The Sky Is Crying 07:20

08 - Johnny Guitar 04:33

09 - Drop The Bomb 05:19



Enjoy the music!

Chicken Shack 1973 Go Live

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:48:19
Size: 110,54 MB

Biography by Richie Unterberger

This British blues-rock group is remembered mostly for their keyboard player, Christine Perfect, who would join Fleetwood Mac after marrying John McVie and changing her last name. Although they were one of the more pedestrian acts of the British blues boom, Chicken Shack was quite popular for a time in the late '60s, placing two albums in the British Top 20. The frontperson of Chicken was not Perfect/McVie, but guitarist Stan Webb, who would excite British audiences by entering the crowds at performances, courtesy of his 100-meter-long guitar lead. They were signed to Mike Vernon's Blue Horizon label, a British blues pillar that had its biggest success with early Fleetwood Mac.

Chicken Shack was actually not far behind Mac in popularity in the late '60s, purveying a more traditional brand of Chicago blues, heavily influenced by Freddie King. Although Webb took most of the songwriting and vocal duties, Christine Perfect also chipped in with occasional compositions and lead singing. In fact, she sang lead on their only British Top 20 single, "I'd Rather Go Blind" (1969).


01 - Spoken Intro Into Everyday I Have The Blues 05:35

02 - Thrill Is Gone 05:34

03 - Going Down 05:50

04 - You Take Me Down 05:16

05 - Webb's Boogie 06:07

06 - You're Mean 06:21

07 - Poor Boy 07:13

08 - Webb's Guitar Shuffle 03:54

09 - Tutti Frutti 02:29


Part1 Part2

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble 2001 Live At Montreux 1982 & 1985

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:58:29
Size: 271,12 MB

United States

Review by Sean Westergaard

Live at Montreux 1982 & 1985 is a historically significant recording, presenting Stevie Ray Vaughan in the biggest show of his life to that date, then three years later, once he had become a star. The 1982 show is essentially the show that got his career started. He met both Jackson Browne and David Bowie after his set, and they were so impressed that Browne volunteered use of his studio (for free!) for Stevie to record what would become his debut album, and Bowie recruited him as lead guitarist for the Let's Dance album and tour (alas, the tour was not to be).

However, not everyone was so impressed. In fact, there are choruses of boos that follow nearly every tune. Vaughan was basically a nobody at the time, playing very electric blues at the end of a mostly acoustic program. But he had done enough bar gigs to completely rise above it, and he plays with the passion and hunger of a young musician getting his big chance. He's not really an engaging frontman at this point in his career, but man, can he play that guitar. And he simply never lets up. Even at this stage, his tone and style are pretty close to fully formed, and it's easy to see how he could become the guitar hero he ended up being.

The 1985 show is quite a contrast. Vaughan had become a star, and it shows in so many ways. He had developed more of a stage persona, with showier moves and infinitely more presence as a frontman. Double Trouble also now included Reese Wynans on keyboards, which, along with Vaughan's addition of a wah-wah pedal, really expanded the sound. Vaughan has many fiery moments on this set as well, but he also loses focus during several solos, and seems more than content to share or even hand over the spotlight to fellow Texas guitar legend Johnny Copeland. Vaughan seems a bit worn out, and it wouldn't be long before he got sober. Even so, there are clear moments of brilliance and this time the audience is fully behind him.

Live at Montreux 1982 & 1985 is a vital document for fans, showing the raw ingredients that would make him a star, then comparing it to what happened once he got there. It's a great look at the rise of one of rock's most revered guitar players.


CD1 (July 17, 1982):

01 - Hide Away 03:19

02 - Rude Mood 04:55

03 - Pride And Joy 04:01

04 - Texas Flood 10:28

05 - Love Struck Baby 02:53

06 - Dirty Pool 08:17

07 - Give Me Back My Wig 03:30

08 - Collin's Shuffle 04:51

CD2 (July 15, 1985):

01 - Scuttle Buttin' 03:15

02 - Say What? 04:45

03 - Ain't Gone N' Give Up On Love 06:25

04 - Pride And Joy 05:10

05 - Mary Had A Little Lamb 04:27

06 - Tin Pan Alley (Aka Roughest Place In Town) 13:19

07 - Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) 10:51

08 - Texas Flood 07:37

09 - Life Without You 09:04

10 - Gone Home 03:53

11 - Couldn't Stand The Weather 07:29


Mirror Part1

Mirror Part2

Enjoy the music!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

David Bowie 1969 Space Oddity

Genre: Rock
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:57:00
Size: 52,11 MB

Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Originally released as Man of Words/Man of Music, Space Oddity was David Bowie's first successful reinvention of himself. Abandoning both the mod and Anthony Newley fascinations that marked his earlier recordings, Bowie delves into a lightly psychedelic folk-rock, exemplified by the album's soaring title track.

Bowie actually attempts a variety of styles on Space Oddity, as if he were trying to find the ones that suited him best. As such, the record isn't very cohesive, but it is charming, especially in light of his later records. Nevertheless, only "Wild Eyed Boy from Freecloud" and "Memory of a Free Festival" rank as Bowie classics, and even those lack the hooks or purpose of "Space Oddity."


David Bowie - vocals, guitar, stylophone(1-10);
Rick Wakeman - keyboards(1-10);
Terry Cox - drums(1-10);
Tim Renwick - guitar(1-11);
Keith Christmas - guitar(1-10);
Mick Wayne - guitar(1-10);
Tony Visconti - bass(1-10,12,13), flute(1-10), recorder(1-10);
Herbie Flowers - bass(1-10);
Benny Marshall and Friends - harmonica(1-10);
Paul Buckmaster - cello(1-10);
John Lodge - bass(11);
John Cambridge - drums(11);
Mick Ronson - guitar(12,13);
Mick Woodmansey - drums(12,13).


01 - Space Oddity 05:19

02 - Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed 06:14

03 - Don't Sit Down 00:43

04 - Letter To Hermione 02:34

05 - Cygnet Committee 09:36

06 - Janine 03:23

07 - An Occasional Dream 03:00

08 - Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud 04:52

09 - God Knows I'm Good 03:21

10 - Memory Of A Free Festival 07:15

11 - Conversation Piece [Bonus] 03:08

12 - Memory Of A Free Festival Part 1 [Bonus] 04:03

13 - Memory Of A Free Festival Part 2 [Bonus] 03:32



Enjoy the music!

Kiss 2009 Sonic Boom

Review by David Jeffries

In the 11 years since their last album, the big and bloated Psycho Circus, the reunited, original, make-up wearing Kiss split once again when Ace Frehley and Peter Criss hit the door. In a shocking move that disgusted Kiss purists, remaining members Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons decided that Ace and Peter's characters were up for grabs, and handed the make-up over to their new guitar-playing spaceman, Tommy Thayer, and their catman 2.0, Eric Singer, for subsequent tours. It was hardly the first time Paul and Gene were painted as an anything-for-a-buck duo -- they've licensed everything from Kiss action figures to Kiss caskets after all -- but maybe, just maybe, it was a sincere move after all, one designed to please fans. Unlike Psycho Circus with Ace and Peter, Sonic Boom with Tommy and Eric captures the spirit of the original group through simple, unashamedly macho songs that could have appeared on any of their pre-Destroyer albums. Lunkheaded lyrics like "The deck is loaded when I like what I see" ("Russian Roulette") or "Danger you, danger me, danger us" ("Danger Us") aren't so much an issue when the hooks are as solid and the songs are as exciting as they are here. "Yes I Know (Nobody's Perfect)" is the quintessential Gene song with the usual demon bass fills, plenty of cowbell, and "Baby it's time to take off your clothes" lyrics, while the closing "Say Yeah" is a sure fan pleaser, falling somewhere between "Black Diamond" and "Nothin' to Lose." Besides the underlying feeling that there's a bit more smirking than before, there's little sign the original duo have matured, which is good news, but the old-school idea of one song for the spaceman ("When Lightning Strikes") and one for the cat ("All for the Glory") should've been dropped, as both slow down the proceedings, plus Eric's number sings of "We're all for one and we're all for the glory" with absolutely no sense of irony. No one will be turned on to the band by Sonic Boom, and all the usual criticisms -- dumb, sexist, gaudy, and dumb -- apply, but the Kiss Army have waited over two decades for something this solid and fun. Pretend this is the back-to-basics follow up to Love Gun, and those 20 years of so-so albums fade away. Classic and maybe even a little awesome, Sonic Boom makes that "hottest band in the world" tag much easier to swallow.

Genre: Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:42:55
Size: 98,19 MB


01 - Modern Day Delilah 03:35

02 - Russian Roulette 04:31

03 - Never Enough 03:25

04 - Yes I Know (Nobody's Perfect) 03:00

05 - Stand 04:47

06 - Hot And Cold 03:33

07 - All For The Glory 03:50

08 - Danger Us 04:22

09 - I'm An Animal 03:46

10 - When Lightning Strikes 03:42

11 - Say Yeah 04:24



Enjoy the music!
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