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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Blues Attitude 2006 Paintin' The Blues With A Phat Brush

Genre: Blues
Rate: 255 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:56:37
Size: 99,61 MB

United States

Album Notes

BLUES ATTITUDE is a hard working, fun lovin' group from Olympia WA. with Jerry "JB" Bentley on vocals & guitar, T.Bone on vocals & bass and Smoke on drums. This solid hard playing trio enjoy a more raucous approach to the blues. BLUES ATTITUDE has been hosting a two weekly blues jam in Olympia and Chehalis for over 5 years as well as performing throughout the Pacific Northwest.


01 - Messin' With The Kid 03:40

02 - Jump Swing Baby 03:03

03 - Empty Arms 03:28

04 - Austin Bound 04:40

05 - Mr. Jones 03:22

06 - Crosscut Saw 03:06

07 - Mojo 03:27

08 - Rmc 03:59

09 - White Line Fever 03:33

10 - Just Got Back From Baby's 03:58

11 - Stray Kat Strut 03:16

12 - Stolen Thrills 05:36

13 - Folsom 04:22

14 - Treat Her Right 03:29

15 - Drinking Song 03:38

Blues Attitude here:

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Kenny Traylor 2003 Tribute

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:01:38
Size: 141,05 MB

United States

Album Notes

TopCat Records is proud to announce the release of Texas blues veteran Kenny Traylor's newest CD release, "Tribute". This CD, his second TopCat release, was conceived and produced as a tribute to the great seminal blues masters who were Kenny's biggest influences, such as Elmore James, Big Joe Turner, Muddy Waters, Curtis Mayfield, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Smith, Otis Redding, Steve Cropper, Johnny Taylor, Kenny Burrell, B.B. King and James Brown.

Kenny Traylor has played with many big name artists including Ben E. King, Sam & Dave and Johnnie Taylor. Kenny consistently appears at festivals across the Southwest and is presently touring naionally.

The heart and soul of "Tribute" is Kenny Traylor's captivating vocals and his smooth signature Texas blues guitar style coupled with his inspired songwriting, all of which reflect the spirited diversity that is Kenny Traylor.

Kenny is backed by the famous "Million Dollar Rhythm Section" comprised of John Garza on Bass, Doug Swancy on Drums, Ron Jones on Sax and Barry Seelen on the Hammond B-3. It just doesn't get much better than this!


01 - Tall Drink 04:04

02 - My Kinda Woman 04:18

03 - Highway Angel 02:42

04 - Same Old News 03:33

05 - Love Don't Last 04:18

06 - Travelin' Blues 05:16

07 - Shake Your Moneymaker 03:35

08 - You Took Me In 03:51

09 - Weight On It 03:50

10 - Steal Away 05:16

11 - Once Or Twice 02:54

12 - T.V. Mama 03:36

13 - The Letter 08:37

14 - She Done Moved 03:48

15 - With Nobody Else 02:00

Kenny Traylor here:

Thank you Bluesbeast for sharing this album!


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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Last Call 1999 Call Of The Wild

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:46:09
Size: 105,59 MB



01 - Don't Treat Me Wrong 03:05

02 - Only You 04:04

03 - Back To New Orleans 04:28

04 - Cajun Queen 02:29

05 - Shape Up Or Leave Me 05:21

06 - So Funny 07:02

07 - A House Called My Home 02:54

08 - Mardi Gras 04:10

09 - Fool For Your Lovin' 05:23

10 - My, My, My 04:07

11 - Let's Get Back To Bed 03:06

Last Call here:

Thank you BluesMan@Kempen for sharing this album!


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6 V 6 2004 Tube Rejuvenator

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:41:00
Size: 93,94 MB

United States

Album Notes

6V6 invites you to enjoy our third CD, TUBE REJUVENATOR. This past year we have put together some fine new tunes from one of the Midwest's foremost songwriters, Russell Miller, and new arrangements of some other not-so-familiar standards. From Happy Hour until Closing Time, it's all about having the groove and playing the tone 6V6 is known for.


01 - 5 O'clock 03:48

02 - What Am I Doin' 03:22

03 - Blue Tears 04:13

04 - Ain't Nobody's Business 03:37

05 - Little Blue Pill 03:44

06 - Empty Arms 02:49

07 - Hey Good Lookin' 03:00

08 - Miller Time 03:58

09 - Botherin' Me 04:03

10 - Smoke, Smoke, Smoke 04:15

11 - 3 AM 04:11

6 V 6 here:

Thank you Bluesbeast for sharing this album!


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Monday, November 28, 2011

Wentus Blues Band feat. Phil Guy 2002 The Last Of The Big Time Spenders

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:12:28
Size: 165,76 MB

Finland United States

When the legendary Chicago bluesman PHIL GUY ( Brother of Buddy Guy ) came to Finland to tour with WENTUS BLUES BAND, one of the shows in Helsinki was recorded.

You might wonder how a blueslegend like PHIL GUY from Chicago and a bunch of Finns calling themselves the WENTUS BLUES BAND got together, and when you ask them they really don't know how either. One thing is definitely for sure, that the first shows they did together really gave them the hunger for some more, and at this point they play together every time Phil comes over to Europe (


01 - Help Me 08:20

02 - Oh, Darling 07:07

03 - Texas Flood 10:39

04 - Killing Floor 05:45

05 - Don't Even Know My Name 10:14

06 - Good Time Charlie 10:42

07 - Five Long Years 09:19

08 - Can't Stand It (When You Touch Me) 10:22

Wentus Blues Band feat. Phil Guy here:

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Cuby & Blizzards 1967 Please No Smoke

Genre: Blues
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:41:21
Size: 37,89 MB

Netherlands United Kingdom

Side A: Van Morrison with the Blizzards, recorded live march 1967. (THEM was unable to play and were replaced for the occasion by the blizzards - which was a one time affair)
Side B : Cuby + Blizzards (

Cuby & The Blizzards are backing VAN MORRISON in Buitensociëteit Deventer, March 1967.

Originally, this was supposed to be a tour of Them in Holland, but as the band split-up shortly (and definitely!) before the tour was supposed to take place, Cuby & The Blizzards took their place. (


01 - One More Time 03:18

02 - If You And I Could Be As Two 03:25

03 - Gloria 03:39

04 - Hey Girl 05:17

05 - My Lonely Sad Eyes 02:45

06 - Mystic Eyes 03:07

07 - Just For Fun 02:52

08 - Appleknockers Flophouse 03:12

09 - Travelling With The Blues 02:58

10 - Hobo Blues 03:02

11 - Window Of My Eyes 04:42

12 - Your Body Not Your Soul 03:04

Cuby & Blizzards here:

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dickey F 2011 Crokodile Tears

Genre: Blues
Rate: 221 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:47:21
Size: 74,63 MB



01 - Snake Skin Blues 03:53

02 - Florida Mama 03:47

03 - Crazy Train 03:29

04 - Black And White Stripes 07:21

05 - Gonna Roll The Bones 03:24

06 - Kirbit Bull 03:21

07 - Crokodile Tears 04:11

08 - Born In Norilsk 04:45

09 - Cowboys From Cheremushky 02:53

10 - Fedot's Boogie 02:38

11 - Road To Dokuchaevsk 04:10

12 - Goodbye King Of Lizards 03:29

Highly recommend!

Dickey F here:

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Kris Lager Band 2006 Roots Revival

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:13:17
Size: 167,67 MB

United States

Album Notes

If you haven't heard the name yet, it'll only be in due time. The Kris Lager Band is an original, high energy, midwestern, rootsrock, blues-based band that is solely dedicated to playing passionate, heartfelt music. If that sounds a little confusing to you it's because KLB creates a musical landscape that crosses all genres and can fall wherever, whenever. From Blues, to Rock, to Country, to Jam, to Zydeco, to Gospel... always sounding familiar, yet always sounding original.

Born and raised in the heart of the Midwest, and nestled inside one of the country's best unknown thriving music scenes. Kris Lager cut his teeth watching and sometimes playing alongside blues legends on the road or just passing through Lincoln, Nebraska. In fact Kris' first time ever on stage was with multiple WC Handy award winner, Magic Slim when he was only 16 years old.

Kris first picked up the guitar at age 14, and then spent the majority of his teenage years deciphering his dad's classic records, and honing his chops with every blues album he could get his hands on. After playing in a few local bands, and bars around town Kris started his own group at the age of 17. For the last five years they've played hundreds of shows, logged thousands of miles, and earned a reputation as one of the country's best-kept secrets.

With KLB there's no bloodlines, no hand-me-downs, no freebees, everything that's come through the hands of these young troubadours has been hard earned, and self-brought. In a music industry where 'who ya know' is often more important than 'what ya know', you can sure hear the difference in blue collar, rough and tumble, do it yourself musicians.

A huge and integral part to the KLB sound is no doubt long time Keyboardist Jeremiah Weir, who adds a sonic diversity and depth to the band. Also born and raised in Nebraska 'Miah' is a self-taught musician who was influenced greatly by the sounds of Booker T. & The MG's, The Meters, and Dr. John just to name a few. Having played together for many years now Miah and Kris have attained a musical partnership rarely seen by most musicians, and the interplay between them is undeniable.

Last year KLB released one of the top regionally selling, independent albums, and received extensive airplay on radio stations across the Midwest. KLB was named 'Best Unsigned Rock Band in the Midwest' by the Midwest Entertainment Music Assoc in June 2004, and their album was named 'Texas Blues Album of the Year' by Bandit Blues based out of Tennessee.

They have also shared the stage with some of the industries' most acclaimed artists such as Jonny Lang, Indigenous, Bo Diddley, Los Lonely Boys, Doyle Bramhall, Robben Ford, Foghat, Steppenwolf, Savoy Brown, Lonnie Brooks, Joe Bonamassa, Double Trouble, Chris Duarte, Derek Trucks, Tab Benoit, James Solberg, Eric Sardinas, Jimmy Thackery, The Davey Brothers, Magic Slim & The Teardrops, Hadden Sayers Band, Melvin Taylor, Little Milton, Styx, Baby Jason & the Spankers, and more.

The only question now is, how long can the' Best Unsigned Band in the Midwest' go without being signed or recognized as just that?


01 - Turn Me Loose 03:24

02 - Travelin Jones 04:09

03 - Since I've Been Gone 04:21

04 - Carelessly 06:48

05 - 80 On 80 03:32

06 - Feelin's Gone 05:46

07 - Rain Song 05:21

08 - I Don't Care Anymore 07:43

09 - I Feel Alive 04:50

10 - Killin Time 04:47

11 - Keep On Movin 05:39

12 - Rollin Stone 06:48

13 - When The Night Starts Falling 10:09

Kris Lager Band here:

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

John The Revelator 1999 Seven Blue Seas

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:38:44
Size: 88,69 MB


This album from 1999 was made (in too much of a hurry) to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Cafe The Seven Blue Seas in Velsen Noord.


Sjoerd Bosma: piano, organ, saxophone, acoustic guitar, vocals
Paul Dammers: slide & rhythm guitar
Cor Dijkhuizen: drums
Tom Huissen: lead vocals, bass guitar
Frans ten Kleij: lead & rhythm guitar, harmonica


01 - Shake Your Moneymaker 03:08

02 - I've Got To Be With You Tonite 05:05

03 - Little Snake Drive 03:44

04 - Goin' Down 06:04

05 - It Hurts Me Too 04:51

06 - Jumpin' At Shadows 04:01

07 - Seven Blue Seas 09:29

08 - Brown Eyed Handsome Man 02:22

John The Revelator here:


Friday, November 25, 2011

Mojo Gurus 2009 Let's Get Lit

Genre: Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:47:28
Size: 108,72 MB

United States

Review by

The Mojo Gurus are the reincarnation of glam rockers Roxx Gang, and the change in style has done them a world of good. They always played a basic kind of down-and-dirty rock & roll, and in their Mojo clothes they're even downer and dirtier than ever. You could call this heavy metal rockabilly or hard rock meets country without being too far off the mark. The subject matter here is pretty basic -- booze, cars, sex, gals good and bad, and a life on the skids -- and the music is even more basic: hard-rockin' crunchers that pummel you into submission with the power of the music and the force of Kevin Steele's howling lead vocals.

"Let's Get Lit," a salute to booze and good times, opens the set on a raucous note with Steve Sobecki's pedal steel adding to the band's orgy of distorted noise. "I Can't Stand to Hear That Song Again" sounds like David Allan Coe fronting the Rolling Stones, which actually isn't such a bad idea. It's a "drinking your blues away" country-rocker that references Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard. "Bucket of Blood" is a straight-up roadhouse rocker; "Better of the Bottle" is another boozy hoedown; and "(Just A) Couple of Kicks" adds pills, dancing, and promiscuity to the party. The arrangements get a little more diverse midway through the album, without straying too far from the basic grind. "Rebelene" is hard psychobilly that recalls Eddie Cochran and the Cramps, with Gene Cannon's sax adding some '50s honk to the mix. "Words from an Angel" is almost a spiritual, and proves that acoustic music can be just as greasy as rock. "Price I Pay" is a strutting R&B grinder that rides a simple repeated riff; "Stingray" is an out of control metal surf tune that showcases Doc Lovett's distorted twang and Mark Bustos' relentless drumming; "Nuthin' But a Thang" blends bluegrass banjo, twang-heavy guitar, and a backbeat that'll have you breaking a sweat in no time; while "Party Doll" closes things with some gritty, reverb-drenched rockabilly.

There's nothing earth-shaking here save the volume and the attitude, but those who like their rock loud, fast, and unornamented will find plenty to meditate on in the presence of these Gurus.


01 - Let's Get Lit 02:57

02 - I Can't Stand To Hear That Song Again 04:36

03 - Bucket O' Blood 03:42

04 - You Didn't Have To Do Me (Like That) 04:28

05 - Better Off The Bottle 04:44

06 - (Just A) Couple Of Kicks 05:20

07 - Rebelene 02:24

08 - Words From An Angel 04:54

09 - 13 02:35

10 - Price I Pay 04:52

11 - Stingray 02:18

12 - Nuthin' But A Thang 01:58

13 - Party Doll 02:40

Mojo Gurus here:

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Blues Attitude 2002 Show Time Groove

Genre: Blues
Rate: 259 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 01:01:57
Size: 110,51 MB

United States

Album Notes

This band has an attitude - a BLUES ATTITUDE.

Hailing from Olympia Washington, BLUES ATTITUDE perform a raucous, style of blues that combines traditional blues, classic rock and new country resulting in an highly entertaining and very danceable style that goes afar from the typical “blues-rock” sound. BLUES ATTITUDE has been hosting a weekly blues jam in Olympia for over 3 years as well as performing throughout the south sound area.

This debut CD from Blues Attitude shows their fun lovin' way with a lyric and their ability to knock out a solid groove! Show Time Groove has songs which cover everything from love lost in Long Distance Call to just hangin' out with family and friends in the Burger Song to just plain fooling around in Pop's Blues. Show Time Groove provides a look at how Blues Attitude can provide new arrangements to classic cover tunes like Paul Butterfeild's Born in Chicago or Norton Buffalo's Iz This Love.

JB Bentley plays guitar in a style ranging from driving Texas blues to Deep South delta slide. T-Bone on vocals & bass and his highly melodic approach to the bass takes the band beyond the sounds of your typical power trio. Smoke on drums provides tight fat grooves and tasty licks propel the band into overdrive. Add their summertime fourth Stan "the Man" Foreman and sound just grooves.

If you like Freddie King, Albert Collins, Eric Clapton and John Fogerty you are gonna like these guys.


01 - Born In Chicago 06:10

02 - Criminal Intent 03:33

03 - Is This Love 04:49

04 - Long Distance Call 05:59

05 - Lovin' Cup 04:34

06 - Blues Walked In 05:06

07 - I'm So Tired 03:34

08 - Pop's Blues 02:33

09 - That's What I Say 06:21

10 - Six Days On The Road 04:02

11 - Burger Song 03:34

12 - Slide Thang 04:18

13 - Show Time 07:24

Blues Attitude here:

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ken Saydak 1998 Foolish Man

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:02:13
Size: 142,28 MB

United States

Review by John Bush

Ken Saydak's solo debut is an accomplished set of deep bluesy songs, and sees him flavouring his Chicago blues piano with hints of Cajun gumbo, honky tonk and swing.


01 - Mama Please 04:32

02 - Ain't Found The Answer Yet 04:28

03 - Where Is My Life 04:05

04 - Time I Spend Alone 04:36

05 - Crazy Arms 05:28

06 - Just To Hold My Hand 05:26

07 - Shoppin' And Snackin' 04:27

08 - Foolish Man 04:14

09 - Save Her Doctor 03:52

10 - Mother Earth 07:47

11 - This Little Girl Of Mine 05:17

12 - Walkin' Thing 03:27

13 - Thinking And Drinking 04:34

Ken Saydak here:



Freeky Cleen & Dickey F 2011 Ins & Outs

Genre: Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:38:41
Size: 88,49 MB


The one-man rock'n'roll band Freeky Cleen was started in 2004 when Ilya Polishchuk (guitar, bass, vocals, percussion and harmonica) and Alex Okhrimenko (tech) fondly decided to challenge the world’s major record labels by creating their own home studio and possibly their own label after the band had failed to get signed. They built, installed and configured their recording equipment themselves which they believed would set them apart from other recording studios in Kyiv, Ukraine (Eastern Europe) - mostly pop-oriented at the time.

Ilya came to try the new gear and soon he got so involved with exploring new sonic ideas that he felt he should take a chance to capture a few original songs previously kept in cold storage. As a result of this blistering effort Freeky Cleen's debut album "Infertility" was released in 2005. The album contained all original compositions with elements of hard rock, boogie woogie, and rhythm and blues which reflected the band's kick-ass back-to-the-roots attitude.

The early hits by Freeky Cleen such as “Evil Mother” and “Dead Man’s Show” brought the band to local “celebrity” status in Kyiv and established Freeky Cleen as soul-mates to US sleaze rockers of the late 80s. Technically restricted to their own sound, the guys went on to develop better sonic concepts which led them to record a new album entitled “Augean Stables” (2006).

The second Freeky Cleen’s album incorporated memorable songs such as “Male Chauvinist Pig”, “What It Takes” and a power ballad "One For Me" which held a dynamic balance of Ilya’s expressive roar with his dexterity on the guitar. The album “Augean Stables” received very positive reviews. The latest album “Street Roots” (2007) contains only a few songs at this point but the powerful bluesy hits “Jellyroll Lovin” and "Mr. Please Me" really beg to be heard.

Although the guys have been aware they are in a bad time for rock'n'roll they would still hope to build up another home of true rock spirit. Have a taste of that straight-ahead gritty and bluesy rock – absolutely free of trendy stuff!


01 - Summer City Blues 03:21

02 - Don't Feel Right 03:14

03 - Anyway 03:29

04 - Better Way 03:14

05 - This Time Around 03:38

06 - My Bucket's Got A Hole In It 01:29

07 - Drivin' Away Blues 01:36

08 - Good Thing 03:50

09 - Voices 03:01

10 - Take Me Down Home 04:49

11 - See It Now 03:49

12 - Fortune Teller 03:11

This is absolutely free music legally taken from the artists web page.

Highly recommend!

Freeky Cleen & Dickey F here:

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Usefull Program - MP3val - Tool To Validate And Fix MP3-files

MP3val is a small, high-speed, free software tool for checking MPEG audio files' integrity. It can be useful for finding corrupted files (e.g. incompletely downloaded, truncated, containing garbage). MP3val is also able to fix most of the problems. Being a multiplatform application, MP3val can be runned both under Windows and under Linux (or BSD).

The most common MPEG audio file type is MPEG 1 Layer III (mp3), but MP3val supports also other MPEG versions and layers. The tool is also aware of the most common types of tags (ID3v1, ID3v2, APEv2).

The core component of MP3val is an application with command-line interface. There are also two graphical frontends for it: MP3val-frontend is a native Windows application (it is also included in the latest binary releases for Windows), mp3valgui is a multi-platform Python script (can be downloaded separately), written by an independent developer.

MP3val runs without installation and can also be used from an USB-stick.

You can download it from the developers site:

Check your MP3-files and you will be surprised how many of your files will be corrupted!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mick Martin & The Blues Rockers 2000 Live At The Rainbow Orchards

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:11:49
Size: 164,24 MB

United States

In your face rock and roll dipped in blues sauce. (


01 - I Don't Care 04:26

02 - Find That Girl 06:38

03 - Back Talking Baby 06:13

04 - Mama, Talk To Your Daughter 09:17

05 - Freeflow 06:26

06 - Voodoo Queen 09:11

07 - There's The Door 07:47

08 - Wade In The Water 11:25

09 - Boogie Medley 10:26

Mick Martin & The Blues Rockers here:

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Cuby & Blizzards 1972 Sometimes

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:35:51
Size: 82,11 MB



01 - Pawn Broker 02:40

02 - Straight, No Chaser 03:17

03 - The Way I Feel 08:07

04 - I'm Drinking My Whisky 07:02

05 - Everytime 03:09

06 - Boston 04:23

07 - Sometimes 03:38

08 - Simply Jamming 03:10

Cuby & Blizzards here:

Thank you Zipper for sharing this album in 320kb!

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Walter Trout, Popa Chubby, Omar Dykes, Michael Lee Firkins 1998 The Jimi Hendrix Music Festival

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:13:20
Size: 134,14 MB

United States

Walter Trout, Omar Dykes, Popa Chubby and Michael Lee Firkins are heard here about 70 minutes, with interpretations of known compositions and/or Hits of the legendary Jimi Hendrix. Firkins, the matter of instrumental ('Little Wing'), Popa Chubby rocks & swing songs ('Foxy Lady', 'Up From The Skies'...), Omar Dykes is limited to 'Hey Joe', and Walter Trout demonstrates once more, that he simply can: With a furious intro he skidded into 'Voodoo Chile', he cries out the song literally, then at 'Red House' he preaches the Blues and then jamming with colleagues to end the evening - no, rocking, because there is again shaken the 'Money Maker'. The accompanying Dutch combo does its job properly, Hammond sounds fit to these songs. Conclusion: Nice, effortless Hendrix tribute with rough live sound.


01 - Little Wing 05:25

02 - Manic Depression 06:40

03 - Come On (Let The Good Times Roll) 07:02

04 - Foxy Lady 06:32

05 - Up From The Skies 07:12

06 - Hey Joe 07:18

07 - Voodoo Chile 12:09

08 - Red House 16:37

09 - Shake Your Money Maker 04:25

Walter Trout, Popa Chubby, Omar Dykes, Michael Lee Firkins here:

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Bob Christopher 1994 Born On Friday The 13th

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:50:54
Size: 116,48 MB

United States Belgium


Guitarist BOB CHRISTOPHER started his musical career during the late 1960's, a time when you didn’t learn to play the blues from a book, CD or the internet, but by sweating it out in smokey bars and honky tonks.

Never an imitator, he chose to do it the hard way and developed his own unique style for both electric and acoustic guitar. After years as both a sideman and bandleader in Texas, he moved to California where he played with Luther Tucker (John Lee Hooker sideman), Zacharias & the Hot Band, and the legendary Frisco Blues Band with whom he first went to Europe.

After the tour, he decided to stay and formed the Blueshades with other expatriate musicians from the U.S. He later formed the International TroubleMakers with Belgian and Dutch musicians with whom he recorded his CD, “Born on Friday the 13th”.

Currently, his band is Bob Christopher and the Moltchanov Brothers, a trio including Igor Moltchanov on drums and Vassili Moltchanov on bass. He has presented his mixture of his own songs and classic blues and boogie to audiences in Holland, Denmark, Sweden, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Belgium, where he now lives.

But, he still considers Texas to be his home and returns there each year to play his own special brand of the blues. (


01 - Born On Friday The 13th 05:39

02 - All These Rainy Days 03:56

03 - T Bone Shuffle 04:27

04 - Moondance 05:37

05 - Longways From Home 04:51

06 - Please Tell Me You're Joking 04:00

07 - Freddy K 03:04

08 - Sugarcoated Love 03:34

09 - Bob's Boogie 02:03

10 - Across The Mojave 03:15

11 - New Year's Resolution 02:55

12 - Texas Sunset 01:02

13 - Summertime 06:31

Bob Christopher here:

Thank you Bluesbeast for sharing this album!

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