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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Orfium - New Artist Community

After experiencing many frustrations with SoundCloud, misleading billing tactics of ReverbNation, and the lack of audience engaging features for non-artist users on Bandcamp, we decided to solve the problems by creating Orfium.

It's an open free hosting platform and social marketplace for musicians, and a music discovery and listening platform for fans. Content providers are in complete control of how their music gets heard with no long-term contracts, and all services simply offered non-exclusively whenever possible, period.

If you currently have music on SoundCloud you can simply have it all imported to Orfium automatically to make the switch simple. See below to learn more about what we do and start uploading today:

If you have any suggestions we would love to hear them. Please drop us a line at and your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Baskerville Jones 2016 So Right

Born in Nashville, Tennessee, soul-singing Baskerville Jones left her hometown and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her musical aspirations. She began gaining attention doing background vocals for prominent artists and touring and performing with seven-member ensemble The Rebirth, all the while forming musical partnerships that landed her on stage and screen nationally and internationally.

In 2012 she was featured on the single "Born to Flow" from Morehouse Records recording artist Groove Junkies, which made the Top 20 on Soulful House Music Charts. As a lead vocalist of the soul, jazz & funk fusion band The Rebirth, Baskerville's vocal contributions are interwoven in the band's sophomore album "Being Thru the Eyes of a Child." Their single "This is Coming To?" landed in the top 5 of UK Soul Charts, which kicked off the success overseas of the album.

Performing on stages in Singapore, Central America and the UK as well as the United States, over time Baskerville Jones has developed a distinctive style and stage presence, and her high-energy performances are often remembered for her visual and vocal interpretations of song and lyric – not to mention she plays a mean tambourine. In 2015, radio personality and entertainer Cayman Kelly coined the phrase "tambourine twerking" to describe Baskerville Jones' performance at the Capital Jazz Fest in Washington D.C.

Over time, she has acquired a slew of credits, thanks to her work with an eclectic mix of artists on stage and in the studio such as R&B artists Heather Headley and Chrisette Michelle, gospel artists Dottie Peoples & Richard Smallwood, international acts Arman Hovhannisyan and Harout Balyan. In 2012, she had the honor of performing with one of her major musical influences, Sly Stone of the pioneering 70's funk ensemble, Sly and the Family Stone. Among Stone, Baskerville counts Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Yolanda Adams, even the folk and country of her Music City roots among her immediate influences. Her voice evokes the pure soulful roots of early rock n' roll as well as the smooth sounds of R&B.

After more than a decade of singing to support projects of her friends and colleagues, her first solo project, the Mile 1 EP, is a vehicle to acquaint her audience with the artistry that truly is Baskerville Jones. This stripped, lyric driven introduction shows her range and versatility as a singer and depth as a solo artist – a softer, sweeter departure from the funky homage that is her band The Rebirth. Baskerville Jones' EP Mile 1 is slated for release May 3, 2016.

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