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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Nosmo Kings 2000 Late For The Gig

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:30:04
Size: 68,79 MB

United States

Album Notes

The Nosmo Kings are taking traditional blues stylings and pumping them up with louder guitars, funkier drums, and driving bass lines.

Electric, beefy, and exciting.


01 - Lugnut 03:56

02 - Sure Looks Good 03:01

03 - I'll Never Change 04:09

04 - Bad Luck 03:55

05 - Pickle 01:58

06 - Day By Day 04:29

07 - A 2 B 02:43

08 - It's Alright 02:26

09 - 100 Miles 03:27

Nosmo Kings here:




Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Paul Plumeri Blues Band 1995 The Bishop Of The Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:53:36
Size: 122,66 MB

United States

After many years of touring and recording with artists like Duke Williams & The Extremes and Tomfoolery, Paul finally did it "his way" and recorded his first solo CD in 1995. Paul put his legendary 1964 Fender Stratocaster "The Bishop" through it's paces on a collection of tasty originals and even a nice live run through of Wilbert Harrison's "Kansas City". (


01 - Get On With It 03:55

02 - No Justice 07:10

03 - Cross Cut Saw 04:38

04 - Like A Biullet 04:59

05 - The Glide 04:48

06 - Kansas City 06:32

07 - Philene 04:46

08 - Stop Your Jivin' 04:07

09 - From The Heart 03:39

10 - I Need Your Money 03:05

11 - The Boogie 05:57

Paul Plumeri Blues Band here:



Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Johnny Dyer 1983 Jukin'

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:42:29
Size: 77,76 MB

United States

biography by Rovi

b. 1938, Rolling Fork, Mississippi, USA. Dyer took up the harmonica when he was seven and as a teenager sat in with Smokey Wilson in a local club. He moved to Los Angeles in January 1958 and formed his own band, the Blue Notes, backing visitors such as J.B. Hutto, Jimmy Reed and Jimmy Rogers. He later formed a duo with George Smith, at that time still working as Little Walter Jnr. He recorded a couple of singles for Shakey Jake’s Good Time label before cutting an album, Johnny Dyer And The LA Dukes, for Murray Brothers in 1983. Some of the tracks were later issued in Japan by Mina Records. In 1991, William Clarke included him on Hard Times, an anthology of contemporary LA bluesmen. Soon afterwards, he formed the Houserockers with guitarist Rick Homlstrom, who had previously recorded with Clarke, Billy Boy Arnold, Rod Piazza and Smokey Wilson. Listen Up managed to combine Holstrom’s Pee Wee Crayton -influenced technique with Dyer’s more down-home harmonica playing, including an effective version of Little Walter’s ‘Blue Midnight’. Shake It! added pianist Tom Mahon on a set of original songs that encapsulate the hybrid west coast-Chicago style.


01 - Feel Like Cryin' Again 03:41

02 - Oh Baby 03:11

03 - Aw Baby 02:51

04 - Let's Have A Natural Ball 02:50

05 - Johnny's Boogie 02:19

06 - Overdose Of Love 03:59

07 - I'm Your Hoochie Koochie Man 02:45

08 - Walkin' Through The Park 03:16

09 - Slippin' And Slidin' 03:28

10 - Baby What You Want Me To Do 02:53

11 - Everybody Talking 04:50

12 - Okie Dookie Stomp 02:40

13 - Two Hound Dogs 03:46

Johnny Dyer here:



Samuel Eddy 1995 Strangers On The Run

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:51:30
Size: 117,87 MB


From the album press release:

"This album confirms Sam's own fully developed sound and style largely complemented by his rock solid rhythm section, comprising of Sam's long-time experienced bassist Gerald "Sully" O'Sullivan and Ger Farrell, one of Ireland's finest young rock drummers.

Together Samuel Eddy and his band have successfully captured their live energetic feel in the studio. (...) Sam co-produced the album with veteran engineer/producer Robin Black (Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull etc.). But most importantly, this new album displays clear evidence of Sam's growing talent as a competent singer/songwriter and unique guitarist who plays with a passion and feel that is second to none.

"Strangers on the Run" also features guest appearances by the late Irish bluesrock legend Rory Gallagher, Dutch guitar virtuoso Jan Akkerman and Irish saxophone star Keith Donald of Moving Hearts".


01 - Sweetest Revenge 03:28

02 - Stranger On The Run 04:52

03 - Snake Tattoo 04:02

04 - Blues On Your Doorstep 06:39

05 - Night In The 'Dam 04:18

06 - Funkytown 04:20

07 - Mystica 06:29

08 - Get Lost 04:08

09 - Ain't Goin' Cheap 03:29

10 - Turn Around 04:42

11 - Falsely Accused 05:03

Samuel Eddy here:




Monday, January 28, 2013

Fever Tree 1967 Fever Tree

Genre: Rock
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:34:29
Size: 47,41 MB

United States

The self-titled debut album of this unfairly neglected psychedelic band is an odd mix of slick studio work laced with surprising moments of eclecticism, from soundtrack references to hard rock worthy of the best bands of the time.

They open up with a pretty good piece of musical prestidigitation, melding Johann Sebastian Bach and Ennio Morricone into the album's first track, which segues neatly into a hard rock style that's their own on the spaced-out, Ravel-laced "Where Do You Go," which sounds like the Doors and the Jimi Hendrix Experience jamming together. They also roll over "Day Tripper" and "We Can Work It Out," squeezed into a two-song medley, like a proto-metal steamroller while quoting "Norwegian Wood" and "Eleanor Rigby"; then switch gears into a beautifully elegant, gently orchestrated pop/rock rendition of Neil Young's "Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing" that's worth the price of admission by itself. The harder rocking numbers (especially "San Francisco Girls") are highly diverting artifacts of their time, while the last two songs, "Unlock My Door" and "Come with Me (Rainsong)," show off a totally unexpected and beautifully reflective folk-rock side to their sound that's strongly reminiscent of Phil Ochs' work on Pleasures of the Harbor and Tape from California.

The variations in sound and content, plus the fact that the only keyboard player, Rob Landes, made any large contribution to the in-house songwriting (mostly the work of their producers, Scott & Vivian Holtzman), makes it difficult to pin down precisely what Fever Tree was about, beyond the evidence at hand; but taken on its own terms, the album ought to be better known than it is, which is probably also true of the band itself. ~ Bruce Eder Arranger: Fever Tree.


Dennis Keller (vocals)
Rob Landes (harp, cello, flute, bass recorder, piano, harpsichord, Clavinet, organ)
David Angel , Gene Page, Mic Liftz (strings, horns)
John Tuttle (percussion)


01 - Imitation Situation 1 (Toccata And Fugue) 01:37

02 - Where Do You Go 02:31

03 - San Franciscan Girls (Return Of The Native) 03:41

04 - Ninety-Nine And One-Half 02:49

05 - Man Who Paints The Pictures 02:37

06 - Filligree And Shadow 04:00

07 - The Sun Also Rises 02:48

08 - We Can Work It Out 03:35

09 - Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing 03:08

10 - Unlock My Door 03:51

11 - Come With Me (Rainsong) 03:52

Fever Tree here:




Sunday, January 27, 2013

Johnny Nicholas 2001 Thrill On The Hill

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:58:07
Size: 133,14 MB

United States

Album Notes

In 1980, after twenty years of the blues scenes of Providence, Detroit-Ann Arbor, Chicago, the Bay Area, the Cajun country of Louisiana, and Texas - performing with Duke Robillard, Steve Nordella, Big Walter Horton, Asleep At The Wheel and Johnny Shine (Nicholas played on and produced the late Johnny Shine's last album with Snooky Pryor), Johnny Moved to the Hill Country outside Austin and opened the Hilltop Cafe, inconveniently located in the middle of nowhere (10 miles north of Fredericksburg, Texas) Until 1991, that was the only way you could hear Nicholas on any recording.

Then in 1994, Antones released his CD Thrill On The Hill, a live CD which brought him again to the forefront of the world blues scene. By popular demand, TopCat Records is re-releasing this gem with 4 great bonus tracks from the original sessions. Thrill on the Hill was recorded live on location, direct to two track at the Hilltop Café.

Thrill on the Hill was performed with cronies Jack Barber on bass, C.C. Pinkston on drums, Floyd Domino and Ernie Bowser alternating on piano and producer Stephen Bruton sitting in on several instruments. Johnny Nicholas plays guitar, harp, mandolin and keyboards. Nicholas forges a lean, slicing attack held in place by a bedrock-firm bottom reminiscent of the early Chess sessions. Every fan of Johnny's and the "real stuff" will be thrilled to add this new Topcat release to their collection. This CD is proof of Johnny Nicholas' blues acumen and is a joy to listen to. Without a doubt, this CD is a testament to the fact that Johnny is back in force. Welcome to the Hilltop!


01 - Kind Hearted Woman 04:24

02 - House Cleaning Blues 03:39

03 - My Rice Ain't Got No Gravy 02:55

04 - Prince Charming 04:07

05 - Blue & Lonesome 04:17

06 - Mandolin Boogie 03:38

07 - John The Revelator 03:46

08 - Sleeping With The Devil 03:33

09 - Lets Go To Big Houston 02:45

10 - Tomorrow Night 04:36

11 - Johnnys Deathray Boogie 04:33

12 - Mandolin Moan (Bonus Track) 05:00

13 - Stones In My Pathway (Bonus Track) 05:19

14 - Thinnking Bout Junior (Bonus Track) 02:13

15 - Phonograph Blues (Bonus Track) 03:22

Johnny Nicholas here:




Stocks 1983 Eclats De Rock

Genre: Rock
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:35:01
Size: 32,08 MB



Christophe Marquilly - vocals, guitars
Arnauld Delbarre - bass
Bobby Lucini - bass


One of the harder rocking acts to originate from France, with one foot firmly in the boogie department judging from this, their second and last album to that point. Stocks was formed by Marquilly in 1980, with a different lineup to the one that played on 'Eclats De Rock', with Marquilly the only permanent member. Stocks acheived a certain amount of media publicity when their 1982 debut 'Enregistre En Public' was recorded in a live setting, a strange move but one that paid off handsomely as the album made them one of France's top rock acts, although how much of a feat that is I'm unsure. Stocks signed to powerhouse CBS for 'Eclats De Rock', and with Delbarre and Lucini added to the group the band was seemingly poised to break the US market. Were those my words? Surely not.

The Songs

That's not to say Stocks did not deserve a big break, only French acts never have made the leap and Stocks like most French acts used their native language for their songs, which really doesn't dilute the music, but naturally wouldn't go down a treat in the US market. This doesn't stop 'C'est Bel Et Bien Fini' from being a classic example of full steam boogie, the riffs planted in the Status Quo camp, demolishing Stocks own heroes ZZ Top I might add. Great twelve bar riffing and by far the heaviest rocker on offer. Much of the album seems restrained by comparison, opener 'Elle Me Voit Pas' a good hard rock cut nevertheless. 'Je Vais Craquer' toys with some highly melodic guitar work that almost had me fooled into thinking it was a keyboard effect, and this shows the band had an ear for AOR harmonies. Blues ridden 'Flash Back' is an obvious ode to ZZ Top, Stocks being France's own Texas sludge merchants indeed, and several tracks pursue this grindingly slow Southern manner, some working, some not. 'Le Walkman' does indeed go the AOR route, somehow predictable, but very well handled, and with helpings of tasty guitar licks I'd go as far to say that this seems more natural than the boogie flirtations.

In Summary

This is certainly a gem worth scouring for. Stocks themselves recorded one more album in 1986 that was never released but the band reformed in various guises over the ensuing years and to the best of my knowledge recorded a new studio album earlier this decade with the above lineup. Why the band split in the first place I am unable to relate, the translated English pages of various Stocks sources making as much sense as the last Survivor album. For those wanting to know how effective French rock could often be this is a fine starting point. The great country really could rock as hard as anyone. Believe it. (


01 - Elle Me Voit Pas 03:53

02 - Le Walkman 04:14

03 - Le Bistrot 02:40

04 - Flash Back 02:59

05 - Je Vais Craquer 03:53

06 - L'indépendant 03:27

07 - La Tête À L'envers 04:06

08 - La Nuit Est Tombée 03:02

09 - Elle Aime Le Boogie 02:39

10 - C'est Bel Et Bien Fini 04:08

Stocks here:



Friday, January 25, 2013

Cameron 1975 Cameron

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:37:39
Size: 86,14 MB

United States

This is Gary Dunne. I was in Cameron for about 12 years. The other four members formed the band while going to Berkley School Of Music in Boston. Shortly after forming, they came down to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida were Lane Cameron (The founder of the band) was living at the time. I had known Lane who had recorded in my recording studio in Ft. Lauderdale. I joined the band in '73 and stayed until we disbanded in '84. I am very proud to have been with them not only for how good the music was, but how great the people themselves were. The albums sound pretty good, but the live performance of the band was where it really was magic. Every member was talented in their own right, but also complimented each other. A rare thing in bands. Dickie Betts came in to see us in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and sat in. The next night after their concert he came back with Gregg Allman, and Chuck Level and jammed with us for the rest of the night. They were extremely complimentary to us in the press. That obviously didn't hurt our reputation in the South. (taken from


01 - Illusions 04:14

02 - Hurricane 03:11

03 - Empty Bed 06:40

04 - Sunshine Parkway 05:21

05 - Good Feelin's For You 03:33

06 - The Road To Damascus 06:25

07 - Mule Skinner Blues 02:26

08 - Mystery Wind 05:49

Cameron here:



Big LLou 2013 They Call Me Big LLou (video)

Debut video from album of the same name "They Call Me Big LLou"

Big LLou is considered THE VOICE of the Blues as he hosts and performs at some of the biggest events in the blues world!

For more information visit:

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Stefan Schill 2010 Don't Say A Word

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:41:43
Size: 95,42 MB


The easy way? It’s a path not taken by Stefan Schill. Just imagine what it would’ve looked like if he was playing by the rules, after having made a headstart with his bluesy debutalbum Don’t Say A Word at the tender age of 19. It let to raving reviews, praise in the most popular Dutch tv-talkshow and spots at festivals and gigs in the most prestigious venues. Not only in his native The Netherlands, but also in England, Germany, France and Scotland. A dream of every aspiring musician? For sure. The next step would have been to follow up this success with a record in the vein of his debut.

However, that plan is just not an option for him. It would have been too easy, and without any artistic challenge. So he continues to hone his chops, write new songs and develop his style in any way he feels like. It asks for perseverance, focus and an enormous amount of dedication, but he has no choice; his taste in music has simply changed since he grew up listening to his dads record collection.

Nothing shocking really, for a 21-year old eager to explore new grounds and work with other artists. A consequence of his boundless creativity is his new found love for photography, which makes him regularly put away his guitar and pick up a camera. Stefan: “I want to keep developing my creativity and am willing to make sacrifices to be able to do that. Like working at a gasstation to pay the rent, so I can fulfill my musical goals in my spare time.”

On stage is where he feels at home. “It’s the only place where everything comes together. When I’m on stage I’m free from any influences from outside and I can do as I please. If everything goes well you feel a sense of extreme happiness. A very addictive feeling.” His fans agree. It lead to journalists write sentences like “Stefans music is diverse, daring and it makes his audience extatic. He has a truly unique sound and every song is full of energy.” Another writer wrote “his talent is undeniable, his guitarskills soulful and sharp as a knife”.

Anyone trying to pinpoint his style will have a hard time doing so. Good luck trying to find common ground between his current inspirations, ranging from D’Angelo, The Tallest Man On Earth to Muse and Prince (who he covered for tv-show De Wereld Draait Door Recordings). “Super inspiring” are the words he uses to describe their concerts. It made him reach for his guitar and never want to stop playing. Because that’s what it’s all about, in the end. “You have to keep making music with the same feeling and hunger you had the very first time you picked up a guitar. To keep that spirit alive I have to take risks in my music. I need to follow my own path and don’t want to be claimed by a particular genre. For me, there would be something totally wrong if I would know now where I’ll be in five years time. I just keep following my heart and trust my guts and creativity.”


01 - Any Direction 03:49

02 - Don't Say A Word 04:28

03 - Take On My Beliefs 04:51

04 - Just Not Today 03:46

05 - U Don't Mind 03:34

06 - Gone By Tomorrow 04:35

07 - Everybody's Got To Be Somewhere 05:37

08 - Game Called Love 03:37

09 - It's Gonna Be Alright 04:32

10 - Last Goodbye 02:54

Stefan Schill here:




Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sam Morrison Band 2002 Sam Morrison Band

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:37:53
Size: 86,78 MB

United States

Album Notes

The Sam Morrison Band is on a mission. Tired of all the corporate, “politically correct” processed music that is being spoon fed to the public, The Sam Morrison Band is determined to bring back something that is lost on today’s radio……real music. Imagine that; real musicians, playing real songs, with real instruments for real people. No drum loops, no DJ’s, just 100 proof Rock and Roll.

Steeped in the Southern Rock tradition of bands such as Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Allman Brothers, The Sam Morrison Band is proud to carry on the message of true American values. Themes such as pride in God, Country, and the American Dream run throughout their music.

In the current state of the world, it’s no wonder that people are looking back, remembering when things were good and longing for any reminders of the “Good Old Days”. The music of the Sam Morrison Band does just that. It reminds us of when things were good and shows the promise that things can be good again.

Real Songs, Real Music……………The Sam Morrison Band!

For the past few years the SMB has been traveling around the world spreading their gospel of 100 Proof Southern Rock and Roll, playing it the way it was meant to be played, dripping with Jack Daniels and BBQ sauce! Their high energy live performances and faithful recreations of the Southern Rock Classics have won them converts everywhere they go and earned them the title of "Harley Event Specialists" due to the large number of "Biker" events they have performed for.

With the release of their debut CD release on Convalian Records, the SMB is enjoying the rewards of performing their own music. They have had the opportunity to play with many of today's biggest stars including: Lynyrd Skynyrd, 38 Special, Marshall Tucker, Diamond Rio, Confederate Railroad. Their debut single, "I Gotta Ride" is quickly becoming a new "Biker Classic"!


01 - I Gotta Ride 03:04

02 - Kinda Like Love 05:06

03 - Give Me A Try 04:39

04 - I Don't Know 03:47

05 - Ready Or Not 03:26

06 - Can't You See 08:09

07 - Daylite's Burnin 04:04

08 - Peacekeepers 05:38

Sam Morrison Band here:




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