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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Paul Rodgers & Company 1993 The Hendrix Set

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:24:26
Size: 55,90 MB

United Kingdom

The Hendrix Set is a live EP by Paul Rodgers of Free and Bad Company fame. Released 2 November 1993, The Hendrix Set consists of covers of five of Jimi Hendrix's songs. It was recorded live at Bayfront Park in Miami, Florida on 4 July 1993. (


Paul Rodgers: Vocals
Neal Schon: Guitar
Todd Jensen: Bass
Deen Castronovo: Drums


01 - Purple Haze 05:03

02 - Stone Free 06:16

03 - Little Wing 05:01

04 - Manic Depression 03:38

05 - Foxy Lady 04:28

Paul Rodgers & Company here:


Nine Below Zero 2004 Hats Off

Genre: Blues
Rate: 243 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:42:42
Size: 76,70 MB

United Kingdom

Another gem from one of the best acts around - period! Firstly let me say that if you love live music and the blues then seeing Nine Below Zero is a must. Energetic - once described as being able to get a morgue to dance - these boys know how to do the blues. And this album captures that energy and has you tapping along from the opening note to the very end. Wonderfully chosen tracks that encourage the whole range of the bands talents, Nine Below Zero give them the superb treatment that they deserve.

Do yourself 2 favours - buy this album and go and see them live. You won't regret either! (brentday)


01 - Walkin' Thru The Park 03:39

02 - Ice Cream Man 03:18

03 - Goin' Down 03:28

04 - I'm Ready 03:40

05 - Blues Is Here To Stay 02:48

06 - Talk To My Baby 02:45

07 - Move It 02:31

08 - I Need Me A Car 02:05

09 - I Wanna Be Loved 02:18

10 - Everyday I Have The Blues 04:16

11 - Boogie Chillun 03:26

12 - Walkin' By Myself 02:36

13 - Be Careful 03:02

14 - You Know It Ain't Right 02:50

Nine Below Zero here:



Monday, December 30, 2013

New Soul Cowboys 2009 New Soul Cowboys

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:46:14
Size: 105,94 MB

Canada United States

WARNING! Make sure you have your stereo (or iPod) at a safe level of volume when you start this disc because it kicks in full throttle and rarely lets up! That is a good thing, especially if you are a fan of great guitar driven rock n' roll. After it warms your player up for a few seconds, then crank this as it should be. New Soul Cowboys are a hard rockin' trio based in Nashville, Tennessee.

The album kicks into overdue from the first second with "Painted Horse". IMO, you just can't go wrong with opening a CD with a killer track about the freedom of blazing a trail on a Harley Davidson. The subtle banjo adds an interesting flavor to the song while the gang vocals will have you chanting along in no time. Toss in a blistering solo and you are off to a great start. "Rebel Highway", while it slows down just a bit, is another road tune, which has me looking forward to cranking this on a road-trip in the near future. The band's harmonies are killer throughout and the Skynyrd-esque solo adds a nice touch. Need a dose of wah-wah with your rock? Then "Gamblin Man'" is just for you, it's not my favorite cut, but not a dud by any means.

Things slow down a bit with the mid-tempo "What It's All About", a song about love and the emotional rollercoaster it takes you on. "Somebody's Missing" has 'hit' written all over it as Anthony Gomes pours everything into this heartfelt track. I for one can really relate to the lyrics of this. The rhythm section really lay a groove right in the pocket while Gomes' soulful solo is just the perfect accent to the perfect song. Up next we got some funkified Jimi Hendrix-esque music in the form of "Purple Whiskey Sack". Gomes really shreds on this song, something guitar lovers will dig.

Ahhh, the revving of a Harley Davidson will get anyone's blood flowing and flow it does when "Born To Ride" kicks in. It should be no surprise that a majority of this album has the flavor of the road on it as these guys are road dogs to say the least, putting in over 200 dates a year all over the world. "Carolina" is a soulful country infused track about the one who has that special place in your heart, a universal song that everyone who has experienced love can feel. The first time I heard the "You Are Amazing" played live about a year and a half ago, it hit me right in the heart and made me realize it was everything I always wanted to say to the person that I was dancing with, but couldn't piece together on my own. Live it was chock-full of soul and emotion and the studio version, with its added orchestration and acoustic fretwork, takes it to an even more emotional level - perfect is the only way to describe it.

The title track continues with the road theme and is spiced up with some funky guitar licks throughout. My favorite rocking number is up next in the form of "Chicken Bone Cross" featuring some 'man-possessed' vocals and lyrics about a voodoo man and the blood red moon. It seems like someone spent a little time in New Orleans if you ask me! "Losing You" is the closing track, a mid-tempo cut about losing that certain person who holds the keys to your heart. The keyboards spice it up to perfection and I really like how it builds around the two minute mark, making you think you are in for a tear jerking solo only to change back to mid-tempo for a bit before solos complete the song.

For just being a trio, the New Soul Cowboys have a sound as full as a ten piece, with harmonies for days, an ace rhythm section and a frontman who is nothing short of a virtuoso on guitar and whose vocals are as soulful as they are rockin'! (


01 - Painted Horse 03:33

02 - Rebel Highway 03:51

03 - Gamblin' Man 04:02

04 - What It's All About 03:31

05 - Somebody's Missing 04:09

06 - Purple Whiskey Sack 04:22

07 - Born To Ride 04:25

08 - Carolina 03:11

09 - You Are Amazing 04:03

10 - New Soul Cowboy 03:56

11 - Chicken Bone Cross 03:42

12 - Losing You 03:29

New Soul Cowboys here:


Snowblynd 2007 Dirty Water

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:45:44
Size: 62,86 MB

United States

Southern rock like it's always been. I was surprised to see the Stones mentioned in 'recommended'. I was glad that they themselves mentioned Hatchett, because I was thinking 38 Special and Hatchett. Lots of fuzz. Lots of bass. Lots of punch. (Joe Johnson)

Snowblynd has elements of Lynyrd Skynyrd, 38 Special, Molly Hatchet, Doc Holliday, and the Black
Crowes. In addition, there is also a touch of more current music such as Black Label Society and even
at times Kid Rock. (


Brad Williams - Vocals
Ryan Smith - Guitar
Greg Wyld - Guitar
Barry Damron - Drums
Joe Viers - Bass
Nate Hollman - Hammond B3 / Keys


01 - Blood, Guts & Gasoline 03:40

02 - Dirty Water 04:08

03 - Carry On 04:16

04 - The Ride 04:35

05 - Lust 'n' Liquor 03:30

06 - Little Miss Misery 06:33

07 - Cryin' Shame 04:03

08 - Happiness & Sorrow 03:29

09 - The Mash 02:52

10 - One Time Ain't Enough 03:36

11 - She Believed (Bonus Track) 05:02

Snowblynd here:



Sunday, December 29, 2013

Michael Katon 2006 MK

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:54:20
Size: 124,32 MB

United States

It is one of the greatest Heavy-Boogie-Blues albums ever, great guitarwork, great rough vocals, uncompromising rough heavy (metal) bluesrock, excelent songs, I think it´s nearly not possible to play boogie blues better. (Ulrich Schönhut)


01 - Back To Your Cages 04:29

02 - On The Prowl For A Hoochie Mama 06:10

03 - Diablo Boogie 05:20

04 - Need It Awful Bad 06:48

05 - Rock 'n' Roll Man 05:22

06 - Whiskey Hill 05:09

07 - In The Land Of Rock 'n' Roll 05:53

08 - Dirty Thang 04:57

09 - Luv A Dawg 06:52

10 - Motor Cycle Blues 03:20

Michael Katon here:



Darren Watson 2010 Saint Hilda's Faithless Boy

Genre: Blues
Rate: 268 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:38:36
Size: 67,72 MB

New Zealand

New Zealand's Darren Watson has crafted a beautiful album in Saint Hilda's Faithless Boy (Red Rocks Records), a set of backward-looking (but by no means retro) blues recorded with a bracing, contemporary sonic treatment. Watson pops his guitar strings like Johnny 'Guitar' Watson on She Got It All, mines soulful, Robert Cray territory on Love Is An Ocean, and channels Howlin' Wolf in full, stomping intensity on A Desperate Man. Dig the swampy roots-rocker He Don't Love You, the serpentine The Bitter Suite, and the acoustic slide reading of My Love Will Never Die - leagues from Otis Rush's original stylistically, right there emotionally. Watson's hearty vocal approach sounds utterly honest. The supporting cast is superb. (Blues Revue)


01 - A Desperate Man 03:56

02 - Love Is An Ocean 03:55

03 - She Got It All 03:12

04 - He Don't Love You 04:07

05 - Can't Get Enough Of You 04:11

06 - Here In My Arms 03:44

07 - Be Careful With A Fool 03:07

08 - WTLIF 05:06

09 - The Bitter Suite 03:30

10 - Saint Hilda's Faithless Boy 03:48

Darren Watson here:



Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hudson Cadorini E Banda Rollemax 2009 O Massacre Da Guitarra Elétrica

Genre: Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:56:12
Size: 128,59 MB



01 - Deep Van Riff 03:48

02 - Violência Armada - Parte I 02:56

03 - Vl Max 02:58

04 - Delax 03:26

05 - Zum Zum Zum 04:28

06 - Ligaduriuns Metranca Invertis 02:15

07 - Fat Riff In D 04:34

08 - Turbination Locomotrox 03:31

09 - Eu Não Vou Mudar De Lado 04:31

10 - Deixa Pra Lá 05:17

11 - Mr.Brownstone 04:11

12 - Jump 04:43

13 - You Shook Me All Night Long 03:21

14 - Massacre Da Guitarra Elétrica 06:13

Hudson Cadorini E Banda Rollemax here:


U. P. Wilson 1995 This Is U. P. Wilson

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:44:19
Size: 101,42 MB

United States


Now this is great. The second U.P. Wilson album in less than one year. Finally, a record label has recognized just how talented this man is and has set out to make some serious recordings. It's long overdue.

If you already have U.P.'s first album on JSP, you'll immediately notice some big differences. This album is much more of an off the cuff, live in the studio affair. According to U.P, "Most of these songs came right from my head. I went in with a few notes but mostly it was just do it as it comes out. We didn't go in with many plans. Seems like that messes me around. I didn't take no long period of time trying to cook up nothing. We had a real nice time cutting this one. More of a party than work". U.P. also handles all the vocal duties, most of the time in falsetto. Now that may be an unusual approach, but it's one that seems to work. U.P.'s explanation? "I just wanted to try something new."

One thing that U.P. continues from his first JSP effort is to feature lots of fine Fort Worth musicians. "I try to think about everybody. Some of these guys have never had the chance to be on a recording. I try to help any way I can to try to get them some recognition." It certainly seems to work because Alanda Williams and the Soul Kings who supported U.P. on his first JSP outing, will soon have their own CD on the label.

There is an extremely rich pool of talented blues musicians in Fort Worth/Dallas and dozens of weekly jam sessions where they come together. Drummer Steve Meek, who helped produce this session, publishes a monthly magazine that covers the jam scene around the area. Between Meek and U.P. they were able to pull together some very talented players for this recording. "If you're a true musician you can fall right in the slot and do your job. That's how we picked the guys for this session. They're all pros", says U.P. The goal was to produce a jam session just like you hear in numerous blues clubs all over North Texas.

The musicians on this recording include a bunch of folks who are well known locally but are complete unknowns outside of DFW. Tone Sommer plays guitar behind another Forth Worth stalwart, Robert Ealey, and is featured on several CD's on the Dallas based Topcat label and a new one on Stark Records. Holland K. Smith fronts a tough Texas three piece called the Terraplane Blues Band. They don't have any recordings out yet, but it's just a matter of time. Jeff "hot hands" Denny has played keyboards with a number of local groups, most recently the Janna Tallant Band. He often picks up his keyboard and plays it in the air, a stage technique that fits right in with U.P.'s well known one-handed antics. Herb Abbs is a popular Dallas base player who often sits in with Tutu Jones. Carl "Mr. C." Smeet adds some nasty after hours sax to the mix. Harp player Dave Jeffery is the bartender and booking agent for one of Fort Worth's favourite clubs, J. & J. Blues Bar. Thanks to (J.P. this is his first appearance on any recording. Don Lange is also the "Mr. D." credited on U.P.'s Boogie Boy CD.

A decided departure for U.P. is the duo tune with Tone Summer. While his sound is almost always very urban, there is a country blues flavour to this song. "Me and Tone kind of cooked that up," says U.P. "I have never had any slide guitar on any of my albums so I thought we'd try that. I still want to do some acoustic, we just didn't get around to that this trip. Maybe next time!"

When I asked U.P. if there was anything he wanted to say in the liner notes, he replied: "I hope my fans enjoy this one and I want them to know I got some more good stuff hanging in the air. Keep on the lookout 'cos U.P. Wilson's on the move!" I suspect you'll be moving around yourself soon as you get this CD in your player. (Don O, KNON FM, Dallas, Texas)


01 - Hold On Baby 03:51

02 - Boots And Shoes 03:55

03 - Bad Luck And Trouble 05:11

04 - You're One Woman 05:08

05 - Changes 04:48

06 - Go Home With Me 03:30

07 - Hold Me 04:21

08 - Peaches 05:36

09 - Used To Be Mine 03:21

10 - Fool For You 04:38

U. P. Wilson here:


Friday, December 27, 2013

Matt Thorpe 1999 Blues Frets

Genre: Blues
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:50:28
Size: 52,48 MB

United Kingdom

Blues Frets is Matt Thorpe's 2nd CD to be released originally on where it held #1 Blues CD for several months.


01 - Blues Won't Leave Me Tonight 05:09

02 - Shuffle In The Nineties 03:41

03 - Low And Then Some 03:37

04 - Certain Blues 06:40

05 - Coloratura 05:15

06 - New Blues 06:57

07 - So Cool 03:42

08 - Certain Blues (11 Min Version) 11:55

09 - On The Edge Of The Blues 03:32

Matt Thorpe here:



Lonnie Brooks 1993 Let's Talk It Over

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:43:00
Size: 98,37 MB

United States

Review by Bill Dahl

Of all the quickie dates produced by Ralph Bass in 1977 for a project that never came to real fruition, Lonnie Brooks's contribution to the series is likely the most satisfying -- thanks to a tight band (his working unit at the time) and a sheaf of imaginative originals (notably "Crash Head on into Love," "Greasy Man," and the title cut). An ingenious reworking of Lowell Fulson's "Reconsider Baby" doesn't hurt either.


01 - Let's Talk It Over 05:42

02 - Hard Gamblin' Woman 05:16

03 - Why Do Things Have To Change 05:51

04 - Crash Head On Into Love 05:12

05 - If You Want Me To Love You 04:37

06 - Hideaway 05:52

07 - Reconsider Baby 04:33

08 - Greasy Man 05:57

Lonnie Brooks here:



Thursday, December 26, 2013

Barfly's 2000 Living In Sin

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 264 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:39:36
Size: 73,01 MB


If you are looking for some new rocking blues with lots of guitar and a strong driving beat, then check out "Living In Sin" the debut album from The Barfly's.

The Barfly's are a rockin' three piece based in Antwerp, Belgium. Tom Van de Reydt leads from the front playing a mean guitar and delivering some fine vocals, Peter Janssens on bass provides a thumping groove, that really keeps moving, and Eric de Schutter does an admirable job beating the skins. The band's influences are obviously wide, from Quo to Zeppelin, with a measure of Texas and West Coast thrown in for good measure.

All eleven tracks on this comparatively short 40 minute album are original recordings all written by the band, or their associate Howlin' Bill. The themes of the songs follow the usual blues mix of being in and out of love, sex, and beer (well they probably drank lots while making the album judging by the acknowledgements on the CD insert)

It was good that the guys keep the tracks short, they blast out a song and when they have said everything the song ends without any self-indulgent prevarication. The highlights include "Boogie Man", which has a good bluesy feel, "Dealin' Love" featuring some fine guitar work, "In My Dreams" with a good bass riff, and the nice harp on "Barfly Boogie".

The Barfly's have a good live following in Belgium, and this album should give them some deserved exposure in the rest of Europe and North America. So turn up the volume and boogie with the Barfly's. (Blues on stage)


01 - Bring Back Your Heart 03:04

02 - Get Up 03:24

03 - Boogie Man 02:59

04 - Living In Sin 03:51

05 - Sixteen Angel 03:26

06 - Dealin' Love 04:32

07 - In My Dreams 04:20

08 - Too Much 03:02

09 - Sweet Marie Ann 03:29

10 - Ain't No Big Thing 03:43

11 - Barfly Boogie 03:46

Barfly's here:


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