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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Back To Back Blues Band 1996 Dues Paid In Full

Genre: Blues
Rate: 206 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:43:06
Size: 66,83 MB

United States

The local blues band's choice of material is generally faultless, ranging from Muddy Waters' "Long Distance Call" to Johnny "Guitar" Watson's "She Moves Me." Toss in a couple of originals penned by lead vocalist George Cantu, and Dues Paid in Full is a neat little package. The only misstep is the inclusion of Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Pride and Joy," which ought to R.I.P. Cantu's riffy "Don't Let Me Stand in Your Way" starts things off nicely, accompanied by sax and an additional guitarist. Cantu himself is a versatile guitarist, and drummer Johnnie Cozmik and bassist Mark Lopez toe the line rhythmically. The vocals, however, range from the serviceable (the opening cut) to the execrable ("Long Distance Call," with lead singing by Cozmik). In all fairness, the South Bay is not exactly teeming with credible blues singers. (Nicky Baxter)


01 - Don't Let Me Stand In Your Way 04:48

02 - She Moves Me 04:00

03 - Bald Headed Woman 03:43

04 - Pride And Joy 05:38

05 - Long Distance Call 04:58

06 - Put My Troubles To An End 03:54

07 - Keeps Me Satisfied 02:37

08 - Talk To Your Daughter 04:22

09 - Tore Down 03:29

10 - Let The Good Times Roll 05:37

Back To Back Blues Band here:



Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pete Brown & Piblokto 1970 Things May Come & Things May Go

Genre: Rock
Rate: 269 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:51:28
Size: 92,37 MB

United Kingdom

review by Chris Nickson

It has to hurt to be dumped from the band you lead, but that's what happened to Pete Brown with the Battered Ornaments -- and to add insult to injury, right on the eve of a prestigious support slot opening for the Rolling Stones at London's Hyde Park in 1969. But Brown, already an acclaimed poet who'd penned many of the lyrics for Cream, dusted himself off and founded Piblokto!. This, their first album, was actually far more accessible and commercial than his work with the Battered Ornaments. The inventive title track percolates, and "High Flying Electric Bird" (which was the B-side of the band's first single) features Brown on the highly unusual rock & roll slide whistle, mimicking a birdsong. But it's "Golden Country Kingdom" that's the highlight; long and involved, it's a wonderful and highly affecting piece of prog rock that stands as the best thing Piblokto! ever put on tape. It stands as a contrast to the more laid-back "Firesong," although "My Love's Gone Far Away" offers a more soulful organ sound.


01 - Things May Come & Things May Go ... 05:03

02 - High Flying Electric Bird 04:17

03 - Someone Like You 05:44

04 - Walk For Charity, Run For Money 05:30

05 - Then I Must Go And Can I Keep 03:50

06 - My Love Is Gone Far Away 02:48

07 - Golden Country King-Dom 03:08

08 - Firesong 05:59

09 - Country Morning 06:47

10 - Flying Hero Sandwich (Bonus) 03:20

11 - My Last Band 05:02

Pete Brown & Piblokto here:




Bad News Reunion 1978 Live Im Logo

Genre: Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:39:41
Size: 90,80 MB


Tja, leider fällt mir zu der CD kein absonderlicher Superlativ ein. Das wird wohl daran liegen, daß die Musik so ehrlich ist. Einfach ehrlich! Bei einem Liveauftritt habe ich die Band zum ersten Mal gesehen und die Professionalität die nur Zustande kommt, wenn blindes Selbstvertständnis zwischen den Hauptakteuren Wallenstein und Schlüter folgert aus jahrelangem Zusammenspiel. Einfach ein Muß für alle die ehrliche Musik lieben. (Magic)


01 - Bad News 04:11

02 - The Thrill Is Gone 05:10

03 - Water In My Eyes 03:55

04 - Like A Rolling Stone 06:39

05 - Cinnamon Girl 02:48

06 - I´Ll Go Crazy 02:39

07 - Young Girl Blues 05:32

08 - Coming Into Los Angeles 07:07

09 - The Fade-Out 01:40

Bad News Reunion here:




Friday, March 29, 2013

Livin' Blues 1972 Bamboozle

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:34:03
Size: 77,90 MB


The Dutch quartet Livin' Blues, was along with Cuby &The Blizzards, one of the main forces of Continental European blues at the end of the Sixties.

Until 1967, the duo Nicko Christiansen (voc, perc, g) and John La Grand (harm) had only played acoustic instruments, but switched to electric and formed Livin' Blues. American city blues was the source for their authentic, hard blues-rock on the vinyl debut "Hell's Session" (1969). They adapted songs by Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters and Little Walter.

Permanently changing personal hindered the band on their way up to stardom. Especially the position of a drummer was often vacant. Founder member Cesar Zuiderwijk was supplanted by Dick Beekman, later came Johnny Le Jeune and Arjean Kamminga and finally Englishman Kenny Lamp (ex-Jellybread and ex-Keylargo). Second bassist was Ruud van Buuren. Producer of the first LP was former Golden Earring member Jaap Eggermont. Later British blues expert Mike Vernon produced the band.

For Three LPs, Livin'Blues played solid, technically perfect blues-rock. Focal point was Nicko Christiansen's roaring voice and Ted Oberg's excellent guitar technique.


Teddy Oberg: leadguitar
Nicko Christiansen: vocals, sax, bongo's
John Lagrand: harmonica
Ruud van Buuren: bassguitar
Jonny Le Jeune: drums


01 - L. B.Boogie 04:12

02 - Sunrise 02:38

03 - Keep On 03:19

04 - Hitch-Hikin' 06:05

05 - Bamboozle Song 02:41

06 - Overture 03:56

07 - Black Night 07:23

08 - Big City Man 03:46

Livin' Blues here:




The Breeze Kings 2010 Two Guys Live

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:02:18
Size: 142,48 MB

United States

An intimate evening of live acoustic delta blues by one of Atlanta's most celebrated blues bands. (cdbaby)


01 - Up The Country 05:07

02 - Back Door Man 06:02

03 - The Sun Is Shining 05:34

04 - Evil 03:11

05 - 32-20 04:05

06 - Keep It To Yourself 02:38

07 - Walking Blues 07:22

08 - All Your Love 07:18

09 - Sorry That You Put Me Down 04:48

10 - Hello Central 08:25

11 - Sweet Pea 02:54

12 - Going To Decatur 04:54

The Breeze Kings here:




Thursday, March 28, 2013

Big Joe Shelton 2008 Black Prairie Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:59:21
Size: 81,44 MB

United States

Album Notes

Big Joe Shelton was born in the Black Prairie region of northeast Mississippi. Growing up in a small Mississippi town he was exposed to an African-American culture which still strongly reflected that of the early part of the twentieth century. He attended tent minstrel shows, bar-b-que picnics and heard street musicians performing authentic traditional blues. The Black Belt region is also the birthplace of blues legends Howlin’ Wolf, Bukka White and Big Joe Williams. As a young man he was fortunate in befriending Williams and this association greatly influenced his musical sensibilities.

As a child Big Joe sang in church and grammar school choirs. In his teens he began playing the harmonica and guitar. Songwriting soon followed and he found he had a wealth of experiences from which to draw. In the mid seventies he moved to Chicago and experienced the urban blues scene first hand. From Maxwell Street to the south side he sopped up the blues gravy served by the likes of Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Buddy Guy and many others.

He is a member of the Mississippi Arts Commission “Artist Roster” and “Folk Arts / Folk Life Directory” and was honored by being included on the “Columbus / Catfish Alley” Mississippi Blues Trail Marker.

Big Joe has performed at numerous festivals and clubs throughout the southeastern United States including: King Biscuit Blues Festival, Howlin’ Wolf Memorial Blues Festival, Freedom Creek Blues Festival, Ground Zero Blues Club, and the Beal Street Mess Around. He has also toured England, France, Belgium, Bulgaria and the Netherlands.

He has played with blues legends Big Joe Williams, Furry Lewis, Son Thomas, Junior Kimbrough, Fenton Robinson, Living Blues 2003 “Artist Of The Year” Willie King, BMA Award nominees Blind Mississippi Morris, R. L. Burnside and Johnny Rawls as well as Daniel “Slick” Ballinger, the 2007 BMA” Best New Artist” honoree.

Among his many contributions toward perpetuation of the blues is his involvement with the Jazz Foundation of America and the Howlin’ Wolf Blues Societies “blues in the school” educational programs as well as performing in area personal care homes for the elderly.


01 - Ribs And Cat Whisky 02:17

02 - In Mississippi 05:29

03 - Chitlin' Lovin' Man 02:54

04 - Mississippi Night 04:59

05 - Hope We Live To See The Day 05:02

06 - One Too Many 03:38

07 - Devil Lives In Memphis 03:43

08 - Black Prairie Blues 05:26

09 - Nothin' Can Save It 03:01

10 - Scratchin' Yo Itch 04:05

11 - Best I Can Tell 06:48

12 - Cat Fish Alley 03:05

13 - Ears Like A Mule 02:29

14 - Can't Come Back 02:51

15 - Be A Woman 03:34

Big Joe Shelton here:




Roland Van Campenhout 2003 Lime & Coconut

Genre: Blues
Rate: 185 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:43:18
Size: 55,46 MB



01 - Going Down Slow 03:59

02 - Lime In The Coconut 05:23

03 - The Spider And The Fly 03:23

04 - Blues Wearing High Heels Shoes 03:22

05 - Rubber Burning 03:39

06 - That's Amore 03:39

07 - Good Times, Bad Times 03:19

08 - Kosher Kamasutra 04:34

09 - Alberta 03:02

10 - Bird In My Pyjamas 03:16

11 - Baby Call My Name 03:08

12 - Do It! 02:34

Roland Van Campenhout here:




Wednesday, March 27, 2013

King Snakes 2004 Issues Up Top

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:11:10
Size: 162,82 MB

United States


Dustin Arbuckle - Vocals & Harp
Aaron Moreland - Guitar
James Hocutt - Bass
David Floyd - Drums


01 - Tell Me Why 03:47

02 - Don't Need No Whiskey 04:07

03 - Use Me 07:12

04 - Good Times 03:14

05 - Ta Blues 03:56

06 - Patsy 02:01

07 - Stormy Outside 08:13

08 - Kokomo Blues 03:05

09 - Grass Is Greener 04:06

10 - Preachin' Blues 07:00

11 - Greenwood County Stomp 02:26

12 - What You Gonna Do 04:36

13 - Pony Blues 04:32

14 - Cortez The Killer 12:55

King Snakes here:



Slackjaw Blues Band 2010-06-19 Northside Lounge

Genre: Blues
Rate: 171 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 02:26:12
Size: 183,68 MB

United States


John Thompson - Guitar and vocals
Carl Capodice - Bass and vocals
Rand Marinelli - Drums

Guests on several tracks:

Garry Hodgson - Harp
Ed Pampani - Drums
Hershall Dow - Guitar and vocals



01 - Instrumental 02:32

02 - Trouble Waiting 05:43

03 - Bring Her Back To Me 03:07

04 - My Time After A While 06:25

05 - Gravity 06:11

06 - Band Intro 00:11

07 - You Can Bring Me Flowers 04:30

08 - Waiting Too Long 03:11

09 - Sorry 04:07

10 - Cry On Me 03:26

11 - Ain't No Hand Me Down 03:31

12 - When I Did Nothing Wrong 06:08


01 - Three Part Crazy Jam 03:13

02 - On My Way Home 05:18

03 - In The Mood 03:34

04 - Tried It Your Way 05:28

05 - Back On Track 05:09

06 - Instrumental 02:27

07 - So It's Like That 04:45

08 - Look Over Yonder Wall 03:24

09 - Nice And Warm 07:00

10 - Just Got Paid 04:44

11 - Rocky Mountain Way 05:41

12 - Man On A Mission 06:32

13 - Led Zeppelin Medley 07:25

14 - Instrumental 02:54

15 - None For Me 05:19

16 - Sharp Dressed Man 02:47


01 - Fire 04:12

02 - Can't You See 06:53

03 - Fortunate Son 04:56

04 - Old Time Rock And Roll 04:17

05 - Outro Instrumental 01:12

Slackjaw Blues Band here:



Janis, The Way She Was (video)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Jay Jesse Johnson 2008 I've Got An Ax To Grind

Genre: Blues
Rate: 224 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:03:18
Size: 101,44 MB

United States

Album Notes

Blues/rock guitarist, Jay Jesse Johnson, is joined by Foghat lead singer, Charlie Huhn, on the latest release “I’VE GOT AN AX TO GRIND”. The new CD features 12 gritty songs with plenty of heavy guitar riffs, and solid performances. Each track is stamped with the authority of Johnson's signature sound, while vocalist Charlie Huhn delivers some classic, blues driving, rock & roll anthems. Drummer B J Zampa (House of Lords) once again brings on the thunder and also co-writes 2 songs on the new CD. On board the Hammond B-3, Matt Zeiner (Dicki Betts Band) is featured on several tracks, like the traditonal blues jam “Spell of Winter” and over the top guitar assault of “Demons”. Returning to the line up, bassist Ed Corvo lays down some big bad bass tracks and ex "Cryer" bassist Steve Shore drops in to lend his hand on the bottom end. This second solo CD by Jay Jesse Johnson gives creedance to the artistry of this seasoned guitarist as well as pushing the limits of the blues/ rock genre. Check out this collection of hard rockin, heavy blues and see what the buzz is all about. One listen and you’ll know, Jay Jesse Johnson really does have an ax to grind.


01 - Cradle To The Grave 04:55

02 - I Ain't Easy 04:30

03 - Big Bad Rhythm 05:41

04 - Sittin' By The Riverside 06:35

05 - Demons 06:38

06 - Matter Of Time 05:28

07 - What Goes Around 04:16

08 - I've Got An Ax To Grind 04:57

09 - Spell Of Winter 05:51

10 - Restless Soul 04:21

11 - Snake In The Grass 03:57

12 - Cold World 06:09

Jay Jesse Johnson here:




Blues Power Band 2009 Zee

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:06:18
Size: 90,48 MB


This second album from the Blues Power Band, ‘Zee’, is not what you call a ‘traditional’ album. Two years after their success with their first CD, ‘Shoot, Shoot, Don’t Talk!’, the quintet doesn’t release yet another album but a ‘concept’, and it’s up there with the giants produced by the likes of David Bowie or the Who, people who’ve made a really deep cut in rock music.

And there’s a cherry on the cake: with this concept album you get a superb booklet, 28 pages of photos, lyrics, comments and notes, and it becomes a true collector’s item. You see, it’s not just in Rock that you can get some beautiful objects and just for that, it’s respect to the BPB!

What about the music? Again, it’s impressive because it’s certainly as good as many heavy productions made in USA. Looking for Zee is brilliantly put together with 21 simply beautiful tracks: there’s a stroke of genius with ‘What’s Up Buddy?’, a musical common thread you discover at the beginning of the album and played here and there throughout played on the dobro or sung. It’s pure genius!

In this quest to find Zee, there are several perfectly hard-hitting tracks, which would make excellent singles, just like in Tommy, you had ‘Pinball Wizard’ or ‘See Me, Feel Me’. Here there’s no pinball machine but great big lorries with ‘Got A New Truck’ and there’s no blind, mute and deaf hero but some dudes looking for Zee and really struggling to find her: ‘I Wish I Could Find Zee’, and ‘Reviens Zee!’. It’s a powerful blues which sticks to your fingers and your ears, it’s a bright and shiny blues, so colorful it gives the BPB’s music so many other shades than just blue.

Listening to the electrifying ‘100°F’, then to the acoustic ‘Mississippi Joe’, you (finally) realize (and you must forgive me because it was so good, I had forgotten all about it)…that the sound is huge, massive, enormous. And you need to be really talented to play your dobro alone in the mish mash of a quintet in search of high voltage electricity, and you have to admit, that it’s great… simply great! I know a Ziggy Stardust who would be green with envy!

Just as Ziggy would kick himself for not having written the fabulous ‘The End…’, a track during which you’re simply thrown off your chair by a breathtaking guitar solo. It’s undoubtedly the hit of this album but then again it is not easy to pinpoint one or more tracks since this concept album deserves to be listened to in one go. But I have to mention, and I won’t apologies for saying so: with ‘Banish’ & Co, and ‘The End..’ , you’ve written some of the greatest tracks in electric blues for…quite some time, and that’s quite something. Sorry but I have to play it again and then it’s back to ‘Zee’, but that guitar solo is just stupendous. You know, Jim, there are some tracks which can’t help but become hits. Except that you’re not here to listen to ‘The End..’.

Original, ‘Zee’ is the proof that those Frenchies can produce top quality, innovative albums. Respect, Gentlemen! (


01 - What's Up Buddy 00:52

02 - Got A New Truck 03:19

03 - The Missing 03:47

04 - I Wish I Could Find Zee 05:21

05 - What's Up Buddy (Zee I Miss You So) 01:16

06 - Riding With Jane 03:21

07 - Fortune 03:29

08 - What's Up Buddy (Went To The Marquee) 01:36

09 - Reviens Zee! 03:07

10 - 100°F 01:36

11 - Mississippi Joe 04:24

12 - Noite Doce Em Bahia 02:46

13 - What's Up Buddy (Cosa I Lé Zi) 04:49

14 - Tchoga Zanbil 01:01

15 - Marsquake 03:02

16 - Aftershock 02:56

17 - Below 04:33

18 - The End ... 05:20

19 - Back In Town 02:45

20 - Somebody 02:56

21 - Somebody Won't Talk 04:02

Blues Power Band here:




Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ferenczi György Es A Herfli Davidson 1994 I Feel Good

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:57:52
Size: 132,41 MB



01 - Same Old Blues 05:04

02 - Mustang Sally 06:39

03 - I Feel Good 03:59

04 - Éjfél Után 08:36

05 - Tom-Tom Funky 06:03

06 - Hiába Hívtalak 05:11

07 - Send Me Someone 06:16

08 - Talk To 04:59

09 - See My Truck 05:12

10 - Every Day 05:53

Ferenczi György Es A Herfli Davidson here:



Saturday, March 23, 2013

Stone Tone Blues Band 2009 69 Shells

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:00:38
Size: 138,63 MB

United States

Nothing but raw, skin-deep, authentic, juicy BLUES belted by some of the best known blues session musicians in the greater NYC area. If you are looking for the real deal BLUES band, you found it. No pop applies here. Turn up loud, strap yourself for what- (cdbaby)


01 - Not To Tell The Secret 05:40

02 - Jason Funk 06:42

03 - 69 Shells 08:16

04 - RX Blues 06:41

05 - Blue And Lonesome 11:42

06 - Uptown Swing 03:17

07 - Meliha 07:39

08 - Shake Your Hips 10:41

Stone Tone Blues Band here:




Tsar Bomba 2013 Silent Queen

Genre: Rock
Rate: 273 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:40:14
Size: 79,82 MB


Tsar Bomba is formed in Paris, uniting old friends from various musical backgrounds. The line-up finds their sound and writes their first songs, then initiates several concerts in the French capital.

The aerial beat of the drums contributes to the alchemy between a huge gain guitar and a heavy fuzzy bass which support efficiently a clear and rough vocal. The resulting atmosphere reminds us the darkness of Acid Bath, the classical bluesy groove of Kyuss, the might of Karma to Burn or the thick and stoned ambience of Electric Wizard.

Despite the band's youth, the Parisian combo is just back from the recording studio with a unique sounding debut album.


Cédric Marcel / Vocals
Fabien Fok / Guitar
Wojtek Nowak / Bass
Jérome Farion / Drums

Got a mail from the band. Read it here and check them out for free:

Hey Southern Blues Rock,

I'm a musician in stoner band from Paris, named Tsar Bomba. We're actually promoting our (full length) album "Silent Queen" and we're looking for some blog to review it.

You can listen and download the CD for free here:

And here you can find bio, photos and others:
You can also visit our facebook:

Hope you will like it ;)


01 - Jesus Fuckin' Christ 06:00

02 - Enter The Void 05:35

03 - Flooded 03:48

04 - Silent Queen 05:53

05 - The Devil's Been Busy 05:33

06 - Why Do You Live Here Yet ? 05:18

07 - Who Am I 04:02

08 - Black Flag 04:05



Friday, March 22, 2013

5 Rano ? Czas Na Blues

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:33:33
Size: 30,73 MB


To juz 5 lat!

Tak trudno w to uwierzyc, ale uplynelo juz naprawde 5 lat od chwili kiedy jesienia 2004 r. Grzegorz Kasperowicz przywiózl do Pozrzadla Lukasza Lyczkowskiego mlodziutkiego, krótko obstrzyzonego fana hip – hopu, na spotkanie z Lukaszem Labedzkim i Arkiem Juruszem. Wlasnie Ci trzej panowie sa glównymi winowajcami zjawiska pod tytulem 5 RANO.

Koncepcja na zespól byla jasno sprecyzowana przez wylaniajacego sie na lidera „Labedzia” – tworzyc wlasna muzyke, w której zawarte beda wszystkie odcienie bluesa.

Poczatkowo w sklad rodzacego sie zespolu wchodzily 4 osoby. Za perkusja zasiadl Grzesiu – sulecinski znawca bluesa, który wniósl do zespolu pierwsze wlasne kompozycje. Po kilku próbach Lonek przestawil sie z gitary basowej na swoje ukochane klawisze i tak do powstajacego projektu dolaczyl Rafal Siwak – basista, który do dzis jest ostoja zespolu. Zaraz po nim szeregi wzmacnia jeszcze Marcel Kruszakin. W tym momencie zespól zyskuje druga gitare, która przez kolejne lata tak pieknie przeplata sie z gitara Labedzia. Swoja gra na harmonijce ustnej udzielal sie równiez Maciek, co jeszcze bardziej podkreslalo bluesowe brzmienie zespolu. Intensywna praca nad materialem zaowocowala pierwszym wystepem przed publicznoscia w klubie „ u Bulka” w lutym 2005 roku w Sulecinie. Gorace brawa od publicznosci motywuja do dalszej pracy.

Zespól nie moze byc anonimowy i tak zaczynajac od „BLUESKY”, rozwazajac „TWOJA STARA” kapela przyjmuje nazwe „5 RANO”, której znaczenie autor – Labedz wyjasnia jako bardzo bluesowa i bliska nam godzine”. Zawiazuje sie duet kompozytorski Labedzki – Lyczkowski, który tworzy pierwsze autorskie utwory, wdrazajac je coraz czesciej do repertuaru. 5 maja 2006 r. to pamietna data i pierwszy sukces 5 Rano. Chlopaki podczas Festiwalu Milosników Fortyfikacji w Boryszynie dzieki utworowi „ Kiepski Uklad” zgarniaja wszystkie laury, w nagrode wystepujac przed 10 tys. publicznoscia, przy okazji spelniajac marzenie wokalisty, supportujac legendarny Dzem. Równiez w tym roku zostaje zarejestrowany material demonstracyjny zawierajacy 5 utworów. Muzyka zespolu odchodzi od tradycyjnego, korzennego bluesowego grania na rzecz zdecydowanie ostrzejszego hardrockowego brzmienia, jednoczesnie nie bojac sie jazzowych improwizacji. Niesie to za soba zmiane za sterami perkusji. Grzesia Kasperowicza zastepuje Szymon Szymkowicz, ozywiajac swoim „latynoskim” stylem twórczosc zespolu. To jednak nie koniec roszad w skladzie. „Proza zycia” zmusza do zrezygnowania z grania Marcela, jednak nie hamuje to pracy nad stworzeniem materialu na plyte demo „ Czas na Blues”.

Przychodza kolejne sukcesy, a plyta demo toruje droge do pokazania sie na festiwalach nie tylko lokalnych, ale takze majacych zasieg juz ogólnopolski. Wazniejsze sukcesy to 3 miejsce na Spring Rock Festiwal w Nowej Soli, okazja wystepu przed TSA i indywidualna nagroda dla wokalisty podczas festiwalu „ Las, Woda i Blues” w Slawie.

5 RANO zaczyna pojawiac sie w mediach, w „ RADIU ZACHÓD” rozbrzmiewaja piosenki „ Cisnienie” i „ Kiepski Uklad”, a takze ukazuja sie pochlebne artykuly w prasie. Zespól jest chwalony za energie, fantastyczny kontakt z publicznoscia, charyzme wokalisty i dojrzalosc dzwieków plynacych ze sceny.

Rok 2008 przynosi wiele wyjazdów zespolu. 5 RANO dociera na Mazury, gdzie podczas festiwalu w Ostródzie robi furure, nie ustepujac zespolom z I ligi bluesa. Do tradycji przechodza juz letnie koncerty na zlotach motocyklowych. Zespól staje sie firma znana i pozadana wsród fanatyków „2 kólek”. Wiesc o goracej atmosferze podczas koncertów rozchodzi sie blyskawicznie.

Rok 2009 obfituje w duza ilosc pozytywnych wydarzen. Zespól daje coraz wiecej wystepów równiez poza granicami województwa lubuskiego.

24 marca 5 RANO bierze udzial w specjalnej audycji internetowego „ RADIA WALIZA”, grajac na zywo w klubie „ u Bulka”. Na forum wrze od pochwal i cieplych slów od rozsianej po calym swiecie polonii.

19 czerwca zespól zdobywa Grand Prix Lubuskich Derbów Muzycznych w Zielonej Górze i zostaje okrzykniety najlepiej zapowiadajacym sie zespolem województwa Lubuskiego.

Obecnie trwaja prace nad w pelni profesjonalna plyta, do której zostanie dolaczony wideoklip.

I to by bylo na tyle jesli chodzi o suche fakty. Nie sposób opisac w skrócie tych 5 zwariowanych lat. Nie sposób policzyc lez radosci, ale tez i smutku, poniewaz te 5 lat dzialalnosci to nie tylko pasmo sukcesów, ale takze mozolna rywalizacja pasji do muzyki ze zwyczajna proza zycia. Za swój najwiekszy sukces chlopcy uwazaja fakt, ze pomimo obcowania 5-ciu indywidualnosci, zupelnie róznych charakterów, tworzac monolit grajacy te same dzwieki.

Przez te 5 szalonych, „rockandrollowych” lat wiele sie zmienilo, 5 RANO z grupy przyjaciól z malego miasteczka grajacych ukochana muzyke przeistoczyla sie w powazny zespól, którego pozycja jest coraz mocniejsza. Jedno sie jednak nie zmienia. Pasja, milosc i szczerosc zawarta w muzyce która tworza, muzyce tak dalekiej od tego co mozemy dzisiaj uslyszec.

Przyjaciele przed wami Rock and Roll w najczystszej postaci, przed wami 5 RANO!


01 - Czas Na Blues 03:35

02 - Hieny 04:03

03 - Dzien Za Dniem 04:30

04 - Kiepski Uklad 06:14

05 - Pod Góre 07:34

06 - Moja Mala 03:53

07 - Cisnienie 03:44

]5 Rano here:



Thursday, March 21, 2013

Slash's Blues Ball 1997 House Of Blues (Bootleg)

Genre: Rock
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 02:01:58
Size: 131,62 MB

United States

This is a great concert of course, Slash plays a super cool version of "The Thrill is Gone" that he dedicate to his mom. This is a digital copy of the original digital master recording. (



01 - Intro 01:05

02 - Stone Free 06:02

03 - Born Under A Bad Sign 05:22

04 - Superstitious 06:39

05 - Use Me 05:38

06 - Key To The Highway 05:56

07 - Crossroads 04:20

08 - Night Prowler 06:31

09 - Hoochie Coochie Man 08:10

10 - Funk #49 05:18

11 - The Pusher 07:41

12 - Magic Carpet Ride 05:41


01 - The Thrill Is Gone 08:12

02 - Bring It On Home 11:36

03 - Neither Can I 07:54

04 - Oh Well 05:00

05 - Always On The Run 04:43

06 - Only Women Bleed 05:15

07 - Knockin' On Heaven's Door 10:55

Slash's Blues Ball here:



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