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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra 2001 Live In Buenos Aires 2001

Genre: Gypsy-Punk
Rate: 160 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:33:27
Size: 106,85 MB


01 - Possible Reac 04:06

02 - Kalasnjikov 03:40

03 - Drang Nach Osten 03:12

04 - Fellini 02:37

05 - Ja Violim Te Jos 02:31

06 - Meine Stadt 01:38

07 - Lubenica 06:29

08 - Upside Down 05:24

09 - 16:51

10 - Emir's Dream - Imao Sam Bjelog Konja 05:37

11 - Devil In The Businness Class 07:43

12 - Introduction of the Orchestra 01:38

13 - Was Romeo Really A Jerk 07:05

14 - Pitbull Terrier 05:06

15 - Djindji Rindji Bubamara 19:50


Part1 Part2

Enjoy the music!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Johnny Heartsman & Blues Company 1994 Made In Germany

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:03:23
Size: 144,96 MB

Review by Alex Henderson

It would be wrong to say that Johnny Heartsman died young, although he died at a relatively young age -- Heartsman was 59 when the blues world lost him on December 27, 1996. You can certainly call his death premature, and you can say that he was at the height of his creative powers during the last years of his life.

Recorded live at Vitischanze - a club in Osnabrück, Germany - in 1993, this album is a thoroughly rewarding document of the bluesman's late period. Heartsman's voice is in fine shape throughout his diverse set, and he is as confident on the guitar as he is on organ and flute. Although Made in Germany is a blues CD first and foremost, it's a blues CD that underscores his appreciation of jazz and soul.

Heartsman's inspired performances of Junior Parker's "I Don't Want No Woman" and Albert Collins' "Cold Cold Feeling" are pure electric urban blues, but on the standard "Flip, Flop & Fly," the Californian reminds listeners how nicely he could handle jazz-influenced jump blues. Meanwhile, elements of soul, jazz, and blues come together on an instrumental version of Bill Withers' "Ain't No Sunshine," which gives Heartsman a chance to stretch out on flute. Very few bluesmen have been known for their flute playing, but in Heartsman's funky hands, the flute sounded perfectly logical as a blues instrument. Made in Germany makes one wish that he had recorded a lot more live albums during his career.


01 - Intro 01:18

02 - That's Allright 08:24

03 - Flute Juice 07:13

04 - Cold Cold Feeling 07:25

05 - I Don't Want No Woman 06:48

06 - Let Me Love You 07:38

07 - Ain't No Sunshine 05:55

08 - Sweet Frisco Blues 07:27

09 - Flip, Flop & Fly 11:15


Part1 Part2

Enjoy the music!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jeff Scheetz Band 2003 Beggars, Rougues & Thieves

Genre: Rock
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:01:48
Size: 56,46 MB

Album Notes

The Jeff Scheetz band CD "Beggars, Rogues & Thieves" is a collection of well written blues rock songs and features the killer soulful vocals of Matt Waddill, the aggressive Hammond B-3 playing of Ted Gardner, and the "groovemaster" drumming of Kent Burnham. The Jeff Scheetz band live show is ledgendary for it's firey jams, and the band has captured that vibe on the new CD.

This CD is for people who remember when the music mattered.

Jeff Scheetz has long been critically acclaimed as a brilliant guitarist - now this new CD adds to the mix Soulful vocals, Singing Hammond B-3, and still plenty of guitar - in well written bluesy rock songs with more hooks than your favorite fishin' lure (


01 - Beggars, Rogues & Thieves 04:09

02 - Longest Night Of My Life 04:42

03 - Get Out & Jump 04:52

04 - You Captivate Me (For Jackie) 04:34

05 - Situational Comedy 05:36

06 - Guilty 04:39

07 - Superman 04:09

08 - Work, Work, Work, Work, Work 05:11

09 - Wicked Ways 05:19

10 - Beautiful Day 05:19

11 - Free My Soul 05:42

12 - Buffalo Jam (Instrumental) 07:36



Enjoy the music!

Quicksilver Messenger Service 1968 Maiden Of The Cancer Moon

Genre: Psych
Rate: 187 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 01:28:48
Size: 119,18 MB

Review by Richie Unterberger

A double album of live material from 1968, this duplicates a lot of the material on Happy Trails and adds considerably more. This erratic collection reflects Quicksilver's best and worst qualities: The hard-driving blend of raga/folk/psychedelic rock is fine, while the blues jams are fairly awful. Besides "Who Do You Love?" and "Mona" (two versions), this LP has covers of "Back Door Man," "Smokestack Lightning," Buffy St. Marie's "Codine," and versions of most of the songs from the first Quicksilver LP. The rendition of "The Fool" here eclipses the studio take, and the performance of "Gold and Silver" is fine except for the "Toad"-like drum solo. John Cipolina's slithery leads are consistently fine, and Quicksilver fans will find this worth the search.


01 - Back Door Man 04:17

02 - Codine 06:15

03 - Mona - Maiden Of The Cancer Moon - Mona 11:37

04 - Gold And Silver 12:03

05 - Smokestack Lightning 10:18

06 - Light Your Windows 03:06

07 - Dino's Song 03:32

08 - The Fool 13:17

09 - Who Do You Love 12:23

10 - Mona - Maiden - Mona 12:00


Part1 Part2

Enjoy the music!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Danny Bryant's Red Eye Band 2007 Live

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 273 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 01:00:15
Size: 112,38 MB

United Kingdom

Danny Bryant's Redeyeband started in 1999, the present line up comprises of Danny Bryant - lead guitar/vocals/songwriter, Ken Bryant [his father] bass and Trevor Barr on drums, Ken's solid bass playing meshes perfectly with Trevor to make a tight driving rhythm section. The band are a power house trio led by one of the UK's leading guitar players in his field who has an astounding way of getting more and more out of his guitar, taking his playing to another level at every show! Danny's singing perfectly compliments his guitar playing, whether he is belting out a raw blues/rock number, or a subtler rendition, his voice as much as his guitar playing is now his well-known trademark. As Danny has matured, so has his song writing, and by the age of 26 he has already written many superb songs, from gutsy guitar driven rockers to beautiful hauntingly sung ballads, his songs are so popular that other bands now cover them regularly and at shows he is besieged by people requesting their favorite Danny Bryant numbers.

Having demonstrated an increasing maturity within his music a year ago with 'Days Like This' Danny Bryant has followed up with a stunner! This new Live CD is exactly what his huge army of fans have been seeking - an opportunity to relive the moment, the spontaneity, the very atmosphere of a Red Eye Band gig. Danny Bryant always gives his absolute ALL on stage and this CD captures the energy beautifully. Throughout the experience, Danny reigns supreme.

There are some familiar compositions here from Danny's extensive career as a songwriter. And a few covers are given notable Bryant treatment too. Result? A supreme success.

This young man's hard work and dedication are beginning to pay off; endorsed by Marshall amplification and with a new record company in support, it seems that he is finally achieving the success he so richly deserves. Share the experience. Buy this album. It's hot, hot hot! (


01 - Heartbreaker 05:25

02 - Slow Blues - Sweet Little Angel 09:12

03 - Hideaway - Bring You Fine Self Home 05:29

04 - Girl From The North Country 08:21

05 - Play To Win, Born To Lose 04:42

06 - Last Man Standing 04:44

07 - This Is The Blues 05:11

08 - Always With Me 09:21

09 - Good Time Woman 07:49



Enjoy the music!

Black Cat Bone Blues Band (Italy) 1995 Just A Little Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:06:44
Size: 152,54 MB

The band history, lasting more than 25 years, is divided in two periods corresponding to two geographical areas:

- the first was in Puglia (a southern region of Italy) were the band was founded in 1982 as "Black Cat Bones" by Gennaro Carrillo and Enzo "Bob Rock" Palumbo (this period finished in 1989);

- the second one started in 1992, when the band was refounded in Milan (the biggest city of the north-Italy), this time again by Gennaro Carrillo and Gianni Di Ruvo (already guitar player of the band during 1986), both moved to Milan for job, with a slightly different name " Black Cat Bone blues band". (


01 - Just A Little Bit 03:06

02 - I Love To Jump The Boogie 05:00

03 - Dark End Of The Street 03:04

04 - Jambalaya 04:47

05 - You Gotta Love Her With A Fee 06:58

06 - Sunnyland 03:33

07 - Black Night 06:23

08 - Dixie Diner 03:04

09 - Help Me 06:39

10 - Flip, Flop & Fly 03:30

11 - Who 04:00

12 - Got My Mojo Working 05:21

13 - You Don't Have To Go 04:39

14 - Nothing But Trouble 06:40


Part1 Part2

Enjoy the music!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Mike Dugan & The Blues Mission 1997 All My Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:53:18
Size: 121,79 MB

Review “The Press of Atlantic City” NJ – July 25, 1997

Searing, guitars, wailing vocals and crisp songwriting scream out from veteran blues man Mike Dugan's latest CD, a 10-song collection that places Dugan at the forefront of original acts.

In "All My Blues" Dugan doesn't rein­vent the blues wheel, he just keeps it turning in the right direction. Never too fancy and always keeping focused, the vocalist and guitarist, who has played with the likes of Les Paul and B.B. King, proves he can do it all, from blues with a swing to straight-out rockers.

Dugan seems to do everything well. On the opening cut, “Turn It On and Light It Up," Dugan's raspy voice blends perfectly with the guest guitar work of Bobby Radcliff, creating a perfect opening song.

Dugan also makes good use of his guest musicians. Aside from Radcliff, Fulton Patrick's harmonica on "Can't Get Off the Ground" and "Lyin' In Bed," two Robert Cray-like tunes, are worth the price of the CD alone. The Uptown Horns come through on “Slow" and "Vintage," a ­duet between Dugan and Shirley Lewis. And the Rave-­On-Ettes give a great groove to "Freezer Burn," a lighthearted, standout track.

The only cover on the CD, "Life By The Drop", a tune made popular by Stevie Ray Vaughan, has a refreshing rock feel, and Dugan does Vaughan justice.

Dugan’s “All My Blues” is a straightforward, rocking blues album that shouldn’t be missed. (Scott Cronick)


01 - Turn It On And Light It Up 03:52

02 - Can't Get Off The Ground 05:18

03 - Blues Machine 04:42

04 - Freezer Burn 03:58

05 - Lyin' In Bed 05:20

06 - Life By The Drop (For SRV) 04:09

07 - Gamblin' With My Heart 04:58

08 - Nothin' But The Blues 05:20

09 - Another Night Without You 05:45

10 - Vintage (With Shirley Lewis) 04:01

11 - All My Blues 05:55


Part1 Part2

Enjoy the music!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Usefull programs - Mozilla Firefox & Adblock Plus

As I'm using Tinypaste, I often get complaints that users have displayed a lot of advertising or even to complete a survey to get the download links. That is not my intention. I recommend you to use Mozilla Firefox together with Adblock Plus.

Mozilla Firefox

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Downloading Mozilla Firefox

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Mozilla provides Firefox for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X in a variety of languages. You can get the latest version of Firefox here.

Installing Mozilla Firefox

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Uninstalling Mozilla Firefox

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By default, removing Firefox 3.6 won’t remove your bookmarks, web browsing history, extensions or other add-ons. This data is stored in your profile folder, which can be found by going to the Help menu and selecting Troubleshooting Information.... The button next to the Profile Directory line in Application Basics will open your profile directory in your system's file explorer.

Please note that if you keep your profile, any version of Firefox that you install after removing Firefox 3.6 will continue to use the bookmarks, web browsing history, add-ons, and other data from this profile folder.

Adblock Plus

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Downloading & installing Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus you get here: Adblock Plus

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King Biscuit Boy 1970 Gooduns

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:34:16
Size: 62,13 MB

Review by Keith Pettipas

Originally released on LP format in 1971 with a cloth burlap cover, Gooduns is the second album by Richard "King Biscuit Boy" Newell. After the success Official Music the year before, Gooduns was more of the same style with a few left over songs from the previous albums' sessions with Crowbar (although by this time they had officially parted company) and backing from some new musicians that included members of Janis Joplin's Full Tilt Boogie Band, Seatrain and Canada's Dr. Music. For this album, Newell recorded on a couple of cover songs written by Dr. John, Little Walter and Willie Dixon but the album contained mainly original compositions by Newell.

With a harder blues guitar sound and tighter band edge than the debut, "Gooduns" was supported by a successful tour of England in 1971 where King Biscuit Boy and The Real Gooduns Band were backed up by the British band The Idle Race. Despite the success of the album and tour, the Daffodil Records label fell on hard times financially and folded with no single or album promotion, leaving King Biscuit Boy to move to the Epic label for the next release. This budget priced reissue by Unidisc does not contain any bonus tracks but faithfully reproduces the original album graphics and liner notes.

Album Notes:

First, let me make this clear. I love the King Biscuit Boy. Yes, love. I love to listen to all his albums, all the time. And it follows that I love Richard Newell, who is the King Biscuit Boy.

Now, stay with me on this. The story has been told many times - but here we go again:

Ronnie Hawkins is from Fayettesville, Arkansas. He and Levon Helm crossed the border into Canada, and were handed the Canadian music culture as a housewarming gift. Their consensual validation meant legendary status, instantly.
Ronnie would start in on one of his stories, then I would tell them "Boys, I've told you a million times, ..."don't exaggerate."

But the Hawk's Midas touch didn't come without serious alchemy. He didn't invent the term 'woodshedding' (as in: How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practise, practise, practise!) but he did apply it. Ronnie didn't care how long you practised, as long as it was most of your waking hours. He'd muse out loud: "Boys, I saw this player last night and he's got your job written all over him."

The Hawk shared space and attitude with this fight promoter, Heavy Andrews. Heavy was a treat. He'd lean into the rehearsal space and softly drawl, "Ronnie says if you boys miss that turnaround one more time, y'er all history!"

Ronnie used to call us the ugliest band in rock and roll, but then we used to call him the Old Hawk Sucker.
Of all us players Ronnie deified, time has proven he was right about the King Biscuit Boy.

In 1938, Sonnie Boy Williamson - a.k.a Aleck Ford Rice Miller and not Sonny Boy Williamson #1 a.k.a John Lee Williamson - began to broadcast over station KFFA in Helena, Arkansas. The show was called King Biscuit Time, and it was sponsored by Sonny Boy Cornmeal and King Biscuit Flour.

(Are You confused yet? I told you - stay with me!)

Sonny Boy was accompanied by Robert Jr. Lockwood and, later, his own King Biscuit Entertainers. They included Willie Love and Peck Curtis.

The popular radio show continues today. The show brought Sonny Boy great prestige and he became a regional media celebrity. He was easily recognized because his picture was on each flour sack.

After Sonny Boy's 1963 tour with the likes of Brian Auger, The Animals and the Yardbirds (complete with Eric Clapton and Jimmie Page), he was quoted as saying: 'Those "English boys want to play the blues real bad... they do play the Blues real bad." (Blues News, Vol 2, Issue 11, Hamilton, August. 1986).

Ronnie Hawkins attended many of those early broadcasts, and he saw Sonny Boy play on the back of a flatbed delivery truck. So when he hooked Richard Newell with the moniker the King Biscuit Boy, he made Richard a righteous member of a controversial royal Blues family.

Ronnie Hawkins, for years, has earned the role of beloved godfather of rock. And time has shown that he is a king-maker.

(Still with me?)

I love the King Biscuit Boy because it fits. Imagine this blond, fuzzy Canadian guy taking the bus to Buffalo every Saturday during the '50s to Herb Ross' Rhythmland - "Buy five, get one free." Or imagine him listening to George "The Hound" Lorenze on WKBW Buffalo's Rocking Right On Record Tonight . Or here's my personal favorite, from the Catholic Teens "N" Twenties dances: Guys ties. Gals no capris, please."

Each King Biscuit Boy album - Official Musk and Gooduns and the many that followed - were personally stamped, the Jimmy Reed guitar tortures filtering through King Biscuit Boy's unique vibes. (By the way, don't call him Biscuit. Just don't.) Yes, I love Richard Newell because he's my pal. He makes me laugh so hard that it endangers my health. He likes my piano playing too.

Let's just say this about our bond - some people like Roy Rogers, Some like Dale Evans, or Trigger. But me and Rich, we like Gabby Hayes.

Like Rich's biggest fans, Liz and Dick (His mom and dad) and brother Randy, I'm happiest with a frosty mug in front of me, listening to Rich being the King Biscuit Boy, singing and playing the classics faithfully.

During rehearsals, Rich would say, "That's not in there. There's nothing new about the Blues."
Listen to Dr. John's Lord Pity Us All, or to Rick Bell's (Dr. Leslie Bell's son) 60-second intro to that old 12 Bar Blues standard, I Can't Hold Out Much Longer. Or how about the old timey Georgia Rag? Then there's that kids' skipping verse, Ranky Tanky.

Just do yourself a big favor and slip this baby into your music machine - and hang on!

From Son Richard and The Chessman in 1962 in Hamilton's Downstairs Club (Rich Newell, Doug "Magna" Carter, Earl Johnson and Babe Myles) to King Biscuit Boy and Crowbar - and all us musicians in between - we all say this: Anyhow, anyway, anytime, let's do it again. Boogie! (Kelly Jay, Calgary, September 1995)


01 - You Done Tore Your Playhouse Down Again 05:46

02 - Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights) 02:48

03 - Georgia Rag 01:37

04 - Barefoot Rock 03:34

05 - The Boogie Walk 04:03

06 - Ranky Tanky 03:59

07 - Twenty Nine Ways 02:41

08 - Bald-Headed Rhumba Boogie 04:10

09 - Lord Pity Us All 05:38



Enjoy the music!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Little Wolf & The Hellcats 2006 The Blues Got Soul

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:36:45
Size: 67,33 MB

Album Notes

Little Wolf has been named 2007 Male Blues Vocalist of the Year by the West Coast Blues Hall of Fame. It is little wonder that Little Wolf, a Bay Area blues veteran, is being recognized for his amazing vocal style and riveting stage presence.

Little Wolf is not new to the national music scene. As a band leader and accomplished drummer in the early 80's Malik managed and arranged backup bands for many blues luminaries like Big Joe Turner, John Lee Hooker, Jimmy McCracklin, and others. In the late 80's and early 90's Malik Shabazz and the Plus Factor were entertaining the Bay Area and beyond. Little Wolf has toured worldwide, making trips to Europe and Australia.

The current Hellcat band includes some serious blues veterans including bass player Chuck Trijillo who played with John Lee Hooker in the 70s and was named the 2007 Bass Player of the Year.

Doug Logan's guitar playing is refreshingly true to the music while being influenced by many modern players.

David Sobel's piano and organ expertise is evedent immediately. He lays down a perfect groove and soars to powerful heights on his solos.

Brian Burson is a rock solid pocket drummer usually playing a 3 piece kit and shy about solos. He plays regularly with Bernard Anderson and played and recorded with the late-great Red Archibald.


01 - Big Legged Woman 04:12

02 - Louise 04:11

03 - Mess Around 03:23

04 - You're Breaking My Heart 05:05

05 - Smokestack Lightning 02:59

06 - Woke Up This Morning 03:15

07 - Sitting On Top Of The World 02:50

08 - The Color Of The Rose 03:01

09 - Every Day I Have The Blues 04:16

10 - Big Boss Man 03:33



Enjoy the music!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Eric Clapton 1973 Rainbow Concert

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 160 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:34:42
Size: 39,72 MB

Review by William Ruhlmann

By January 1973, Eric Clapton's career was going great guns as the result of compilations like History of Eric Clapton; the only problem was that Clapton himself was nursing a heroin addiction and hadn't been heard from since his August 1971 appearance at the concert for Bangladesh. The Who's Pete Townshend enticed Clapton out for another one-off concert appearance (in fact, there were two shows) at the Rainbow Theatre in London on January 13, 1973, and organized an all-star band to back him. It was an ensemble effort, as much a showcase for Steve Winwood — who sang lead vocals on "Presence of the Lord" and Traffic's "Pearly Queen" — as for the nominal star. But it demonstrated that the reclusive Clapton could still play, and that was welcome news. Today, the album is an adequate live document, though one can find better performances of the songs on other records.


01 - Badge 03:31

02 - Roll It Over 06:54

03 - Presence Of The Lord 05:32

04 - Pearly Queen 06:59

05 - After Midnight 05:14

06 - Little Wing 06:32



Enjoy the music!

Peewee Bluesgang 1980 Live Im Jovel

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:38:20
Size: 87,62 MB


01 - I Don't Need Somebody Else 04:38

02 - Rambling On My Mind 06:41

03 - Gospel 04:38

04 - John Lee Hooker 03:46

05 - Boogie On Down The Steel 05:35

06 - Slow Blues 07:21

07 - I'm On The Lonley Road 03:09

08 - Intro 02:32



Monday, August 23, 2010

Sonny Moorman 2009 Live As Hell

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:14:33
Size: 102,28 MB

United States

PRESS RELEASE January 20, 2009

Atlas Records is proud to announce the release of SONNY MOORMAN's "Live As Hell" cd with 14 new songs recorded live. It was co-produced by Sonny and noted producer-engineer-mixer, Erwin Musper whose diverse credits include working with such artists as Van Halen, David Bowie, Elton John, Jeff Beck, Mick Jagger and Yngwie Malmsteen. The sound quality on this cd is truly incredible and Sonny's guitars and vocals have never sounded better.

The cd contains a perfect blend of blues and rock classics including Key to the Highway, Rattlesnake Shake, Cincinnati Jail, Highway 61 Revisited, Wham, Oh Well and a couple of real surprises.

Sonny was the runner-up at the 2007 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Blues Festival Guides's 2008 Blues Artist on the Rise and has garnered numerous other awards and accolades in recent years. Take the advice of the late Bill Ector of Hittin The Note Magazine: "Sonny Moorman's award-winning blues is something you need to hear."


01 - Chitlins Con Carne 07:00

02 - Highway 61 Revisited 09:20

03 - Everybody's Blues 04:36

04 - Tired of Trying 04:42

05 - Whiter Shade Of Pale 05:35

06 - Wham 03:06

07 - If You Have To Know 05:05

08 - Cincinnati Jail 07:22

09 - Harlem Nocturne 04:32

10 - Key To The Highway 05:14

11 - Early In The Morning 05:06

12 - Rattlesnake Shake 04:20

13 - Green Manalishi 04:33

14 - Oh Well 04:02



Enjoy the music!

The Carson Downey Band 2000 All The Way

Genre: Blues Rock
Rate: 160 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:54:05
Size: 61,92 MB

If the Carson Downey Band were a fighter, it would be Mike Tyson. Every show the pride of North Preston, Nova Scotia, gives, it seems, is a battle for the allegiance of the audience. The trio likes to come out swinging, but instead of biting ears, they make them ring with a sonic assault that has left a veteran bluesman or two on the ropes.

It happened that way earlier in a Toronto club where the burly guitarist/vocalist Carson Downey, along with brother Murray on drums and bassist Marlowe Smith, opened for Buddy Guy, at 64 perhaps the last of the great Chicago bluesmen. The Downey crew unleashed a seven-song set of sweat-drenched intensity and left the delirious audience primed for the expected coup de grâce from Guy. Guy, however, failed on the follow-up.

The members of the Carson Downey Band have been in the music business for more than 20 years, but it has been only in the last few that they've broken through to a bigger, trans-Canada audience. They're a rarity in Canada's music scene: an all-black, all-Canadian band playing the blues from a part of the country better known for Celtic-style fiddling and indie rockers such as Sloan and Thrush Hermit. Their hometown of North Preston, population circa 3,000, about 6 miles northeast of Halifax, is one of the almost exclusively black townships scattered around Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Like all these communities, North Preston can trace its origins back to the late 18th century when an estimated 6,000 blacks, both slaves and free, came to Atlantic Canada as part of the Loyalist diaspora of the American Revolution.

Carson Downey has five brothers and four sisters, and they were all raised in a small house with an oil furnace, a wood stove, and kerosene lamps for illumination. His father, Leon, and mother, Maureen, held a number of jobs to keep the family together. North Preston, like the other black townships rimmed around Halifax, was a community poor in cash but rich in soul and solidarity. "We only had each other to feed off back then," Maureen Downey once explained to an interviewer. "We had to stick together." Music was one of the glues of the community. Maureen Downey sang in a gospel choir. She "bought me my first guitar when I was 11 or 12," recalled Carson Downey, and found the money for a set of drums for his brother Murray.

Carson Downey's musical roots are in soul and rock, bassist Marlowe came from funk, and Murray was a drummer-of-all-trades. Carson's life changed in the mid-1980s when he went to hear Joe Murphy, a legend among Maritime blues and roots-music aficionados. "It's hard to put into words, but something just clicked. Then Joe says to me, 'I know you play, come on up and play something.'...I managed to put together a few Johnny Winter songs, and it went over well. The next day he called and asked if I wanted to play in his band. I knew instinctively why he wanted me: I brought a spark to his band. Maybe I wasn't as seasoned as some, but I was burning with the fire of a man with a new love."

Carson Downey stayed almost four years with the Murphy ensemble. When he set about starting his own band, he leaned heavily on brother Murray to "come over to the blues side." "Back when we were coming up," recalls Murray, "blues wasn't all that popular. It was all disco, funk, and R&B."

A first album "All The Way" came along to critical success, along with over a dozen awards right across the country. Several tours from coast to coast, as well as extensive tours of Germany, Greenland, as well as Asia and parts of the US.

"Burnin' Up Live" is the band's second CD and it captures what the band does best: burning up a stage with their intense delivery. Whenever the Carson Downey Band starts playing, it doesn't matter if the audience is brand new, young or old, they leave the venue amazed and as fans. What could be better than that? (With excerpts from World Press Review (VOL.48, No.7), by Lenny Stoute, The Globe and Mail)


01 - All The Way 04:09

02 - Hit And Run Lover 04:29

03 - Freedom 04:42

04 - A Little Understanding 05:03

05 - I'm Sorry 06:33

06 - Burnin' Up 03:26

07 - Are You Iin Or Are You Out 04:29

08 - You Left Me Here To Suffer 03:42

09 - Livin' It Up 03:44

10 - Dirty Lowdown Shame 05:24

11 - When The Blues Come To Take You Away 04:05

12 - Too Many People 04:19



Enjoy the music!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jeff Scheetz 1997 Pawn Shop

Genre: Rock
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:42:52
Size: 39,47 MB

Jeff is known internationally for his incredible guitar playing. This CD has enough elements of rock, funk, blues, fusion and acoustic to make anyone who digs great music smile. (

Album Notes

Jeff Scheetz has released 7 CDs. This CD "Pawn Shop" was released in the states, as well as in Japan on Bandai records. He's written a guitar instructional book and CD, released an instructional video, and a live video. He has toured the US, Europe and Mexico, and has been featured in Guitar, Guitar Player, and Guitar World magazines, as well as numerous magazines in Japan and Europe. He is endorsed by Ernie Ball strings, and Yamaha guitars for whom he has performed over 200 clinics worldwide. He has shared the stage with countless others, including: Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, .38 Special, The Scorpions, ELO, Jeff Healey, and many more. See website for complete bio information


01 - Coffeehouse Blues 04:44

02 - Pike 04:28

03 - Soaring 04:51

04 - Platform Shoes 04:08

05 - Lakota 05:22

06 - Legend 04:28

07 - Return Of The Wolf 04:46

08 - Uncle Glen Shuffle 04:07

09 - Space Madness 05:58


Part1 Part2

Enjoy the music!

Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra 2000 Unza Unza Time

Genre: Gypsy
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:04:01
Size: 146,35 MB

Review by Dave Sleger

No Smoking's debut as a "world" band reintroduces filmmaker Emir Kusturica -- who had a brief stint as the bass player of Zabranjeno Pusenje (Yugoslavian for No Smoking) in the mid-'80s -- to the group. Now one of the band's guitarists, he contributes sparingly toward songwriting and arranging. This is still the band of lead singer Dr. Nelle Karajlic, whose acerbic vocals and commanding presence dictate the group's course. But colorful instruments like balalaika, tuba, accordion, trumpet, and accordion contribute significantly as well.

The term "Unza Unza" describes the hybrid of music found on this record. The Balkans are a centrally located region surrounded by Turkish, European gypsy, Greek, Russian, Middle Eastern, and Italian music. German and Spanish music is also welcome into this interwoven musical fabric that cites the local music of Romania, Serbia, Hungary, Albania, Bosnia, and Bulgaria as its foundation. The '70s punk sound that was No Smoking's initial influence is all but abandoned here, although Karajlic still retains some of his snarling and loathsome attitude.

Combine that with the eclecticism of groups like Reptile Palace Orchestra and Brave Combo and the offbeat tendencies of mid-'80s Tom Waits, and perhaps a rough portrait of this group can be painted. This is an incredibly unique album that is essential listening for fans of alternative world music.


01 - Unza Unza Time 04:43

02 - Djindji Rindji Bubamara 05:02

03 - Lubenica 05:51

04 - Prnavor 03:37

05 - Pitbull Terrier 04:05

06 - Was Romeo Really A Jerk 04:12

07 - Drang Nach Osten 04:48

08 - Corfu 02:36

09 - Upside Down 04:10

10 - Sanela 05:40

11 - Devil In The Business Class 03:46

12 - Gruss Gott Trauer 04:06

13 - Emir's Dream 00:42

14 - Imao Sam Bjelog Konja 04:41

15 - Some Other Man 01:48

16 - Furja Djildje 04:14


Part1 Part2

Enjoy the music!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Big Papa & The TCB 2007 Nice 'n' Greazy

Genre: Blues
Rate: 224 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:56:17
Size: 90,16 MB

Album Notes

Big Papa & the TCB was born in the back alleys and seedy after hours parties at the juke joints. It's the place you go after a long day of work, to escape your old lady, or to find yourself a new one. It’s the hang the “real
players” go to after their gigs to play the music they don't allow in the mainstream. It's the rough part of town, where the bad folks live. It's your inner child finally kicking that bully's teeth in- Takin' Care of Bizness, pure and simple.

Leading this rag-tag bunch of ruffians is “Big Papa T,” working the mic and cuttin’ heads on the six string. Layin’ down the low stuff is “The Ice Cream Man” on bass. Fingerin’ the ebonies and bangin‘ the ivories is “Dr. Q.” And introducing “Mr. Pittz,” holdin’ it all together on the skins. And you can bet that surprise special guests are almost always a sure thing.

Big Papa & the TCB is the music you hear echoing off the brick walls of the alley as two tough guys begin
acquainting your knee caps with "Mr. Lead Pipe."


01 - Flip Flop & Fly 04:32

02 - Little Miss Mischief 03:51

03 - 200 Lbs. Of Trouble 05:26

04 - Ain't No Thang 05:30

05 - Hoochie Coochie Man 08:12

06 - I Want You Back 07:05

07 - Cupid 05:14

08 - Too Many Dirty Dishes 09:02

09 - Go Big Papa! 07:25



Enjoy the music!

Gov't Mule 2008 Orpheum Theatre, Boston (Gov't Mule Play Pink Floyd)

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 03:02:25
Size: 417,14 MB

United States



01 - Brighter Days 08:12

02 - Bad Little Doggie 03:43

03 - Brand New Angel 07:30

04 - Game Face - Mountain Jam 11:47

05 - Third Stone From The Sun - Eternity's Breath 14:43

06 - St. Stephen Jam 04:31

07 - Monkey Hill 05:35

08 - Child Of The Earth 06:20

09 - Kinder Bird Jam 11:12

10 - Kind Of Bird 03:29


01 - One Of These Days 05:42

02 - Fearless 05:37

03 - Pigs On The Wing Part 2 01:47

04 - Shine On You Crazy Diamond 13:56

05 - Have A Cigar 06:30

06 - Speak To Me 01:03

07 - Breathe 02:57

08 - On The Run 03:52

09 - Time - Great Gig In The Sky 12:00

10 - Money 07:16


01 - Comfortably Numb 06:05

02 - Shine On You Crazy Diamond Reprise 14:35

03 - Wish You Were Here 05:26

04 - Crowd, Guest Intros 04:12

05 - A Million Miles From Yesterday 03:45

06 - Blind Man In The Dark 10:40


Mirror Part1
Mirror Part2
Mirror Part3
Mirror Part4
Mirror Part5

Enjoy the music!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Joe Bonamassa 2009 Live From The Royal Albert Hall

Genre: Blues Rock
Rate: 320 kbps VBR / 48000
Time: 02:03:36
Size: 282,93 MB


Joe Bonamassa: guitar and vocals
Rick Melick: keyboards, tambourine, backing vocals
Carmine Rojas: bass
Anton Figg: drums
Bogie Bowles: drums
Lee Thornberg: trumpet
Sean Freeman: sax
Mike Feltham: trombone



01 - Django 03:28

02 - The Ballad Of John Henry 06:47

03 - So It's Like That 02:56

04 - Last Kiss 07:18

05 - So Many Roads 06:21

06 - Stop! 05:44

07 - Further On Up The Road 05:39

08 - High Water Everywhere 05:07

09 - Sloe Gin 08:27


01 - Lonesome Road Blues 04:36

02 - Happier Times 06:52

03 - Your Funeral My Trial 04:16

04 - Blues Deluxe 09:17

05 - Story Of A Quarryman 05:18

06 - The Great Flood 08:05

07 - Just Got Paid 11:27

08 - Mountain Time 10:52

09 - Asking Around For You 11:06


Part1 Part2 Part3

Enjoy the music!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stevie Ray Vaughan - The Slow Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 224 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:04:42
Size: 103,62 MB


01 - The Things That I Used To Do 04:55

02 - Tin Pan Alley 09:12

03 - Leave My Girl Alone 04:16

04 - Riviera Paradise 08:52

05 - Ain't Gonna Give Up On Love 06:08

06 - Life Without You 04:17

07 - The Sky Is Crying 04:39

08 - Little Wing 06:51

09 - Texas Flood 05:22

10 - Dirty Pool 05:03

11 - Lenny 05:07



Enjoy the music!

Janis Joplin 2009 The Woodstock Experience

Genre: Blues
Rate: 181 kbps VBR
Time: 01:35:42
Size: 125,39 MB

United States



01 - Try (Just A Little Bit Harder) 03:58

02 - Maybe 03:42

03 - One Good Man 04:12

04 - As Good As You've Been To This World 05:28

05 - To Love Somebody 05:15

06 - Kozmic Blues 04:24

07 - Little Girl Blue 03:51

08 - Work Me, Lord 06:36


01 - Raise Your Hand (Live At Woodstock) 05:31

02 - As Good As You've Been To This World (Live At Woodstock) 06:25

03 - To Love Somebody (Live At Woodstock) 05:17

04 - Summertime (Live At Woodstock) 05:05

05 - Try (Just A Little Bit Harder) (Live At Woodstock) 05:13

06 - Kozmic Blues (Live At Woodstock) 04:57

07 - Can't Turn You Loose (Live At Woodstock) 04:25

08 - Work Me, Lord (Live At Woodstock) 08:43

09 - Piece Of My Heart (Live At Woodstock) 04:57

10 - Ball And Chain (Live At Woodstock) 07:43



Enjoy the music!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Eric Clapton 2004 Me And Mr. Johnson

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:49:42
Size: 113,71 MB

Reviewby Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Ten years after his first all-blues album, From the Cradle, Eric Clapton released Me and Mr. Johnson, an album-length tribute to his hero, the legendary bluesman Robert Johnson. Not that this is the first time Clapton has paid tribute to Johnson. Throughout his career, Clapton has not only drawn on Johnson for inspiration, but he has covered his songs at pivotal moments: "Ramblin' on My Mind" on his classic album with John Mayall, Bluesbreakers; "Four Until Late" on the first Cream album; and, most memorably, the rampaging cover of "Crossroads" on Wheels of Fire that became his anthem and arguably his defining moment.

Considering this long history, perhaps a full-length tribute was inevitable, yet Me and Mr. Johnson still is welcome, in part because it's been a long time since this guitarist has sounded so comfortable and relaxed, as if he was having fun making music. With the possible exception of the spotty yet charming B.B. King duet album Riding With the King, this is simply the most enjoyable record he's made since From the Cradle, and in some respects it's a better blues album than that since it never sounds as doggedly serious as that guitar-heavy affair. Given the somber, sometimes chilling lyrics Johnson wrote — Clapton admits that "At first [his music] scared me in its intensity," an accurate summary of the haunting nature of those 29 sides the bluesman cut in the '30s — it's a little ironic that this tribute winds up being fun, not somber, but the light touch makes for a better album. That lightness comes from the deep love Clapton holds for this music, since the enthusiasm and enjoyment he and his band — all the old regulars like Andy Fairweather-Low plus Billy Preston on keyboards — give the performance results in the album's light, infectious feel. While that does result in versions of "If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day" and "Hell Hound on My Trail" that sound anything but haunted, they do sound nicely next to the up-tempo rave-ups of "They're Red Hot," "Last Fair Deal Gone Down," and "Stop Breaking Down Blues" since all of them sound like Clapton is having a hell of a good time.

Some might take issue with this, and others may find the album too slickly produced — admittedly, blues albums should never boast a credit for Pro Tools, as this does — but this is a heartfelt tribute that's among Clapton's most purely enjoyable albums.


01 - When You Got A Good Friend 03:21

02 - Little Queen Of Spades 04:58

03 - They're Red Hot 03:25

04 - Me And The Devil Blues 02:57

05 - Traveling Riverside Blues 04:31

06 - Last Fair Deal Gone Down 02:36

07 - Stop Breakin Down Blues 02:30

08 - Milkcow's Calf Blues 03:19

09 - Kind Hearted Woman Blues 04:07

10 - Come On In My Kitchen 03:36

11 - If I Had Possession Over Judge 03:28

12 - Love In Vain 04:03

13 - 32-20 Blues 02:59

14 - Hell Hound On My Trail 03:52


Part1 Part2

Enjoy the music!

King Biscuit Boy & Sonny Del-Rio 2003 Two Hound Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 196 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:43:24
Size: 61,11 MB

A combination of six lost tracks from the 1981 King Biscuit Boy album, Blues Bisquits and the 1999 Sonny Del-Rio effort, 40 Years of Rock & Roll and all I got's the Blues, recorded in 2002.

For 2005, this work received the Hamilton Music Awards nomination for Best Blues Album.


01 - Two Hound Blues 06:36

02 - Bad Luck Soul 02:21

03 - 7Th Avenue Blue 04:52

04 - Let The Good Times Roll 03:14

05 - Treat Your Baby Right 05:56

06 - Play The Honky Tonks 02:36

07 - Hard Times 03:00

08 - I'm In Love 02:29

09 - Blue Light Boogie 04:46

10 - Jailhouse Blues 07:34



Enjoy the music!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Peewee Bluesgang 1981 Bootlegged In Hamburg

Genre: Blues
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:47:17
Size: 43,23 MB


01 - I've Been Lonley 04:55

02 - The Way I Feel 04:50

03 - Jesus Just Left Chicago 04:00

04 - You Don't Love Me 06:08

05 - 24 Hours 03:40

06 - Take It Easy 05:52

07 - Doubt 06:25

08 - Time To Go 03:27

09 - Ride On With The King 03:08

10 - Harley Davidson 04:52



Enjoy the music!

Eddie Martin 1997 Blue To The Bone

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:05:17
Size: 89,55 MB

United Kingdom

Multi instrumentalist Eddie Martin is the most remarkable blues musician of his generation. And what a team he's assembled - his regular rhythm section consists of bassist Tony Caddle and drummer Mike Hoddinott, names which, like that of Eddie's occasional piano man here John Baggott, will be familiar to many as former members of the much missed award winning Innis Sioun Blues Explosion. Guesting saxophonist Dick Heckstall-Smith needs no introduction of course, and around half the tracks.

Caddle's bass playing too is sensational, especially riding the changes of the Freddie King-like "The Fumble", and during the ultra-funky "Edge of the line". Baggot, as evre, coats the whole proceedings with several thick layers of class: he really is the best piano player this country has produced in years.

All the tracks work very well indeed and I'm pleased that Eddie's social and political concerns are still to the fore throughout several of his lyrics. It certainly makes for a far more contemporary, believable and personal approach to the blues that that adapted by many of our practicing songsmiths.

In short, if I hear a better British CD than this one during the next 12 months I'll be very surprised indeed" (Blueprint Magazine)


01 - Blue To The Bone 06:35

02 - Autumn Blues 08:37

03 - The Fumble 04:17

04 - Edge Of The Line 05:24

05 - You Thrill Me 03:57

06 - Something For Nothing 05:37

07 - Big Enough Lever 04:49

08 - Revolution Of Love 04:07

09 - On Your Own 04:29

10 - Sad Time 04:56

11 - Protest Letter 04:09

12 - The Birds And The Bees 02:42

13 - No Place To Go 05:38



Enjoy the music!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kultur Shock 2009 Integration

Biography by Chris Nickson

Throw together a pair of Bosnians, a couple of Bulgarians, three Americans, and a bassist from Japan and you've got culture shock. Or at least Kultur Shock, the Seattle-based band who freely mix punk and metal with Balkan brass. Leader Gino Yevdjevich became a professional musician in his native Sarajevo when he was 16, making a good living playing commercial music. All that changed in 1991, when the war in the former Yugoslavia began. With no money and precious little food or electricity, the local artistic community made art for itself -- and found it well received as locals braved snipers and bombs to get out of their houses. However, he left for the U.S. in 1994 under the sponsorship of singer Joan Baez and ended up in Seattle starring in a play with music about the Sarajevo conflict, Behind God's Back.

The band Kultur Shock came after the play closed, playing acoustic music in restaurants. Advised by Krist Novoselic (who has his own Croatian roots in the Balkans) to play louder, they began doing so -- and found themselves thrown out of the restaurants. After a brief hiatus, they returned to play Seattle clubs with guitarist Mario Butkovich, who'd been persuaded to move from his new home in Portland. Brad Houser (New Bohemians, Critters Buggin') took the bass slot, with Amy Denio and Jessica Lurie filling out the horn section. In 1999, they recorded and self-released Kultur Shock Live in Amerika, which documented the outfit at the first full stage of their development. While the music they played was all traditional, the treatment of it certainly wasn't, with loud electric guitars complementing the twist-and-turn horn lines. It was, Yevdjevich admitted, "a party album," and though often impressive, it didn't do them full justice. Changes in personnel ensued. Houser left, to be replaced with Masa Kobayashi from Tokyo, and a second guitarist, Bulgarian Val Kiossovski. With that lineup, they began to make their first studio record, along the way signing with Kool Arrow, the label run by Faith No More's Billy Gould, and continuing to play local gigs as well as touring up and down the West Coast. The album, FUCC the I.N.S., appeared in late 2001, followed by Kultura-Diktatura in 2004 and We Came to Take Your Jobs Away in 2006.

Punk rock, Balkan folk, funk, opera, metal, pop, bluegrass, and avant-garde are all in family tree for this album about ethnic and cultural integration; it's richer, more melodic and more powerful than any other rock album you've heard.

Genre: Gypsy-Punk
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:42:27
Size: 38,79 MB


01 - King For Today 03:30

02 - Build A Wall 02:57

03 - Guerilla 04:09

04 - Balcchanalia 03:26

05 - Country Mohammed 03:21

06 - Holy Day 04:26

07 - Rose 03:51

08 - Lazy 03:40

09 - Agribusiness 03:35

10 - Gore Gore 05:11

11 - Words 04:21



Enjoy the music!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Peewee Bluesgang 1985 Cool Man's Burn

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:40:24
Size: 92,41 MB


01 - Story of my Life 04:07

02 - Walkin' down the Line 07:59

03 - Your Love 03:58

04 - I don't wanna be in Love 06:03

05 - Midnite Rain 06:25

06 - Maybe Baby 03:01

07 - Ride on with the King 03:09

08 - Times of Love 05:42



Enjoy the music!

Sonny Moorman 2000 By Request

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:03:09
Size: 134,72 MB

United States

Whether Sonny is deftly fingerpicking his Zeiler acoustic guitar, or playing sinewy slide on his Oahu lap guitar and Dobro resophonic guitar, this is classic Blues -- played and sung the way it was supposed to be. The Real Deal! -- SonicBids


01 - Crossroads 05:46

02 - Born Under A Bad Sign 05:16

03 - Little Wing 05:14

04 - The Wind Cries Mary 04:02

05 - Rock Me Baby 05:51

06 - Blue Jean Blues 05:17

07 - Oh Well 02:52

08 - Black Magic Woman 03:19

09 - Gypsy Queen 01:54

10 - Drowning On Dry Land 07:41

11 - Statesboro Blues 15:57



Enjoy the music!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Stone The Crows 1998 BBC Radio 1 - Live In Concert

Biography by Peter Kurtz

Stone the Crows was a tough-luck, working class, progressive soul band that came out of the pubs of Scotland in the early '70s. They had everything going for them at the start: not one, but two gritty singers, a talented guitarist, a rhythm section that had played with John Mayall, and the name recognition of having Led Zeppelin manager Peter Grant as their producer. Despite favorable reviews by the critics, however, they never managed to sell their hybridized soul music to a large audience. In addition, they lost two of their key members early on, one of whom was tragically electrocuted, and the group broke up after four albums.

Their biggest contribution to rock was the immense vocal talent of one Maggie Bell. Winner of several Top Girl Singer awards in Britain, Bell had a raunchy, gutbucket voice that, although it fell short of the naked emotion and range of Janis Joplin's, came probably closer to her style than any other female singer. She first attracted notice when she jumped up on stage at a show in Glasgow to wail with Alex Harvey of the Sensational Alex Harvey Band. Impressed by her talent (and audacity), Harvey hooked her up with his guitar-playing younger brother Les, then fronting a local band called the Kinning Park Ramblers. After playing army bases in Europe for several years as Power, Bell, Harvey, bassist Jim Dewar, keyboardist Jon McGinnis, and drummer Colin Allen (who had played with future bass player Steve Thompson in John Mayall's band), came to the attention of Peter Grant and they changed their name to Stone the Crows, which supposedly is a Scottish variation of "the hell with it."

Both of their first two albums received good reviews upon release, but sold very meagerly. Then bassist/vocalist Jim Dewar quit the band to join Robin Trower's fledgling group, to be replaced by the non-singing Steve Thompson. Shortly after releasing Teenage Licks, guitarist Les Harvey was electrocuted onstage during a gig at Swansea University. This appeared to end the band, but they carried on, recruiting young Jimmy McCulloch from Thunderclap Newman and released "'Ontinuous Performance." Although the rock press lauded the singing of Bell, her group couldn't seem to emerge from the shadows and they broke up after this last album, with McCulloch flying away to join Paul McCartney in Wings.

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:12:16
Size: 132,25 MB


01 - Keep On Rollin' 05:24

02 - Don't Think Twice It's Allright 05:38

03 - Big Jim Salter 07:55

04 - Mr Wizard 08:37

05 - Goin' Down 05:03

06 - On The Highway 06:36

07 - Palace Of The King 04:58

08 - Penicillin Blues 05:40

09 - Sunset Cowboy 06:49

10 - Niagra 09:23

11 - Good Time Girl 03:36

12 - Ionian Highland Lilt 02:37


Part1 Part2

Enjoy the music!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yes 1973 Yessongs

Review by Lindsay Planer

In many ways, the extravagance of this package equates the profligacy of the prog rock combo themselves. After all, how else but on a triple-LP collection could one hope to re-create (and/or contain) an adequate sampling of Yes' live presentation? Especially since their tunes typically clocked in in excess of ten minutes. Although they had turned in five studio long-players, the vast majority of Yessongs (1973) is drawn from their three most recent endeavors The Yes Album (1970), Fragile (1971), and Close to the Edge (1972). There are two exceptions, the first being the "Opening (Excerpt from "Firebird Suite")" — which comes from the 1969 Boston Symphony Orchestra's recording, conducted by Seiji Ozawa. The other is Rick Wakeman's keyboard solo "Excerpts from 'The Six Wives Of Henry VIII'." Yes had just undergone a personnel change shortly after concluding work on Close to the Edge as Bill Bruford (percussion) left to join King Crimson in July of 1972. Bruford can be heard on "Perpetual Change," as well as the medley of "Long Distance Runaround" and "The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)." Enthusiasts keen on various and arguably irrelevant minutia should note the spelling of "praimaturus" as credited on Yessongs. It is slightly different from Fragile, which is denoted as "praematurus." That bit of trivia aside, the new lineup finds Alan White (drums), quite ably filling Bruford's shoes, alongside Jon Anderson (vocals), Steve Howe (guitars), Chris Squire (bass/vocals), and Rick Wakeman (keyboards).

One of their trademarks has always been an ability to re-create their often densely layered sound in concert. They effortlessly pull off the tricky chord progressions and changes in time signatures of "Siberian Khatru" and a sublime "Heart of the Sunrise," which unquestionably bests the dexterity of its carefully crafted studio counterpart. Both Howe and Squire's respective solos during "The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)" are highlights as they give the entire unit an opportunity to show off their capacity for dramatic dynamics. The remainder of Yessongs is similarly strong, particularly the note-perfect "Close to the Edge," and the inspired concluding instrumental jam during "Starship Trooper." However, one criticism that can be leveled at the entire Yessongs release is the less than optimal audio quality throughout. The sound is generally muddy with no real fidelity to speak of and an even less precise stereoscape. But until someone goes back to the multi-tracks and remixes them for 21st century ears, this is as good as it gets when documenting Yes during this seminal transition period.

Genre: Progressive Rock
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 02:10:01
Size: 178,61 MB



01 - Opening 03:47

02 - Siberian Khatru 09:04

03 - Heart Of The Sunrise 11:34

04 - Perpetual Change 14:12

05 - And You And I 09:37

06 - Modd For A Day 02:54

07 - Excerpts From The Six Wives Of Henry The VIII 06:38

08 - Roundabout 08:33


01 - Your Move - All Good People 07:09

02 - Long Distance Runaround - The Fish 13:39

03 - Close To The Edge 18:14

04 - Yours Is No Disgrace 14:24

05 - Starship Trooper 10:16


Part1 Part2

Enjoy the music!
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