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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Chick Willis 1992 Holdin' Hands With The Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:48:21
Size: 88,50 MB

United States


01 - Holdin' Hands With The Blues 05:17

02 - You're Gonna Miss Me 05:36

03 - That's How Much I Love You, Sweetheart 05:28

04 - Millie (The Fine Fillie) 04:52

05 - Finders Keepers 04:20

06 - Going Back To Rock & Roll 04:50

07 - Selfish Lover 04:29

08 - Heavens To Betsy 05:14

09 - One Slick Woman 04:07

10 - I'm Guilty Of Loving You 04:08

Chick Willis here:


Friday, August 29, 2014

Mike Sponza & The Central Europe Blues Convention 2008 Kakanic Blues 2.0

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:53:16
Size: 121,93 MB


Album Notes

A musical project for the mobility of art in Central Europe.

In 2004 the idea of a musical project focused on cooperation with central european artists starts. Under the name “central europe Blues convention”, Italian musician Mike Sponza gathers 15 great performers from Italy, Austria, Slovenja, croatia, Hungary, Slowak Republic, and after one year of hard work – between Trieste, Zagreb, Budapest and Bratislava -, the first cd “KAKANIC BLUES” has been released on july 2005. After the release, it became immediately clear that “KAKANIC BLUES” was not just a discographic work: it’s a real product of cooperation beyond cultural, political and social borders, that can really catalyze attentions from all the media, even the ones not strictly involved in music.

The long wave created by this project and the requests from operators, musicians and journalists, stimulated the production of “KAKANIc BLUES 2.0”. New guests and new countries are included in the new volume with 25 musicians from 15 different countries. This is a bigger chance to open new musical paths in europe as well as a concrete step forward to establish the format on the international blues scene... on the long distance the goal is to produce a “pan- european” cd involving 25 artists from the Ue community.


01 - Running On Empty 05:08

02 - Rather Than Be Free 04:31

03 - Fire 04:11

04 - That's Not Right 04:01

05 - Is This The Love 03:56

06 - We're Gonna Make It 04:10

07 - Rainy Night In Georgia 05:59

08 - Special Just For You 04:51

09 - Hasta La Gosta 04:24

10 - We've Come 03:20

11 - Personal Jesus 05:40

12 - Just In Time 03:05

Mike Sponza & The Central Europe Blues Convention here:



The Barflys 1993 The Barflys

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:37:27
Size: 34,25 MB



01 - Thunder Down Under 04:38

02 - Take It Easy 04:25

03 - Buzz Like A Blowie 02:25

04 - Money 03:42

05 - Mulloway 03:37

06 - Tits 03:20

07 - Roller-Coaster 03:52

08 - God Damn Flys 04:11

09 - Boogie Woman 04:30

10 - The Barflys 02:47

The Barflys here:


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Marc Benno 2006 Ambush

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:34:02
Size: 62,36 MB

United States

Review by William Ashford

A wonderful follow-up to Minnows, this provided a much looser feel, almost as though everything had been written and worked up in the studio. Good from start to finish, featuring a core band, with cameos by well-known accomplices. Hard-pressed to choose between this one and Minnows as pick of the litter, this is probably the place to start. Standouts are "Jive Fade Jive," "Share" and "Either Way It Happens." Real lazy, real good.


01 - Poor Boy 03:19

02 - Southern Woman 04:04

03 - Jive Fade Jive 04:48

04 - Hall Street Jive 03:12

05 - Share 04:56

06 - Donut Man 03:00

07 - Sunshine Feelin 04:53

08 - Here To Stay Blues 02:53

09 - Either Way It Happens 02:57

Marc Benno here:


Big Shanty 2006 Ride With The Wind

Genre: Blues
Rate: 206 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:40:44
Size: 60,36 MB

United States

With the U.S. Government’s attempts to silence all forms of Independent Media, music fans are finding-out the hard way that Indie. Media also includes Music. Many were naïve enough to think that if we ignored everything else that was going-on we’d be ‘left-alone’ with our Blues, Rock, Folk and Reggae etc. Well, it’s now evident, in 2007 that if we keep our mouths shut that Big Government a.k.a. Big Brother, just gets bolder and meaner. “No man is an island” is something that comes to mind and ‘singing out’ against Evil is a mandatory requirement if you want to see Democracy survive. While many Musicians/Artists have run-in-fear from Big Brother, others have stood-their-ground and challenged the ‘Schoolyard Bully’. Big Shanty gets our respect and a big salute for Singing Out against the Evil that has dragged America down and made it almost unrecognizable as a Nation that once stood for True Democracy.
His “Killing Fields” is a powerful condemnation of old lies and self-serving propaganda, delivered with raw emotion and a driving beat.

Big Shanty has a large cult following in The South and thanks to Internet Radio (which The Government is trying to muzzle…) “Killing Fields” is getting played relentlessly. (Now that commercial Radio is following the American Government’s Don’t-Play-Ban on all the 1960s/1970s Anti-War and Peace/Love tunes, “Killing Fields” would undoubtedly be added to that list along with “Give Peace A Chance” and “Sky Pilot”). “Ride With The Wind” is Not typical Blues but it is Blues Rock at its’ very best and drenched with Truths, Honesty and great playing. There’s no doubt that “Ride With The Wind” would be a Hit Commercial album if it were allowed to be and we can always hope that the collective Power of The People forces this fine CD into the mainstream. D. Wooley a.k.a. Big Shanty plays wicked guitar and on 5 of the 10 tunes whips-out his slide. There are some killer-diller ‘commercial potential’ songs on here and Shanty’s original “King Bee” is a Hit or my name ain’t Fred. While the use of synths may put-off the old fogey blues lovers, anyone who Loves great Rock Blues will not give it much thought as the music is too damn fine.

There’s a big bunch of Georgia-area talent on here: Scott Robertson – drums/percussion, Ed Sanchez – guitar, Liz Melendez – guitar/vocals, Eddie Jett – guitar, Dustin Sargeant (bass), Bill Stewart (drums), Jack Hall (bass), Col. Bruce Hampton (pedal steel), Matt Smart (harp), Ron Heath (keyboards & bass), Diane Durrett (vocals) and Chris Blackwell (drums & synth) and the sum total is some of the finest hard-rockin’ Blues/Rock you’ll hear on the scene today. “Born Up In Trouble” sounds like Rob Zombie in Mississippi Hill Country and I say that in a totally complimentary sense. What a tune to open with! It grabs you by the ears and it don’t let go. “Killing Fields” is permeated with anger, disgust and contempt for the White House maggots. A more powerful anti-War tune does not exist! And, the music is as powerful as the uncompromising lyrics. “New Messiah” continues in this vein with a scathing put-down of the TV Christians who really are no different than Politicians as Bullshit Peddlers. “…the Law doesn’t touch him as he’s crossed their palm…” I can visualize this powerful imagery and these incredible songs need video representation. Saying that, it occurs to me that Big Shanty paints visual pictures with his songs and he’s almost without competition in that sense. “Gone Downtown” is a powerful tune about someone who went for the downward spiral of Heroin. Beau Hill’s guitar solo is incredible. “Ride With The Wind” is an ode to Motorcycle peace-of-mind while “Whiskey Woman” is an excellent Pure Blues rocker, showing that Big Shanty can get down and basic if he wants to. “Know What I’m Saying” is Southern-Fried Boogie that should slay the whole Allmans/Gov’t Mule/Lynyrd Skynyrd audience. “King Bee”, as mentioned earlier, is a Mega-hit waiting to happen and let’s hope it does happen as it’ll score major points for Real Rock/Blues and have all those poseurs running for cover. “Living On The Edge” is a Masterpiece tune closing out a Masterpiece album. It deals with the Moral Cesspool we’ve sunk into and the manipulation of Truth and Reality.

6 Bottles of Truth Serum for the biggest dose of Truth Rock you’ll ever hear. Let’s see if the Bad Guys can keep this album suppressed…not bloody likely! Big Shanty has arrived. (A. Grigg)


01 - Born Up In Trouble 03:10

02 - Killing Fields 05:02

03 - New Messiah 03:52

04 - She Got A Hold On Me 04:16

05 - Gone Downtown 04:11

06 - Ride With The Wind 03:28

07 - Whisky Woman 03:51

08 - Know What I'm Sayin' 04:27

09 - King Bee 03:35

10 - (Living On The) Edge Of Time 04:52

Big Shanty here:



Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Terry Quiett 2001 Joyride

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:49:28
Size: 45,23 MB

United States

"Miles to Go," the opening track to Terry Quiett's second release, introduces the dark, yet hopeful, themes prominent in Quiett's compositions. However, the music belies the somber imagery ("History is a madman whose speech is circling this carcass called denial," "We're not falling through mere cracks but gaping holes.") and gives it an upbeat hint. In a David Gray sort of way, Quiett's voice crescendos up the scale and through bridges to create a sense of longing. It's as if to say that all truly is not in despair; it may seem discouraging, but there is possibility.

Other songs have the same feel. The bluesy "Trying to Get Mine" sounds as if it's going to start off as a sad country number. However, with some electric guitar licks and a constant drumbeat, it becomes an encouraging singer-songwriter style ballad despite its downcast lyrics about the difficulties of trying to make it, to try to go beyond living from paycheck to paycheck. The opening grand piano notes (played by Quiett's co-producer, identified only as Gooding) on "Am I Wrong?" hastens feelings of fear and gloom, but once again, Quiett's incredible ability to use crescendo to develop fuller emotions keeps the song from sinking too deep in the mire of emotional despair. The song becomes desperate introspection rather than simple accusation. "Chasing Air" maintains some of that sense of desperation, but this time it's linked with indignation and the beginnings of confidence.

Not all of Quiett's selections on this CD show him balancing between despair and cautious optimism. Some demonstrate outright elation. He feels love on "I Will" and "A Heart Melting." "The Women I Know" breaks his own trends with a quasi-reggae beat and almost disjointed lyrics about the women in his life: "One she run acoustic show, One she move to Ohio, One she hide her libido, One she like DiCaprio, oh no, oh no." Sheer exhilaration from the joy of love breaks through on the radio friendly "She's on Top of the World."

With all of the numerous CDs released each year, it's tricky for a relative newcomer without major label support to break into radio airplay and find success -- the sort that the narrator of "Trying to Get Mine" so dearly wants. However, perhaps JoyRide will open some more doors for Quiett, a singer-songwriter with a strong emotional and vocal range. (Ellen Rawson)


01 - Miles To Go 04:34

02 - Trying To Get Mine 04:20

03 - She's On Top Of The World 04:03

04 - A Heart Melting 03:46

05 - Perfectly Clear 03:09

06 - You've Reached Your Limits Tonight 04:02

07 - The Women I Know 03:49

08 - You Don't Know Me 04:14

09 - Am I Wrong 04:42

10 - Chasing Air 03:15

11 - I Will 03:57

12 - Inside This Cage 05:37

Terry Quiett here:



Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Mike Reilly Band 2010 Reilly's Road

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:12:35
Size: 165,96 MB

United States

Good time rock 'n' blues with special guests Gregg Allman, Taj Mahal, Elvin Bishop and more.


01 - Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed 04:00

02 - Bang, Bang, Bang 04:04

03 - Skunked 04:44

04 - Black Widow 06:06

05 - Caught In The Act 03:30

06 - Just A Little Bit 02:03

07 - I Forgot To Forget You 03:19

08 - Pretty Girls 03:11

09 - Back On The Road To Texas 05:20

10 - Love To Play The Blues 03:37

11 - Nothing But The Blues 03:43

12 - Never Too Hot 04:34

13 - Best I Ever Knew 03:55

14 - Lefty's Bar And Grill 02:39

15 - Lamar's Tune 04:37

16 - Hot Lanta 05:33

17 - Goin' Down Slow 07:40

The Mike Reilly Band here:



Mike Sponza & The Central Europe Blues Convention 2005 Kakanic Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:59:06
Size: 53,99 MB


This is the first release of the project (2005). It’s been a long work, one year of producing, recording around Europe. It has not been easy, but the cd’s reviews and the interest in the project have been a satisfying feedback to my expectations.

For the first time, a blues multicultural project has been launched in Europe: I strongly believe in Euroblues and in an European way to the blues. So many good artists perform in our continent, and many of them with a deep personal sound. The idea of this concept came to me after knowing BOSKO PETROVIC, the great master of Croatian (and European!!!) jazz who founded the B.P. Convention in the mid 60’s and had already worked with an international band in the 50’s - the so called “Non Convertible All-Stars”. 16 musicians worked on the cd. (

The main guests are:

Bosko Petrovic (vibes, HR)
Dieter Themel (vocals, A)
Matyas Pribojszki (harmonica, HU)
Peter Lipa (vocals, SK)
Tina Blazinsek (flute, SLO)
Herbie Goins (vocals, USA)
Kay Foster Jackson (vocals, USA)


01 - Kakanic Blues 04:06

02 - It's Hard To Be On The Road 04:02

03 - 19 Years Old 05:19

04 - Grandma's Hands 05:07

05 - If You Love Somebody Set Them Free 05:21

06 - Innocent Criminal 04:51

07 - Keep On Groovin' 04:14

08 - Little Girl 03:52

09 - Five Long Years 06:08

10 - It Hurts Me Too 05:48

11 - I Didn't Know 03:40

12 - Move On You 06:38

Mike Sponza & The Central Europe Blues Convention here:



Monday, August 25, 2014

D. B. Bryant Band 2009 Time Is The Road

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:38:43
Size: 35,40 MB

United States

If you cross a southern Kid Rock with an amped up Stevie Ray Vaughan, you get a pretty good picture of D.B. Bryant. The new CD is a guitar oriented blend of soulful southern rock and country.


01 - Same Old Thing 02:43

02 - Black & White Rainbow 04:34

03 - Keep A Rollin' On 03:34

04 - While I Was Gone 04:03

05 - Shelter 04:03

06 - Wake Up 03:59

07 - Lucky Man 04:38

08 - Copperhead Road 04:15

09 - Life I Have 03:18

10 - Time Is The Road 03:36

D. B. Bryant Band here:



The Nighthawks 2006 Blue Moon In Your Eye

Genre: Blues
Rate: 190 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:58:45
Size: 82,53 MB

United States

The new disc by The Nighthawks captures the Hawks during a recent high energy performance at The Barns at Wolf Trap in Vienna, Virginia. In 2004, The Nighthawks made a change to their lineup - when long time members, Mark Wenner (harp/vocals) and Pete Ragusa (drums/vocals), were joined by Paul Bell (guitar/vocals) and Johnny Castle (bass/vocals). This new lineup transformed what was already an internationally respected blues band into a highly energetic and extremely versatile musical powerhouse - leaving fans to conclude that The Nighthawks are now the best they've ever been!


01 - Woke Up This Morning 03:45

02 - Born In Chicago 03:25

03 - Thirty Days 03:35

04 - Jump Into My Fire 05:07

05 - Big River 04:06

06 - Black Night 07:52

07 - You Don't Love Me (You Don't Care) 03:48

08 - None Of That Stuff 03:17

09 - Soul Of A Man 03:58

10 - Put Your Cat Clothes On 04:53

11 - Walkin' After Midnight 02:56

12 - Same Thing 05:52

13 - Can't Judge A Book By Looking At The Cover 06:11

The Nighthawks here:


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Guitar Ray & The Gamblers 2007 Poorman Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:56:11
Size: 128,54 MB


The Blues as played by Guitar Ray reflects everyday life and his fascinating nuances will grab your attention like a great photograph, a wonderful book to read, or a life-passion to be lived intensely. (cdbaby)


01 - Teach Me How To Love You 03:38

02 - That Lonesome Road 05:05

03 - Darling, Wait For Me 03:43

04 - Everything Is Gonna Be Alright - Cry For Jerusalem 03:54

05 - The Conspiracy Boogie 03:49

06 - A Poor Man (Like Me) 05:03

07 - You Are Still The One 05:47

08 - The Hoist 06:18

09 - One Track Lover 05:53

10 - Shoulda Had Some More 03:35

11 - Somebody Have Mercy 04:45

12 - The A. K. Stomp 04:41

Guitar Ray & The Gamblers here:



Big Shanty & The Polk Street Blues Band 2007 World Of Trouble

Genre: Blues
Rate: 190 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:37:16
Size: 51,39 MB

United States


01 - 100 Pound Hammer 02:55

02 - Queen Of Hearts Has Disappeared 05:34

03 - Watch The Flowers Grow 04:50

04 - World Of Trouble 05:16

05 - New Messiah 04:09

06 - Hardluck Woman 05:49

07 - Smoke'n Mirrors Jam 08:43

Big Shanty & The Polk Street Blues Band here:



Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Wolf & Gypsy Band 2010 Changing Lanes

Genre: Southern Rock/Country Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:38:58
Size: 89,12 MB

United States

This CD has a variety of music that everyone will like, it has some country, rock, southern rock and even a little blues. It crosses many genre lines. It's fun and lighthearted yet has edge with the focus being towards the biking community. (cdbaby)


01 - Changing Lanes 04:02

02 - One Hell Of A Ride 03:31

03 - Prisoners Song 03:47

04 - Bad Ass Biker Bitch 03:32

05 - Blue Eyed Outlaw (faults) 03:22

06 - Illustrated Man 03:59

07 - I Am Charli 03:50

08 - Soldiers Promise 03:09

09 - I Wanna Be Free 03:24

10 - Cause I Miss Him So 02:50

11 - Country World 03:32

The Wolf & Gypsy Band here:



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