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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Joe Louis Walker & Otis Grand 2002 Guitar Brothers

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:51:54
Size: 71,20 MB

United States United Kingdom

North American audiences will be very familiar with singer/songwriter/guitarist Joe Louis Walker but what about Otis Grand? For starters, he has played a major role in the evolution of modern British blues. Known as the 'Gentle Giant of the Blues', Grand has absorbed a wide spectrum of blues styles over four decades. With nobility he carries the torch for the heroes of yesterday with superb blues guitar technique and originality. Otis has received a number of awards including UK Blues Guitarist of the Year for seven straight years (1990-96). My first encounter with Otis Grand took place at this year's Ottawa Bluesfest. There, his captivating guitar playing completely blew me away. My second encounter was this riveting 50 minute disc. It provides solid evidence that what I experienced was not a fluke but rather just another regular night out for Grand.

The cohesion felt on this disc comes from the long history Walker/Grand have with each other. Joe produced Otis' first 2 records and has appeared on a lot of his stuff. Together, the 2 have done tours of England as well as the San Francisco Blues Festival. Further adherence is provided by Robert Watson (bass), Clarence James Jr (drums), Cash Farrar (sax) and Steve Long (trumpet). "Snake Bit" features Walker on an old Rickenbacker lap steel and it's impressive. He makes it slither, twist and venomously hiss like a reptile. Grand's big band style is all over the bopping "Imitation Ice Cream Blues". The tune contains smooth yet sharp and icy note picking. He swings the blues again on "Regal Blues" sounding very reminiscent of B.B. King. More than a few songs feature the incredible interplay between these 2 perfectionists. Neither one is willing to compromise a note on "I Like It This Way". The 2 instrumentals "Friends" and Bliss Street Blues" feature the 6-string wizards working their magic individually. Things get blistering on the rock-edged rhythm of Walker's distinctive version of the former while the latter delivers Grand's finely-tuned and precise fretwork atop George Bisharat's strident harp. He continues with more shrill harmonica on "I'm Gonna Leave You" where the brilliance of Chris Burns' keyboard glows. He keeps his 88s boogie-ing on the swinging 50s rock sounding "Rude Women". Passion overflows on the slow and sexy "Better Off Alone". (


01 - Snake Bit 05:28

02 - Imitation Ice Cream Blues 04:23

03 - I Like It This Way 05:01

04 - Better Off Alone 07:53

05 - Friends 05:54

06 - I'm Getting Drunk 04:40

07 - Rude Women 04:42

08 - Regal Blues 04:26

09 - Bliss Street Blues 04:53

10 - I'm Gonna Love You 04:34

Joe Louis Walker & Otis Grand here:

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Lubos Andrst Blues Band & Ramblin Rex 1998 Blues Time

Genre: Blues
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:57:59
Size: 52,99 MB

Czech Republic United States

Biography detailed

Born July 26, 1948 in Prague, Czech Republic, (formerly Czechoslovakia) Lubos Andrst began his career as a blues guitarist in 1968, leading his first trio called Blues Company Ltd. In 1970 he joined Michal Prokop's Framus Five band and debuted in a studio session where the group produced it`s critically acclaimed "Mesto ER" ("The City of ER") LP for Supraphon. Undoubtedly, it helped jumpstart Lubos's career and served to open the door to joining Martin Kratochvíl's jazz-rock oriented Jazz Q the following year. In 1973 Andrst formed the fusion band Energit. With it's progressive sound and instrumental achievements, their self-titled debut album (released in 1975 and consisting purely of the guitarist's original works) was very well received by both critics and audiences alike, reaching an incredible total of 49,770 albums sold. This exceedingly popular band had performed nearly 200 shows by 1980. During the 1977-78 season Lubos also toured with Martin Kratochvíl's Jazz Q again, and also performed as part of an acoustic duo with renowned jazz pianist Emil Viklicky from 1978 -80.

1980 saw Andrst join Jirí Stivín & Co. - a modern and free-jazz group led by the admired saxophonist and flutist of European style . Returning to his roots later that same year, the guitar legend formed The Lubos Andrst Blues Band inviting Slovak singer Peter Lipa to join. In the meantime, Andrst was also hard at work on another original LP called "Capricornus", on which he combined electronic sounds and acoustic instruments with some assistance from violonist Jan Hruby. This album, which was rather unconventional at that time, was released in 1981 to widespread critical acclaim.

The original version of the Lubos Andrst Blues Band toured extensively until 1987, performing more than 400 gigs, and recording 2 very successful LP's. When the group and Peter Lipa decided to part ways, Andrst's Blues Band continued on an occasional basis, most often as accompaniment led by Lubos for such foreign guests as Polish bluesman Tadeusz Nalepa in 1988, and the British singer/harmonica player Paul Jones in 1989, to name a few.

From 1987-88 Lubos performed with Michal Prokop's new incarnation of Framus as well as another Prokop project entitled "Prokop, Andrst, Hruby - Unplugged", while simultaneously fronting his own fusion quintet Krátké spojení ("Short Circuit") and directing it`s significant work on the Plus-Minus-Blues album.

Following the collapse of the totalitarian regime in 1989, in what was then called Czechoslovakia, a great impact was left on the country's cultural structure, reopening doors for artists who had been politically persecuted by the communist government for several decades.

Among such artists was the famous pop singer Marta Kubisová, who had been restricted from performing since the early 1970's. In 1990, she requested Lubos' assistance in both forming and leading a band for her. Their musical association resulted in more than 60 concerts and led to the production of the CD "Nekdy si zpívám" ("Sometimes I am Singing") 2 years later. Remarkably, despite his busy schedule with Kubisová, Andrst was able make time for a collaboration with American blues singer Katie Webster, whom he accompanied in 1990 at the Karlovy Vary Jazz Festival.

In 1992 Lubos began to perform more frequently with his blues band, having featured several different singers throughout the last 12 years: Bobby Houda, Ignatz Netzer, Rony Gray, Tonya Graves and Ramblin' Rex - who's vocals can be found on the group's most recent CD, "Blues Time". Today, the Lubos Andrst blues band performs regularly with American vocalist Reesie Davis.

Shortly after recording the acoustic CD "Imprints", Andrst began showcasing his jazz quartet, the Lubos Andrst Group (originally called Acoustic Set) and was again performing with Jirí Stivín during 1995-96. In 1999, Lubos entered the Fontana Studio alone and, using overdubbs, produced his acoustic solo album "Man With a Guitar". During 2002-03 he toured and recorded with the veteran GK Brothers Blues Band, performing on all tracks of their CD "Together".

In 1998 Blues Legend B. B. King invited Lubos to be his personal guest and join him for a jam session during King's sold-out concert in Prague largest concert venue, the Congress Palace. Though originally planned as a 5 minute interlude, it quickly turned into a brilliant 30 minute musical exchange. In the backstage interview given to Mlady svet magazine immediately following the show B.B. said: "(Lubos) was a great surprise for me. Not because of his authentic blues feeling, which I clearly recognized just after he played a couple of bars, but because of the way he was creatively developing his musical ideas, which on the other hand inspired myself to react by answering with some of mines. That's how I imagine a duo! It must be a mutual dialogue between both musicians. I had a very pleasant experience. And if he feels comfortable in the company of my Lucille, I hope, we'll find an opportunity someday to continue this meaningful conversation". It was more than politeness that moved B. B. King to express such an opinion: Both guitarists met again in July 2000 during B.B.'s concert in Zlín/Southern Moravia, where they played together once more, thrilling audiences with their mutual creativity and improvisation.

Since 2003 Andrst also participates with a freeform project, in which three guitarists of varying styles are seekingto unite their efforts. In this all-star alliance Lubos represents jazz, Lubomír Brabec the classical music, and Petr Janda, (leader of the band Olympic since 1963) the rock elements.


01 - Checkin' Up On My Baby 04:36

02 - Why I Sing The Blues 06:28

03 - They Call Me Ramblin 04:43

04 - Thrill Is Gone 07:09

05 - I've Got My Mojo Working 06:24

06 - There You Go 05:42

07 - Blues Time 05:57

08 - King Bee 05:10

09 - How Blue Can You Get 07:52

10 - Take It Easy 03:58


Ramblin Rex - vocal, harmonika, rhytm guitar
Lubos Andrst - guitars, midi guitar synthetiser
Zdenek Tichota - bass guitar
Jirí Kysela - drums

Lubos Andrst Blues Band & Ramblin Rex here:

Thanks Queenaudio for sharing this album!

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The Carson Downey Band 2005 Burnin' Up Live

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:54:16
Size: 99,26 MB



On the evening of Sept.4, 2005 Labour Day Weekend at a local Dartmouth night club against all odds with the "Rolling Stones" performing in Moncton NB., Carson and his Band played to a sold out crowd. The energy and drive was present from the first song

The day before, Carson cut his index finger on his left hand from side to side and we didn't think he was going to be able to perform. Wrong... the Boys definitely came to play. They brought it to the table and kicked it to the curb like only "The Carson Downey Band" could...


01 - All The Way 05:40

02 - Hurt Me Down So Deep 06:39

03 - State Of Mind 05:08

04 - Cold Love Woman 07:35

05 - Not Givin' Up On You 04:36

06 - Freedom 05:45

07 - Livin' It Up 06:16

08 - Love Is Like Music 06:07

09 - Burnin' Up 06:30

The Carson Downey Band here:

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King King 2008 Broken Heal

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:19:38
Size: 35,93 MB

United Kingdom


“Softly softly” is not a maxim that King King are familiar with. Since surging into life two years ago they have barely stopped for breath, and their electrifying sound and scorching live shows have generated more of a thunderous roar than a buzz.

Straight out of the blocks it was clear that King King is a band which knows how to make an entrance. An exhilarating debut at the Monaghan Blues Festival created such a stir that it prompted organizer Somhairle MacConghail to remark: “King King aren’t just playing the festival. Word is that King King ARE the festival”. With a reception like this there’s little surprise that the phone has been ringing off the hook ever since, and the last year has seen them bring their inimitable brand of multi-faceted blues rock to the Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival, the Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival, Abertillery Festival and even Glastonbury. This was in addition to a seemingly non-stop series of rousing live shows across the UK and Europe, much to the delight of the band’s burgeoning fan base.

In the midst of all this, a particular highlight of 2010 was King King’s invitation to perform within the hallowed walls of the BBC’s Maida Vale studios. The boys’ set went out on Radio 2 and won the approval of DJ and blues aficionado Paul Jones who was moved to remark: “Here at Radio 2, we think Alan Nimmo and King King are going to go all the way”.

Having signed to Manhaton Records, next came a return to Chapel Studios to record the eagerly anticipated debut album. King King are familiar faces having recorded their critically acclaimed EP Broken Heal at the studio, and again collaborated with the production team behind the Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs and the Editors.

The resulting album, Take My Hand, is a bold and wildly enjoyable collection of songs showcasing King King’s unique sound, swaggering from Stones-tinged blues rock through throbbing funk to reflective ballad and back.

Ever present are Nimmo’s impassioned vocals and intricate guitar work, cohort Lindsay Coulson’s punchy bass, and the made-to-make-you-grin keyboard/piano work of Bennett Holland and Dale Storr. Craig Blundell and Wayne Proctor offer selfless vigor and expertise on drums, whilst Jacquie Williams joins the boys to bring gutsy, soulful backing vocals to several tracks. Intelligent and compelling, Take My Hand overflows with unexpected gems and reaches just the right balance of refinement and juke joint clout.

It’s all pretty impressive stuff for a band which didn’t exist a couple of years ago.

The driving force behind King King’s unstoppable charge is the aforementioned Nimmo, a fleet-fingered frontman imbued with almost impolite quantities of charisma and the talent to back it up. Widely known across the UK and Europe for his pivotal role with the award-winning Nimmo Brothers, his full-blooded style, technical brilliance and impassioned vocals are infectious and instantly recognizable. Accordingly, he surrounds himself with the hottest talent currently working the scene and this cherry-picking approach means that King King represents a melting pot of skills and influences. The result is a sound which is energetic, potent and irresistibly funky, branded with the stamp of a band intent on mapping out their own unique territory in blues. (


01 - Broken Heal 03:48

02 - Heart Without A Soul 05:42

03 - Six In The Morning 04:01

04 - (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right 06:07

King King here:



Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Monster Mike Welch 1996 These Blues Are Mine

Genre: Blues
Rate: 252 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:49:34
Size: 89,89 MB

United States


Recorded when Mike was just 16, These Blues Are Mine is a burning, intense guitar-oriented record.
Fasten your seatbelts - Monster Mike Welch is behind the wheel! After four years with a "learner's permit" in the blues, this 16 year old phenom brandishes one of the country's hottest guitars. Few releases kick off as energetically as this debut. "I was born to play guitar." Mike Welch knew his vocation at age nine when he uncovered an Albert King record in his father's blues collection. He had already started playing a borrowed guitar at age seven. "But when I discovered Albert King, I knew what I wanted to do with the rest of my life." This was to be the direction his life would follow.


01 - Freezer Burn 02:27

02 - These Blues Are Mine 03:42

03 - It Might Not Be Me 03:49

04 - I Forget 04:22

05 - Texas Girl 03:39

06 - Lover And A Friend 02:49

07 - Jessie's Blues 04:31

08 - Looking Back 02:47

09 - Honest Love 03:46

10 - Keep On Doing 03:01

11 - Leroy's Mood 03:40

12 - Cold Poison 11:01

Monster Mike Welch here:

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Toy Caldwell 1992 Can't You See

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:12:01
Size: 98,90 MB

United States

Review by Bruce Eder

Many a guitar player, knowing he might never live to 50, could go a lot more willingly knowing they'd left behind a concert disc like this on which their memory might rest. Cut at Shooters in Spartanburg, SC in May 1992, this concert features Caldwell playing soaring solos (ably supported by Pic Peters on slide and rhythm) and singing full-out on every song, including a bunch of old classics ("Heard It In a Love Song," "Searchin' for a Rainbow," "Can't You See," "Ab's Song"), and a blues standard ("Milk Cow Blues") or two, along with some newer stuff ("Mexico"), which gave him a chance to play some classical guitar riffs on his electric axe. Maybe you'd rather hear his old band doing "24 Hours at a Time" (clocking in at 13 minutes, here, incidentally, without a wasted note), but Caldwell's singing is pretty expressive in its own right, and this is a pretty good band -- they not only keep up, but Kenny Smith even provides some pleasing flourishes on the keyboards. The live set is rounded out with two 1990 studio tracks, including a hard-rocking instrumental cover of "High Noon."


01 - I Hear The South Calling Me 04:13

02 - Searchin' For A Rainbow 04:20

03 - Heard It In A Love Song 04:46

04 - Long Hard Ride 04:23

05 - Mexico 05:04

06 - 24 Hours At A Time 14:00

07 - Milk Cow Blues 09:39

08 - Fly Eagle Fly 05:40

09 - Can't You See 06:28

10 - Night Life 04:02

11 - Ab's Song 01:27

12 - High Noon 03:57

13 - Trouble In Dixie 04:02

Toy Caldwell here:

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Matt Schofield Trio 2005 Live At The Jazz Cafe!

Genre: Blues
Rate: 239 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 01:02:37
Size: 108,55 MB

United Kingdom

62 minutes of the Trio's blazing 20th April 2005 performance at the London Jazz Cafe. Here you will hear favourites from the debut live album played a little differently and extended versions of songs from Siftin' Thru Ashes, together with a stunning instrumental rendition of the Isley brothers It's Your Thing. (


01 - All You Need 06:03

02 - Uncle Junior 09:11

03 - Lights Are On 10:25

04 - Travellin' South 08:05

05 - Cissy Strut 10:17

06 - On My Way 06:10

07 - It's Your Thing 12:26

The Matt Schofield Trio here:

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Big Mama & The Blues Messengers 1993 Big Mama & The Blues Messengers

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:56:45
Size: 103,79 MB


Album Notes

Right in Barcelona, Big Mama & the Blues Messengers have started a walk towards classical blues. They make their debut with an album of versions, recorded live. The outcome is now in your hands. We have here three nights in La Boite, a young Club which is now also a record publisher. Hundreds of performances, several trials and thousands of hours of blues, always coupled with the audience's energy, have produced this work. A sudden change takes place when Big Mama walks on the stage and her voice wraps us. Although she lives outside the US, the blues in her heart is so strong that she manages to transform any little song in an emotional experience.


01 - Take Time Out & I've Got News For You 04:57

02 - Breaking Up Somebody's Home 04:25

03 - If You Love Me Like You Say 04:29

04 - Hey Bartender 03:23

05 - Big Bad Bill Is Sweet William Now 04:17

06 - St. Louis Blues 04:43

07 - I'm Good 04:47

08 - I Don't Want You - Ain't That Dandy 03:55

09 - Stop 05:46

10 - Here I Am (Knocking At Your Door) 05:07

11 - He Walks Right In 06:20

12 - Sweet Home Chicago 04:36

Big Mama & The Blues Messengers here:

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Red Rooster 2001 Never Alone

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:49:55
Size: 114,26 MB


Red Rooster is
Ann Van Canegem: vocal, backing vocal
Lieven Huys: lead guitar, keyboards
Walter Stes: bass, backing vocal
Kristof Vandooren: drums

Guest musicians :
Frank Deruyter: tenorsax, rap
Gunther Callewaert: hammond
Kathy Desot: backing vocals
Mathieu Verfaillie: percussion


01 - Magic In The Air 02:31

02 - Hard Working Man 03:47

03 - Show You The Way 03:40

04 - Changin' Touch 03:28

05 - I Got You 03:43

06 - I'm So Glad 03:31

07 - Love At First Sight 04:42

08 - Never Alone 04:09

09 - Every-Day History 01:52

10 - Girls And Boys 03:21

11 - Happiness 02:46

12 - East West 04:22

13 - Big City Blues 02:31

14 - Breaking Free 03:41

15 - Outro 01:51

Red Rooster here:

A big thanks to bluesbeast for sharing this CD!

Link from the original uploader (you will find a wrong title, but it is "Red Rooster - Never Alone")

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bleeding Harp 2004 Gotta Have

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:57:21
Size: 131,20 MB

United Kingdom

Album Notes

There's a new harmonica slinger in town...

This formerly British-based, harmonica lead Blues outfit cut their teeth playing a number of clubs in the London area, where for 10 years, they were the mainstay of the British Blues scene. They also toured Germany and the Czech Republic, where they played the Golem Blues Festival with headliner BB King.

Paul Vallis, lead vocals and harmonica, skillfully threads together the styles of his own mentors, Junior Wells and Sugar Blue with a modern blues vibe of Stevie Ray Vaughn and Buddy Guy. Paul has appeared with Beverly Skeets, Mica Paris and the legendary Slim Gaylard. Vallis brings a new and unique interpretation of Blues harmonica to the fore and by adding soulful vocals, takes bleedingHARP to another level altogether.

Vallis has since relocated to the States and pulled together a new line-up featuring guitarist Jeff Marshall, world class drummer Bobby Jarzombek and former Lucinda Williams bass player James Kirk. They are currently gigging in and around the Southland. According to "Southland Blues" Magazine, "Vallis burns up the stage". Their new CD , "Gotta Have" was released in May 2oo4.


01 - Gotta Have 03:55

02 - Loaded Gun 04:48

03 - Big Legged Woman 04:54

04 - Sounds Funny 03:37

05 - Love By Telephone 05:05

06 - Ain't Dead Yet 04:51

07 - Don't Ask Me 03:52

08 - Hard Way 04:54

09 - Creeper Returns 04:54

10 - Wrong Side Of The Tracks 04:41

11 - Lay It On The Line 03:32

12 - Drive Me Crazy 04:41

13 - Never Gonna Geddit 03:37

Bleeding Harp here:

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Emerson, Lake & Palmer 1970 Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Genre: Progressive Rock
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:41:25
Size: 37,94 MB

United Kingdom

What an excellent debut for this pioneer of prog rock supergroups! The talents of Emerson, Lake & Palmer are fluidly combined with their enthusiasm for this new project they were undertaking. Emerson basically continued to explore into his diverse musical interests (jazz, classical, rock, psychedelia) while assuming a prominent leading role; Lake felt much comfortable with the new band's melodic drive, while keeping a hard edge in a large amount of his bass parts; and Palmer, who was already a young veteran in the rock-blues scene, had and took the chance to expand his artistic vision and develop it with a clear disposition for pomposity.

ELP's eponymous debut album was also one of the first ones to feature the Moog stuff in a rock context, a synthesizer that Emerson has already begun to experiment with during his last days with his Nice partners. Every single piece contained in this repertoire is great; as a whole, the selection showcases varied ambiences that result from the threesome's different individual interests converging into a unique, solid offering. The only minus point is a certain lack of cohesiveness in the repertoire, as a whole: there is no chaos here, and the listener can tell that the band members have a clear direction set in their minds, but I feel that the inner consistency is not totally achieved. This factor will soon be resolved properly in some of their following albums, which are absolute prog classics, indeed. Anyway, let's take a quick look at the repertoire itself.


01 - The Barbarian 04:31

02 - Take A Pebble 12:32

03 - Knife Edge 05:09

04 - The Three Fates 07:43

05 - Tank 06:52

06 - Lucky Man 04:38

Emerson, Lake & Palmer here:

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Violent Femmes 1986 The Blind Leading The Naked

Genre: Alternative
Rate: 226 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:37:44
Size: 65,03 MB

United States

Review by Chris Woodstra

A more mainstream effort courtesy of producer Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads). Gordon Gano returns to his troubled teen persona and the Violent Femmes rock harder than on their previous two releases. A nice cover of the T. Rex classic "Children of the Revolution" and the yearning "I Held Her in My Arms," complete with a horn section, are highlights.


01 - Old Mother Reagan 00:32

02 - No Killing 05:14

03 - Faith 04:15

04 - Breakin' Hearts 02:16

05 - Special 02:18

06 - Love & Me Make Three 02:53

07 - Candlelight Song 03:12

08 - I Held Her In My Arms 02:53

09 - Children Of The Revolution 04:19

10 - Good Friend 03:29

11 - Heartache 02:02

12 - Cold Canyon 03:23

13 - Two People 00:58

Violent Femmes here:

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Coco Montoya 2007 Dirty Deal

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:50:58
Size: 69,90 MB

United States

A grizzly-bear guitar tone and diamond-hard riffs are the strongest cards of this former Albert Collins and John Mayall sideman. Montoya turns them in often on these 11 tunes, right from the opening Last Dirty Deal, which absolutely roars, to the climactic final solo of There Aint No Brakeman on This Train, which concludes the album with a flourish of six-string ferocity. Even the ballads, like How Do You Sleep at Night, scream with edgy intensity. Thats partly because producer Paul Barerre of Little Feat succeeded at capturing the essence of Montoyas live sound, but mostly because Montoyas mentor Collins put his fiery brand on his apprentices style. It still burns, six albums into Montoyas solo career -- especially when he's covering Collinss Put the Shoe on the Other Foot, a funky shuffle full of bellowing sustained notes and stiletto melodies that reply to his singing. That songs declamatory style also serves Montoyas narrow vocal range well. And while his lyrics occasionally stumble into blues clichés--falling tears, dirty deals--his playing is unfailingly eloquent.

This guy out smoothes even Robert Cray and that is saying something!

He started out as a drummer and took up playing the guitar in later years and thank heaven that he did.

He was lead axeman for John Mayall and The Bluesbreakers for a while before leaving and doing 'his own thing'. John has a great eye for spotting talent including a certain Eric Clapton, Mick Taylor, Walter Trout and so on. Now I wouldn't necessarily put Coco up with the best of them but he is not far behind.

He has an amazing voice and is skilled with the guitar.

Great late night listening so stoke up the fire, get a bottle of red wine open, some good company and enjoy. (Ted Drozdowski)


01 - Last Dirty Deal 03:55

02 - Three Sides To Every Story 04:00

03 - Love Gotcha 03:22

04 - How Do You Sleep At Night? 05:16

05 - It Takes Time 04:50

06 - It's My Own Tears 06:02

07 - Coin Operated Love 04:33

08 - Clean Slate 03:58

09 - Put The Shoe On The Other Foot 04:39

10 - It's All Your Fault 06:41

11 - Ain't No Brakeman 03:42

Coco Montoya sharing by Bluesbeast here:

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Big Dez 2004 Sail On Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 247 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:35:59
Size: 60,98 MB


Album Notes

"Sail on Blues", a set of funky, contemporary tunes, comes from french guitarist Phil Fernandez and his band Bigdez. These cats can play !! Lamine Guerfi (bass) Vincent Daunes(drums), Marc Shaeller blows some squalling leads, and watch out when Bala Pradal turns up the organ. Dez is a good enough singer in a R'n'R kind of way, and plays guitar with energy and fine tone. He prefers playing rythm, and his minimalist, guerilla solo approach suits the band's ensemble sound. The punishing grooves on "Mystery Woman","dam square" and "love can be draining" cross James Brown with Booker T & the MG's - not a bad combination. (BLUES REVUE - June/July 2004 issue)


01 - Let's Have Some Fun 02:59

02 - Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark 03:45

03 - Mistery Woman 04:00

04 - Bad News 03:03

05 - The Come Back 03:12

06 - One Way Ticket 03:02

07 - Holes In New Orleans 02:47

08 - Over Drive Lover 03:21

09 - Dam Square 02:36

10 - Love Can Be Draining 04:46

11 - Sail On Blues 02:28

Big Dez here:

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Freddie King 1972 Live At The Sugarbowl

Genre: Blues
Rate: DVD
Time: 00:67
Size: ca. 3,30 GB

United States

Freddie King in concert was an event to behold. His performances were powerful and filled with emotional singing coupled with burning soulful licks played on his Gibson 355. The rare footage presented on this DVD features a complete set by Freddie and his band recorded at the Sugarbowl in South Carolina on September 22nd, 1972. All the sheer power and joy of Freddie King is presented in this DVD.

Four bonus tracks recorded in 1970 at a Los Angeles television studio are also presented.


01 - Big Legged Woman

02 - Ain't Nobody's Business

03 - I'm In Trouble

04 - Key To The Highway

05 - Blues Band Shuffle

06 - Have You Ever Loved A Woman

07 - Goin' Down

Bonus Tracks: Los Angeles, 1970

08 - Have You Ever Loved A Woman

09 - Look Over Yonder Wall

10 - Ain't Nobody's Business

11 - Whole Lotta Lovin'

Freddie King here:

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Leningrad Cowboys 2004 Leningrad Cowboys 'Plays Hurriganes'

Genre: Rock
Rate: 160 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:42:06
Size: 48,18 MB


Could not find the covers. If you can offer front and/or back cover please post the links in comment-section.


01 - It Aint What You Do (Remu Aaltonen) 03:08

02 - Rockin Belly (Irina) 02:15

03 - Lets Have A Party (Timo Kotipelto) 02:51

04 - Bourbon Street (Remu Aaltonen) 02:23

05 - Slippin And Slidin (Maya Paakkari) 03:08

06 - I Saw Her Standing There (Kirka) 03:01

07 - My Only One (Irina) 03:54

08 - Lets Go Rocking Tonight (Remu Aaltonen) 02:25

09 - I Will Stay (Timo Kotipelto) 03:08

10 - Tallahassee Lassie (Remu Aaltonen) 03:05

11 - Hey Groupie (Maya Paakkari) 02:20

12 - Oowee Oohia (Leningrad Cowboys) 03:52

13 - Crazy Days (Remu Aaltonen) 02:34

14 - Get On (Remu Aaltonen) 04:02

Leningrad Cowboys here:

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The Brew (UK) 2007 Fate And Time (EP)

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:24:55
Size: 57,03 MB

United Kingdom


01 - Gypsy Queen 03:21

02 - Fate And Time 05:05

03 - Maybe Next Time 04:28

04 - Mermekes (Live) 12:01

The Brew (UK) here:

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tutu Jones 2005 Live

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:53:55
Size: 123,35 MB

United States

Mean-faced and holding his guitar like a shotgun, Dallas-based bluesman Tutu Jones is no joke. His guitar style is the blues equivalent of N.W.A on ecstasy: brutal, yet sprinkled with subtle soul. Jones grew up a drummer, then eventually plucked his way into the spotlight. His poorly titled Live debut is a Mike Tyson punch of sugary songs about heartache ("Have You Ever Loved a Woman") and good times ("Sunday Morning Love"). Jones churns out some clean picking, and just when his blues start wearing you down – repetition is no one's friend – Jones throws some soul around with ease. "My Girl," the only cover on the album, is sung in Jones' rusty voice and puts some rockist weight on the feathery hit. Shy is not what blues musicians are known for, and Jones is no different, as everything is boastful on this disc. Scales get manhandled on "Shake What Your Mama Gave You" where they free booty and brain in a fit of solos. Bluesmen are traditionalists, but Jones learns how to mesh soulful wails with syrupy blues that are as sweaty live as they are in quiet studios. (


01 - Sunday Morning Love 05:51

02 - Goin' Down 03:37

03 - Have You Ever Loved A Woman 05:59

04 - Sweet Woman 03:49

05 - The Milkman Game 06:21

06 - My Girl 05:50

07 - Shake What Your Mama Gave You 04:56

08 - Little Blue Bird 08:14

09 - Teenie Weenie 04:21

10 - The Sky Is Crying 04:57

Tutu Jones here:

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Red Rooster 1993 Straight From The Heart

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:54:04
Size: 74,21 MB


More additional information welcome, please post in comment-section!


01 - Red One 02:19

02 - Foolin' Me 03:18

03 - Jim's Cafe 03:02

04 - This Morning 04:42

05 - Love Is Gone 04:35

06 - The Blues Don't Care 03:36

07 - My Automobile 02:10

08 - I Found The Blues 04:56

09 - Little Dog 03:47

10 - I'm An Easy Man 03:16

11 - Cold Feeling 07:09

12 - Talking To The Blues 04:49

13 - TV Mama 03:41

14 - Tribute To CCR 02:44

Red Rooster here:

A big thanks to Cees for sharing this CD!

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