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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ian Gillan Band 1978 Live At The Budokan

Genre: Hard Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:12:38
Size: 166,11 MB

Review by Alex Henderson

As a solo artist, Ian Gillan had his share of fine moments in the studio, but it was on-stage where he was at his best -- a fact underscored by Live at the Budokan. First released as a two-LP set in 1982 and reissued on a single CD in the early '90s, Budokan boasts strong extended versions of Purple classics like "Smoke on the Water," "Woman from Tokyo," and the moody ballad "Child in Time," as well as some songs he'd recorded for his solo projects, including "Clear Air Turbulence," "Money Lender," and "Over the Hill." The CD's liner notes are atrocious (no personnel are listed), but the performances themselves - though not in a class with Purple's Made in Japan - are generally impressive. If you acquire only one of Gillan's post-Purple recordings, this would be the best choice.


01 - Clear Air Turbulence 12:50

02 - Scarabus 05:26

03 - Money Lender 10:54

04 - Twin Exhausted 05:05

05 - Over The Hill 08:35

06 - Mercury High 04:58

07 - Smoke On The Water 09:47

08 - Child In Time 10:17

09 - Woman From Tokyo 04:46

Ian Gillan Band here:

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra 2007 Time Of The Gypsies

Genre: Gypsy
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:51:53
Size: 118,63 MB

While Gogol Bordello has the Ukraine, The No Smoking Orchestra have the Balkans.

Billed as a "Punk Opera" this is really just crazy gypsy music. For me, while "Unza Unza Time" is a better album (faster and more mad), this is a more rounded product and gives a truer impression of what Balkan music sounds like in reality.

The music is brilliant, the singing is heartfelt (sometimes awesomely pompous sometimes fantastically raucous), and there are helpful translations to all the lyrics should you want to be even more befuddled as to what they're on about!

Don't bother trying to understand - open a bottle of Montenegrin Vrnac, pour yourself a rakija, and prepare to drink and swing your way into oblivion, cos this will help! (


01 - Efta Purane Ikone (Seven Old Icons) 02:36

02 - Djilaben Rromalen (Sing People Sing) 03:44

03 - San Francisco 03:22

04 - O Chaveja (Oh, My Children) 03:07

05 - Hederlezi (St. George Day) 04:55

06 - Cik Cik Pogodi (Guess Guess Who Is Coming) 02:09

07 - Crazy About Money 04:35

08 - Del Dija (Lord Gave Us) 03:57

09 - Kana O Del Barvarel (When Lord Gives) 02:11

10 - Evropa (Europe) 04:40

11 - Pharimasa Va Inzares (The Beggars) 05:03

12 - Perhan Sovel (Perhan Is Dreaming) 03:49

13 - Lorenzzo 04:43

14 - Sas Jekh Len (There Was A River Once) 03:02

Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra here:

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Bobby Mack 2004 Live At J&J Blues Bar

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:55:30
Size: 126,96 MB

United States


01 - Ship's Going Down 04:19

02 - Honeytrap 05:07

03 - I'm Gonna Love You 05:01

04 - That's Alright 05:41

05 - So Low Down 05:50

06 - Somebody's Reading My Mail 04:03

07 - Hip Shake 08:33

08 - I'm Tore Down 03:59

09 - Had My Fun 07:11

10 - I Can't Hold Out 05:46

Bobby Mack here:



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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Byther Smith 1997 All Night Long

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:02:09
Size: 142,19 MB

Review by Jason Ankeny

Sporting a dozen Smith originals, All Night Long is also a showcase for his incendiary guitar skills.


01 - Cried Like A Baby Child 05:02

02 - I'm Your New Lover 05:01

03 - Walked All Night Long 05:41

04 - Hey Mr. Dee Jay 05:21

05 - Look Over Your Shoulder 05:22

06 - Live On This Man's Name 04:35

07 - Something's Wrong With This Picture 05:23

08 - What Did I Do? 05:22

09 - Mother You Say You Don't Like The Black Colors 02:18

10 - Daddy's Gone 06:17

11 - Daddy, You Got A Son 04:19

12 - Is He White Or Is He Black? 02:30

13 - Thinking Real Hard 04:58

Byther Smith here:

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Jubal Kane 2008 The Empty Glass

Genre: Blues
Rate: 209 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 02:27:43
Size: 216,88 MB

United States

Jubal Kane is proud to announce that they have released a new double live CD called “The Empty Glass”, it was released on 08/08/08. Jubal Kane is rooted in North Carolina in the greater Charlotte area.



01 - You Don't Love Me 03:52

02 - Blame It On Kane 04:46

03 - Annie Maybe 04:21

04 - Damn Right I Got The Blues 09:22

05 - Scratch My Back 05:41

06 - Baby What You Want Me To Do 04:10

07 - I Want My Fleetwood Back 06:36

08 - HWY Sign 06:03

09 - This Harp 06:01

10 - Going Home 05:57

11 - Before The Fall 05:14

12 - Polk Salad Annie 04:57

13 - Take Me To The River 04:28

14 - Trouble No More 02:25


01 - No Fade Away 04:46

02 - What Kind Of Woman 03:06

03 - Going Down 07:22

04 - Pitt Bull 02:53

05 - I Love My Baby 08:31

06 - Steam Roller 05:27

07 - Willie Brown 05:11

08 - Born In Chicago 05:46

09 - High Heel Sneakers 04:57

10 - Red House 06:54

11 - Reefer Headed Woman 04:39

12 - Automatic 04:41

13 - Further On Up The Road 05:18

14 - Mojo Working 04:19

Jubal Kane here:


Mirror Part1
Mirror Part2

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Richard 'King Biscuit Boy' Newell 1995 Urban Blues Re:Newell

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:49:07
Size: 112,45 MB

Review by Rose of Sharon Witmer

King Biscuit Boy is considered by many to be the premier practitioner of blues harmonica in Canada. He has jammed with many great musicians, such as Muddy Waters, Allen Touissant, Dr. John, and John Lee Hooker. Although he has a number of critically acclaimed CDs, this is his first recording in 13 years. His given name is Richard Newell; hence, the CD's title, Urban Blues Re: Newell, both alludes to his own name and his re-emergence on the recording scene. There's little doubt that King Biscuit Boy is a more colorful name for a bluesman than the one his mom and dad gave him. This nickname was given to him by Ronnie Hawkins, with whom the blues harpist played for years. It has served him well in his native Canada, where he is much better known than in the United States.

This CD, released in 1995, has garnered a lot of attention and praise. The award-winning recording contains both original material and some blues classics, all done in Biscuit's inimitable style on vocals and harmonica. The album opens with a Newell composition, "Now I'm Good," which sets the tone for the entire CD. The blues are played gritty and intense throughout. Standouts include "Cracked Up Over You," "Too Poor to Die," and "My Love Lies Bleeding." King Biscuit Boy is back.


01 - Now I'm Good 03:32

02 - Mighty Crazy 03:36

03 - Before We Think 04:19

04 - Cracked Up Over You 04:03

05 - Glide N' Slide 03:53

06 - Comin' Around The Corner 03:18

07 - Too Poor To Die 03:24

08 - Down On The Farm 02:16

09 - That's No Lie 03:14

10 - Chills & Fever 03:23

11 - Fire 02:52

12 - My Love Lies Bleeding 07:36

13 - Achin' Head 03:41

Richard 'King Biscuit Boy' Newell here:

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The Bluesers 2006 Shut The Front Door

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:30:19
Size: 41,67 MB

From Toronto, a hotbed of musical releases lately, comes The Bluesers, comprised of almost a single, and as far as we can tell immediate, family. Notable is the wide range of ages, but not enough to be trivial. The results of preservation and continuing interest has made the pleasures of blues performance available to people of just about all ages, races, creeds, colors. To see the photos of Chris Cotton, lead guitar, John Cotton on bass and drummer Mike Cotton Jr. striking a pose or playing their instruments, it’s clear many people express blues today.

All material on their disc Shut The Front Door is original. Chris was age 13 during recording and was the youngest performer at the 2006 International Blues Competition in Memphis, as well as the North By Northeast Showcase. The hot guitarist was also written up in the Toronto Star after he opened for Dr. John and Phil Guy at the ‘05 Windsor Blues Fest. He’s a vocalist too, but not listed as such on this disc.

Add to the Cotton clan Mike Branton, who apparently organized the band. He plays second rhythm guitar and is in excellent voice as the sole vocalist. Finally there’s “Alex” Hagopian’s harmonica. His playing is technically dazzling, as is the budding lead guitarist Chris Cotton, while drummer Mike Cotton Jr. sounds quite mature. But there is overplay in some places, inadequate groove in others, overriding what only seasoned experience provides. For what is probably patriarchal credit, the CD is dedicated to the memory of John H. Cotton. For other assumed leading family figures, let’s imagine the curmudgeon pictured on the cover, but a better bet would be the proud-yet-humble appearing John Cotton presiding over the younger players on the back.

The recording sounds homemade, which is a soulful positive in blues character. Instrumentation is definitely urban, the variety of tempos, rhythms (including two-beat and funk) and chord structure are a good mix. The opening track, “It’s A Pity,” is being distributed as a single for radio. A technical glitch seems to have duplicated track four again as track eight, with only seven on the playlist. Two tracks are standouts, the calypso “Harder Look At You” and slow Hendrix-ish “By Your Bedside,” and earn a B+ individually. Overall the CD feels B-. For more go to (Tom Coulson Broadcaster/Musician)


01 - It's A Pity 03:36

02 - Harder Look At You 03:06

03 - Ac Boogie 02:52

04 - The Bottom 05:55

05 - Funk Thing 04:17

06 - By Your Bedside 04:31

07 - E Jam 06:02

The Bluesers here:

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Joe Louis Walker 2006 Playin' Dirty

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:47:47
Size: 109,30 MB

Review by Hal Horowitz

Although the contemporary blues genre can often seem predictable, Joe Louis Walker seldom has been. That has made him one of the freshest and most exciting and volatile players on the scene. Those are also the attributes of this 2006 release, recorded in Paris, which twists and turns just when it seems to be settling into a groove.

Blues fans who demand consistency probably should explore elsewhere as Walker shifts from the edgy, swamp-laced 'Nobody Wanta to Know Ya' (a thin rewrite of the classic 'Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out') to joyous covers of rock & roll oldies 'Barefoot Rock,' 'I Got Loaded,' and Fats Domino's 'I'm Ready' (inexplicably titled 'Ready and Able'). Walker sounds like he's having a blast, too, especially as he overdubs himself on harmonica and guitar during a slicing slide solo on 'Poor Man Plead.' He shifts into shuffle style for Elmore James' 'Pickin' the Blues,' a blazing Freddie King-inspired instrumental. On the slow blues of 'Ain't It Nice to Be Loved' he overdubs himself again, this time on piano, then picks up the pace for the jump blues of Rudy Greene's swinging 'Juicy Fruit,' another track where he lays down multiple guitar parts to impressive effect. The closing jaunty unplugged solo instrumental is the disc's only acoustic offering and shows he's just as accomplished in raw Delta mode. But it's Walker's powerful gospel and soul-infused vocals that make him so unique.

He's an underrated singer whose distinctive, soulful voice is the glue holding these songs together. While some might prefer more originals next time out, Walker's covers on Playin' Dirty are loose and vibrant. The result is a blazing set that shows him to be one of the finest and most overlooked artists in contemporary blues.


01 - Nobody Wants To Know Ya 07:52

02 - Barefoot 06:02

03 - I Got Loaded 03:59

04 - Who's Been Here 03:57

05 - A Woman Needs To Be Loved 05:31

06 - Pickin' The Blues 02:53

07 - Ain't Nice 05:07

08 - Juicy Fruit 04:52

09 - I'm Ready 03:25

10 - From The Projects To Paris 04:09

Joe Louis Walker here:

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Otis Rush 1977 Live In Europe

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:04:12
Size: 88,06 MB

United States

Review by Cub Koda

Recorded in France back in 1977, this ten-song set finds Otis backed by strong trio support throughout in a delightfully engaged performance. Though several live albums exist on him, seldom has his declamatory vocals and stinging left-handed upside down guitar style been so well documented. Rush puts forth solo after solo, each with its own unique set of twists and turns, making this a veritable textbook of what he does best. Inspired listening and highly recommended.


01 - Cut You Loose 06:10

02 - All Your Love 07:00

03 - You're Breaking My Heart 08:25

04 - I Wonder Why 08:44

05 - Feel So Bad 05:14

06 - Society Woman - Love Is Just A Gamble 07:41

07 - Crosscut Saw 04:59

08 - I Can't Quit You Baby 04:55

09 - I'm Tore Up 05:26

10 - Looking Back 05:38

Otis Rush here:



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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ian Gillan 1980 Glory Road

Genre: Hard Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:18:29
Size: 179,37 MB

Review by Alex Henderson

Like Mr. Universe, Glory Road put to shame many of the albums Deep Purple recorded after Ian Gillan's departure. Play this album next to Purple's post-Gillan 1975 release Come Taste the Band, and it becomes clear just how superior some of Gillan's solo albums were. Those who like Gillan for melodic yet blistering heavy metal won't be disappointed by "Sleeping on the Job," "Unchain Your Brain," and other inspired, high-octane rockers. A few years later, Gillan would experiment with elements of jazz fusion and R&B/funk, but on Glory Road it is his love of metal and balls-to-the-wall rock that wins out. Next to Mr. Universe, this was Gillan's best studio date.


01 - Unchain Your Brain 03:12

02 - Are You Sure 04:07

03 - Time And Again 05:07

04 - No Easy Way 06:36

05 - Sleeping On The Job 03:12

06 - On The Rocks 06:42

07 - If You Believe Me 07:34

08 - Running, White Face, City Boy 03:14

09 - Nervous 03:45

10 - Your Mother Was Right 07:24

11 - Redwatch 03:43

12 - Abbey Of Thelema 06:07

13 - Trying To Get To You 03:18

14 - Come Tomorrow 02:52

15 - Dragons Tongue 05:33

16 - Post-Fade Brain Damage 06:03

Ian Gillan here:

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Bobby Mack & Night Train 1996 Sugar All Night

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:46:05
Size: 105,51 MB

United States

Bobby Mack is a true Texas Guitar legend. Bobby hails from Ft. Worth, Texas, and like other such North Texas guitarists as Denny Freeman, Derek O'Brien, Jimmy and Stevie Vaughan, Bobby helped define the Austin Blues genre of the late seventies and early eighties. Bobby has shared the stage with other notables such as Albert Collins, Buddy Guy, and Otis Rush and can deliver the sound of a revved up Stratocaster like nobody else. One critic likened hearing Bobby Mack to how a dog must feel when sticking their head out of a moving car for the first time.


01 - Somebody's Reading My Mail 03:51

02 - Don't Put No Headstone On My Grave 04:55

03 - Sooner Or Later 04:58

04 - Good Thing 04:21

05 - Torture By Telephone 03:32

06 - Block Party 04:05

07 - The Rest Of My Life 04:13

08 - The Ship's Going Down 04:14

09 - Lost My Way 04:31

10 - I Wanna Be Your Driver 04:05

11 - Sugar All Night 03:20

Bobby Mack & Night Train here:



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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Big Brother & The Holding Company 1970 Be A Brother

Review by Al Campbell

Whether Big Brother & the Holding Company would have made any waves at all in the late '60s San Francisco music scene without Janis Joplin could be argued. Be A Brother is a good indicator of what they would have sounded like without her amazing voice. Recorded in 1970, guitarist David Schallock and singer/songwriter/producer Nick Gravenites were added to help fill the space created with the absence of Joplin.

These ten original compositions include "Home on the Strange," "Mr. Natural," "Funkie Jim," and "I'll Change Your Flat Tire, Merle" dedicated to Merle Haggard. This is a decent blues-based session similar to early Butterfield Blues Band records, which isn't a bad thing at all.

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:35:45
Size: 65,47 MB


01 - Keep On 04:21

02 - Joseph's Coast 03:10

03 - Home On Strange 02:15

04 - Someday 02:17

05 - Heartache People 06:36

06 - Sunshine Baby 03:30

07 - Mr Natural 03:31

08 - Funkie Jim 03:47

09 - I'll Change Your Flat T Tire Merie 03:14

10 - Be A Brother 03:04

Big Brother & The Holding Company here:

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Topper Price & The Upsetters 1993 Long Way From Home

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:52:01
Size: 95,18 MB

Album Notes

This album was recorded on the nights of Nov. 7, 8, 9, 1993. Bunky Anderson, Don Tinsley, Tim Boykin and I Have been playing most of these songs for the preceding two years in clubs and at shows around the southeast. Lots of Willie Dixon and Wolf here - I think Don and Bunky really nail Jimmy Reed's 'You Don't Have To Go'. Tim Boykin Wails.

The album took only 3 days to record which is a testament to the tightness of the band. The live recordings showcase Topper's deeply soulful vocals, and is highlighted by the gutsy, expressive guitar playing of Tim Boykin. On cuts like 'You Don't Have To Go' and 'Wade In The Water' you can hear Topper leading the band according to what he is feeling at that moment, which is how the band performs on any given night. This record is about feeling and expression.

Enjoy the music and support the blues!


01 - I'm Ready 04:07

02 - Terra Plain Blues 04:00

03 - You Don't Have To Go 04:41

04 - Long Way From Home 03:15

05 - Mellow Down Easy 03:55

06 - Who's Been Talking 06:12

07 - Where's Topper 02:07

08 - Help Me, Baby 04:42

09 - Wade In The Water 03:16

10 - Worried 'Bout You, Baby 03:29

11 - Kind Hearted Woman 05:38

12 - Carol 03:40

13 - Someday I'm Gonna Take You Home 02:59

Download-Links removed on request of the artist!

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Andy Just 1994 Don't Cry

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:51:44
Size: 94,75 MB

United States

I just listened to my friend Andy Just's new recording, and I had a ball. It is fresh sounds, along with traditional, interesting arrangements, screaming harp and upfront vocals with a tight, cooking band. This recording hits all the bases from country blues, to the alley, to all the way uptown, and it never lets you down. (Charlie Musselwhite)


01 - Talk Is Cheap 02:49

02 - Toes Up 03:25

03 - Mighty Long Time 05:21

04 - The Slam 02:38

05 - Treat My Right 03:54

06 - Backtrackin' 04:14

07 - Struttin' At The Rooster 02:25

08 - Don't Cry 02:06

09 - Dance With Me 04:03

10 - She's Sweet 05:29

11 - Misery 02:48

12 - Oh Why 06:15

13 - Fool For A Lover 02:54

14 - One Sunny Day 03:23



Enjoy the music!

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Rich Harper Band 2003 Onward...

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:55:18
Size: 126,42 MB

United States

RHB's Live CD recorded Spring 2001 in Redondo Beach CA.


01 - Workin' On Me 04:35

02 - Onward - Imagine That 05:19

03 - Return Mail Blues 07:28

04 - Recalcitrant Blues 04:33

05 - Goin' Down 06:05

06 - How Much I Want You 07:02

07 - No More 03:53

08 - Barrelhouse Stomp 05:04

09 - Hey Joe 11:19


Part1 Part2

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Beatles 1969 As Nature Intended

Genre: Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:11:45
Size: 164,09 MB

The Ultimate Rooftop Concert!


01 - Get Back (Version 1, Rehearsal) 04:06

02 - Get Back (Version 2) 03:20

03 - Don't Let Me Down (Version 1) 03:19

04 - I've Got A Feeling (Version 1) 05:28

05 - The One After 909 03:37

06 - Dig A Pony (Version 1) 04:35

07 - I've Got A Feeling (Version 2) 03:55

08 - Don't Let Me Down (Version 2) 03:18

09 - Get Back (Version 3) 03:14

10 - Rocker (Glyn Johns Master) 00:46

11 - Save The Last Dance For Me (Glyn Johns Master) 01:38

12 - Don't Let Me Down (Glyn Johns Master) 04:09

13 - Dig A Pony (Glyn Johns Master) 03:49

14 - I've Got A Feeling (Glyn Johns Master) 03:01

15 - For You Blue (Glyn Johns Master) 02:42

16 - Teddy Boy (Glyn Johns Master) 03:44

17 - Two Of Us (Glyn Johns Master) 03:32

18 - Maggie Mae (Glyn Johns Master) 00:42

19 - Dig It (Glyn Johns Master) 04:27

20 - Let It Be (Glyn Johns Master) 03:59

21 - The Long And Winding Road (Glyn Johns Master) 03:43

22 - Get Back (Reprise) (Glyn Johns Master) 00:41




Part1 Part2


Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4

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Jubal Kane 2007 Flying High

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:02:12
Size: 142,22 MB

United States

Album Notes

Jubal Kane released their first album, Live Blues, October 2005 and was nominated for “Best Emerging Blues Artist 2005” by the King Biscuit Blues Festival, Helena, AR.

"The Allman Brothers at their bluesy best, and you've got an idea of the down-and-dirty grit of a Jubal Kane show. It's all swagger and bombast, the blues as interpreted by Bo Diddley and John Lee Hooker at their meanest." Steve Wildsmith The Daily Times, Maryville, TN.

"You really don't wanna miss this blues band, from the hot harp playing to the gritty guitars. They are the shit." The Empty Glass, WV.

Harmonica Player and singer Ace Anderson has played the blues from the Mississippi Delta through Memphis, TN to North Carolina, where he now resides.

Lead Guitarist and singer Otis Thomas, native of Illinois. Came to Charlotte through a couple of years of playing in Texas.

Rhythm Guitarist/Bass player and singer B.W. Carrigan, has played the blues for the past 40 years.

Jubal Kane has come together in a band that is unique while holding true to the blues.


01 - Blame It On Kane 03:12

02 - Come Home With Me 02:29

03 - Take Me To The River 03:37

04 - Pit Bull 01:58

05 - Cross Your Heart 07:09

06 - Heavy Load 04:06

07 - Before The Fall 03:45

08 - Polk Salad 05:35

09 - Tail Dragger 05:18

10 - High Heel Sneakers 04:55

11 - Ladies Man 03:40

12 - She's Dangerous 04:32

13 - Nashville 04:48

14 - Jam 07:08



Enjoy the music!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lonnie Brooks 1988 Live From Chicago

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:47:07
Size: 107,75 MB

Review by Bill Dahl

Cut live at Chicago's B.L.U.E.S. Etcetera nightclub, the disc captures the high-energy excitement of Lonnie Brooks' live show. Many familiar titles from his Alligator catalog, along with a handful of never-before released tunes and a marathon "Hide Away" where Brooks pulls out all the guitaristic tricks at his command.


01 - Two Headed Man 05:51

02 - Trading Post 03:45

03 - In The Dark 04:59

04 - Got Me By The Tail 04:06

05 - One More Shot 04:09

06 - Born With The Blues 07:03

07 - Eyeballin' 04:14

08 - Cold Lonely Nights 05:41

09 - Hideaway 07:19


Part1 Part2

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The Racky Thomas Band 1998 Last Of The Big Spenders

Genre: Blues
Rate: 224 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:49:42
Size: 79,63 MB

The Racky Thomas Band comes from Boston, and they have put out three self-released CDs. Last of the Big Spenders was released in 1998 and is their second CD, a great collection of some old time blues. The songs on this CD are very diverse and just a whole lot of fun to listen to and, no matter what style they decide to play, they pull it off.

The CD starts off with a bang with "Sweet Dough Baker," a great old time blues song with very nicely played guitar by Nick Adams and vocals by Racky, who also plays harmonica. The next track, "Don't Treat Me Like That," picks up right where "Sweet Dough Baker" left off, but with more of a sly feeling to it. The next couple of songs are very solid and well played, with "Rack'em Up" a great instrumental showcase for Racky's harp playing. "Last of the Big Time Spenders" is a very solid straight ahead blues song, and it sounds new and refreshing. Track eight, "Tears Fell Down Like Rain," is the best song, and it is unlike anything else on the CD as it is a ballad about a relationship that did not work out that well. This CD is very much worth getting. You can find it at, where you can find Racky's other CDs. It is well worth the search. (


"classy blues...vintage harp"
-- Boston Globe

"Close your eyes and you'd think you were listening to an older, larger blues veteran. This band has the verve and juice to go national."
-- The Boston Herald

"...swinging, straight ahead Blues Band. These guys are giving %100 all the time."
-- Blues Audience Magazine

"...Thomas' voice has a deep, resonant tone worthy of an older, more weathered blues veteran."
-- Boston Blues Society


01 - Sweet Dough Baker 03:27

02 - Don't Treat Me Like That 03:13

03 - Fire As Wine 03:46

04 - Standing On A Corner 05:34

05 - Rack 'Em Up 03:12

06 - Last Of The Big Spenders 04:40

07 - These Lowdown Blues 04:38

08 - Just A Fool 07:17

09 - Tears Fell Down Like Rain 03:48

10 - Mark's Boogie 02:04

11 - My Baby's Gone 05:12

12 - Death Letter Blues 02:51



Enjoy the music!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Joe Louis Walker 2005 She's My Money Maker

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:47:20
Size: 108,28 MB

Review by Al Campbell

She's My Money Maker finds blues guitarist Joe Louis Walker returning to his soul/blues roots following the release of the jazz/Latin Pasa Tiempo. Most of the material was written (or co-written) by Walker except for the Nick Gravenites classic "Born in Chicago." Walker works with a stripped-down lineup consisting of Robert Watson on bass, Geno Blacknell Jr. on keyboards, and Willy Jordan on drums. This is a mainly up-tempo disc with lots of Walker's slide guitar which is especially strong on "Slow Down GTO," "Borrowed Time," and "Slide Her Up and Down" (a silly title but, you get the drift). Without a doubt, the two strongest moments are the final two tracks. "My Judgment Day" is a gritty solo vehicle for Walker and slide, and "Eight Years of Loving" features Walker on harp and Blacknell playing boogie woogie-style piano.


01 - Slow Down Gto 04:53

02 - Poor Man Blues 06:22

03 - Ghetto Life 05:57

04 - Borrowed Time 03:27

05 - No Easy Kind Of Loving 06:57

06 - Slide Her Up And Down 05:28

07 - Born In Chicago 03:31

08 - My Judgement Day 03:56

09 - Hookers Blues 06:49


Part1 Part2

Enjoy the music!

King Biscuit Boy 1982 Mouth Of Steel

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:39:19
Size: 54,04 MB

From the heart of Hamilton, Richard Newell would channel the blues from deep in the heart of the American south and become an international blues legend. Over the course of 4 decades, Newell's musicianship and encyclopedic knowledge of the blues was intense and inspiring.

Born March 9, 1944 in Hamilton, the Steeltown ran through Newell's blood but it was the blues music he heard on late night AM radio from the US that filled his soul. Newell wasn't even a teenager when he got his first harmonica, but playing along with the radio and the 45's he'd hitchhike down to Buffalo to buy would all help shape his 'mouth of steel'.

An instantly recognizable talent, it wasn't long before he was playing with a litany of bands in the 60s including The Barons, The Chessmen and The Mid Knights. But by 1968, Newell was recruited by Richard Bell and Kelly Jay to audition for the latest version of Ronnie Hawkins backing band.

Blues harpist Sonny Boy Williamson II (Rice Miller) was a seminal influence on Hawkins, Levon Helm and anyone that experienced The King Biscuit Flour Hour radio broadcasts on KFFA AM back in the day. Immediately finding a kindred spirit, Hawkins was so astounded by how well Newell understood and played the blues that one audition later, Hawkins renamed Newell King Biscuit Boy in tribute. A legend was born.

The Beatles and The Rolling Stones would name check King Biscuit Boy as one of their favourite players. You would hear his instantly recognizable harmonica playing on recordings by The Allman Brothers, Janis Joplin's Full Tilt Boogie Band, and Aretha Franklin. It wasn't long before the most recent version of The Hawks decided to go out on their own and call themselves Crowbar.

By 1970, King Biscuit Boy featuring Crowbar released Official Music and Newell would follow it up with Good 'Uns in 1971, and the self titled King Biscuit Boy (often referred to as The Brown Derby Album) in 1974. Newell's magnificent harmonica and gritty vocals on these landmark recordings with tracks like 'Boom Boom, Out Go The Lights' still stand the test of time 3 decades later.

1980 saw his Mouth of Steel album released but it wasn't until 1988 that Richard Newell aka King Biscuit Boy followed up and then fans had to wait until 1996 for his Urban Blues Re:Newell album. Regardless of the infrequency, King Biscuit Boy recordings never lost that special magic that was King Biscuit Boy - the critics still loved him and the accolades and Juno nominations kept coming. During the 80s, Newell enlisted a local group of players to back him for performances but by the turn of the century, that band, Trickbag would be performing more often without Newell.

In 2002, Newell got back into the studio with old friend, Sonny Del Rio to record for Del Rio's Hamilton Hometown Christmas benefit CD. Sadly, the poignant recording of Blue Christmas would be the last released in Newell's lifetime.

Newell's last performance was with The Little Red Blues Gang featuring Tim Gibbons at the now defunct Mermaid's Lounge in Hess Village just before his passing on January 5, 2003. (


01 - Georgia Slop 02:49

02 - Done Everything I Can 03:16

03 - Mama Louchie 04:07

04 - Neighbor, Neighbor 03:13

05 - Down The Line 03:25

06 - Hoodoo Party 02:50

07 - Route 90 03:21

08 - Terraplane Blues 02:38

09 - It's My Soul 03:28

10 - Necromonica 03:43

11 - Get It Right 02:49

12 - Look Out Mabel 03:40



Enjoy the music!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra 2005 Live Is A Miracle In Buenos Aires[

Genre: Gypsy-Punk
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:50:11
Size: 151,19 MB

In March 2005 occurred Emir Kusturica and the legendary No Smoking Orchestra in Argentina's capital, and delighted the spectators with a fantastic concert. This album provides a successful recording of the concert from the Luna Park in Buenos Aires.


01 - Intro 01:31

02 - Fatal Wounds 04:17

03 - Drang Nach Osten 04:19

04 - Boccherini Minuet 02:38

05 - Upside Down 06:32

06 - Ja Volim Te Jos 01:58

07 - Meine Stadt 02:05

08 - Vasja 04:22

09 - Devil In The Business Class 10:43

10 - Karakaj 03:01

11 - Introduction For Romeo 02:17

12 - Was Romeo Really A Jerk 06:37

13 - Wanted Man I 03:44

14 - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly 13:59

15 - Wanted Man II 02:47

16 - Evergreen 05:36

17 - Pitbull Terrier 07:36

18 - Bubarama 07:45

19 - When Life Was A Miracle 05:45

20 - Introduction Of The Orchestra 08:28

21 - Mornari Plove 02:00

22 - Wanted Man III 02:11


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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Guitar Shorty 1998 Roll Over, Baby

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:55:37
Size: 121,33 MB

United States

Review by Cub Koda

William Kearney aka Guitar Shorty keeps it lean, mean and direct on this outing. Recorded in New Orleans, this session features his regular road band, abetted by Mark "Kaz" Kazanoff and some top N.O. players like Buckwheat Zydeco bassist Lee Allen Zeno. Shorty penned seven of the 12 tunes aboard, and the mix on this album runs from Texas shuffles ("Sugar Wugar," "I'm Going Back to Houston"), low down blues ("I Wonder Who's Sleeping in My Bed," "You're a Troublemaker," "Me and You Last Night") to New Orleans rock & roll ("I Want to Report a Crime," "Hard Time Woman," "The Porkchop Song" and the title track) and funk ("Don't Mess with My Woman," "Let's Get Close"), plus a heartfelt tribute to Hendrix on an extended workout on "Hey Joe." A wide and varied session that showcases the guitarist's wide-ranging chops and skills.


01 - I Want To Report A Crime 04:07

02 - Roll Over, Baby 04:49

03 - Sugar Wugar 04:46

04 - You're A Troublemaker 05:21

05 - Don't Mess With My Woman 04:36

06 - Me And You Last Night 03:20

07 - Let's Get Close 03:10

08 - I Wonder Who's Sleeping In By Bend 07:05

09 - The Porkchop Song 02:47

10 - I'm Going Back To Houston 04:17

11 - Hard Time Woman 04:15

12 - Hey Joe 07:04



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The Blues Experience 2005 Coming Your Way

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:49:47
Size: 113,91 MB

The Blues Experience was formed in the early nineties by Bosse and started out as a trio playing mostly Cream, Hendrix and blues covers. During the years band members have changed and the band is now a five-piece blues-rock-jam band, writing our own songs and playing others as well. (


01 - You Can't Loose What You Never Had 06:20

02 - My Credit Didn't Go Through 04:53

03 - Stand Back 04:01

04 - The Way It Goes 03:41

05 - Prisoner Of Love 04:02

06 - Master Plan 04:56

07 - Little Wing 06:06

08 - People Gather Around 03:42

09 - Sitting On Top Of The World 05:20

10 - Showers Of Rain 03:27

11 - Dance 03:19


Part1 Part2

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ian Gillan Band 1979 Mr. Universe

Genre: Hard Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:20:06
Size: 183,21 MB

Review by Alex Henderson

Leading his own bands in the late '70s and early '80s, Ian Gillan continued to embrace music that, not surprisingly, was heavily influenced by his former band, Deep Purple. And he never sounded more Purple-ish than he does on Mr. Universe, which isn't quite on a par with Purple's Burn but is stronger than many of the albums the outfit had recorded after Gillan's departure (some of which were quite disappointing). This is Gillan at his most aggressive and passionately rockin'. Those with fond memories of his work with Purple will appreciate the testosterone-driven energy of "Vengeance," "Roller," and "Message in a Bottle." Headbangers shouldn't overlook this one.


01 - Second Sight 02:34

02 - Secret Of The Dance 02:56

03 - She Tears Me Down 05:09

04 - Roller 04:44

05 - Mr. Universe 06:14

06 - Vengeance 03:37

07 - Puget Sound 04:24

08 - Dead Of Night 04:06

09 - Message In A Bottle 03:11

10 - Fighting Man 07:27

11 - On The Rocks (Live) 06:33

12 - Bite The Bullet (Live) 05:26

13 - Mr. Universe (Live) 07:14

14 - Vengeance (Live) 04:26

15 - Smoke On The Water (Live) 08:47

16 - Lucille (Live) 03:18


Part1 Part2

Enjoy the music!
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