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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bobby Parker 1995 Shine Me Up

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:00:51
Size: 139,21 MB

United States

Review by Thom Owens

Guitarist Bobby Parker continued his '90s comeback with Shine Me Up, an album filled with fiery leads and gritty, soulful R&B-based material.


01 - Man's Gotta Do What A Man's Gotta Do 05:25

02 - Kick It Around With You 05:44

03 - It's Unfair 05:08

04 - Stamps On Your Letter 05:39

05 - Shine Me Up 05:51

06 - Wild Thing 04:59

07 - Skeezer 04:22

08 - Somebody's Comin' In My Back Door 06:34

09 - Splib's Groove 05:37

10 - Drive Me Home 06:31

11 - Get Hip 05:01

Bobby Parker here:



Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Dreadnoughts 2007 Legends Never Die

Genre: Gypsy-Punk
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:45:06
Size: 61,90 MB


Album Notes

Vancouver's newest group of drunken misfits: The Dreadnoughts. One part roaring sea shanty, one part haunting Irish melody, and a solid chaser of gut-crunching street punk.

The Dreadnoughts take punk, celtic, and shanty-music seriously. They stay true to the ancient ballads and bawlers that once drove sailors around the world, and they smash out modern street-punk with a fury and intensity that is almost unmatched in their home city.

Legends Never Die is their first album, but it possesses all the confidence, muscle, and production of a seasoned outfit in the prime of their career.


01 - Old Maui 04:02

02 - Katie, Bar The Door 03:00

03 - Fire Marshall Willy 03:20

04 - Antarctica 03:09

05 - Leonard Cohen 04:18

06 - Mary, The One-Eyed Prostitute, Who Fought The Colossal Squid And Saved Us 05:08

07 - A Rambler's Life 05:35

08 - Sons Of Murphy 03:20

09 - Elizabeth 03:45

10 - Roll The Woodpile Down 02:38

11 - The Dreadnought 04:38

12 - Bob 02:13

The Dreadnoughts here:



Awek 1998 Chess Session

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:10:06
Size: 122,96 MB


Chess Session recorded in April 1998 with just 3 band members and some great guests, this CD contains 11 original compositions including Blues, Rock and some Funky stuff, too.


01 - Allons Bouger 05:03

02 - Back Home 05:00

03 - I've Been Searching 07:15

04 - Rambling And Drinking 05:23

05 - Since My Baby Left Me 06:45

06 - Talking About Love 06:12

07 - Leaving In Peace 05:24

08 - I Can't Help Myself 06:11

09 - I'm Bad 05:52

10 - No Religion 05:10

11 - Put A Coin In The Juke Box 06:38

12 - Back To The Same Place 05:13

Awek here:



Monday, February 27, 2012

Bubba Mac Blues Band 2001 Just Life

Genre: Blues
Rate: 176 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 01:01:30
Size: 79,55 MB

United States

The Bubba Mac Blues Band is a nine-piece ensemble that hails from New Jersey and appears weekly at the Bubba Mac Shack in Somers Point, New Jersey. Their disc Just Life released in 2001 features 14 originals contributed by various members of the group. With Bubba on guitar/vocal and second guitarist Richie Baker also handling vocals along with Terry Showers and Karen Logan the female vocalists the band's four-part harmony, in addition to the instruments creates a "fat" sound, not often heard in today's leaner approach to blues. The overall feel of the album is an easy to listen to harmony filled tour of life's moments. An understated approach to the use of the instruments lends a powerful presence to the songs. Touches of slide guitar (Mr Runaround Town) and violin (Walking with My Baby) are subtly unexpected and interesting.

As mentioned, Bubba handles vocals and adds to the proceedings as one of three guitarists along with Richie Baker and Lew London on lead. Mike Conti and Nick Marion anchor the rhythm section on bass and drums. With Charlie Winters on harmonica and Chris Sooy on keyboards; add the two ladies on vocals and the sound with all nine players contributing is a full on auditory treat. Some of the material covered on this disc includes a tribute to the sixties in 60's Generation, non-smoking: Designated Smoking Area Blues and a woman's good man with: My Man. This is a thoroughly enjoyable disc featuring a wide variety of blues styles and music that has in some cases little to do with blues music styles. It offers a refreshingly big sound in a time when some productions are inclined to try to do more with less. For more on the band visit: (This review is copyright © 2003 by TR Marshall, and Blues On Stage at:


01 - I Know Now (What I Didn't Know Then) 03:39

02 - Thank You Baby 04:02

03 - You Ain't Woman Enough 04:08

04 - Get It Up 04:49

05 - Just Walkin' 04:50

06 - Walkin With My Baby 03:23

07 - Mr. Runaround Town 04:15

08 - Hey Fine Lady 04:47

09 - Take Me Back 03:58

10 - Designated Smoking Area Blues 03:48

11 - 60's Generation 04:47

12 - My Man 05:37

13 - It's Just A Matter Of Time 05:10

14 - I Got The Feeling (In My Soul) 04:17

Bubba Mac Blues Band here:



Karin Rudefelt & Doctor Blues 2008 Magic Brew

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:10:26
Size: 161,61 MB


Album Notes

Karin Rudefelt & Doctor Blues is a Swedish blues band, originating from 1980. For many years now, the band have been playing only own material - firmly rooted in the blues but cooking with influences from rock, funk and jazz. The result is a thick and heavy blues an blues rock sound.

Karin Rudefelt & Doctor Blues have toured around Sweden and performed in most blues-profile places, like the biggest blues-festivals and most important clubs that Sweden has to offer. The band is regarded as innovators of blues as a genre and likes to experiment and push the boundaries of the blues into new dimensions. Yet always with both feet deeply rooted in the traditional mould.

Today "Karin Rudefelt & Doctor Blues" consists of the following;

Karin Rudefelt - vocals
Lennart Olofsson - guitar and vocals
Anders Wemming - guitar, slide and harmonica
Peter Borgström - bass and vocals
Tobias Magnusson - drums


01 - Voodoo Wizard 01:29

02 - Magic Brew 03:12

03 - Monsters Ball 05:04

04 - It Could Have Been You 04:14

05 - The Blues Is Down The Line 03:20

06 - Push Myself Up 05:06

07 - Kinky Woman 04:15

08 - Lover Under Cover 03:55

09 - Diamond Dust 03:48

10 - Borrowed Time 03:28

11 - That's What Blues Is All About 04:14

12 - Kiss Your Shoe 04:01

13 - Brain Debris 04:04

14 - The Party Goes Titanic 04:26

15 - Go Go 03:09

16 - The Point Of No Return 04:14

17 - It Shit's The Same 04:07

18 - Small Life 04:20

Karin Rudefelt & Doctor Blues here:



Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pete Vyler 2006 This Is Disaster

Genre: Punk
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:34:38
Size: 63,37 MB


50 years of excess. Rock 'n' Roll is still always alive!! With the initiative of Marc (ex-Sourire Kabyle - headlight group of the French punk Rock 'n' Roll stage of the 15 lasts years) 4 musicians leaving in the South-west of France, rocked by all the currents Rock 'n' Roll seventies and all the Rock 'n' Roll types have creates Pete Vyler, the ultimate group in Montauban town near Toulouse. Without being caught the head and with a good state of mind, like the pleasure of playing and sharing the decibels, this group manufactures for the amateurs of guitar's riffs, a Rock 'n' Roll simple and effective, without concessions. The English texts leaves the crusade against the currents type star academy and all this variety formated for the TV ... With the Vyler's Rock 'n' Roll still not die! (

THIS IS DISASTER is the new hot LP from the band PETE VYLER the rising value of the west French Rock…


01 - Intro 00:52

02 - Pete Vyler 03:24

03 - Up And Down 03:43

04 - Soul Keeper 04:50

05 - People Talk 03:51

06 - All My Feelings 02:35

07 - Sick People 03:44

08 - Plastic Baby 02:41

09 - Wake Up 03:08

10 - Lazy Bastard 02:52

11 - Emptiness 02:58

Pete Vyler here:



Today I received this email:

THX a lot to talk about Pete Vyler band in your blog !! really cool

for your information, we are in the studio to make the Third LP (THIS IS DISASTER is the first) - the second is DOUBLE SPIRAL SNAKE - 2009

more Blues, more SOUTHERNBLUESROCK !! really
with Banjo, harmonica..... & other singer !!

hope U talk about this LP next month !!

so keep connected with US in Twitter or facebook ;-) for example

MANYYYY THX to promote our rocknroll band

have a good rockin' day
Cordialement' Rock

MARC Guitar' Vyler


Facebook : cliquez ici >>

Myspace :

Twitter :

KEEP support your local BAND !!

James Nixon 2005 Back Down South

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:53:29
Size: 122,27 MB

United States

James Nixon's CD Back Down South gives the listener the true meaning of where he's been and what it's really like to sing the blues! With the voice of experience, James brings it all home with his ageless voice and heartfelt lyrics. (Martin O'Connor)


01 - Back Down South 05:37

02 - Baby Just Be You 02:35

03 - Don't Let Love Walk Out The Door 03:59

04 - How To Sing The Blues 03:23

05 - Snake In The Grass 03:56

06 - Numbers Man 02:55

07 - I'm So In Love With You 03:37

08 - Try Love On For Size 04:26

09 - Till The Break Of Dawn 03:15

10 - Close To You 03:15

11 - Please Never Ever Leave Me Again 04:45

12 - Baby Just Read My Mind 03:52

13 - You're The Best Part Of The Day 03:52

14 - What Happened To Our Love 04:02

James Nixon here:



Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Hoochie Coochie Men feat. Jon Lord 2007 Danger - White Men Dancing

Genre: Rock
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:00:29
Size: 55,30 MB

United Kingdom


BOB DAISLEY: Bass Guitar, Acoustic Bass, Backing Vocals, Harmonica
TIM GAZE: Guitars, Vocals
ROB GROSSER: Drums and Percussion
JON LORD: Hammond Organ and Piano

Guest vocals:

Ian Gillan performs on Tracks 4 & 7
Jeff Duff performs on Tracks 3 & 11
Jimmy Barnes performs on Tracks 6 & 10

Since leaving Deep Purple John Lord has spent the majority of his time working on his classical projects. The man has talent in those areas, but his hammond organ is what brought him fame with Deep Purple and now with the Hoochie Coochie Men he's back with a blues/rock band.

I have to say that after listening to this album once through I was already so very impressed. It's like all those great blues rock songs of the sixties and seventies were given a modern day recording and engineering treatment. The sound of the guitars, bass, drums, vocals and of course keyboards all come through in a phenomenal sonic performance.

The songs themselves all come off with the touch of musical expertise and genius that you would expect from people who have been in the business some 30 or 40 years. Tim Gaze's vocals and guitar are the perfect sound for these songs and Bob Daisley's bass shows mood and flavour depending on the requirements of the music. On "Hoochie Coochie Man" the bass sounds as dirty and testosterone pumped as the lyrics. Jimmy Barnes delivers a very sexy and hungry vocal to this song too. There are plenty of organ solos and guitar solos, and for added variety guest vocals including the above mentioned Barnes, as well as Jeff Duff and Ian Gillan, who shows he still has it on the song "If This Ain't the Blues". Jeff Duff does justice to "Twisted System", the whole song very well done with an awesome bass intro.

I could continue to rave about each track but to sum things up this is a very impressive piece of work. (P.S. "tsubame")


01 - The Blues Just Got Sadder 03:34

02 - Gotta Find Me Some Fire 03:57

03 - Twisted System 04:15

04 - Over & Over 08:07

05 - Let It Go 04:16

06 - Heart Of Stone 03:51

07 - If This Ain't The Blues 06:29

08 - Danger White Men Dancing 04:34

09 - Dead Presidents 02:45

10 - Hoochie Coochie Man 04:36

11 - Bottle O' Wine 04:59

12 - Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven 04:25

13 - Tell Your Story Walkin' 04:41

The Hoochie Coochie Men feat. Jon Lord here:



Freeky Cleen 2011 Blind Hands

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:34:12
Size: 78,29 MB



01 - Can't You Hear Me Callin' 02:25

02 - Now And Then 03:39

03 - Anyway. (feat. Alyona Yarushina) 03:08

04 - One Of My Moods 01:57

05 - I'm Tired 02:04

06 - Queen Without A Crown 02:17

07 - I Think It's Time 02:01

08 - Ain't No Use 01:43

09 - Hot Pages 01:40

10 - Feelin' Sorry 02:15

11 - Poverty Blues 01:47

12 - Without You 02:10

13 - You Can't Save Me 02:42

14 - Small Hours 02:35

15 - Cuttin' Blues 01:49

Freeky Cleen here:



Friday, February 24, 2012

The Kilborn Alley Blues Band 2007 Tear Chicago Down

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:47:49
Size: 109,33 MB

United States

The Kilborn Alley Blues Band is the real deal, a rip snortin', fire breathin' gang that puts heart and soul into every note they play. Gritty, raw, and a bit sloppy in the best sense of the word, they hold nothing back and play the blues with a nasty rock edge that will appeal to youngsters as well as die-hard fans.

They kick things off with "I'm Spent," a Chicago-meets-the Delta rave-up with hints of Little Walter in the wailing harmonica work of Joe Asselin. Andrew Duncanson lays back on the lead guitar to deliver a sweaty lead vocal while Asselin's honking accents up the ante. "Christmas in County" has a Memphis soul feel, the sad tale of a Christmas Eve drug bust, with stinging lead guitar work from Duncanson and wailing harp from Asselin laid down over the sinister groove of Chris Breen's bass and Ed O'Hara's drums. "Come Home Soon" has a bit of Al Green in its arrangement, a sad tale of a soldier in Iraq longing for his family. Sideman Gerry Hundt's organ provides a churchy, sanctified vibe to the proceedings, complementing Duncanson's sparse, stinging guitar and weary vocal. "Redneck in a Soul Band" is played tongue in cheek with a bouncy, bluegrass-like rhythm. Duncanson's singing is pure Chicago while Asselin's country blues harp zigzags in and out of the mix like a hungry fly dive bombing a puddle of barbecue sauce. Breen's extended melodic bassline brings extra tension to the aching soul of "It's a Pity." Duncanson's big, emotional vocal and his searing guitar set up Asselin's minimal but effective solo on this tale of anger and heartache. On funky dance tracks like "Lay It Down" and the title track, the ensemble lays down deep grooves marked by solos with an innate swing that's always impressive.

Every member of this fine quintet can play their ass off, with Duncanson's guitar and Asselin's harp the obvious standouts, but everyone in the ensemble contributes formidable chops to this blistering set.


01 - I'm Spent 04:20

02 - Christmas In County 04:42

03 - Fire With Fire 03:39

04 - Crazier Things 04:50

05 - Come Home Soon 03:40

06 - Redneck In A Soul Band 02:52

07 - It's A Pity 06:34

08 - Tear Chicago Down 03:14

09 - The Weight On You 04:15

10 - Lay It Down 03:36

11 - She Don't Know 03:02

12 - Redneck In A Soul Band (Alt) 03:05

The Kilborn Alley Blues Band here:



American Blues Box 2006 American Blues Box

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:44:41
Size: 102,21 MB

United States

Album Notes

American Blues Box, was formed in 2004 by front-man, songwriter Derek Davis and drummer James Pacheco. Derek and James are original members of former Arista Recording artists Babylon A.D.

Originating in the San Francisco Bay Area, American Blues Box combines hard rock and screaming blues much in the same style as early Aerosmith. With soulful vocals, colourful story telling, wailing bottle neck slide-guitar and blistering harmonica, the band has made an extremely impressive debut.

On their new self titled 12 song CD. American Blues Box displays their talent on the super charged slide-guitar rockers “Mississippi Mud” and “Whiskey and Water”. They deliver the emotional goods on “Killing Time” and “When You Were Young”, and bring home a burning rendition of the classic “Some kind of Wonderful”. This first offering by American Blues Box proves the band has what it takes for a large and diverse audience.

Derek and James’ early success began when their previous band Babylon A.D. signed to Arista Records in 1989. Discovered by legendary music mogul Clive Davis, the band recorded two critically acclaimed CDs, scored three number one songs at Metal radio and reached gold on their first release. Constant touring throughout the 1990s and MTV videos made them one of hard rock fans favourites. The band released two more CDs on Apocalypse Records: “Live in your Face” in 1999 and “American Blitzkrieg” in 2002, both well received by their fans.

Since their inception two years ago American Blues Box has spent their time performing live, writing and recording. The new CD is a powerful testament to their creativity and originality and is certain to generate a lot of attention!


01 - Mississippi Mud 04:30

02 - Unconditional Love 03:15

03 - Some Kind Of Wonderful 04:43

04 - Whiskey & Water 04:04

05 - Killing Time 04:32

06 - When You Were Young 02:31

07 - Red Hot Lover 03:43

08 - Rattle My Bones 03:57

09 - Biscuit Bakin Mama 02:18

10 - Half The Man 03:25

11 - Shake Your Tree 03:45

12 - I Can't Hold Out (Live) 03:58

American Blues Box here:



Thursday, February 23, 2012

Joanna Connor 2001 Nothing But The Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:12:54
Size: 133,36 MB

United States

Review by Glenn Astarita

Brooklyn, NY-born vocalist/composer/electric slide guitarist Joanna Connor honed her craft, shedding and learning in Chicago's blues clubs. However, with several albums to her credit along with a seemingly hefty touring schedule, the artist has attained prominence in Europe and abroad, as the high-octane "Nothing But The Blues" was recorded live in Bamberg, Germany. Essentially, Ms. Connor once again demonstrates her exuberant blues-based convictions via her spirited vocals, electrified crunch chords and scorching slide guitar lines. Supported by a rock solid band, featuring bassist Darnell Wilcher, drummer Lance Lewis and guitarist Tony Palmer, Ms. Connor belts out a series of standard and original compositions amid a 70's style hard rock groove, brimming with fiery dynamics and strong soloing. And while the author of the CD liners boldly states; "This is the future of blues-rock", admirers of sizzling blues-drenched guitar licks, impacting opuses and bone-crushing interplay might reap huge benefits here.


01 - Rock Me Baby 06:03

02 - Make Love To You 08:45

03 - Howlin 04:58

04 - Big Girl Blues 04:02

05 - Dr. Feelgood 07:31

06 - Little Bit 04:34

07 - Dust My Broom 04:08

08 - You're So Fine 05:19

09 - Meditations 02:58

10 - Got To Have You 04:43

11 - They Love Each Other 08:49

12 - Walking Blues 11:04

Joanna Connor here:



The Dudek, Finnigan, Krueger Band 1978 Live

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:47:31
Size: 196,97 MB

United States

This is a WPIX FM Rebroadcast.


Les Dudek: Guitar
Mike Finnigan: Keyboards
Max Gronenthal: Keyboards
Michael Hossack: Drums
Jim Krueger: Guitar
Bill Meeker: Drums
Trey Thompson: Bass

Guitarist/vocalist Jim Krueger and keyboardist/vocalist Mike Finnigan, who met in the Dave Mason Band, had built impressive resumés previously on their own. A member of late-'60s band the Serfs and a reunited Big Brother & the Holding Company (without Janis Joplin) in 1969, he recorded with the Jerry Hahn Brotherhood in 1970 and Jerry Wood in 1972 before recording his debut album in 1976. Wisconsin-born Krueger had become an important member of the Dave Mason Band, co-writing the pop hit "We Just Disagree." Working with Finnigan, he recorded a solo album, Sweet Salvation, in 1978. Rhode Island-born guitarist Les Dudek was a highly regarded sideman by the late-'70s, having spent five years in Boz Scaggs' band. (Craig Harris)



01 - WPIX Intro 00:27

02 - Don't Call Me Chief 04:49

03 - City Magic 06:32

04 - That's Wrong 05:13

05 - We Just Disagree 02:56

06 - Gonna Move 06:54

07 - Just One Minute More 05:09

08 - How Long Has It Been 04:19

09 - Does Anybody Care 05:20

10 - Expressway To Your Heart 05:44

11 - Run For Cover 05:19


01 - Ghost Town Parade 05:39

02 - How Wrong Can You Be 04:37

03 - Trinidad 05:54

04 - Sailfish 04:13

05 - Old Judge Jones 06:39

06 - Falling Out 03:36

07 - Friend Of Mine 16:44

08 - Central Park 07:19

09 - WPIX Outro 00:08

The Dudek, Finnigan, Krueger Band here:



Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gregg Rolie Band 2009 Rain Dance - Live

Genre: Latin
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:11:00
Size: 64,85 MB

United States

Rain Dance is a good record. It has the sound of early Santana. The original singer for the Great Santana band of the Sixties (Woodstock) and Seventies, Gregg Rolie’s voice is the sound of Santana. Here is a chance to hear Santana minus Carlos. The guitar work is excellent, sounds like Carlos. The song selections and CD is for Santana fans. (Ray Cepeda)


01 - Jingo 05:51

02 - Going Home 04:12

03 - No One To Depend On 05:49

04 - As The Years Go Passing By 10:09

05 - Evil Ways 04:22

06 - Across The Water 06:25

07 - Give It To Me 04:35

08 - Soul Sacrifice 10:11

09 - Black Magic Woman 03:28

10 - Gypsy Queen 04:53

11 - Oye Como Va 05:21

12 - Bailamos El Son 05:44

Gregg Rolie Band here:


Trafic De Blues ? Fin De Cavale

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:32:05
Size: 44,00 MB


A super album, energetic and flowing!

Only six songs are composing this small blues jewel made in France.

Straightaway, we must talk about swing: like a snake, it pass through all the songs, sinuously and winningly.

The only thing that you can do now is let your feet moves, your head roll with this pressing rhythm and your mind feel happy and carefree.

A fantabulous harmonica, played in a brilliant way especially in Steady B, take you directly inside, in the core of the album.

Wonderful trumpet in Tribute to the kings, a refined composition of different sounds.

We wont forget the other pieces, my goodness! All great and well played songs.

So, at last, listen and enjoy with us: this is a really smart blues alchemy! (


01 - Steady B. 05:31

02 - Bad Luck Soul 04:35

03 - Tribute To The Kings 05:27

04 - From Saint Denis 05:03

05 - Sweet Swing 04:06

06 - Time To Funk 05:28

07 - Hidden Track 01:55

Trafic De Blues here:



Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Karin Rudefelt & Doctor Blues 2006 Breakin' The Chain

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:45:59
Size: 63,21 MB


“Having listened to 'Breaking The Chain' a few times now I have to say it’s at least as good as the last album. Simply a five star edition.” ”I am playing tracks from your CD in my radio show 'Mojo Blues'! Excellent stuff that deserve exposure to a wider range of blues lovers!” (Vasja Ivanovski – Macedonian Radio – Skopje Blues & Soul Festival)


01 - Down To The Bottom 05:22

02 - It's A Curse 03:54

03 - Case Is Closed 02:51

04 - Breakin' The Chain 04:24

05 - I'm Gonna Close The Door 03:41

06 - My Man Won't Set Me Free 05:00

07 - Why Do People Cry 04:15

08 - Cold Wind Blowin' 04:44

09 - Mississippi Queen 03:14

10 - My Baby & The Booze 04:11

11 - The Blues Is Coming Down Hard 04:23

Karin Rudefelt & Doctor Blues here:



Wentus Blues Band 1997 Boogie Man

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:13:54
Size: 31,83 MB


A Sold Out 4-track CD-EP that contains songs by Bo Diddley, Bobby "Blue" Bland and Freddie King. Antti Sjöberg sings with great power and the band sounds great. "Boogie Man" got some great reviews and it increased on the amount of gigs that the band started to play. SOLD OUT !!


01 - Boogie Man 04:10

02 - Pretty Thing 03:06

03 - Loan Me A Helping Hand 02:17

04 - Help Me Through The Day 04:21

Wentus Blues Band here:

Thank you Kempen for sharing this album!



Monday, February 20, 2012

The Steve Schuffert Band 2003 Unplugged (& Live in Duisburg)

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:48:24
Size: 248,00 MB

United States

An manche Dinge muss man nur ganz fest glauben und sie werden irgendwann Wirklichkeit. Ich zum Beispiel habe fest geglaubt, dass mir irgend wann eine unplugged CD über den Weg läuft, bei der ich auch den Schluss noch erlebe. Normalerweise nicke ich immer spätestens nach 15 Minuten auf meinem Sofa ein.

Am 28. September 2002, also meinem Geburtstag (meinem 21., nur so nebenbei), ist unser Lieblingsgitarrengott Steve Schuffert mit seinen beiden Bandmates Matt Carmichael und Pete Tomarakos ins Rolling Hills Studio in Nashville gegangen und hat mal eben so, an diesem einen Tag, das akustische Album eingespielt, auf das ich so lange gewartet habe.

Steve Schuffert mag es nicht klein und gewöhnlich. Er besteht auf den Exzess. 3 Studioplatten in 4 Jahren, Tourneen mit 60 und mehr Konzerten und irgendwas um die 100 gespielten Liedern, Marathonauftritte mit 3 Stunden Vollbedienung. Natürlich geht dieser Mann dann nicht her und stellt eine gewöhnliche CD in die Läden, sondern er liefert zur ausgestöpselten Aufnahme gleich noch den amtlichen Mitschnitt seiner letztjährigen Tour mit. Ergo: Wir haben also ein Doppelalbum auf dem Tisch.

Bezeichnend: Nicht das knallige Liveteil ist die Haupt-CD, nein, das akustische Scheibchen wird als CD 1 tituliert. Eigentlich ist das auch völlig richtig, denn so erhält sie die Aufmerksamkeit, die sie verdient.

Liebe Freunde der Musik, was jetzt kommt, ist eine Lobesarie auf einen Musiker und seine Band, die alles verdient haben, nur eines nicht, nämlich nicht in Eure CD-Player zu kommen!

12 Songs respektive knapp 45 Minuten lang nimmt uns Mr. Schuffert auf eine Reise durch das Universum der gelochten Holzgitarre. Glücklicherweise kann man diese Gitarre nicht nur auf Lagerfeuerniveau bedienen, man kann ihr auch Töne von höchster Schönheit und Virtuosität entlocken. Und man kann mit ihr ganze Lieder spielen, nicht nur fragmentarische Anrisse allseits bekannter House of the rising sun-Klischees. Wird der ausführende Meistergitarrist auch noch von einer einfühlsamen Band begleitet und stimmt das Songmaterial, dann kann es passieren, dass eine ohne Strom aufgenommene CD mehr Spannung verbreitet, als es 99% aller Starkstromtechniker auch nur ansatzweise je schaffen.

Steve Schuffert kann Songs schreiben. Das weiß man von seinen Studioplatten. Er kann auch Evergreens unnachahmlich covern. Und er hat ein scheinbar unerschöpfliches Repertoire von neuen Song- und Ausführungsideen. Auf "Unplugged" befinden sich 2 Coversongs, The Wind Cries Mary von Hendrix und Crossroads, der uralte Standardblues von Robert Johnson. Beides hat man unendlich oft gehört und trotzdem stellt sich hier eine kaum begreifbare Faszination ein. Stimme, Gitarre, Band, zusammen mit diesen Klassikern eine unschlagbare Kombination. Die restlichen 10 Nummern kommen von den Studioplatten bzw. sind ganz neu (I Can't Close The Door und Let's Just Keep It Shallow). Bei Suitcase Full Of Blues kommt noch ein allerfeinstes Saxophone hinzu.

Beim besten Willen kann ich keine einzelne Nummer herausheben, zu viele Gänsehautschauer überkommen mich bei allen Songs. Diese CD ist ein Overkill an Schönheit, Musikalität und Eingängigkeit.

Kommen wir also zur "Bonus-CD". Kein übliches Giveaway mit 3 Songs, einem unnötigen Interview und einem Videoschnipsel. Über eine Stunde rockt sich die Steve Schuffert Band durch einen Set, den sie so am 03. Mai 2002 in Duisburg im Parkhaus abgeliefert hat. Vorband waren übrigens damals unsere Freunde von HARD TO HANDLE (siehe Review im HoR).

Nach der Naturkur auf CD 1 kommt uns die Band hier (darf man in diesem Fall "endlich" sagen? Nein!) verschärft rockend entgegen. Crossroads gibt es noch mal, ebenfalls ein weiteres Hendrix-Cover, Red House. Dazwischen ein kurzes Solo von Schlagzeug-Oktopus Matt Carmichael und ansonsten 12x Schuffert-Kompositionen.

Down To The Bone prügelt die Richtung vor und ab geht das mit den wilden Pferden. Die 3 machen Crossover Musik im besten Sinne. Blues, Boogie, Boogie, Americana, Roots, Singer/Songwriter und alles mit dem Nachnamen ROCK. Kreuz und quer durch die Musik, die wir so lieben und die wir in dieser Perfektion so selten erleben.

Egal ob hart bzw. texanisch rockend (Hot Love, Backup Man), wild im Blues shuffelnd (The Devil's Door), den so genannten Superstars zeigend, wo der Gitarrist seine Hits wirklich hängen hat (All Torn Up), Neil Young in die Wüste schickend (Walk On Down The Road) oder hemmungslos die Rock & Roll-Boogiesau fliegen lassend (All I Need Tonight - neu und mit mitgeliefertem Monster-Chorus), die CD ist ein Meilenstein heutiger Live-Rockmusik.

Setzt man sich einen Kopfhörer auf und versucht, den einzelnen Musikern zu folgen, wird man sehr schnell entnervt aufgeben und sich fragen, wie denn ein Trio so was hinkriegen kann. Es sitzt jeder Ton, jeder Schlag, jedes Background-Tönchen. Und so ganz nebenbei bauen die Jungs ein paar Vertracktheiten ein, die ihresgleichen suchen (Matt trommelt in Backup Man etwas eigentlich unmögliches - Pete setzt auf dem Hiway 51 neue Bassfundamente, die kriegt kein Panzer klein - Steve ist sowieso ein Genie).

Mit dem neuen Song Love Me Too hat Schuffert einen Hit geschrieben. Wenige, nur ganz wenige, können solche rockenden Ohrwürmer komponieren. Das ist eine Liga mit Namen wie Tognoni, Keltner, Gibbons und Hill (früher), Bruce Brookshire (bald wieder?!?) oder Joe Grushecky (immer mal wieder). Gleiches gilt für Freight Train Love vom "Terminal Blue" Album.

Nochmal ein Killer mit One More Second Chance, wer das nicht aushält, hat keine zweite verdient, mehr Boogie'n'Roll geht nicht und dann geht es mit Crossroads in die vermeintlich geruhsame Zugabe. Naja, auch hier wird gerockt bis die Boxen rauchen.

CD aus, du sitzt geplättet da und schnaufst tief durch und legst dann wieder "Unplugged" ein. Das Zeug macht süchtig! (


CD1 (Live In Duisburg)

01 - Down To The Bone 03:39

02 - Hot Love 04:06

03 - The Devil's Door 04:02

04 - All Torn Up 04:09

05 - Walk On Down The Road 03:17

06 - Backup Man 04:46

07 - All I Need Tonight 03:52

08 - Hiway 51 04:46

09 - Red House 08:47

10 - Love Me Too 02:43

11 - Nothing Wrong With You 04:07

12 - Freight Train Love 04:12

13 - Drum Solo 01:54

14 - One More Second Chance 03:37

15 - Crossroads 06:32

CD2 (Unplugged)

01 - One More Time 03:52

02 - The Wind Cries Mary 03:35

03 - Suitcase Full Of Blues 03:49

04 - I Ain't No Saint 03:15

05 - Crossroads 03:12

06 - I Don't Need This Love 03:33

07 - One Way Home 03:22

08 - Walk On Down The Road 03:20

09 - I Can't Close The Door 04:26

10 - Somewhere Down The Line 03:51

11 - A Step Away 02:43

12 - Let's Just Keep It Shallow 04:57

The Steve Schuffert Band here:

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

James Nixon 2001 No End To The Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:53:47
Size: 123,16 MB

United States

This guy's got a great voice, the real deal. A hard-workin' vet with excellent chops seasoned by life. The CD is filled with solid songwriting (12 single writes by Nixon & 2 co-writes, songs #10 & 12, with Richard Fleming), good production & dandy players. But it's Nixon's really fine vocals that shine, shine, shine.

He has a lot of facets in his voice that he controls & utilizes to perfection. There's a soft, gentle touch he employs sparingly and effectively, a passionate soulful growling edge and even an excellent high falsetto'ish voicing he uses that's provides a nifty contrast & impact scattered throughout his emotional, dead-on-the-money performances. It's just really good to listen to a pro's pro doin' what he does with gusto! And just so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle, I've got to mention Nixon's strong, strong guitar work. Obviously capable of holding down the axe sideman slot with any band in the biz, his playing is inventive, rock-solid & never overdone (thus leaving just the good stuff)!

Highlight tunes beyond the title cut, for me, include TRYING TO HOLD ON with it's nice background vocal (Mary-Ann Brandon) & song tension, SUNDOWN BLUES with that cool high vocal deal, & the great delivery on ONE MORE CHANCE WITH YOU. The #12 cut, I'M YOUR HANDY MAN is a really nice song with a spare, kind of haunting vibe provided in large part by the wonderful, moody harp-playing of Shannon Williford. Matched with Nixon's smooth guitar & perfect vocal the song really shines. Williford also does the harmonica work on a few other tunes to great advantage & effect. He really adds to the production w/o getting in the way. This leads to a few comments on Fred James production & guitar work.

The guy really seems to know what he's doing, letting the productions serve the songs & the singer! Also, his own rhythm & slide work adds nicely to the project. One more kudo to Fred James: my understanding is that he's a nice white guy who digs R&B and the blues and puts his money where his mouth is to get it to happen. Good deal. The other players are all equally as good. Brian Owings (drums) & Jeff Davis (bass) lock it down, Billy Earhart does nice work on keys & Dennis Taylor offers some real nice sax work.

Overall this is a mighty good CD by a mighty good artist! (Rob (N'ville.))


01 - No End To The Blues 04:31

02 - Trying To Hold On 05:00

03 - Sundown Blues 03:55

04 - Baby Right Now 03:26

05 - Sweet Thing 04:10

06 - The Best In Town 03:23

07 - Please Come Back To Me 03:55

08 - One More Chance With You 03:13

09 - Oh Baby 04:43

10 - You're The One 03:39

11 - Tongue Tied Blues 04:18

12 - Handy Man 03:57

13 - Love At First Sight 03:21

14 - Howling At The Moon 02:16

James Nixon here:



Big Daddy & Red Hot Java 1998 The 24th Hour

Genre: Blues
Rate: 198 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:46:57
Size: 67,81 MB

United States

The 24th Hour is top notch Blues! Simple, straight forward Blues, magnificently presented. Hard to believe they recorded, mixed and mastered it in 23 hours, but if they're as road tested as they sound, they probably pulled it off. Big Daddy's songwriting ain't run-of-the-mill Blues. His influences spice things up a bit. Long Way Home is my favourite cut. (Clyde Bowles)


01 - New Cadillac 03:27

02 - Married To Mizery 03:14

03 - Dimples 02:56

04 - Stranger Blues 04:33

05 - Red Hot Java 04:34

06 - Slither And Burn 05:21

07 - Long Way Home 08:28

08 - Southern Belle From Hell 04:48

09 - No Glove No Love 02:59

10 - Dirty Old Town 03:42

11 - Wes' Whiplash 02:55

Big Daddy & Red Hot Java here:



Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rod Piazza 1985 Harpburn

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:49:03
Size: 89,74 MB

United States

Rod Piazza, considered one of the preeminent harmonica players around, has become a commanding presence at the forefront of today's blues scene. Billboard has also called him "a star contemporary blues songwriter, as well as the star musician verging on a broader breakthrough." Though he isn't quite comfortable with the term "virtuoso," his skills certainly merit placing him in that company. Piazza's harmonica technique borders on astonishing - a delicate combination of power and grace that maintains the fattest of tones while alternately evoking classic Chicago styles, interpreting R&B horn lines, or playing his own signature licks.

Although it's true that, as the New York Times said, "Rod Piazza has perfected the rough drive and edgy tone that characterized the classic Chicago blues sound of Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson and others in the 50's," he's also a master of West Coast jump blues, incorporating elements of Los Angeles' postwar jazz, swing, and R&B combos.

His band for the last quarter century, Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers, has won the prestigious "Blues Band Of The Year" W.C. Handy Award three times, regarded as the equivalent of the Grammy in the blues field. Piazza has also won the Handy Award for "Blues Instrumentalist-Harmonica," and the band's ability to keep the blues vibrant, fresh and alive has led to countless accolades, awards and nominations over the years.

California native Piazza began his musical career in Los Angeles in 1965, when he formed the Dirty Blues Band at the age of 18. They released their first record in 1967, which was quickly followed up by a second album in 1968 on ABC/Bluesway Records. At the same time, he was cutting his musical teeth on local club dates with blues pioneers such as Big Mama Thorton, Big Joe Turner, and T-Bone Walker.

Rod then joined his long-time mentor, George "Harmonica" Smith, Muddy Waters' former harmonica player, to form the double harmonica outfit called Bacon Fat. It was through George that Rod learned the power of a dynamic stage performance and developed his prodigious harmonica talents. "He taught me to always have a plan, to always know what you were going to play before you hit the stage," says Piazza of his mentor. "He would listen closely to whatever you played, then he'd say, if you're not going to say anything different, you shouldn't be up here. He didn't want me trying to mimic him, or anyone else. Be yourself, he'd always say."

Rod released two Bacon Fat albums in 1969 and 1970. In 1973 Rod hired a talented young piano player and Otis Spann disciple named Honey Alexander, who was later to become his wife. In 1976 Rod and Honey began to perform regularly together as the Rod Piazza Blues Band and the Chicago Flying Saucer Band.

In the 1980's, Rod assumed the role of producer, often using the Mighty Flyers as the backing band, for a number of LPs for the local Murray Brothers label. These recordings of important but somewhat overlooked blues artists such as Jimmy Rogers, Johnny Dyer, Pee Wee Crayton, Smokey Wilson, and George "Harmonica" Smith have been reissued in recent years by Blind Pig.

In 1980 Rod and Honey formed Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers with long-time bassist Bill Stuve. The group has earned a reputation as one of the hardest working bands who consistently push the boundaries of the blues while still staying vital and true to the spirit and soul of the music. As Blues Revue put it, "Rod and Honey front one of the most popular blues bands in the world. Whether they play at an intimate club, a packed rock room or a huge festival, the Mighty Flyers share with the audience their passionate love of the blues in every show.'

For well over two decades, Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers have solidified their position in the top ranks of blues acts by maintaining a busy touring schedule, playing to every manner of club, concert hall, and festival. They've also been prolific recording artists, releasing nearly a dozen albums. They mix earthy originals, rousing jump tunes, earnest boogie and slow blues ballads, even an occasional animated instrumental, and remain among the most consistently appealing, enjoyable contemporary units.


01 - Little Bitty Pretty One - Rockin' Robin 02:29

02 - Bad, Bad Boy 03:45

03 - One Mint Julep 03:40

04 - California Boogie 03:16

05 - The Upsetter 03:44

06 - Tribute To George Smith 07:44

07 - Harpburn 03:42

08 - Feeling Good 03:33

09 - Honey Bee 04:53

10 - Cold Chill 02:56

11 - Worried Life Blues 04:11

12 - I'm Dangerous 05:10

Rod Piazza here:


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