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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Michael Louis Band 2009 South New York

A few days ago I got an e-mail from Michael Louis, guitarist and vocalist of The Michael Louis Band:

Happy New Year! I just came across your site and it's awesome!
I would like to give u permission to upload "South New York" - The Michael Louis Band.
I can Dropbox you a 192MP3 version of the whole CD. It is a mix of blues, rock, funk & r&r.
It was recorded in Tupelo, MS, Memphis, TN & Muscle Shoals, AL.
It was Co-Produced by guitar legend, Travis Wammack (Little Richard, Fame Studio).
The song "Memphis Sound" is an original song written by Michael Louis that features Sun RecordsRockabilly legends, Sonny Burgess and Billy Lee Riley (RIP).
Michael Louis has shared festival stages with: Gov't Mule, Koko Taylor, Little Feat, Robert Cray,`P Funk, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown and many more.
Let me know if Dropbox is cool for you to download the CD. I can add the artwork as well.
I would also like you to put link(s) where people can buy the hard copy CD or a higher quality download.
Keep up the great work!
Best regards,
Michael Louis
the Michael Louis Band
Brooklyn, NY

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:59:05
Size: 81,15 MB

United States

Although the band is based in New York, his music has nothing to do with the one normally done in that city or around the state. The Michael Louis Band are not even an usual blues band, although they have some blues influences. Michael Louis and his musicians gave us a collection of songs in the pure tradition of Southern Rock, but also quite close of what is called as 'psychedelta', always with an original touch of soul, funk and country music. All them show a tasteful cool originality, together with a wide knowledge, both in performing and in the way they drive their musical speech. The trio includes Eric Kalb drums, Andrei Sebastian bass and keyboards and Michael Louis, guitar and vocals. They have also included some guests musicians on guitar, vocals and congas, such as Travis Wammack, Billy Lee Riley, Sonny Burgess and Wayney Chaney. The sessions were recorded and mixed in Tupelo MS, Memphis, TN and Muscle Shoals AL. VERY GOOD. (La Hora Del Blues - Barcelona, Spain)

Brooklyn’s Michael Louis Band is a hardworking, big sounding and righteous power Blues trio that cuts to the chase and drives on. Louis has found the Seger boogie and the sublimely rocking profundity of Cream. These guys may be from the 3rd city but here, North is definitely meeting South. These sessions were recorded across Dixie in Memphis, Muscle Shoals and Tupelo, MS. And, to show how they were received, Roland James said “you guys may be from New York but it must be South New York.” These recordings really got the “stank” they were seeking. This disk is rife and full with soul, funk, country, Southern Rock or even what we LIer’s call “psychedelta.” The band of Eric Kalb (D), Andrei Sebastian (B) and Michael Louis (G,V) have lots of back and experience and together, they crunch. Guests include Travis Wammack who produced and played some axe and James Wormworth who did well hitting things along with Sonny Burgess and Billy Lee Reilly of Sun Studio fame. Feedback and fuzz, sliding and grinding and rapid fire axe share time with soulful stretching out like in opener “Ain’t That Kinda Man.” “Shade Tree” pops and funks like it has no backbone. Allman Brothers imbues “Let It Go”, “Molly” is an acoustic Ragtime tribute to a certain kind of lady and “Cause of Us” Cissily struts like Nocentelli, Batiste and Porter. Heavy is all you need to know about “Reasons and Seasons.” Probably the coolest cut to flow across my tympanic membranes in a while is a deep North MS take on “I Fought the Law”! These guys bring it from the woods to the city. Krang! (Mark Gresser)


01 - Ain't That Kinda Man 03:56

02 - Shade Tree 04:16

03 - Country Girl 03:31

04 - Saturday Night 06:11

05 - Let It Go 03:29

06 - Cause Of Us 05:22

07 - Reasons And Seasons 04:07

08 - I Fought The Law 04:46

09 - Ramblin' With That Woman 03:47

10 - Molly 03:53

11 - Let Me Love You (With All My Heart) 03:01

12 - Super Directional 02:56

13 - Memphis Sound 02:48

14 - Memphis Sound (The Interview) 07:02

The Michael Louis Band here:

Get a copy of the new CD "SOUTH NEW YORK". It's really good!



Thank you Michael Louis for the permission to share this album!

Ziddu (Accepts parallel downloads! No waiting!!)


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