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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lemmy - Slim Jim - Danny B 2000 Lemmy - Slim Jim - Danny B

Genre: Rock
Rate: 160 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:41:26
Size: 47,44 MB

United States

You probably don't think of Motorhead's Lemmy in the same way as you think of Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly (even though you should; he's every bit as much a legend in our eyes) but this CD could change all that.

On this apparently untitled CD (there's no title anywhere on our copy), Lemmy, Slim Jim Phantom and Danny B. Harvey play tribute to some of the legends of Rock 'n' Roll. And they do it with a vintage sound; not with a modern Motörhead twist. In other words, except for the fact that it's obviously Lemmy singing, these tunes sound almost exactly as they did when they were originally recorded way back when.

The first tune, "Big River," is instantly recognizable as a Johnny Cash cover. The rest of the CD is more of the same. "Not Fade Away" and the many other Buddy Holly tunes on this CD sound the way Buddy Holly would have recorded them back in the '50s - not the way Lemmy et al could have recorded them in 1999 with the vast difference in studio and instrument technology. Only the last tune, "Heartbreak Hotel" is somewhat surprising and then only because it's an instrumental and not a vocal version. (Oh, yeah - and Lemmy's intro of "How's it fuckin' start?" at the beginning of "Peggy Sue Got Married" is a little anachronistic, too).

But that attention to keeping it classic is all part of the charm. This CD is a loving tribute to music that Lemmy, Slim Jim and Danny obviously keep close to their heart. It's not for those who want their music loud, fast and nothing else but - for fans of music of all types - it's a delightfully nostalgic and outrageously quaint celebration of the early days of Rock 'n' Roll.

On this CD, Lemmy handles vocals, acoustic guitar and harmonica; Slim Jim Phantom offers backing vocals, drums and percussion; Danny B. Harvey plays electric guitar, keyboards and bass. (


01 - Big River 02:27

02 - Lawdy, Miss Clawdy 02:00

03 - You Got Me Dizzy 03:00

04 - Cut Across Shorty 02:03

05 - Tell Me How 01:49

06 - Well ... All Right 02:19

07 - Take Your Time 02:02

08 - Stuck On You 02:21

09 - Love's Made A Fool Of You 01:56

10 - Trying To Get To You 01:39

11 - Not Fade Away 02:15

12 - Fool's Paradise 02:28

13 - Peggy Sue Got Married 02:14

14 - Crying, Waiting, Hoping 02:11

15 - Learning The Game 02:16

16 - Matchbox 02:30

17 - True Love Ways 02:57

18 - Heartbreak Hotel 02:59

Lemmy - Slim Jim - Danny B here:

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