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Friday, February 17, 2012

Niko Riippa 2003 Bohemian Breakfast Bar

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:37:33
Size: 85,94 MB


Album Notes

Blues legends Louisiana Red and Eddie Kirkland can both afford to choose who they pass their musical heritage on to, and they both chose the same guy-Niko Riippa. The documentary movie Mississippi-Nedervetil tells the story about how Louisiana Red,once an apprentice of Muddy Waters, has found his own ideal apprentice in Niko Riippa. Today Niko Riippa has played more than 300 gigs so far with guys like Louisiana Red and Eddie Kirkland.

As a member of Europes's leading blues band, The Wentus Blues Band, Niko Riippa has done more than 2000 gigs in 13 countries and 5 records. He has toured with Dick Heckstall-Smith and Mick Taylor, among others, and he has recorded with the likes of Kim Wilson, Carey Bell, Louisiana Red, Eddie Kirkland, Omar Dykes(on Wentus Blues Band:Family Album, Bluelight Records) and Dick Heckstall-Smith(Blowing the Blues).

On his first solo album, Bohemian Breakfast Bar, Niko Riippa proves he knows what to do with his heritage. There's more where this came from!


01 - Plastic Castle 04:10

02 - Conviction's A Lemon 04:46

03 - On My Way 05:07

04 - Sky Song 05:54

05 - Meat Milk And Honey 03:57

06 - Little Blue Hippie 03:00

07 - Sleepwalking 02:45

08 - Sometimes 03:58

09 - For What It's Worth 03:56

Niko Riippa here:



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