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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Trafic De Blues ? Fin De Cavale

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:32:05
Size: 44,00 MB


A super album, energetic and flowing!

Only six songs are composing this small blues jewel made in France.

Straightaway, we must talk about swing: like a snake, it pass through all the songs, sinuously and winningly.

The only thing that you can do now is let your feet moves, your head roll with this pressing rhythm and your mind feel happy and carefree.

A fantabulous harmonica, played in a brilliant way especially in Steady B, take you directly inside, in the core of the album.

Wonderful trumpet in Tribute to the kings, a refined composition of different sounds.

We wont forget the other pieces, my goodness! All great and well played songs.

So, at last, listen and enjoy with us: this is a really smart blues alchemy! (


01 - Steady B. 05:31

02 - Bad Luck Soul 04:35

03 - Tribute To The Kings 05:27

04 - From Saint Denis 05:03

05 - Sweet Swing 04:06

06 - Time To Funk 05:28

07 - Hidden Track 01:55

Trafic De Blues here:



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