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Monday, April 30, 2012

Crossroads 1979 Southern Strutter

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:34:55
Size: 79,85 MB

United States

Classic 70s Southern Rock from Arkansas/USA - similar to MARSHALL TUCKER BAND / GRINDERSWITCH with some excellent guitar riffs in LYNYRD SKYNYRD style. The only 1 album of the band, original released in 1979. (


Ken Wheaton - lead guitar
Bobby Rodgers - lead & rhythm guitar
John Echols - vocals, rhythm guitar
Mike Taylor - keyboards, vocals
Wayne Winston - bass
Joe Laster - drums


01 - Sowin' Our Wild Oates 04:27

02 - Angel 03:58

03 - Which Way From Here 03:08

04 - Allison 03:54

05 - Southern Strutter 03:56

06 - Warm Day In The Winter 03:49

07 - Music On Our Mind 03:44

08 - Soul Searchin' 03:48

09 - Many Times 04:11

Crossroads here:



Livin' Blues 1972 Rocking At The Tweed Mill

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:38:16
Size: 87,75 MB



01 - Ain't No Use Crying 04:04

02 - Diving Duck Blues 06:55

03 - Eye To Eye 03:06

04 - Please Don't Leave Me 02:52

05 - Sweet Suzanne 03:30

06 - Shady Girl, Shady Girl 02:32

07 - Fool On You 06:57

08 - Tongue 'n' Groove 02:22

09 - You're A Stranger 05:33

Livin' Blues here:

Thanks to a friend of SBR for sharing this album!



Sunday, April 29, 2012

Knock-Out Greg & Blue Weather 2000 The Wig-Flipper

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:53:58
Size: 123,42 MB



In 1949, a record with Blues shouter Jimmy Smith was released, it contained the songs "Ma-Ma" and "Talking Boogie". In September the same year Billboard wrote about it's flip side: "Talking Boogie is not quite as wig-flipping as the reverse side - but a wig-flipper." Now, more than 50 years later, we'll try to share some wig-flipping with you. So please, all you ladies and gentlemen

- hold on to your wig!


01 - Baby, Baby Blues 04:20

02 - I Cry 03:36

03 - Somebody's Been Crying 03:14

04 - You Got Me Way Down Here 04:18

05 - Letter On My Bed 04:29

06 - I'm Through 02:13

07 - You Can't Undo (What's Been Done) 04:55

08 - The Wig-Flipper 02:57

09 - Tears Of Joy 03:16

10 - Bad Luck Avenue 03:35

11 - Tough Times 04:25

12 - She's In Love With My Pocket Book 04:23

13 - Get Out Of The Car 02:57

14 - I Don't Know Why 02:53

15 - Horton's Hot Foot 02:27

Knock-Out Greg & Blue Weather here:


Friday, April 27, 2012

Mad Jack 2005 Mad Jack

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 211 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 01:09:08
Size: 103,40 MB

United States

If you have the back cover please post it into the comment-section!


01 - Robert Johnson 04:42

02 - Desert Rose 04:24

03 - Soldier Of Fortune 04:41

04 - American Dream 05:30

05 - Runnin' 04:20

06 - All Night Guitar Man 03:46

07 - Desperation Road 05:00

08 - Highway Blue 03:43

09 - Tonight We Ride 03:31

10 - I Wouldn't Change A Thing 04:16

11 - Peyote Nights 05:13

12 - Apocalyptic Preachers 04:35

13 - Burn One Down 04:39

14 - Hangin' Tree 07:27

15 - North Woods 03:21

Highly recommend for Southern Rockers!

Mad Jack here:


Ron Hacker 2009 White Trash Bluesman; My Songs

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:50:31
Size: 115,49 MB

United States

Extraordinary Slide Guitar with a GREAT rhythm section! Bass and Drums to die for! The more I listen the more I Love this album. Over all song to song it is very consistent. If you like slide Guitar you will love this album. Ron Sings and plays from his heart, you can feel his emotion with each note! (


01 - I Do Not Dance With Short Girls 02:18

02 - My Bad Boy 05:03

03 - Yank Told Me 03:34

04 - Blues For Yank 03:52

05 - Big Brown Eyes 02:23

06 - Hear Me Sing Like Elmore James 03:49

07 - I Got Tattooed 02:58

08 - Mambo For Albert 04:43

09 - Diddley Widdley 06:26

10 - Two Timin' Woman 03:00

11 - Mailman Blues 03:54

12 - Prison Mind 03:24

13 - Watch What You Say 05:07

Ron Hacker here:

Thanks to a friend of SBR for sharing this album!



Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Mighty Kingsnakes ? Long Gone

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:22:34
Size: 51,62 MB

United States


The Mighty Kingsnakes are a four piece blues boogie band covering some of the greats of the blues world playing their toe tapping blues around the local watering holes in Newcastle Some of the great blues bands that this band covers are The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Bondi Cigars, Johnny Winter, Eric Clapton & Cream, Little Charlie and The Nite to name a few. The gang delivers a powerhouse performance on time every time, drawing from a combined industry experience of over 120 years.

The bands combination of some old age and treachery combined with youthful enthusiasm ensures any venue a fantastic night of rhythm and blues. Whether its lazy Sunday afternoon or a hard edged Friday night The Mighty Kingsnakes can accommodate any venue drawing from many styles of blues and swing. Catch The Mighty Kingsnakes at a venue near you for a show to be remembered!

The Snakes are:

Mark Bresnahan – Vocals/Harp

Mark has fronted many bands during the last 20 years, including; Serious Business, Crawling Kingsnakes, Melting Pot & Loose Bazooka.
Always an engaging front man, Mark delivers a strong vocal performance which is backed up by his tuneful blues harp playing and good natured interaction with the audience. He draws from the influences of Kim Wilson (Fabulous Thunderbirds), Stevie Ray Vaughan and Dr Feelgood.

Jed Browne – Bass/Vocals

Jed has appeared in a number of local bands over the years, and continues to hold it down with his passion and solid sense of groove. He enjoys using fine equipment, and likes to escape from the world as we know it by performing.

Nick Croft – Guitar/Vocals

Nick has been in a great number of memorable local acts, spanning almost 30 years. His reputation as a guitar slinger precedes him, and he doesn’t disappoint. He has played with; Rat Salad, Bo Diddley, The Groove, Leroy and the Rats, In the Red, Amsterjam, and Tangleweeve; and has recorded with most of those as well as with The Mix and John Paul Young.

Grub – Skins

Grub has been a fixture on the local and national scene for longer than many of us cares to remember. He has played with the legendary Rat Salad who toured nationally backing Bo Diddley, as well as Leroy and the Rats, and countless other outfits. He loves pounding the skins and fiddling about with knobs on the side….. (on the mixing desk) His solid drumming and energetic nature add an exciting element to the rumbling Mighty Kingsnakes engine.

Warren “Pig” Morgan – Keys/Vocals

Pig is somewhat of an Australian music icon. Firstly, as a founding member of “Chain” which evolved out of W.A. in the late 60’s and went on to become one of Australia’s most memorable blues acts. Eventually he left chain and was replaced by Matt Taylor. Then, in 1970 Pig joined Melbourne’s “Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs” – Sunbury days. When the Aztecs folded in late 1974, he went on to tour with Stevie Wright and another two members of the Easybeats; George Young and Harry Vanda. Further Stevie Wright tours involved The All Star Band which had evolved from previous members, including Pig. John Paul Young was a support act at the time, but went on to perform with The All Star Band, which is still going today. Pig has also performed and toured with; Billy Thorpe, Slim Dusty, Pete Wells and Ian Moss, as well as composing and recording songs for Chain, The Aztecs, John Paul Young, Daryl Braithwaite and Sherbet, and recording with Flash and the Pan and Ted Mulray. He has also recorded two personal CDs since moving to Lake Macquarie in 1988.

The “Snakes” cocktail of youthful enthusiasm and a dash of treachery ensures an extraordinary experience of grinding rhythm and blues, on a sunny Sunday arvo gig, or a hard edged Fri/Sat night, make no mistake, The Mighty Kingsnakes will rock you! (


01 - Await On Time 02:50

02 - Hound Dog 04:13

03 - Sick And Tired 03:42

04 - This Is It 03:49

05 - Amnesia 03:54

06 - Prisoner Of Love 04:06

The Mighty Kingsnakes here:



Julian Sas 2005 Twilight Skies Of Life

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:58:44
Size: 134,28 MB


Album Notes

At the age of 13 somebody gave me Jimi Hendrix's "Are You Experienced" album and from then on I was a Blues devotee tells Julian Sas. One of my father's friends had a huge collection of blues albums. Through him I got to know other guitarists like Rory Gallagher, Alvin Lee, Freddy King, Elmore James and Peter Green. I was totally impressed and as soon as I could afford it, got myself an electric guitar. Three months later I started my first band. Playing guitar enriched my life. At last I was able to express my feelings.

Asked about influences, Sas replies; when I hear Jeff Beck play it starts to itch. He plays with such simplicity and at the same time with such fanaticism. Unbelievable. I am a real Jimi Hendrix fan too. He has not yet been surpassed. Stevie Ray Vaughan I think is fantastic, but the difference between him and Jimi is that if you were to hear him every night you will notice there are only minor differences in his playing. Whilst Jimi could be stumbling over his strings one night and the next night be so brilliant that you would seriously consider selling all your gear. Jimi knew no boundaries. When he was doing Hey Joe, his mind was already busy with totally different things. What he wanted to do with Miles Davis I think is fascinating. I am a real Miles Davis fan. He is the Jimi of the Jazz world. When I was just 16 I saw Buddy Guy. He played with great dynamics. Dynamics, in my opinion, are one of the most important tools in music; a quiet song with a strong bridge or a loud song with a very quiet bridge. And of course Rory Gallagher, my greatest hero. I had the privilege and honour of playing with his band 3 times. The Allman Brothers Band is fantastic too. Once they get started, there is no stopping them. Just like us.


01 - Helping Hand 04:42

02 - Freedom Bound 03:13

03 - I'm Still Crying 08:40

04 - The One To Blame 04:39

05 - That's Enough For Me 06:49

06 - Lost Again 04:32

07 - Looking For A Friend 07:06

08 - It Ain't Easy 05:56

09 - Devil Got My Number 03:57

10 - Think About It 05:07

11 - That's Enough For Me [Radio Version] 04:03

Julian Sas here:

Thanks to a friend of SBR for sharing this album!



Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mad Jack 1994 On The Run

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:37:58
Size: 52,07 MB

United States

This is a sold out CD with fantastic Southern Rock.


01 - Too Bad To Tame 02:50

02 - Hold On 03:22

03 - A Man Like Me 05:15

04 - Knee Deep In The Blues 04:44

05 - Justanna 02:52

06 - Fine As She Can Be 03:12

07 - Bad Man 03:17

08 - Outlaw Blues 05:06

09 - Shake It Loose 02:58

10 - On The Run 04:22

Highly recommend for Southern Rock friends!

Mad Jack here:


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Knock-Out Greg & Blue Weather 1998 7-8-9-10 & Out

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:55:36
Size: 76,33 MB



Pär Grebacken - baritone saxophone
Knock-Out Greg - vocals, harmonica
Mark Little - drums
Fredrik Gustafsson - piano

Knock-out Greg and his mates recorded this CD in 98, their 3rd CD. Being a touring band, they rarely get the time they deserve in the studio, however, this probably being the first time they are being heard as good! Their style mixes retro jump blues with true Chicago sounds, a la Little Walter and Howling Wolf. Greg's harp playing certainly stands the test as he is firing away one solo after the other and the singing is distinct! This band is one of the hottest in Scandinavia and deserves a listen everywhere else. I do hope their latest, Wig-Flipper, makes it to the worldwide market as this band just gets better and better! Even the cold Swedes can play the blues!! (Bergman Jonas)


01 - 7, 8, 9, 10 & Out 03:00

02 - Susan Ann 03:21

03 - Teardrops On Your Letter 03:07

04 - One Sweet Letter 03:56

05 - Wildcat Tamer 03:37

06 - Midnight Hours Journey 05:33

07 - You're Too Late 03:22

08 - Cookin' With The Chef 04:47

09 - Baby, Look What You're Doing To Me 02:39

10 - Blue Midnight 03:33

11 - Don't Leave Me At Home 02:47

12 - Oooh La La 02:31

13 - 5 Months 3 Weeks And 2 Days 04:28

14 - That's It 03:46

15 - Jimmy's After Hours 05:09

Knock-Out Greg & Blue Weather here:


Friday, April 20, 2012

Mad Jack 1984 Straight Up

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 208 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:34:51
Size: 52,00 MB

United States

MAD JACK is a Hard Southern Rock Band from Syracruse/NY, USA. In 1984 the band released their debut album "Straight Up". Later, the band released 3 more albums. MAD JACK played some shows together with MOLLY HATCHET, THE OUTLAWS, GREGG ALLMAN, BLACKFOOT, JOHNNY WINTER, MTB.....


Lou Kaplan - guitar, vocals
Danny Austin - guitar, vocals
Nick Nicholas - keyboards, vocals
Paul Mendillo - drums
Mark Young - bass, vocals


01 - Straight Up 02:52

02 - Troublemaker 03:34

03 - Fast Guns And Rot Gut 03:40

04 - Can't Win For Losin' 03:25

05 - Straight Shootin' Man 04:36

06 - In The Wind 03:30

07 - Fortunate Son 03:22

08 - High Fashion Girl 03:30

09 - Hangin' Tree 06:22

Highly recommend for friends of Southern Rock!

Mad Jack here:


Livin' Blues 1975 Live '75

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:15:04
Size: 171,73 MB


Recorded 12 June 1975 on location at the KUNSTMIN, Dortrecht, Holland.


01 - Black Spider Woman 07:29

02 - I'm A Rambler 07:37

03 - Hoochie Coochie Man 06:27

04 - Crazy Joe 03:17

05 - I Wonder 05:47

06 - L. B. Boogie 09:16

07 - Boney Maroney 03:08

08 - Rock & Roll Hoochie Coo (Bonus) 05:07

09 - I'm Coming Home (Bonus) 08:20

10 - See My Baby Drive (Bonus) 06:42

11 - Back Stage (Bonus) 06:19

12 - Boogie Woogie Woman (Bonus) 03:19

13 - Ricochet (Bonus) 02:16

Livin' Blues here:

Thanks to a friend of SBR for sharing this album!



Sweet Home Alabama - The Southern Rock Saga

Documentary on the BBC about the rise of Southern Rock in the 1970's, featuring The Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Charlie Daniels, Marshall Tucker, .38 Special...

Thanks to one of the very best friends of mine for the tip!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Julian Sas 2003 Light In The Dark

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:10:34
Size: 158,61 MB


Album Notes

My name is Julian. I was born on a river in 1970 in a small town in the center of the Netherlands called Beneden-Leeuwen. Since I was born I have been a restless person, This is something that I still have today. Only until I was 6 years old I knew where this was coming from; I saw this movie called the Toronto rock 'n roll festival. There I saw Jerry lee lewis and Chuck Berry. From that day on I knew what I was going to be In my life I wanted to make music. I was hooked as a little child on what I felt when I saw this movie, it was Jerry lees immense energy and maybe more important for my future I saw Chuck's guitar.

My mother saw that I dreamed and talked only about guitars from that day on. So they gave me little toyguitars and stuff like that but I kept dreaming about the real thing. By the time I was 10 I was into bands like Motorhead and AC/DC, Judas priest and Iron Maiden and more heavy stuff. Loud guitars and big Marshall amps and again a lot of energy. They saw me listening to music that most children of my age weren't doing at that time so I started again about a real guitar and when I was about 12 years old I got one an Ibanez les paul copy which I still have today.

With a guitar comes an amplifier so they gave me this 30 watt Yamaha where I could practice with. I started to listen to anything I could lay my hands on, and this is something that I still do today. I have never had no musical schooling so this is for me the only way to learn music. By listening and playing you start to know how things work. A friend of mine taught me some basic chords and a few scales and something about where to put your fingers and that was it. The rest was up to me. By the time I was 13 I heard something that really got me deep emotionally and his name was Muddy Waters. From that day on I decided to dedicate my life to blues and bluesrock.

When I was not in school I played guitar, I kinda locked myself in my room to become what I wanted. The guitar became and still is an obsession for me. I'm a very quiet guy in fact and this instrument really gave me the chance to express my feelings. When I was 17 years old it was 1987 and that was great year for me because I met a girl who is now my wife; someone who knows what drives me in being a musician and understand what music means to me. And it was the first time I saw Rory Gallagher. He shocked my world big time. That was what I was going to be. I started a band and two years later I quit school, because we had a lot of gigs and becoming a history teacher was not my thing.

I must have had a thousand jobs and a lot of jams and bands and duo's but by the time I was 26 I started this band called Julian Sas Band. We got a record deal and the first album was called 'Where will it end!?'. And that my friends is still the story today, when it is up to me we got along time coming, because we really love what we do. For me being a musician is all about freedom and doing what you really love. I am fortunate to be in such a position but then again I worked hard for it and still work hard for it because nothing in life comes easy.

So this is my story. I want to tell you that for me playing music is something I try to do until the day I will lay my guitar down and I will meet the great spirits in the sky. I will always write songs about loneliness and oppression and being free out on the road. Music still comforts my ever restless soul. Which after all these years is still inside of me...

Asked about influences, when I hear Jeff Beck play it starts to itch. He plays with such simplicity and at the same time with such fanaticism. Unbelieveable. I am a real Jimi Hendrix fan too. He has not yet been surpassed. Stevie Ray Vaughan I think is fantastic, but the difference between him and Jimi is that if you were to hear him every night you will notice there are only minor differences in his playing. Whilst Jimi could be stumbling over his strings one night and the next night be so brilliant that you would seriously consider selling all your gear. Jimi knew no boundaries. When he was doing Hey Joe, his mind was already busy with totally different things. What he wanted to do with Miles Davis I think is fascinating. I am a real Miles Davis fan. He is the Jimi of the Jazz world. When I was just 16 I saw Buddy Guy. He played with great dynamics. Dynamics, in my opinion, are one of the most important tools in music; a quiet song with a strong bridge or a loud song with a very quiet bridge. And of course Rory Gallagher, my greatest hero. I had the privilege and honour of playing with his band 3 times. The Allman Brothers Band is fantastic too. Once they get started, there is no stopping them. Just like us.


01 - A Light In The Dark 03:33

02 - County Jail Blues 07:22

03 - Losing Ground 06:23

04 - Serves Me Right To Suffer 07:19

05 - Blues For J 08:56

06 - Is This What They Call The Blues 06:02

07 - Where Will It End 07:48

08 - Make Up Your Mind 07:55

09 - Raging River 08:21

10 - Blues For The Lost And Found 06:55

Julian Sas here:

Thanks to a friend of SBR for sharing this album!



Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Hollywood Blue Flames 2006 Road To Rio

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:56:36
Size: 159,96 MB

United States

Album Notes

DISC ONE: Brand new recordings by the Blue Flames featuring Kirk "Eli" Fletcher on guitar, a guest appearance by Kim Wilson on harp, plus three bonus tracks with Junior Watson!

2ND BONUS DISC: Includes never before released vintage live recordings of the original Hollywood Fats Band from '79-'80 - their first new release in over 30 years!!! Also features special guests Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson and Roy Brown, plus a rare vocal performance by the one and only Michael "Hollywood Fats" Mann on the song " Nasty Boogie Woogie ".

The Hollywood Blue Flames emerged from the smoldering embers of The Hollywood Fats Band, arguably the best young blues band to come out of the 1970s, led by guitar phenomenon Michael “Hollywood Fats” Mann. Along with bassist Larry Taylor (fresh from Canned Heat), drummer Richard Innes (ex-Rod Piazza), Lloyd Glenn protégé Fred Kaplan on piano, and featuring the multi-talented Al Blake on harmonica and vocals, Hollywood Fats almost single-handedly ignited a traditional blues revival that still echoes loudly to this day. Whenever you hear the warm retro sounds of classic Chicago blues coupled with a swinging rhythm section and tasty-but-nasty guitar, you’re hearing the legacy of the Hollywood Fats Band. Sadly, Fats passed away unexpectedly in 1986, and the band members all went on to other successful musical ventures.

Their 2005 reunion release “Soul Sanctuary” on Delta Groove – with acclaimed young blues guitarist Kirk Fletcher ably filling the shoes of Fats - earned universal rave reviews. Their new Delta Groove release “Road To Rio” picks up without skipping a beat, and includes several very welcome extras: two previously un-recorded songs co-written by Hollywood Fats and Al Blake that point in a roots-rock direction the band was just beginning to explore before Fats’ untimely passing; collaborations with fellow West Coast blues guitar pioneer Junior Watson, and Fabulous Thunderbirds frontman Kim Wilson; and an entire CD of previously un-released vintage live performances by Hollywood Fats in his prime, including guest appearances by Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson, and legendary blues shouter Roy Brown!

The Hollywood Blue Flames / Hollywood Fats Band music contained on “Road To Rio” and “Larger Than Life” stands on its own as some of the most enjoyable blues and roots music to be released in recent memory, but with the inclusion of the previously unheard live recordings, it’s also an important and historic document of musical geniuses whose likes we will not see again.


(Hollywood Blue Flames - Road To Rio)

01 - Road To Rio 03:46

02 - Everybody's Blues 02:45

03 - Coffee Grindin' Man 03:13

04 - Steady Rollin' 04:03

05 - Long Black Cadillac 03:54

06 - Gumbo Grinder 03:05

07 - Gone Away - feat. Kim Wilson 02:53

08 - 3rd Degree Burn 04:20

09 - Let's Rock Awhile 04:38

10 - Dr. Blake's Boogie 02:39

11 - Black Chili Pepper 03:42

12 - Sharpest Man In Town 03:20

13 - Jr.'s Boogie Rocket - feat. Jr. Watson (Bonus Track) 02:24

14 - Let Me Love You - feat. Jr. Watson (Bonus Track) 06:17

15 - Honeydripper - feat. Jr. Watson (Bonus Track) 03:44

(Hollywood Fats Band - Larger Than Life)

01 - Fats Fries One 03:57

02 - Nasty Boogie Woogie 05:01

03 - Baby Let's Play House 04:43

04 - Side Tracked 04:06

05 - Kidney Stew Blues - feat. Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson 04:00

06 - Cleanhead Blue - feat. Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson 05:19

07 - Shake, Rattle And Roll 06:46

08 - Rockinitis 03:41

09 - This Little Voice 03:37

10 - Love For Sale - feat. Roy Brown 08:15

11 - Boogie Woogie Blues - feat. Roy Brown 06:52

12 - Motel Time 05:36

The Hollywood Blue Flames here:



Clas Yngstrom Trio 2004 Tribute To Hendrix

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:01:30
Size: 140,72 MB


Album Notes

"Tribute To Hendrix", the latest disc for Swedish blues/rock heavy guitar legend CLAS YNGSTROM (founder & leader of SKY HIGH), is an awesome "musical tribute" to the father of heavy guitar, JIMI HENDRIX. Recorded live in Stockholm, Sweden in March - 2003, "Tribute To Hendrix" features 10 trax of mind-bending, intense, breath taking, tremendously organic, retro-70's bluesy heavy guitar power trio riffage from one of the best "hendrixy" guitarists in the world. Recorded exclusively for GROOVEYARD RECORDS, a new label dedicated to outstanding TOTAL GUITAR from around the globe.

On "Tribute To Hendrix", CLAS "SKY HIGH" YNGSTROM digs deep into the "outskirts of infinity" and grooves heavily through an awesome set of classic killer HENDRIX jams with his outstanding trio, complete with a super-sonic way-kool "BAND OF GYPSIES" vibe. The CLAS YNGSTROM TRIO effortlessly "rip & tear" through all the familiar HENDRIX musical territory with CLAS YNGSTROM laying down the heavy guitar law and legitimately paying tribute to "THE MAN" HENDRIX). Clas Yngstrom gets down hard on every track throughout the "Tribute To Hendrix" disc and his guitar playing is pure rock genius. He reaches levels on the guitar that most guitarists could never attain in a lifetime of playing.

The CLAS YNGSTROM TRIO: "tribute to hendrix" disc is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to fans of JIMI HENDRIX and all his awesome musical sonic splendor, and to fans of SKY HIGH, ROBIN TROWER, FRANK MARINO, ERIC GALES, RANDY HANSEN, ERIC JOHNSON, MICHAEL LANDAU, etc. including fans of any killer top-shelf "over-the-top" hendrixy heavy guitar music that surrounds us.

"Tribute To Hendrix" is phat and sassy, featuring a mountain of mind-blowing Hendrixy improvisational fury. "Tribute To Hendrix" is a timeless, profound piece of heavy guitar history from one of the best Hendrix-inspired guitarists in the world or, in this case, the "third stone from the sun." Somewhere beyond the "outskirts of infinity" JIMI is smiling.

Long live the musical spirit of JIMI HENDRIX.


01 - Foxy Lady 04:28

02 - Manic Depression 03:53

03 - Power Of Soul 05:24

04 - Voodoo Chile 12:08

05 - Fire 07:18

06 - Them Changes 04:50

07 - Hey Joe 04:13

08 - Red House 08:09

09 - Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 06:34

10 - Angel 04:33

Clas Yngström Trio here:



Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Trampled Under Foot 2008 May I Be Excused

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:14:18
Size: 169,91 MB

United States

The people of Blue Edge Records have a reason to be proud, one of the record labels’ bands won the prestigious INTERNATIONAL BLUES CHALLENGE 2008 and they want the world to know that. ‘Trampled Under Foot’ were the winners of a three day Blues contest held this year in Memphis Tennessee. 99 bands from 6 continents participated, 10 different countries and 36 states! All 99 bands competed for the title of ‘Best Blues Band in The World’. Before participating they had to go through local pre-selections. ‘TUF’ was already enchanted to win the latter in their home base Kansas City. ‘Trampled Under Foot’ are Nick Schnebelen (vocals & guitar), Danielle Schnebelen (vocals & bass) and Kris Schnebelen (vocals & drums). As you can read, it’s one musical family but with an extra particularity, both guitar players are left handed.

Danielle is the female member of this family band and is cherished as a ‘treasure’ in their hometown of Kansas City. Early on she played with ‘Fresh Brew’ and ‘The Nortons” before forming a band with her brothers Nick and Kris. Listening to this album, it’s easy to understand why they won the contest. ‘May I Be Excused’ contains 12 tracks and they are all very different. The complete specter of Blues styles gets covered.

Danielle is well known on the Blues scene and their friends on MySpace comprise, just to name a few, Tommy Castro, Janiva Magness, Tad Robinson, Sean Carney, and Kenny Wayne Sheppard. Influences of for instance Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd are never far away and can be noticed in the opening number ‘Fog’.

As the title suggests ‘Johnny Cheat’ clearly contains a Canned Heat beat and rocks all the way. The third number ‘Love My Baby’ is West Coast and swings firmly. In ‘You’re Too Big To Carry’, we get Delta slide, and in the title track ‘May I Be Excused’, they change completely into a pure tearjerker.

No lack of variation on this album with ‘Hot Headed Woman’ being a true boogie. Next to last title ‘Mississippi River’, is a Texas slow blues in which Danielle allows her vocal chords free play. Every track brings us different Blues segments and on the crossroads ‘Coming Home To You’ we hear Country blues with at the end, Gospel influences.

A great variety and alternating vocals by brothers and sister is a great receipt to collect awards. Keep ‘bluesin’ that road… (Rootsville.Be)


01 - Fog 07:28

02 - Jonny Cheat 06:49

03 - Love My Baby 04:45

04 - You're Too Big To Carry 04:34

05 - May I Be Excused 06:57

06 - Waiting On The Line 03:58

07 - My Fault To Stay 05:08

08 - Have I Ever Told You 06:43

09 - Hot Headed Woman 06:24

10 - You Call That Love 05:35

11 - Mississippi River 09:13

12 - Comin' Home To You 06:44

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Los Lonely Boys 2004 Live At The Fillmore, October 23, 2004

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 174 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 01:19:29
Size: 99,55 MB

United States

Even before Los Lonely Boys' self-titled debut album sold millions of copies and earned the band a Grammy award, those in the know traded stories about the Texas trio's legendary concerts. LIVE AT THE FILLMORE officially reveals what all the fuss was about.

A no-holds-barred slab of rootsy Tex/Mex blues-rock with an all-important dollop of pop smarts, the record recalls the great live albums of the 1970s. Group leader Henry Garza is a genuine guitar hero who seems to know every lick that Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan ever played, and his extended solo on "Dime Mi Amor" is one of the disc's highlights. As is often the case with sibling bands, the Garza brothers seem to communicate telepathically when it comes to singing; their harmonies are sweeter than ever on the a cappella tour de force "More Than Love." The 13-minute "Onda" showcases the full range of the combo's string-bending, soul-shouting, polyrhythmic rock prowess, coming off like a new-millennium version of a classic Santana instrumental jam. (


01 - Crazy Dream 06:42

02 - Hollywood 06:06

03 - Man To Beat 04:59

04 - More Than Love 03:08

05 - Nobody Else 04:58

06 - Dime Mi Amor 11:27

07 - Onda 13:09

08 - Velvet Sky 05:40

09 - Cisco Kid 07:27

10 - La Bamba 03:21

11 - Real Emotions 05:44

12 - Heaven 06:48

Los Lonely Boys here:

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Gene Deer & The Blues Band 1998 Livin' With The Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:50:20
Size: 92,23 MB

United States


Gene Deer (vocals, guitar)
Byron Graves (harmonica)
Bill Mallers (keyboards)
Rick Bole (drums)
Keith Yount (percussion)


01 - Just Shoulda' Lay'd Off'a The Booze 02:41

02 - Too Far Gone 04:59

03 - I Want Out 04:22

04 - One Foot On The Road 03:42

05 - Good With The Bad 04:19

06 - Livin' With The Blues 05:30

07 - Smokestack Lightning 04:32

08 - Potato Soup 03:20

09 - Can't Afford To Pay The Rent 04:21

10 - Blues In The Afternoon 03:57

11 - Morristown 03:49

12 - Dream 04:48

Gene Deer & Blues Band here:


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