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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Maurizio Pugno & Sugar Ray Norcia 2007 That's What I Found Out

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:10:42
Size: 161,68 MB

Italy United States

Maurizio Pugno’s first release on Pacific Blues Recording, is a mix of jump and Chicago Blues all laced with Sugar Ray Norcia’s warm voice and harmonica. (cdbaby)


01 - Opening Act 04:57

02 - That Crazy Girl Of Mine 04:21

03 - Bite The Dust 04:52

04 - Keep On Sailin' 04:36

05 - When My Father Met Charlie's Uncle 05:28

06 - It Must Be You 04:35

07 - That's What I Found Out! 04:51

08 - A Mind To Give It Up 03:46

09 - I Love You Baby 04:48

10 - Take It All Back Baby 05:37

11 - Oh Louise! 03:50

12 - Fine Long Legs 04:04

13 - Black Angel 04:59

14 - I Love The Life I Live 03:42

15 - The Preacher 06:16

Maurizio Pugno & Sugar Ray Norcia here:



Sweet Daddy Cool Breeze 2001 Blowin Down The House

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:57:33
Size: 105,47 MB

United States

Containing a mix of tracks penned by Kim Wilson, Ron Pizza, Sonny Boy Williams, Wally "Sweet Daddy" Greaney" and a few others this album is one for you harp lovers. Produced in a live environment at "Theodore's Night Club" in Springfield, MA it contains a simple mix that comes off well without the usual background noise of a live album.

Although the group is only four strong (one guitarist, one drummer, one Bass player and a Harpist) they kick. These boys provide a wide variety in the material presented. Material which run from a clipping jump blues, through a few solid shuffles to and beyond a Texas Style Driven Jump Blues. Although they are good they could be even better if they'd add a keyboard in to sort of fill in the bottom. But the lack of this instrument is not a major problem. No in fact I found multiple tracks that I liked not just for their listening but to play for a dance crowd. The tracks that I'd classify in that category would be Track 2 "Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You". A solid shuffle with the entire traditional groove one wants to find in a harp based group. Track 4 entitled "He Loved the Blues" is another strong shuffle with a harp bridge that will raise you to heaven. Another track that has interesting musical interplay is Track 8 entitled "Hook". It's introduction is reminis! cent of the intro to "The Pink Panther Theme" and uses cymbals, drum kicks paired with breaks to get your attention before running head long into a Jump Blues line that breaks with a return to the cymbals and kick drums. All of which lead to a really cool listen.

On the "Ole Give It To Mikey, He'll Play It Rating Scale" this one is a solid B. It ranks there because it is above average for a live production. But from time to time its feel is hollow and a need for other instruments is apparent. If these guys pull in that other player they will be something to give a listen to. Availability should not be a problem but if so check out "Cool Daddy's" site at (© 2001 by Michael Roberts)


01 - Chicken Boogie 03:17

02 - Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You 05:34

03 - Cross Cut Saw 05:53

04 - He Loved The Blues 03:30

05 - Evil 05:28

06 - Somebody 06:00

07 - Teach Me How To Love You 02:30

08 - Hook 03:56

09 - Boogie Man 05:09

10 - Party All Alone 06:14

11 - Sweet Tooth Mama 04:11

12 - Cross My Heart 05:51

Sweet Daddy Cool Breeze here:


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pat McManus 2009 Live And In Time

Genre: Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:11:03
Size: 162,52 MB

United Kingdom


01 - Low Down Dirty Blues 03:39

02 - Ordinary Man 03:07

03 - I Take What I Want 03:05

04 - Gentleman Rogues 03:42

05 - Got The Right 03:10

06 - Juggernaut 02:45

07 - Runaway Dreams 04:37

08 - Email Blues 02:42

09 - Back In The Saddle 08:47

10 - Same Old Story 07:24

11 - Return Of The G Man 03:44

12 - The Professor 08:25

13 - Mama Weer All Crazee Now 03:27

14 - Needle In The Groove 04:03

15 - Straight Forward 08:26

Pat McManus here:



The Old Skins Band 2012 Crying For A Dream

An unexpected and very interesting band to discover, THE OLD SKINS BAND from Bordeaux, are Hard and Blues-Rock addicts, from Southern Rock to Mississippi Blues with a perfect alchemy. The band was born in 2010 from the association of three beyond compare talents who are:

Laurent Brun-Laferrere (singer)
Jean-Louis Caritou (guitar)
Philippe Paigne (keyman)

To complete the line-up, we find
Etienne Maksa on bass guitar
Denis Bielsa on drums
Natacha and Maëva choir singers

Remember this name: THE OLD SKINS BAND !!!





Crying For A Dream

The Rattlers 1989 Never Say Die

Genre: Rock
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:29:37
Size: 40,68 MB

United Kingdom


Drums – Doug 'Mac' McCarthy
Guitar – Doug Shepherd
Vocals, Bass – Nick Peck


01 - Gone Forever 03:10

02 - Crusin' Around 01:40

03 - For Your Love 03:30

04 - She's The One 01:52

05 - Savin' It All For You 01:43

06 - Loaded Dice 01:30

07 - Leavin' You Behind 02:22

08 - Never Say Die 01:42

09 - Man With The Twi-Light Eyes 02:53

10 - For You, No More 01:58

11 - Forbidden Love 02:15

12 - October Moon 03:06

13 - Never Catch Me Again 01:56

The Rattlers here:



Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Balham Alligators 1990 Live Alligators

Genre: Country
Rate: 160 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:40:23
Size: 46,22 MB

United Kingdom

Recorded live at the Half Moon, Putney, London.


Geraint Watkins (vocals, keyboards, accordion)
Robin McKidd (fiddle, guitar, vocals)
Kieran O'Conner (drums, percussion)
Gary Rickard (guitar, vocals )
Ron Kavana (harmonica, mandolin, percussion)
Arthur Kitchener (bass, vocals)


01 - What've You Got To Lose 03:48

02 - Six Days On The Road 04:16

03 - Lawdy Miss Clawdy 04:13

04 - Caldonia 05:35

05 - Sacre Bleu 03:40

06 - White Lightening 02:30

07 - Diggy Diggy 02:46

08 - At The Hop 00:17

09 - Hobo Blues 03:55

10 - Balham Two Step 06:35

11 - Oh Marie 02:48

The Balham Alligators here:


Ma Driver 2001 Ma Driver

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:48:04
Size: 109,98 MB

United States

I would generally categorize this recording as southern rock-Texas blues/rock, the band exhibits a variety of influences. Like the work of the California based band Stone, I consider this American music, as it represents influences from a very broad range of styles. It is blue collar, working man's music with plenty of heart and minus the modern fluff. The opening tune "Dollar A Minute" is very much southern rock ala .38 Special/Allman Brothers and indeed there are several similar tracks on the CD. There are some harder rock tracks which may remind you of Gov't Mule's work. The band also blends acoustic and electric guitars as well as any band I have heard lately. No matter what influences you may hear, the songs are all first rate. The songwriting on this CD is outstanding, and the lyrics of 10 of the 11 tracks are from the talented pen of Zak Perry.

While the entire recording is excellent, I will in particular mention the powerfully emotional "Too Far Gone" which is my personal favorite, the hard driving "Wounded Puzzle", and the Warren Haynes like "Job At Hand". Again, the tracks are all enjoyable and Perry more than adequately demonstrates on this CD that he is a songwriter of considerable ability.

"Ma Driver" is available from the very fine folks at Viewpoint Records at Ma Driver's debut CD comes to you complete with Bluesrockers highest recommendation. (


Zak Perry - Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Vern Vennard - Electric, Acoustic and Slide Guitars
Jason Charron - Drums and Percussion
Dave Olson - Bass Guitar


01 - Let's Roll 00:07

02 - Dollar A Minute 04:26

03 - Too Far Gone 05:01

04 - Job At Hand 04:57

05 - Let Her Fly 03:40

06 - High As I Wanna Be 03:58

07 - Sleight Of Hand 02:59

08 - Two Dollar Kite 03:43

09 - The Mountains And The Moonshine 03:43

10 - Sisters 04:37

11 - Wounded Puzzle 03:54

12 - Keep Things Simple 06:59

Ma Driver here:


Monday, July 28, 2014

The Kyla Brox Band 2004 Coming Home

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:57:39
Size: 132,04 MB

United Kingdom

This realises the promise of Window by adding an extra ingredient: the groove. it's a groove that comes from constant work with an active working band. Saxophonist Tony Marshall and Marshall Gill, a guitarist from the BB King school of searing sweetness, fulfil most of the solo honours. Bassist Danny Blomeley and drummer Phil Considine are veterans of Victor's 'child slavery band'. And what a tight unit they are, personally and musically (groove triumphs over song on Won't Fit There). Twelve out of the 14 selections are Kyla co-writes or originate from within the Brox circle (Victor is responsible for Working On Your Love; incidentally, brother Sam is producer).

Coming Home displays an empathetic Kyla, working out the work/life balance (She Knows) or her issues of self-doubt (Things I'd Change, Guilty), but also a tougher Kyla. This means that all the raunch is concentrated in one song, Do I Move You (a smouldering Nina Simone number), which actually intensifies the impact. The other cover, Don't Change Horses, is a real find. Rescued from the back-catalogue of seventies West Coast funksters Tower of Power, the song is a certified show-stopper, mixing real emotion (a plea for a second chance) with outrageous showmanship ("Giddy up, hi ho Silver…"). And, with the Blomeley/Considine rhythm team piling on the coal, it builds up a fine head of steam. If Don't Change Horses represents the zenith of the Kyla Brox Band, then Working On Your Love demonstrates the latent strength of the Kyla Brox Duo, with Kyla and Danny giving an object lesson in how less is more. (


01 - She Knows 03:49

02 - Coming Home 03:55

03 - Do I Move You 03:47

04 - It's On 02:55

05 - Working On Your Love 05:42

06 - Too Young To Care 03:17

07 - Guilty 02:31

08 - Won't Fit There 04:09

09 - Stargazing 03:44

10 - Just For Then 03:45

11 - Things I'd Change 03:57

12 - Keep On Criticising 03:18

13 - It's Understood 06:15

14 - Don't Change Horses 06:35

The Kyla Brox Band here:



Stray 1971 Suicide

Genre: Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:39:01
Size: 89,33 MB

United Kingdom

Review by Eduardo Rivadavia

London's Stray followed up an eclectic eponymous debut with more of the same on their 1971 sophomore effort, Suicide, which of course was just dandy since "more of the same" on this occasion essentially entailed another imaginative melding of different musical genres under the broad, forgiving definition afforded by the progressive rock tag. As to the album's rather negative title, it didn't foreshadow a radical shift toward the quartet's pre-existing heavy rock tendencies (actually, more keyboards were the hot novelty here) so much as a reflection of these songs' darker overall mood when it came to their lyrics.

Opener "Son of the Father" offered a perfect example, as it alternated quiet passages of sublime but chilling beauty with other hard-driving but rather upbeat sections -- all supporting questioning meditations about generations of men sent off to war after war. Some ensuing tracks, like "Nature's Way" and "Do You Miss Me?" continue to showcase Stray's copious testosterone via wicked power chords and boogie grooves (but always interlaced with some unexpected jam or jazzy accent), and the especially forceful "Jericho" catapults untold scores of contrasting riffs against one another with urgent intensity, ultimately culminating in a truly frightening descending riff sequence. Other songs take the opposite course of gentle introspection, achieving both mesmerizing (the lyrically corny but musically elegiac "Where Do Our Children Belong") and dismaying results (the soppy, string-laden Muzak of "Dearest Eloise"), while the neither-here-nor-there "Run Mister Run" evokes a Southern rock feel with its cow bells and blue-collar construction. And, finally, there's the controversially themed title track, which combines a Black Sabbath-like bass progression from Gary G. Giles with foreboding fuzz chords and sizzling solo licks from Del Bromham (reminiscent of Sir Lord Baltimore) to impart its gloomy story. Not a very uplifting finale, obviously, but nothing that detracts from Suicide's multi-faceted creative accomplishment, under any circumstance -- especially considering the album was reportedly recorded at Olympic Studios in just 30 hours!


01 - Son Of The Father 05:48

02 - Nature's Way 03:30

03 - Where Do Our Children Belong 03:39

04 - Jericho 04:55

05 - Run Mister Run 03:55

06 - Dearest Eloise 02:30

07 - Do You Miss Me 06:29

08 - Suicide 07:40

09 - Encore 00:35

Stray here:



Sunday, July 27, 2014

Roy Book Binder feat. Knocky Parker 2006 The Tampa Sessions '79

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:42:05
Size: 96,34 MB

United States

Album Notes

We made these sides back in 1979. It seems like a long time ago. The Knocky Parker sessions bring back great memories. During rehearsal, Knocky was his excitable, flamboyant self. I was worried he was playing too much piano. I later realized he was trying all sorts of stff and experimenting with the tunes. At the recording studio the next day, he knew exactly what he wanted to do. After each take, the engineer would ask me if I wanted to have a listen. I would ask Knocky and he would say, "We'll hear it plenty when the record comes out. What keys the next one in?" Needless to say, we recorded the four tracks in thirty minutes! I only wish I did more recordings with Knocky, who began his career with the Light Crust Dough Boys in 1937.

I hope you all enjoy this look back to a session that brings back fond memories of a moment long gone.


01 - Keep It Clean 02:50

02 - Every Day Of The Week 03:04

03 - Davis Travis Rag 02:01

04 - Church Bell Blues 02:50

05 - Biscuits 02:07

06 - Scandalous And A Shame 02:57

07 - Friend Of Mine 03:22

08 - Travelin' Man 05:18

09 - Kentucky Blues 02:52

10 - Hunkie Tunke Blues 02:32

11 - Goin' Back To Tampa 02:56

12 - Babe I Want You To Know 02:48

13 - The Cocaine Habit 02:19

14 - Oh Glory How Happy I Am 04:08

Roy Book Binder here:



The Milestones 1996 Vol. 1

Genre: Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:51:54
Size: 118,72 MB


Oh my GOD how time flies! It feels just like yesterday when these five rock'n roll rebels to be known as THE MILESTONES took their native home town Helsinki by force with their timeless and soulful rock'n roll, as they entered the legendary stage of the longest serving rock club in Europe, Tavastia Club on one cold Friday evening in January 1995.

I wasn't the only one who was impressed. Enter Mr. Hannu Leiden - the vocalist and songwriter of HAVANA BLACK - who had been on the verge of a major breakthrough in USA late eighties, as legendary manager Alan Niven had taken Hannu's band under his wing together with GUNS N'ROSES and GREAT WHITE.

Not one band had impressed Hannu in USA as much as these five Finnish whiskey rock'n rollers from the capital, so there and then he decided to form a record label to release an album by THE MILESTONES.

Vol. 1 saw the light of day in 1996 and boasted an opening track called "Ragged Lies", which would have made the likes of THE BLACK CROWES, AC/DC and LYNYRD SKYNYRD proud, if they had written it themselves! In this case it was five unknown, but hugely talented Finnish rockers in their twenties rocking hard and kicking ass as they were trying to keep themselves warm living next to the arctic circle and Russia - when not drinking vodka, whiskey and rum straight from the bottle. (


01 - Ragged Lies 03:20

02 - Sad Song Cowboy 04:47

03 - The River 04:11

04 - Goodbye Little Angel 05:01

05 - Lonely Road 04:13

06 - Some Day Sunny Day 04:19

07 - Farmer's Son 03:56

08 - Flight 03:59

09 - Feel Allright 04:41

10 - New Spring 04:08

11 - Nails In Chest 03:58

12 - Deal With The Preacher 05:21

The Milestones here:


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Guido Toffoletti's Blues Society feat. Herbie Goins 1991 Keep It Simple

Genre: Blues
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:41:38
Size: 38,05 MB

Italy United States


01 - I'm Ready 03:27

02 - Thinkin' 'n' Drinkin' 05:16

03 - Please Be Mine 03:13

04 - Evil 02:48

05 - We Want That Woman 03:55

06 - You Make Me Out Of My Mind 05:30

07 - Ain't Good Lovin' 03:08

08 - Set Me Free 03:32

09 - Not Trust Worthy 02:43

10 - What's Wrong With You 04:15

11 - Rock 'n' Roll People 03:51

Guido Toffoletti's Blues Society feat. Herbie Goins here:


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