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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sista Monica Parker 2005 Can't Keep A Good Woman Down!

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:00:11
Size: 137,63 MB

United States

Album Notes

An award-winning singer/songwriter and record producer, Sista Monica is one of the hottest contemporary female blues, soul and gospel singers on the international music scene today. She writes, produces, releases, performs, and tours in support of her own original music. To date, she has produced and recorded six full length CDs on her independent record label Mo Muscle Records Entertainment located in Santa Cruz, California. A seven electrifying Chicago-style blues, soul, funk and gospel CD is now released to the world entitled "Can't Keep A Good Woman Down".

In May of 2005 she received the "Artist Of The Year Award" for all of Santa Cruz, California County. She also received the prestigious "Artist of the Year Award" at the prestigious 17th Annual Monterey Bay Blues Festival in 2002. Also in November of 2002, Monica completed a seventeen concert tour in The Netherlands with Eddie Clearwater and Sherman Roberts. She discovered a lump under her right arm that was soon diagnosed as a rare form of cancer - Synovial Sarcoma. Determined to live out her purpose, she underwent more than twenty months of aggressive chemotherapy, surgery, radiation and physical therapy to regain mobility in her microphone holding hand and arm.

Sista Monica kept singing at conferences, festivals, weddings and while in hospital during treatment. She contends "You Can't Keep A Good Woman Down" as she writes new music for her upcoming release. "The grace of God and music is what kept me alive!" says Parker. Sista Monica is a SOUL SURVIVOR!

She and her world-class band have shared stages with Buddy Guy in Spain, Ray Charles in Montreal, Dr. John in Belgium, Deborah Coleman in Venezuela, Little Milton in The United Kingdom, Etta James in Monterey, Luther Allison in Holland and other artists in many other places.


01 - Can't Keep A Good Woman Down 03:56

02 - Cookin' With Grease 04:58

03 - Funny How Time Slips Away 04:57

04 - Show Me What You're Working With 04:01

05 - Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is 04:31

06 - Leave The Door Open 05:49

07 - Put It In The Crock Pot 05:31

08 - Surrender To Love 03:49

09 - A Change Gonna Come 04:57

10 - The Truth 03:50

11 - Lip Service 03:51

12 - The Bigger They Are The Harder They Fall 05:36

13 - It's Good To Be Alive 04:25

Sista Monica Parker here:




Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Go 1976 Go

Genre: Progressive Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:41:12
Size: 94,41 MB

Japan United States United Kingdom Germany

review by Lindsay Planer

Go (1976) is a concept album in the truest sense of the term, fusing pop/rock with tinges of jazz and elements of classical all connected by a central motif of space travel. More specifically, according to Robin Denselow's liner essay, the theme deals with "change and polarity-fantasy and reality, death and re-birth, things changing to their opposites."

Stomu Yamashta, Steve Winwood and Michael Shrieve lead an impressive ensemble through soundscapes, unveiled in a variety of perspectives. Perhaps it is the international cast of performers that allows for such an unfettered consortium of ideas that brought together former Spencer Davis Group, Traffic and Blind Faith member Steve Winwood, as well as Santana co-founder Michael Shrieve and mid-'70s era Santana percussionist Yamashta -- the latter of whom were key benefactors to the criminally underrated Santana long-player Borboletta (1974). Ably assisting the festivities are Return to Forever's Al DiMeola (guitar), Klaus Schulze (synthesizer) whose contributions to Tangerine Dream and Ash Ra Tempel remain unequaled, and Winwood's one-time Traffic accomplice Rosko Gee (bass), who also had a fruitful run with Can.

Each side of the original LP contains a complete suite of interconnected and continuous music. The haunting and brooding "Crossing the Line" is reminiscent of prog-rockers Alan Parsons Project or pretentious Pink Floyd. Winwood's echo-laden vocals give him an almost palpable and uncomfortable quality, perfectly suited for the austere setting that is light years away from the likes of "Sea of Joy" or "Gimmie Some Lovin'," yet is remarkably akin to "No Time to Live" from Traffic's self-titled platter. Exceedingly soulful is the propellant "Ghost Machine," with DiMeola's fiery fretwork at its best. The funky "Time Is Here" gives Winwood a perfect outlet for his R&B roots, while "Winner/Loser" -- boasting the project's only lyrics penned by Winwood -- concludes with what is arguably the most accessible pop excursion. Robin Denselow's aforementioned essay goes into great detail regarding a rather involved story line aimed at further unifying the otherwise disparate pieces. While the plot won't be ruined here for potential consumers, if your non-musical interests include Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars and other Brainiac-related activities, the two song cycles that comprise Go will definitely be right up your alley.


01 - Solitude 03:00

02 - Nature 02:35

03 - Air Over 02:28

04 - Crossing The Line 05:05

05 - Man Of Leo 01:57

06 - Stellar 02:25

07 - Space Theme 03:43

08 - Space Requiem 03:50

09 - Space Song 01:39

10 - Carnival 02:48

11 - Ghost Machine 02:09

12 - Surfspin 02:24

13 - Time Is Here 02:54

14 - Winner Loser 04:15

Go here:


Perry Ostrin 2012 Better Than Planned

Genre: Blues-Rock
Time: 00:51:01

United States

Perry Ostrin contacted me @facebook and asked me if I could review his brand new solo album or play some tracks here. Read the complete conversation here:

hey my first album under my own name is available via digital download & was wondering if u can review, mention or play a cut on your blog?
i used to drum for slide blues guitarist eric sardinas. being a drummer it consists of solo drum pieces mixed with 6 different improvised & jam oriented guitar power trios. we went for the hendrix, jeff beck approach. i can email u mp3's as well. thx for reading

Perry Ostrin also sent me some tracks for free, which I will offer you here.

Album Notes

This is my first record as a leader. Although I've had this idea kicking around for a few years now to get together some of my favourite musicians, get them in a studio I love to work in (that's also right near my apt), jam & improvise live off the floor and capture some magic in the moment I have to thank my pal Adam Topol for bringing up this subject of doing a solo record. He got me fired up to make this happen and five days later I did my first session & three weeks later this record was done.. I also wanted to feature myself soloing creatively not in a wanking, showoff kinda way & have those two elements meshed together.

The drum pieces were all improvised live with no structure in mind except knowing what the particular samples would be ahead of time. The band tracks are rooted in different grooves, styles, tempos & keys on each track. We had no idea what we were going to play or how to approach it till we were rolling. There are no overdubs & everything was played live. The title of the album came from a podcast I was listening to while recording this stuff where Vernon Reid (of living colour) was talking about not always having set plans, leaving room for happy accidents & spontaneity (hear intro to title track) while being creative & it mirrored the approach the way the music on here was being made. Also the choice of the cover photo keeps in line of this theme as well.

This record is dedicated to three close friends & amazing musicians who taught me so much & made me laugh even more. Mike Dunnigan, Dan Morris, & Doug Fieger R.I.P. to you guys!


01 - Better Than Planned 04:36

02 - Hello Venice 06:58

03 - Solo Drum Piece # 1 (Effects) 02:02

04 - Trudging Down The Road 06:35

05 - Lanois Meets Lynch 07:46

06 - Solo Drum Piece # 2 (Make It Crispy) 02:37

07 - Outerstellar Underdrive 06:47

08 - Solo Drum Piece # 3 (Steeleye Pan Interlude) 01:16

09 - Yeshaa! 10:44

10 - Solo Drum Piece # 4 (A Call To Prayer) 01:40

Perry Ostrin here:



Monday, October 29, 2012

Flatman 2002 Bottle Of Booze

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:47:32
Size: 108,73 MB


“Flatman” stands for German southern rock in the tradition of “Lynyrd Skynyrd” and “Molly Hatchet”. “Bottle of Booze” sounds more like “Jacksonville”, than “Kulmbach” (Bavaria). A German highlight for this genre. Check the samples and tourdates on the bands homepage and buy the album.


Hidden man in the mountain
Better you hide (here they sound like ZZ-Top)
On the hunt (Lynyrd Skynyrd-Cover)


01 - Bottle Of Booze 04:19

02 - I Pray 04:27

03 - Hidden Man In The Mountains 05:00

04 - Power Of The Tree 05:45

05 - Better You Hide 04:37

06 - Gambler 03:16

07 - Damn Good Band From Dixieland 03:54

08 - On The Hunt 05:33

09 - Don't Forget To Live 06:32

10 - Six Cylinders 04:09

Flatman here:



Sunday, October 28, 2012

Brainbox 1972 Parts

Genre: Rock
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:54:58
Size: 108,37 MB



01 - A Face 04:20

02 - You're Used To Be Warmer 03:52

03 - Part Of Me Is Part Of You 05:31

04 - What It's All About 04:51

05 - Scotch Ballad 02:01

06 - Another Part 03:14

07 - Dilemma 03:25

08 - Drum And Thunder Suite 05:01

09 - When I Was Poor 05:45

10 - Virgin (bonus A-Side 1971 SP) 03:42

11 - Mobilae (bonus B-Side 1971 SP) 05:40

12 - Companoin (bonus Live At Paradiso 1971) 04:33

13 - Sea Of Delight (bonus 1969 SP) 03:03

Brainbox here:



Matt Walker 2008 Low Down

Genre: Blues
Rate: 224 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:43:16
Size: 69,34 MB


An exceptional recording incorporating the raw feel and spontaneity of 1950's Chicago Blues and rock filled with passion; a tasteful blend of strong, well-written original songs and songs made famous by blues heroes like Elmore James. (cdbaby)


Drumming professionally since the early 80s, Matt has been a core member in many bands and as a sideman for numerous artists. He got his start playing drums in a re-formation of Alberta recording artists One Horse Blue called Prisoner who recognized the musical potential of an 18year old. Walker continued to cut his teeth, working with country legend Brian Fustukian and the Battle River Band, blues veterans Cold Feet, and acclaimed singer/songwriter Carmen Lindsay (Rita McNeil “Moth to a Flame”).

The 90s found Matt playing the blues in Toronto as a founding member of Jake and The Blue Midnights; and performing with others like the Tyler Yareema Band, Mark ‘Bird’ Stafford, Howard Willet and the Shifters, Doctor Nick and the Rollercoasters, Little Bobby and The Jump Starts, and The David Rotundo Band, to name just a few.

Back in Alberta since 2000, Matt has worked with the Graham Guest Band, Donald Ray Johnson, Billy Joe Green, Russell Jackson, Doug Jenson and the Feelkings, the Rault Brothers Band, Studebaker John, Shelley Jones, and Rick Holmstrom. The respect Matt has garnered across the country for his solid drumming and solid work ethic is evident by the roster of talent on his debut album Low Down.

When it came to recording his own CD, Matt wanted to create an exceptional recording that would incorporate the raw feel and spontaneity of 1950’s Chicago blues. Matt approached his old pals from his club days in Toronto and his Edmonton buddies – some of the who’s who of Canadian blues performers. The album, first created in Matt’s mind and inspired by his passion for the blues, began to take on a life of its own. Matt harnessed the intense, deep energy that makes the blues a true art form of the soul, and expressed that landscape of emotion song after song. The result – Low Down - an exceptional album, a mixture of Blues and Rock filled with passion, and with outstanding arrangements.

Low Down covers a lot of ground musically. Low Down leaves you wanting more, and is a testament to the virtuosity of everyone involved in the project. Low Down a tasteful blend of strong, well-written original songs, and songs made famous by blues heroes like Elmore James, and Junior Wells. This album is rounded out by a natural vocal sensibility that moves and propels the songs on this record into new territory.

Matt says, “I wanted to make a record that moved me. I wanted to keep it real, keep it honest, and it had to be fun, not contrived in any way, something true.”

I think he got his wish.


01 - I Can't Hold Out 03:43

02 - Hoodoo Man Blues 03:44

03 - Walkin' Back To You 04:02

04 - I Don't Go For That 03:27

05 - Hangin' Over Bad News 04:38

06 - Confessin' The Blues 03:12

07 - Time 03:35

08 - Worried Blues 08:04

09 - Triple The Measure 04:26

10 - Low Down 04:25

Matt Walker here:




Friday, October 26, 2012

Reddog & Friends

This is a promotion post for Reddog & Friends, who asked me to link to the band. Reddog wrote:

My band was a mainstay group in the Atlanta, Georgia for many years. Donnie McCormick from the Eric Quincy Tate worked in my trio for about 7 years. "Bear" Wayne Sauls would join us on stage on a rare occasion.

Here's a couple links to my band:

Here are some nice photos of Donnie McCormick from EQT:

Here's my trio down on the Alabama / Florida border:

Thanks for all your help.


Pete Vyler - On The Road


Prochains concerts du groupe

  • 31 octobre 2012

    Halloween Party
    Sur Facebook >>
  • 16 novembre 2012

    Jours de Fete - ALBI (81)
  • 21 novembre 2012

    La Dynamo - TOULOUSE (31) en premiere partie des Hells Kitchen Site la Dynamo >>
  • 8 decembre 2012

    Rio Grande - MONTAUBAN (82)
  • 17 decembre 2012

    La Dynamo - TOULOUSE (31) dans le cadre de la semaine "Rock Belda"
    Site la Dynamo >>

La programmation pour la rentree 2013 est en cours...


Prelisten to the new album Pop Star Killer here:

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hot Rod & The Blues Devilles 2005 Built For Comfort

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:33:26
Size: 76,47 MB

United States

Rockin Midwestern blues at it's finest. Soulful vocals, driving grooves, blistering guitar. With influences like Buddy Miles, Hendrix, and The Allman Bros, it's a mix of old with new. A stylistic journey into blues and roots. (cdbaby)

Album Notes

In an age of cookie cutter styles, raging guitar solos, and overblown stage theatrics it is still refreshing to hear and see an artist play with the music and for the music. Rod Cave is one such artist. Driven by his passion to make original music and stay within the demanding and discipline realm of the blues, he formed the "Blues DeVilles" at the end of 2000. Rod, already known in the Ohio area for his tasteful guitar and soulful vocal style from previous years and bands, started a year long search for the right combination of musicians. The end result was "King Steve" Walker. A young Hammond B-3 and piano player whose ability and feel far outweighed his youth. ( being a protégé' of Tony Z. from Buddy Guy's band didn't hurt either.) Daryl "TuTu" Jumper. A veteran drummer of the regional blues scene whose hard driving yet tasteful style fit the band like a glove. TuTu is a well-rounded musician whose credits include stints with The Ballet Met, and National acts like Kenny Neal and KoKo Taylor. His vocal ability helps put the band in a class with few others. Manny Manuel. Relocating to Ohio from Louisiana, Manny was itching to continue his musical pursuits. After hooking up with a local band on drums and winning the Columbus Blues Alliance Best Blues Band competition he decide to switch to his main instrument-the Bass and look for greener pastures. Destination-Blues DeVilles. Individually, these musicians are all very accomplished. But collectively is where they really shine. Four instruments turned into one voice. Their covers of blues songs and most importantly their original songs show the inventiveness and creativity of the group as a whole. The arrangements are tight and true to the song without sounding trite and always sounding alive and contemporary. Their original material takes on a whole new flavor, rooted in the blues, but stretching the boundaries in all directions. Live is where you realize the power of their show visually. The emotion and commitment are obvious, not contrived or rehearsed. Their audience always gets all the band has to give, on any night...


01 - Little By Little 02:58

02 - Remember The Day 02:44

03 - That Knife Don't Cut 03:27

04 - Givin It Up 03:13

05 - Change My Mind 02:38

06 - Treat Me So Low 02:29

07 - Need Your Love 04:07

08 - Cheaper To Keep Her 04:20

09 - After Hours 07:30

Hot Rod & The Blues Devilles here:




Blue Monday 2002 Where Rhythm Meets Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:46:06
Size: 42,17 MB


With the intention of doing a one-time gig with a bluesband at a local jam session Blue Monday was formed.

The audience, as well as the bluesband members themselves were enthusiastic. So, we decided to continue this bluesband; and we did. After a few months of rehearsal on songs by Guy Forsyth, Tommy Castro, ZZ TOP, Mark Ford and many other bluesbands, Blue Monday managed to come up with a varied program.

In the past couple of years, Blue Monday has done several gigs in the Dutch blues-scene like, Nixx Bluesclub Enschede, Down Town Gemert, the opening act for Barrelhouse in "de Pul" in Uden, Bluestour in Cuijk, "Drijf in" Bluesfestival in Giethoorn, BLAST Blues in Asten, and many, many more......

In 2004 some of the Blue Monday musicians did a "minitour" with the "modern day Blues Queen" Miss Dede Priest from Austin Texas

The most important thing for the Blue Monday bluesband is to have a lot of fun "Playing the Blues" while entertaining the audience with an evening of "Rocking Rhythm & Blues"!!!




01 - Making Money 03:04

02 - Jump And Shout 03:26

03 - Tore Down 03:08

04 - Price We Pay 04:15

05 - Fool For Your Stockings 05:15

06 - Automatic 03:13

07 - Cold Cold Feeling 05:43

08 - Hard Pushin' Papa 04:36

09 - Special Love 04:21

10 - Cut That Out 04:27

11 - Try To Get Away 04:42

Blue Monday here:



Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Michael Heyman 2005 Heart Full Of Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:47:04
Size: 107,64 MB

United States

Album Notes

MICHAEL HEYMAN was born in Galveston, Texas and raised in Houston. He grew up listening primarily to his parents' collection of classical and opera music. His first instrument was the violin, which he began playing at the age of eight.

Having been introduced by a babysitter at an early age to records by Ray Charles, Elvis Presley, Little Richard, the Beatles and the Beach Boys, Michael soon discovered artists such as Buddy Holly, Gene Vincent, the Animals, the Yardbirds, the Who, the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan. However, it was when he heard “Fresh Cream” for the first time that Michael decided that what he really wanted to do was play the guitar.

He got his first guitar â€" a steel string acoustic with painfully high action â€" together with a Mel Bay instruction book and pitch pipe when he was eleven.

Determined to learn the instrument, Michael taught himself a few chords and started taking guitar lessons at the age of twelve. Although his initial repertoire consisted mainly of songs by artists such as Bob Dylan, Peter, Paul & Mary and Simon & Garfunkel, he was enamored with the heavier side of rock music and set his sights on acquiring an electric guitar. He eventually purchased a Gibson Melody Maker and Harmony amp from a family friend and joined his first band, the Optical Illusion, featuring future Houston television news celebrity Wayne Dolcefino on drums.

Within a year, he completely immersed himself in music and began learning how to play electric lead guitar. Before long, his playing had achieved a maturity well beyond most of his peers. Perhaps more than anything else, it was this seminal period of woodshedding that determined the course Michael would later take with his life and music.

A turning point happened several years later when an older neighborhood friend introduced him to “Layla and other Assorted Love Songs” by Derek & the Dominos as well as recordings by Jimi Hendrix and blues artists such as Robert Johnson, B.B. King, Freddie King, Otis Rush, T-Bone-Walker, Muddy Waters, Bobby "Blue" Bland, Magic Sam, Memphis Slim, John Mayall and Fleetwood Mac. It is in these recordings that the foundation of his style was laid.

After graduating from high school, Michael traveled to Europe where he had the opportunity to play with musicians in England and Denmark. Inspired by the deep love of the blues he found on the part of these European musicians, Michael began to focus more on the blues. This led to the formation in 1980 of the Blues Union with bassist Calvin Hall (Carolyn Wonderland, Hightailers) , Patrick Forster and Jay Landry. The group appeared in concert with artists such as the Cobras and Lou Ann Barton and released an LP that year on the small Houston label Lunar # 2 Records. Due to artistic differences among the members, the Blues Union disbanded in late 1981.

Following numerous musical projects on and off the road, Michael decided to step up front in 1983 with the Michael Heyman Group - a blues trio that sometimes featured jazz saxophonist Bruce Harrison. This outfit featured Bob Armour (Dave Nevling) on drums with Calvin Hall and later Myron King followed by Little Screamin’ Kenny on bass. In fact, Michael played guitar in Kenny’s band while Kenny played bass for him â€" a cooperative arrangement that served both well in 1984-86. A highlight during this time was his association with noted British musicians Ronnie Lane and Ian McLagan of the Faces for the highly successful “RONNIE LANE APPEAL FOR A.R.M.S.” concert in 1985. Later that year, Michael also had the honor of participating in an all-star jazz/blues concert with legendary saxophonist Arnett Cobb. It was during this time that he began to be recognized as an up and coming guitarist in his own right.

Following excursions into pop and arena rock, Michael returned from the road in 1986 to front a power trio called Nick Young & the Powerhouse. With Calvin Hall again on bass and Angelo Giovanni (né Hernandez) on drums, Nick Young & the Powerhouse earned a reputation in both blues and rock circles as an exciting and dynamic blues-rock ensemble in the long Texas tradition of guitarists fronting blues trios. This was largely the result of concerts with artists such as Buddy Guy and Junior Wells, John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers with Mick Taylor (and later with Coco Montoya and Walter Trout), Albert Collins, James Cotton, Eric Burdon, Alvin Lee, Leslie West, Pat Travers, Nils Lofgren, Nick Lowe, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Omar & the Howlers and Marcia Ball. Nick Young & the Powerhouse were in fact the only blues act in Houston to have successfully crossed over to hard rock and metal venues during that time. Other highlights of this period were the band's association with blues great Joe "Guitar" Hughes as his back-up band in 1986 and being selected to represent Texas rhythm & blues at the Willie Nelson/Wrangler Jeans Invitational in Austin, Texas.

In 1987, Michael returned to Europe, where he spent 14 months performing with an ensemble that often featured drummer Colin Allen, known for his work with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, Bob Dylan and Rod Stewart, as well as members of Sweden's premier blues/rock act Sky High. Michael also often played guitar with American blues artist Big Walker. Upon returning to the United States in 1988, he retired from performing to spend time with his family.

In late 2003, Michael unexpectedly found his heart leading him back into music with a passion that he thought was long dead. An extended period of soul searching followed, during which time he discovered a new depth in his playing, singing and writing. He resumed songwriting and returned to the stage in 2004 fronting a series of blues outfits that often featured a horn section, keys and double bass. With the intention of recording a demo of new and earlier material, he purchased a block of studio time in February 2004. It was not until eight months later in October 2004, however, that he felt confident enough to begin recording. What began as a demo session quickly developed into the sessions for "Heart Full of Blues."

Produced by Rock Romano, "Heart Full of Blues" features eight original songs as well as covers of "Three Hours Past Midnight" by Johnny “Guitar” Watson, "My Sweet Little Honey Dripper" by Jimmy “T-99” Nelson and the instrumental guitar showcase "Steppin' Out" by James Bracken. In addition to guitar artistry reminiscent of the early work of T-Bone Walker, B.B. King, Freddie King, Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton and Mick Taylor, the CD features guest performances by internationally acclaimed harmonica virtuoso Sonny Boy Terry, Houston's First Lady of Soul Trudy Lynn and the incomparable Tommie Lee Bradley.

Since the release of "Heart Full of Blues" in June 2005, the passion and artistry of Michael's playing has attracted the attention of blues afficiandos both in the United States and around the world.


01 - Set Me Free 03:08

02 - Everyday I Cry For You 04:10

03 - Mean Woman Blues 03:45

04 - When It Came To Loving You 05:13

05 - Love Against The Wall 03:28

06 - Loving You A Long Time 03:30

07 - Please Let Me Love You Again 05:14

08 - Steppin' Out 03:56

09 - Three Hours Past Midnight 06:18

10 - If You See My Baby 03:23

11 - My Sweet Little Honey Dripper 04:59

Michael Heyman here:




The Animals 1963 Live At The Club A Go Go

Genre: Rock
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:32:39
Size: 44,87 MB

United Kingdom


01 - Let It Rock 03:19

02 - Gotta Find My Baby 04:25

03 - Bo Diddley 07:40

04 - Almost Grown 04:17

05 - Dimples 03:33

06 - Boom Boom 05:01

07 - C. Jam Blues 04:24

The Animals here:



Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blackberry Smoke 2007 Live At Lansing

Genre: Rock
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:44:02
Size: 60,49 MB

United States


01 - Memphis Special 03:06

02 - Like I Am 04:02

03 - Willin' 03:56

04 - Son Of A Bourbon 03:23

05 - I'd Be Lyin' 03:36

06 - Good One Comin' On 03:51

07 - (Let A) Sleepin' Dog Lie 02:59

08 - Constant Sorrow 06:58

09 - Freeborn Man 05:27

10 - Ain't Much Left Of Me 03:44

11 - Scare The Devil (Out Of You) 03:00

Blackberry Smoke here:



Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Urban Blue 2004 It's Different Today

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:10:44
Size: 161,80 MB

United States

A hot blues guitarist fronts a six-piece band with horns, keyboards and a songwriting team that been together for decades.

Album Notes

The partnership of Mark Mayo on guitar and Mark Polott on bass present their latest collaboration, Urban Blue. Joined by a hot horn section and keyboards, the band burns through thirteen original songs and the Robert Johnson classic, Crossroads. The duos maturity as songwriters is evident as you progress from track to track. The set showcases Mayo's robust tone and bluesy voice and fixes his place in the hierarchy of great New York guitarists. Polott's energetic basslines set the pace for the musical journey and his melodic vocals give a varying texture to the range of material on the CD. Mix in the steamy Hammond organ of Jim Taormina and the fiery sax of new young talent, Senien Hicks, and the result reminds you of some of the great classics but is something entirely new. The sessions are rounded out by Dave Painchaud on trumpet and drummers Doug Sako and the irrepressible Alan Scott Plotkin, who has joined the group after a chance encounter in an elevator. Mark and Mark called on their friend, Lloyd Landesman to engineer and co-produce the album. He was a bandmate when they all played together in Haystacks Balboa, one of New Yorks great underground bands in the 70's.


01 - Bag O'weed 03:47

02 - Lila 03:42

03 - Lady In Blue 06:33

04 - Girls Gotta Go 04:20

05 - Heaven Eyes 05:16

06 - Dancing The Night Away 04:59

07 - Crossroads 03:47

08 - Hot Summer Rain 05:59

09 - Middle Of Nowhere 05:06

10 - Cecilia 04:27

11 - Redheaded Lady 06:05

12 - The French Song 05:31

13 - Steaks And Chops 04:46

14 - It's Different Today 06:26

Urban Blue here:



Friday, October 12, 2012

Brainbox 1971 The Best Of Brainbox

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:38:18
Size: 52,68 MB



01 - Smile (Old Friends Have A Right To) 03:01

02 - Dark Rose 05:09

03 - So Helpless 02:31

04 - Summertime 04:14

05 - Sea Of Delight 02:56

06 - Between Alpha & Omega 02:21

07 - Doomsday Train 02:47

08 - Good Morning Day 03:01

09 - To You 03:21

10 - Cruel Train 02:25

11 - Woman's Gone 04:02

12 - Down Man 02:30

Brainbox here:



Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cargoe 1972 Cargoe

Genre: Rock
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:43:20
Size: 79,36 MB

United States

Cargoe is an American Band from Tulsa, Oklahoma, originally formed in the late 1960s as Rubbery Cargoe, whose lone studio album, engineered by phonon Terry Manning, was released on Memphis Tennessee’s legendary Ardent Records in 1972. They moved to Memphis, TN in 1970 with the help of legendary Radio Personalities Robert W. Walker and the infamous Jim Peters, to begin their recording career with legendary producer Dan Penn of the Box Tops fame. They later signed with Ardent Records where they recorded alongside cult icon Big Star in the original National Street Ardent Studios location, as well as the new studio built on Madison Avenue in 1971.

Keyboardist/guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Bill Phillips and guitarist/bassist/vocalist/songwriter Max Wisley formed the pop/rock quartet Rubbery Cargoe in the mid 1960s. The Tulsa based group went through various incarnations, eventually choosing drummer /vocalist/songwriter Tim Benton and lead guitarist /vocalist/songwriter Tom Richard and later changed the name to Cargoe.

Cargoe were first-rate musicians who epitomized that funky Tulsa Sound every bit as well as Leon Russell or The Dwight Twilley Band, to name two acts with which they share musical heritage. Their peers in Tulsa went on to back artists like Eric Clapton, Delaney & Bonnie and Friends, Bob Seger, Kris Kristofferson, and Moon Martin.


01 - Come Down 03:58

02 - Feel Alright 02:34

03 - Horses And Silver Things 03:49

04 - Scenes 03:48

05 - Things We Dream Today 02:47

06 - Time 04:05

07 - Feeling Mighty Poorly 05:37

08 - Thousand Peoples Song 04:15

09 - Heal Me 03:12

10 - I Love You Anyway 04:04

11 - Leave Today 05:11

Cargoe here:



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