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Friday, August 31, 2012

Downchild Blues Band 1973 Straight Up

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:34:20
Size: 62,99 MB



01 - Every Day I Have The Blues 02:51

02 - I Got Everything I Need (Almost) 02:43

03 - York County 03:27

04 - Can't Lose What You Ain't Never Had 04:14

05 - Flip Flop And Fly 03:03

06 - Good Morning Blues 03:36

07 - Bring It On Home 02:59

08 - Shotgun Blues 05:47

09 - Dig Myself A Hole 02:43

10 - Everything's Gonna Be Alright 02:57

Downchild Blues Band here:



Vasya Club 2006 Konokrad

Genre: Gypsy
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:50:05
Size: 114,57 MB


Despite the banal laws of showbiz, despite the business as it is – "Vasja Club", that is Vasyl Gontarsky, already releases his third album. And already for the third time pleasantly surprises with sincerity and freshness, which can be found with far not every young guy even – and this fellow is adult already. It seems he should have long ago and forever settle down, longer for comfort and definiteness – but, you see, he listens to his soul, and it looks for different things.

But it is possible to say that there was more rock-and-roll on the first album, on the second one – more of punk-chanson, and on this one – more of blues. And frisky blues, with elements of swing, with the atmosphere of nightclubs of the pre-electronic epoch, with a surprising smile in the sad eyes... At that, next to classic American blues, sheer Ukrainian blues sounds here as well – as far as it is possible in general.

However, I will not set to explain such feeling – you need to listen. Exactly, to listen – it is necessary. (Anton Jozhik Leyba - Hedgehog)


01 - Oj, Vej 02:50

02 - Izmena 06:39

03 - Konokrad 03:16

04 - Serce-Kamin 02:24

05 - Totja Valja 03:52

06 - Bdzhilka 03:18

07 - Koliskova 03:41

08 - Chorna Bljuz 04:41

09 - Silver Bob 03:47

10 - Help Mi 03:07

11 - Liki 05:07

12 - Avdej 03:43

13 - Don Huan (Rmx) 03:40

Vasya Club here:



Thursday, August 30, 2012

Blues Power Band 2006 Shoot, Shoot, Don't Talk!

Genre: Blues
Rate: 234 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:57:56
Size: 94,73 MB


Sans pour cela renier un précédent essai qui se partageait de façon pas forcément équitable entre reprises et compositions, Blues Power Band considère que c’est avec cette nouvelle rondelle qu’il signe véritablement son premier album ! Et on le comprend car le combo parisien a réussi le tour de force de nous enregistrer quatorze compositions en Anglais qui vont nous promener pendant une petite heure dans toutes les variantes possibles et imaginables du blues. Pierre angulaire du groupe, Hervé ‘Bannish’ Joachim impose un style très personnel avec une voix chaude et colorée et vient compléter avec maestria une paire de guitaristes virtuoses, Paco Guégan et ‘Papygratteux’ Lavisse, et une rythmique diabolique où l’on retrouve Nico Paullin à la basse et ‘Bathus’ Picard à la batterie. Véritable groupe de scène aussi unanimement reconnu et salué pour son côté blues que pour son côté power, Blues Power Band allie un professionnalisme édifiant avec un super feeling qu’il décline au quotidien partout où il pose le bout de ses santiags … Are you ready for the blues ?

Véritable Wurlitzer dans lequel on aurait compilé du jump, de l’acoustique, du rhythm’n’blues, du Chicago, de la soul, un peu de Texas et beaucoup de rock, « Shoot, Shoot, Don’t Talk ! » est un de ces albums qui séduisent autant par leur diversité que par la qualité de leur contenu. Avec beaucoup d’humour et surtout beaucoup de savoir-faire, chacun y va de son lot de compositions et apporte à chaque fois une sensibilité différente à l’ensemble, ponctuant certains titres de percussions artisanales, d’harmonica ou encore de cuivres ingénieusement disposés pour mieux les rendre uniques. Passés maîtres dans l’art de faire taper du pied à chacune de leurs notes, les Blues Power Band nous régalent de leurs « (or Dial BEE-PEE-BEE) », « Reverse Side Blues » et « What About BB ? », nous charment de leurs « Break In The Line », « ‘‘B’’ Man », « Troublemaker » et « A Woman Of Action », nous baladent aux confins du delta avec « Askin’ For More », « Dark Side Of The Sun » et « Apologies To Freddie And Billie » et nous explosent le nez avec un énorme « Let’s Rock (Tyson’s Fist In Your Face) », rien que pour nous inciter à passer à l’action et à les rejoindre dans leur envie de jouer et de partager la musique qu’ils aiment ! On raffole du jeu parfait des guitares, qu’il soit tranchant comme une lame de rasoir ou au contraire subtil et délicat, on adore le positionnement de la rythmique, toujours au quart de poil et entraînante comme il se doit, on ne se remet pas sans séquelles des featuring de Sax Gordon, Phil Big Dez, Phil Poitevin et Pascal ‘Greenbullet’ Redondo mais plus que tout ça c’est l’homogénéité générale et l’équilibre de l’ouvrage qu’il convient de saluer car Blues Power Band a su se donner les moyens de faire le grand album que l’on attendait de lui ! Ca donne envie de faire la fête et ça tombe bien, le groupe invitera ses fans et ses amis à le rejoindre pour la sortie de l’album le 18 novembre à La Scène Bastille … Une seule issue : « Shoot, Shoot, Don’t talk ! ». (


01 - Shoot ! Shoot ! 04:48

02 - WWW.Bluespower-Band.Com (Or Dial Bee-Pee-Bee) 05:39

03 - Reverse Side Blues 02:31

04 - Break In The Line 04:41

05 - The More I Think About It 05:21

06 - Askin' For More 03:08

07 - Dark Side Of The Sun 02:58

08 - Apologies To Freddie And Billy 02:53

09 - "B" Man 04:00

10 - Let's Rock ! (Tyson's Fist In Your Face) 03:15

11 - Troublemaker 07:26

12 - What About Bb ? 03:49

13 - A Woman Of Action 04:31

14 - Don't Talk! 02:56

Blues Power Band here:



Lynyrd Skynyrd 1976 One More From The Road

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 160 kbps CBR / 48000
Time: 02:27:15
Size: 168,77 MB

United States

review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Double live albums were commonplace during the '70s, even for bands that weren't particularly good in concert. As a travelin' band, Lynyrd Skynyrd made their fame and fortune by being good in concert, so it made sense that they released a double-live, entitled One More from the Road, in 1976, months after the release of their fourth album, Gimme Back My Bullets. That might have been rather quick for a live album -- only three years separated this record from the group's debut -- but it was enthusiastically embraced, entering the Top Ten (it would become one of their best-selling albums, as well). It's easy to see why it was welcomed, since this album demonstrates what a phenomenal catalog of songs Skynyrd accumulated.

Street Survivors, which appeared the following year, added "That Smell" and "You Got That Right" to the canon, but this pretty much has everything else, sometimes extended into jams as long as those of the Allmans, but always much rawer, nearly dangerous. That catalog, as much as the strong performances, makes One More from the Road worth hearing. Heard here, on one record, the consistency of Skynyrd's work falls into relief, and they not only clearly tower above their peers based on what's here; the cover of "T for Texas" illustrates that they're carrying on the Southern tradition, not starting a new one. Like most live albums, this is not necessarily essential, but if you're a fan, it's damn hard to take this album off after it starts.



01 - Introduction - Workin' For MCA 05:32

02 - I Ain't The One 03:47

03 - Saturday Night Special 05:39

04 - Searching 04:01

05 - Travellin' Man 04:37

06 - Simple Man 06:56

07 - Whiskey Rock-A-Roller 04:48

08 - The Needle And The Spoon 04:35

09 - Gimme Back My Bullets 04:01

10 - Tuesday's Gone 08:26

11 - Gimme Three Steps 05:11

12 - Call Me The Breeze 05:51

13 - T For Texas 09:15


01 - Sweet Home Alabama 07:29

02 - Crossroads 04:16

03 - Free Bird 11:34

04 - Introduction - Workin' For MCA (Alternate) 05:38

05 - I Ain't The One (Alternate) 03:52

06 - Searching (Alternate) 04:13

07 - Gimme Three Steps (Alternate) 04:42

08 - Call Me The Breeze (Alternate) 05:43

09 - Sweet Home Alabama (Alternate) 07:27

10 - Crossroads (Alternate) 04:46

11 - Free Bird (Alternate) 14:56

Lynyrd Skynyrd here:



Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tanned Leather 1976 Saddle Soap

Genre: Westcoast
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:51:34
Size: 47,12 MB


Dear music friends, now 30 years later, it is useless to discuss it. Whether the guitars on the wonderful opener track 'You blew it if you do it' are influenced by Duane Allman and Dickey Betts or by Whishbone Ash, or whether Tanned Leather might have prepared the road for a band like "Lake" (which toured with Lynyrd Skynyrd in the USA and with Wishbone Ash and many others - Lake frontman, Alex Conti, is a Duane Allman worshipper and loves Steely Dan - you see it's all rock 'n roll), or whether the band aimed their music at the cowboys, because of their songs 'A hard road back to Georgia' or 'Country boy', are all questions we don't know the answer to and it doesn't matter anymore.

Just like the Atlanta Rhythm Section, Tanned Leather sometimes used funk rhythms, and in between they had real ballads like Charlie Daniels or Grinderswitch and a song like 'Greyhound take me home in San Francisco' has been influenced by the Beach boys. Moreover, this small band from Germany obviously listened carefully to Little Feat and the Doobie Brothers. (


Alf Gardner: lead vocals
Herbert Ihle: harmony vocals
Dicky Mude: harmony vocals
Andy Marx: guitars
Rainer Pietsch: bass
Jim Cannon: drums


01 - You Blew It If You Do It 04:05

02 - Country Boy

03 - A Hard Road Back To Georgia 05:29

04 - Alright, It's Alright 04:03

05 - Donna Do You Wanna 04:13

06 - Greyhound Take Me Back Home To San Francisco 06:05

07 - Please Come Home Forever 04:15

08 - Calvin Jones 04:03

09 - St. John's River 08:12

11 - Custer's Last Dream 00:46

Tanned Leather here:


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Superstitions 2006 Juke Town

Genre: Blues
Rate: 172 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:56:05
Size: 68,32 MB

United States

Album Notes

The Superstitions brings that Rod & Culture Cruisin' and House Party Hi Fi Sound in this Record Juke Town (Coast to Coast Jukin'). It goes like this:

Take your Louisiana style Harp Master&VocalistDumar Dupree; shake him up real good with Conqueror Root & Louisiana Bayou feel of Excello and Imperial records artists and just a little taste of Mussel Shoals Soul for good measure. Add some Little Walter, Sonny Boy, George Smith, and Jr. Wells and you really have somethin’! Now move Dumar Dupree into a hard hitting L.A. band with just the right mix of the Old Southern blues, Cajun, Jump/Swing, “really all them roots sounds” and you got it much more!!. It's been 10 to 20 years since a “fresh sound” has come out of Los Angeles playing hard driving roots music lead by one of the great Louisiana inspired” Harp Ace’s”, but once again it's time! Like their predecessors "The Superstitions" have the key timeless elements and are sensational. With a firm grasp on the music of the 40's 50's and 60's with a fresh new fire that is instantly evident. An outstanding mix of Young Talent and veterans to watch their back. This tradition goes all the way back to those 1950’s Midnite theater Sessions with T Bone Walker, Jimmy Reed, Joe Houston, Chuck Higgins, Big Jay Mc Neeley , Ladies and Gentlemen, The Superstitions are in your town!

Most Wanted:

Dumar Dupree – Duberly Louisiana & N.L.A. - Master of Smokin' Harp/Mississippi Saxophone and oh so authentic vocals where it counts like Walter, Elmore, Otis and Louis Jordan.

“Dr.” Jay Stolmack N.L.A. – “Phd” of Tenor and Baritone Sax - an amazing veteran of finest Blues, Soul and Rock with an ear toward juicy full bodied Honkin' solos Smooth ballads and Jazzy passages each just at the right time and place every time.

Mike Recendes – El Monte - Lead Guitar - showing all the other young and journeyman players alike what the new generation of "T" Bone, Gatemouth, Muddy, Elmore, and yes Santana too interpreters what it's all about and then some. He's got the goods in Time, Tone and Style! Brought it with him from a past life! A real rising star!

Rich Torres – E.L.A. - Drums and percussion - A purveyor of Blues, Jazz, Latin, and rock. Rich lays it down with ELA Personality, Class and Style. A guy with the sound and sense of musical adventure, a key and foundational element in the group on and off the stage. Louis Bellson and Rogers drums are always with Rich!

Sergio Osollo – E.L.A. Bass and Vocals - Smooth and industrial strength wizard of Fender and Dog House a veteran of the blues and 80's L. A. Roots Scene, Sergio has run with the toughest of the tough and is standing tall, no worse for wear. And an outstanding blues vocalist to boot.

Johnny Williamson – Atlanta & N.L.A. Rhythm Guitar and Vocalist - the veterano and stick to your guns old school guy who was there at the beginning in 1950 and is still doing it in 2006. You're in trouble if you ask him to play anything modern. Johnny is a self described Roots Rat and always wants to keep it that way.

In summary these guys have collectively played with or played on the same stage with the roots brightest stars: Big Joe Turner, Etta James, Chambers Brothers, Cal Green, George Harmonica Smith, Natalie Cole, Slim Chris Green, Katy Segal, Top Jimmy & the Rhythm Pigs, Dewey Terry, Juke Logan, Richard Berry, Don Julian, The Jaguars, Joe Houston, Chuck Higgins, J D Nicholson, James Harmon, Rod Piazza, Rick Holstrom, Tony Allen, Alex Schultz, Johnny Turner, Jobe Strials, Max Bangwell, Austin's Billy Campbell, William Clark, Barbara Lynn, Son Seals, Harmonica Doug (Joe Lee) Bush, L T Jones, Grady Jackson, Felix Reyes, Mighty Paul Linden, Jeff Termes, Linda Hopkins, Johnny Dyer, James Gadston, Hollis Gilmore, Randy Resnick, Sam Taylor, Coco Montoya, Debbie Davies, and Paul Butterfield to mention most but not all of the people with whom they have shared the stage and the music.

I can say with confidence, put the platter on; the party has begun right here, right now!

As Dr. Jive would say "Come on Baby's Play it for all the people in the welfare line and down on the Chain Gang Too!" Or Old H. H. “Hunter Hancock” would say " From Swing to Sweet, Be Bop to Ballad, and Blues to Boogie" Here's an L. A. Group who have made good!, lets give a listen to The Superstitions" puttin' out” on their latest record!

Featured artists on Juke Town are:

Mike Recendez 24 year old guitar genius/Phnom playing T bone, Muddy, Lightning Hopkins, Elmore James and others with perfect accuracy.

Dumar Dupree Harp virtuoso and Vocalist like Bill Clark, Jr Wells, Sony Boy and more, with additional features from Johnny Williamson performing guitar and vocals in the form of Jimmy Reed, Wynone Harris, Snooky Prior, Jimmy Nolan and other 40's 50's stars.

Dr. Jay Sax ala Big Jay, Joe Houston, Chuck Higgins, King Curtis.

Powerful rhythms of Richie Torres Drums and percussion.

Surgeo Osolo Vocals & Bass.


01 - Juke Town 04:21

02 - Hawaiian Boogie 02:39

03 - Tin Pan Alley 05:35

04 - Gamblin' For My Bread 03:43

05 - Cleo's Moody 03:27

06 - 300 Lbs. Of Joy 03:07

07 - Party Gras 02:16

08 - That's All I Need 02:51

09 - No Minors Allowed 07:51

10 - Jo Ann 02:58

11 - Let Me Explain 03:47

12 - Too Many Cooks 02:53

13 - Nighthawk 03:28

14 - Rock A While 04:28

15 - Voodoo Workin 02:41

The Superstitions here:



Benny Valerio Band 1993 Texas Thunder

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:55:43
Size: 127,50 MB

United States

Texas Thunder was the first CD Benny recorded for WolftraxRecords and was recorded in the spring of 1993 at GEM/Lonestar studio in Austin, Texas. It is a collection of some of Benny's favorite blues songs plus three of his own originals. The CD was recorded with just the trio of Benny on guitar and vocals, Danny Valerio on bass and Steve Severson on drums. The CD was recorded classic old school style live in the studio over three days. This gives the CD that raw 50's blues sound which a lot of the fans seem to prefer. When you listen to "Meet Me At The Levee", one of Benny's originals, it's hard to believe it's just a trio. Because of copyright limitations on the cover songs on Texas Thunder the CD can only be sold in the continental United States. Benny lost his battle with liver cancer and passed away January 11, 2006. His take no prisoners style will be missed by his many fans, a truly gifted guitar player.

Peace Be With You Benny.


01 - Head's Up 02:38

02 - Little By Little 03:12

03 - If You Be My Baby 05:17

04 - Cold-Hearted Woman 03:43

05 - Red House 04:07

06 - I'm Ready 04:35

07 - Mean Houston Blues 03:57

08 - Somethin' Else 01:55

09 - I've Got To Forget You 04:19

10 - Shake Your Hips 06:01

11 - Going Down 03:14

12 - Angel 03:37

13 - Love That Burns 05:16

14 - Meet Me At The Levee 03:52

Benny Valerio Band here:



Monday, August 27, 2012

Kontrabant 2001 Z Nogami V Zrak

Genre: Gypsy
Rate: 283 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:45:08
Size: 87,07 MB


They sizzle at concerts and enthuse brimming concert audiences. At weddings they are the bride's accomplice, and when playing to celebrate a divorce, they work like a hangover cure.

They gravitate towards ethno music, but vibrate in all varieties that give themselves up for smuggling. Kontrabant is the first trans-Slovenian music gang. The Kontrabant guys come from almost all parts of Slovenia, making their musical collage a mix of Pannonian and Mediterranean sounds, dancing songs from the Alps, classical and Balkan songs trimmed with dialects from their own homeland, and the languages of the Roma and nearby Hungary.

The merry sounds of Kontrabant invigorate the old, enchant the young, surprise the bad tempered and drive the party animals wild!

KontraMISSION: smuggling ethno-party music

Kontrabant has for more than a decade been exploring the sounds of Slovenia: Gypsy, Pannonian, Balkan, Mediterranean ethno music influences, taking great delight in incorporating these with urban musical practices into the unmistakable smuggled collage that makes up the songs and melodies of Kontrabant. Already at the beginning of their musical travels the Kontrabant guys forged friendships with the Slovenian gypsies, which has had a strong influence on their music. But an even more significant influence on Kontrabant's musical expression definitely has to be the variety of environments and musical experiences of the guys in the band, and that includes those that were still whippersnappers.

Kontrabant's musical smuggling has an important mission to uphold in popularising the musical treasures from different environments and areas of human endeavour, with the intention of making listeners actively learn and understand others with different lives, cultures and perceptions of the world. Such a diverse collage of musical practices can one only rarely experience in one place! That's Kontrabant's concerts and the music on as many as four of their solo CDs.

Sadly, in recent years, extreme forms of nationalism have sprung up all over Europe. This has spurred on the band even more to develop its recognisable music making and original smuggler's stories of also those minorities that have far too often become ostracised and threatened entities. With the help of the universal language of music, Kontrabant in an informal, very amusing way goes beyond those boundaries, smashes through negative stereotypes and opens up the horizons of those that would otherwise find it difficult to accept something foreign and unknown.

Respect and tolerance of others is an important, and for many a fairly unfamiliar notion in our social order. Kontrabant in its way promotes a better understanding among the people of this world.


01 - Intro 02:22

02 - Fani 03:06

03 - Prekmurje, Moje Prekmurje 03:48

04 - Fse San Puncoke Ponuco 03:45

05 - Moj Klobuk 02:01

06 - Kale Roma Kale 02:54

07 - Dal Ti Bom Pesem 03:18

08 - Crne Tvoje So Oci 05:07

09 - Marciusi Ajandek 03:02

10 - Mar Djandja 03:14

11 - Tarantella 01:57

12 - Ovca 02:33

13 - Ciganska 02:54

14 - Mely A Szemed, Fekete 05:07

Kontrabant here:



Sunday, August 26, 2012

Procol Harum 1967 Procol Harum

Genre: Progressive Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:12:08
Size: 165,04 MB

United Kingdom

review by Bruce Eder

Procol Harum's self-titled, debut album bombed in England, appearing six months after "A Whiter Shade of Pale" and "Homburg" with neither hit song on it. The LP was successful in America, where albums sold more easily, but especially since it did include "A Whiter Shade of Pale" and was reissued with a sticker emphasizing the presence of the original "Conquistador," a re-recording which became a hit in 1972. The music is an engaging meld of psychedelic rock, blues, and classical influences, filled with phantasmagorical lyrics, bold (but not flashy) organ by Matthew Fisher, and Robin Trower's most tasteful and restrained guitar. "Conquistador," "Kaleidoscope," "A Christmas Camel," and the Bach-influenced "Repent Walpurgis" are superb tracks, and "Good Captain Clack" is great, almost Kinks-like fun. Not everything here works, but it holds up better than most psychedelic or progressive rock.


01 - Conquistador 02:38

02 - She Wandered Through The Garden Fence 03:26

03 - Something Following Me 03:37

04 - Mabel 01:56

05 - Cerdes (Outside The Gates Of) 05:09

06 - A Christmas Camel 04:48

07 - Kaleidoscope 02:54

08 - Salad Days (Are Here Again) 03:39

09 - Good Captain Clack 01:31

10 - Repent Walpurgis 05:06

11 - A Whiter Shade Of Pale 04:08

12 - Lime Street Blues 02:54

13 - Homburg (Single Version) 03:58

14 - Good Captain Clack (Single Version) 01:37

15 - Il Tuo Diamante (Italian Single) 03:33

16 - Understandably Blue (Stereo) 03:33

17 - Pandora's Box (Version 1, Stereo) 03:47

18 - Alpha (Stereo) 03:51

19 - Conquistador (Stereo) 02:41

20 - She Wandered Through The Garden Fence (Stereo) 03:28

21 - Homburg (Album Version, Stereo) 03:54

Procol Harum here:



Saturday, August 25, 2012

Blues Company 2003 From Daybreak To Heartbreak

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:53:31
Size: 97,87 MB


Die 1976 von Todor "Toscho" Todorovic gegründete Band gilt längst als Deutschlands bekannteste unter der Marke "Blues" vertretene Formation. Das Osnabrücker Quartett hat in seiner über 25-jährigen Karriere mit "From Daybreak to Heartbreak" sein inzwischen 13. Album seit 1980 veröffentlicht und mehr als 2500 Konzerte in Deutschland und dem benachbarten Ausland absolviert.

Das aktuelle Werk wurde in einem der renommiertesten Tonstudios (Bauer in Ludwigsburg bei Stuttgart) und durch Scott Billington produziert (Johnny Adams, Irma Thomas, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, Duke Robillard, Holmes Brothers).

10 der 11 Titel stammen aus eigener Produktion, für die zumeist das Mastermind der Band, der Gitarrist, Sänger und Songwriter "Toscho" Todorovic zuständig ist. Alles wurde live im Studio aufgenommen, die Bandbreite reicht von Chicago-Blues, R&B, Texas-Blues, Rock bis hin zur unvermeidlichen Ballade.

Wieder bei den Aufnahmen dabei war die Bläsersection der "Fabulous BC Horns" (Uwe Nolopp an der Trompete, Robert Kretzschmar an den Saxophonen) die seit mehreren Jahren (fast jedenfalls) zum festen Bestandteil der Band geworden ist und für die soulige oder funkige Würzung des Songmaterials sorgten.


Todor "Toscho" Todorovic - Guitars, Vocals
Mike Titre - Guitar, Slide guitar, Bass, Harp
Olli Gee - Bass, Keyboard, Guitar
Florian Schaube - Drums, Percussion

The Fabulous BC Horns:
Uwe Nolopp - Trumpet, Fluegelhorn
Robert Kretzschmar - Tenorsax, Baritonsax, Altosax, Keyboard

Volker "Wolfman" Kunschner - Hammond-B3-Organ


01 - The River 05:00

02 - Listen What I Say 05:07

03 - Over The City 05:20

04 - Wait A Minute 04:51

05 - Get In The Groove 03:16

06 - Blues Is A Feeling 06:21

07 - 21st Century Blues 03:31

08 - Keepin' The Blues Alive 04:33

09 - Commercials 04:56

10 - Over 05:12

11 - Blues For Mick 05:24

Blues Company here:



Friday, August 24, 2012

Pat Coast 2002 Don't Touch My Guitar

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:50:41
Size: 69,64 MB

United States

Horn driven guitar laden uptown blues with a touch of funk, R&B, Chicago, and blues-rock.

Album Notes

Pat Coast is a Northwest native and has been a serious student of blues guitar for over 35 years. Although proficient in many genres, including rock and roots rock, R&B, funk, country and acoustic guitar, Pat's first love remains blues, which he began learning at age 14 with some old T-Bone Walker and B.B. King records.

His musical journey has taken him many places, from 3 and a half straight years of touring 6 western states and Canada, to living in and gigging around Los Angeles and San Diego, to doing session work. In 1990, following a brief hiatus from the music business to start a family, Pat returned to his home town of Coeur d' Alene, in Northern Idaho, to provide a more relaxed atmosphere for his family and to pursue songwriting. After breaking his leg in an accident, Pat put together a small blues band to bring in some income, and two years later, found himself in an eight piece horn band called Cafe Blue, doing festivals and concerts as well as clubs. They put out a CD, "A Good Night For The Blues", featuring four of Pat's originals, which gained positive reviews from two national magazines and got airplay on college and public radio stations from Seattle to Kentucky. In 1999, Pat decided to strike out under his own name, releasing 3 more CDs, "Play Somethin' We Can Dance To", "Pat Coast Band LIVE", and Pat's favorite, "Don't Touch My Guitar."


01 - I Gotta Drive 04:55

02 - The Dangerous Kind 06:14

03 - Outside Lookin' In 03:56

04 - Don't Touch My Guitar 04:34

05 - You're Scarin' Me 04:14

06 - Don't You Play No Rhumba 04:02

07 - Lay Down This Love 04:38

08 - She's So Sharp 03:37

09 - Pro Zack Shuffle 04:26

10 - Trouble 07:48

11 - Pistol Slapper Blues 02:17

Pat Coast here:



Cuby & Blizzards 1979 Forgotten Tapes

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:43:41
Size: 99,90 MB


The songs were recorded in the '60 with different members of Cuby & Blizzards.


01 - L.S.D. (Got A Million Dollars) 03:29

02 - Richard Cory 02:43

03 - Feeling Like A Suitcase 02:36

04 - Because Of Illness 01:58

05 - Woman 03:05

06 - On The Road 06:02

07 - Stepping In My Shoes 01:54

08 - You Don't Know 03:42

09 - Session 03:39

10 - That's Allright 12:17

11 - Your Body, Not Your Soul 02:16

Cuby & Blizzards here:



Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mose Jones 1974 Mose Knows

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:37:43
Size: 69,10 MB

United States


01 - Keep On Trying 03:14

02 - Everyone Before You 06:47

03 - Mose Knows 04:00

04 - Would Be 03:54

05 - Gift 02:49

06 - Home 06:39

07 - Does Your Mama Know About Me 03:40

08 - Stood Up 03:58

09 - Just Another Highway Song 02:42

Mose Jones here:



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