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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lamont Cranston Blues Band 1991 Lamont Cranston Blues Band Featuring Pat Hayes

Genre: Blues
Rate: 146 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:39:25
Size: 40,27 MB

United States


From the rural hometown settings of Hamel, Minnesota and the river banks of Minneapolis/St. Paul, the blues influence surfaced as early as the mid 1960's for what was to become "The Lamont Cranston Blues Band". By 1969, The Lamont Cranston Blues Band was well on their way to becoming the legend that it is today. You can't seem to go anywhere today from coast to coast without running into someone that has heard of the band. They are one of the founders of the Minneapolis music scene which is flourishing more than ever to this day.

From the clubs, concert halls and festivals to the auditoriums and stadiums, the Cranstons have shared the bill with Muddy Waters, Luther Allison, Albert King, Albert Collins, Jimmy Rogers, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Charles Brown, Buddy Guy, Jimmy Thackery, Junior Wells, Keb Mo, Jonny Lang, Robert Cray, Son Seals, Charlie Musselwhite, Sam Lay, Earl King, Mighty Joe Young, Sugar Blue, Otis Rush, Elvin Bishop, Jim Belushi & The Sacred Hearts, Little Feat, Mick Fleetwood's Blue Whale featuring Ron Thompson, Delbert McClinton, Koko Taylor, Lonnie Brooks, Percy Sledge, Solomon Burke, Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown, Kim Wilson, William Clarke, Tinsley Ellis, The Climax Blues Band, Tower Of Power, The Kinks, The Yardbirds, The Animals II, Kansas, Yes, Jeff Healy, Wilson Pickett, Bonnie Raitt, The Blues Brothers and many many more. One of the biggest thrills was opening for The Rolling Stones on a leg of their North American tour in 1981.

Their visibility increased in the 1980's when RCA reissued the band's smash hit release "Upper Mississippi Shakedown", selling over 100,000 copies and cracking the lower reaches of the Billboard charts.

Lead singer, guitarist and harmonica giant, Pat 'Lamont' Hayes has also enjoyed his own success touring with Bonnie Raitt as a member of her band on her 1990 "Nick Of Time" tour; blowing harmonica duets with Charlie Musselwhite in Minneapolis and during a 1994 Hollywood trip after Pat received an invitation from Dan Aykroyd to be a special guest performer at a private pre-grand opening bash at Dan's new 'House Of Blues' nightclub, where he performed with Charlie and his band the first night and with The Blues Brothers band the next. Pat has been hailed by Bonnie, Dan and many others as being one of the best harmonica players around. Dan even called on the boys to play the grand opening of his new Chicago House Of Blues in November 1996, Cleveland in 2004 and Atlantic City in 2005.


01 - I Don't Wanna Know 05:36

02 - Cold Winds 03:43

03 - Two-Way Wishin 03:52

04 - Love Grown Cold 03:09

05 - You Don't Even Know 02:59

06 - Stop On By 03:26

07 - I Got Designs On You 04:51

08 - Whole Lot Of Lovin' 03:45

09 - Too Young To Die 03:53

10 - Fever 04:11

Lamont Cranston Blues Band here:



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Eric Quincy Tate 1975 EQT '75

United States

For 37 years, Eric Quincy Tate has been a contributor not only to the musical heritage of the State of Georgia, but on a broader scale, America's heritage. In fact, the band and their music are global. EQT is one of the founding bands of the Macon, GA - Southern Rock movement in the very early 1970s. The band members remain humble, are innovators, masters of their instruments, and are original in their musical compositions, sound, and in style.

EQT has continually inspired generations of musicians young and old, as well as always giving their all from the heart to their audiences during public performances. The band entertains, connects with their audience, performs music people can feel, with melodies and lyrics people relate to. This is in part, why once a fan of Eric Quincy Tate , "a person remains one".


01 - Honky Tonk Man

02 - No Rollin' Boogie

03 - Food, Phone, Gas And Lodging

04 - Chatta Hoochee Coochee Man

05 - Wide Open

06 - Drivin' Wheel

07 - Big Boss Jam



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Friday, October 29, 2010

Pink Floyd 1975 Echoes From The Past - Platinum Edition

An incredible audience show from the Sports Arena in Los Angeles, California on April 26, 1975. This is the complete master tape source, so complete that you here the taper testing the mics as the show starts. The sound is nothing short of astounding. Incredibly clear and quite devoid of almost any fan noise. The bass is well captured, deep and powerful with no distortion whatsoever. The highs are also very crisp and not the least bit of harshness. In other words, the mix is just about perfect as if it were a soundboard. I think I have a good idea who taped this show and it explains a lot.

There are a few things that make this recording truly unique. First, the pre-release versions of Sheep (Raving and Drooling) and Dogs (You Gotta Be Crazy). Raving and Drooling is much different instrumentally during the jam sections than is the album version, including some rhythm guitar that sounds like disco-funk! The lyrics to You Gotta Be Crazy are quite different from the album version of Dogs. Even Roger calls it a rather "mean" song. "Any Colour You Like" is the great jam version and this is the last tour with performances of "Echoes" in its entirety. All and all this recording is absolutely amazing for its age and one that you will definitely want in your collection.

There are many Pink Floyd RoIOs out there. Most of them are audience recordings and pretty diffcult to listen to. This one, however, has to be the best audience recording of an old Floyd show ever. This rivals the Boston Garden show for quality, IMHO. If your a Floyd fan, don't miss this one!


01 - Intro

02 - Raving And Drooling

03 - You've Gotta Be Crazy

04 - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1 - 5)

05 - Have A Cigar

06 - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 6 - 9)

07 - Sit Down And Enjoy The Show...

08 - Speak To Me

09 - Breath

10 - On The Run

11 - Time

12 - The Great Gig In The Sky

13 - Money

14 - Us And Them

15 - Any Colour You Like

16 - Brain Damage

17 - Eclipse

18 - Echoes


Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4

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Allen Collins Band 1983 The Lone Star Cafe

United States

Here's the only known live recording of the Allen Collins Band.

For collectors only! The vocals are low, but in my opinion, a listeneable show. And a piece of history too...

The correct date is unknown, but I'm sure someone will provide the right information.


Allen Collins Band - November 1983 (the date is uncertain, November 02 or 07)
The Lone Star Cafe
New York, NY

01. Just Trouble
02. Workin' For MCA
03. Chapter One
04. Ready To Move
05. Sweet Home Alabama
06. One Known Soldier
07. Hangin' Judge
08. Commitments
09. Time After Time
10. That Smell
11. Free Bird

Allen Collins - Guitars
Billy Powell - Piano
Leon Wilkeson - Bass
Jimmy Dougherty - Vocals
Barry Lee Harwood - Guitar
Derek Hess - Drums
Randall Hall - Guitar

A brief history...

The Rossington-Collins Band had called it quits. Reeling from the loss of his beloved wife, Allen Collins had thrown his guitar down on stage and walked out on the band, putting an end to his partnership with Gary Rossington. It was time to regroup.

Allen Collins formed the Allen Collins Band in 1983. Joining him would be his fellow Rossington-Collins bandmates Leon Wilkeson, Billy Powell, Barry Lee Harwood, and Derek Hess, minus Gary Rossington and Dale Krantz. Replacing Rossington would be Collins' friend Randall Hall, and Jimmy Dougherty would assume lead vocal duties.

The band's name was originally Horsepower, but executives at MCA (whom the band released their only album through) wanted a name that would make the band stand out. So, the band was re-christened "The Allen Collins Band".

The band released their first and only album, Here, There, & Back, in 1983. The band proved to be the most Skynyrd-like of all the spin-off bands, performing Skynyrd classics and songs of their new album in concert. Sadly, the band would be short-lived. New MCA boss Irving Azoff wanted nothing to do with Collins, and the record's promotion suffered as a result. The band broke up after only one album.

Allen Collins life went on a downward spiral from there. In 1985, Collins was involved in a horrible car accident that took the life of his girlfriend and left him paralyzed from the waist down. No longer able to play guitar, Collins' career was over.

In order to pay his ever mounting medical bills, Allen and father Larkin Collins got the idea of a Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute tour. Original members Gary Rossington, Ed King, Artimus Pyle, Leon Wilkeson, and Billy Powell were joined by Johnny Van Zant on vocals and, taking Allen's place on guitar, Randall Hall. Collins served as a consultant on the tour, selecting set lists and other duties. The tour was a huge success, but one can only imagine the depression Allen went through seeing his friends up on stage and not being able to join them. Another tour followed, but after another disagreement with Rossington and the band, Allen did not join them.

Allen's medical condition deteriorated, and after a bout with pneumonia, Allen died on January 23, 1990. A sad end to a once so vibrant man. In many ways, the death of Allen Collins was the biggest tragedy Skynyrd ever suffered.



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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pete York 1994 Superblues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:10:07
Size: 160,37 MB

Biography from

PETE was born in Middlesbrough, England on 15th August 1942.

1950 he began to play on a toy drum and his mother's cooking pots while listening to American jazz on the radio; probably his first exposure to drum legend, Gene Krupa. Pete played drums throughout his school years and joined the Trent College Jazz Club, School Orchestra and Army Cadet Force Band. On leaving school in 1960 he had acquired some rudimentary technique on the drums and his enthusiasm was growing fast for a life in music.

He went to Birmingham and soon got involved in the music scene there, playing everything from Dixieland to modern jazz.

In 1962 came his first TV appearance with an award-winning new jazz group. Pete had also begun to play blues and R & B with Spencer Davis, Steve and Muff. Eventually the Spencer Davis Group would record in 1964. The record releases that followed resulted in critical acclaim in many countries and ever-increasing chart success.

"Keep On Running” reached Number One in 1965 to be followed in the next year by "Somebody Help Me”, "When I Come Home”, Gimme Some Lovin'” and "I'm A Man”.

Pete appeared with the SDG in several films, countless TV shows around the world and is heard on all the million selling singles and albums.

But there always comes that time to move on and Steve and Muff had already left. In 1969 Pete left Spencer on friendly terms to form a unique duo with Eddie Hardin.

Hardin & York were sometimes dubbed "the World's Smallest Big Band” and released several albums with great success, especially in Europe.

The duo often played as opening act for bands like Deep Purple and it is from this time that Pete's friendship with Jon Lord and Ian Paice stems.

By 1972 Pete York's Percussion Band had hit the road. It featured a brass section and three drummers as well as guitarist/singer Miller Anderson. Occasional guest drummers in this adventure were Ian Paice, Keef Hartley, Roy Dyke and Keith Moon.

Klaus Doldinger was a much acclaimed saxophonist bandleader from Germany and in 1973 he put together a package including his own Passport group plus guests, Alexis Korner, Brian Auger, Johnny Griffin and Pete York. It was a mixture of stylists and it worked beautifully.

The next year came a call from Jon Lord for Pete to play with "Rock Meets Classic” an experimental mix of rock group and orchestra which Jon had pioneered with Deep Purple a couple of years earlier. This year of 1974 also included a revival of the Spencer Davis Group for American and European tours.

Six weeks in Bali with Eberhard Schoener and a German film crew resulted in the album and TV special "Bali Agung” in 1975.
In the same year Klaus Doldinger invited Pete to tour again with Johnny Griffin, Les McCann and Buddy Guy. The recording of Jon Lord's "Sarabande” also took place during this year.

In 1976 Pete could not resist Chris Barber's invitation to play "Echoes of Ellington” with his band and Russell Procope and Wild Bill Davis from the Duke Ellington Orchestra.
Pete stayed happily with the band to tour Africa and Australia and accompany exciting guests.

In spite of playing more than 250 shows a year Pete took time to marry Mecky on 16 June 1977 and their village wedding was a star-studded event with everyone from the Purples to the Barbers showing up.
Trummy Young from the Louis Armstrong All Stars and John Lewis from the Modern Jazz Quartet joined the Barber Band for "Swing Is Here” in 1978.

The formation of Pete York's New York took Pete away on tour a lot. Daughter Stephanie was born on 3 May 1979. The responsibility of keeping a regular band on the road as Chris Barber had always done was not easy but Pete kept it going until 1983 and produced several recordings of their jazz-rock music. There were many other sideman gigs for Pete, such as with Dr John and Charlie Watts Rocket 88.
The Rock and Blues Circus made its first tours with Chris Farlowe, Jon Lord and Colin Hodgkinson and there were Direct to Disc albums produced.

In 1984 Pete moved to Germany with Mecky and Stephanie and a new phase of life began for them.

Pete decided to invite some of his old colleagues to tour under the motto "Pete York Presents...”
Spencer, Chris Farlowe and Brian Auger all came on the road with Pete and frequent rhythm partner Colin Hodgkinson.

A chance meeting with TV director Michael Maschke led to discussions about various TV projects and the idea for " Superdrumming” was born.

Brian, Colin and Pete continued touring and made TV shows which included their comic lunacy as well as some great music. In 1986 a cartoon film scripted by Pete and called "Dracula Junior” was completed involving their music and voice talents.
By now the group had been christened "Daddy and the Steamers” by Stephanie.

Pete had long wanted to play some straight swinging jazz with some of his old friends and the opportunity came in 1987. The TV series "Villa Fantastica” was written by Pete and directed by Michael Maschke. Every show featured a live number played by a swinging quintet, Roy Williams, Dick Morrissey, Brian Auger, Harvey Weston and Pete.

Pete was writing and performing in the series "Vorhang Auf” and the first series of "Superdrumming” featuring Ian Paice, Louie Bellson, Cozy Powell, Gerry Brown and Simon Phillips was filmed in a church during a snowy February.

The next year, 1988, the production of the second series of "Superdrumming” featured Billy Cobham, Bill Bruford, Dave Mattacks, Zak Starkey, Nicko McBrain, Jon Lord and Eddie Hardin.

In 1989 there were tours with Chris Farlowe, Zoot Money, Tony Ashton, Jon Lord, Miller Anderson, Colin Hodgkinson and Pete in an All Star group.
The "Superdrumming” TV show won a Silver Award in America and a third series was planned.
By now the location was a disused steelworks and the guests included Jon Hiseman, Steve Ferrone, Mark Brzezicki, Trilok Gurtu and the return of Ian Paice.
The band on this series featured Miller, Colin, Brian, Jon and Barbara Thompson.
There were also more TV tapings of "Villa Fantastica” with the Swing band plus singers Maria Muldaur and Zoot Money.
The success of live gigs with the Swingers encouraged Pete to take a jazz group on the road.

"Superdrumming” was now well-known in Germany and in 1990 an invitation came to present it live in Freiburg. The drummers were Ian Paice, Jon Hiseman, Cozy Powell and Pete together with the All Star band. The show was sold out in a couple of hours.
Daddy and the Steamers continued to tour and Pete played in a duo with Brian Auger.

January of 1991 saw the first extended jazz tour "Hollywood Swing” featuring the musicians from "Villa Fantastica” and the tours would go out every January for the next ten years.

The Freiburg Festival invited Pete to organise a week of events involving around forty of his musical friends. There were concerts of "Superblues”, "Wind In The Willows”, "Lady Sings The Blues” and "Hollywood Swing” which featured many of the stars from Pete's life in music.

Pete's Fiftieth Birthday was celebrated with a big open-air bash in Switzerland in August 1992. Musicians from all Pete's bands and projects came together to play for a crowd of 8000.

On a TV Award show Pete's Sixties All Stars with Jon Lord, Spencer Davis, Eddie Hardin and Paul Jones had the celebrity audience dancing in the aisles with a medley of their hits.

The revival of interest in Sixties music led to more offers for the Spencer Davis Group and they played to 10,000 people at a festival in Scotland and 15,000 in Amsterdam.

The old hits like "Gimme Some Lovin'” were being used in Hollywood movies.
In August Pete took a five piece band into Europe's biggest Variety theatre in Berlin for a three month run.
There were more jazz gigs, more Spencer Davis gigs in 1994 but the highspots were concerts with Jon Lord and Orchestra.
By the following year this project was known as Jon Lord and the Gemini Band.
1995 was the debut year of the Pete York Big Band playing a programme of swing classics.

All the old Spencer Davis Group recordings were now available in a CD box set and, during a sell-out week in Birmingham, Steve and Muff Winwood both came along to hear the band.
The Birmingham International Jazz Festival invited Pete to play for a week and at the same time rehearse and premiere the Tribute to Gene Krupa "Drummin' Man” which Pete had devised.

The swing band was now called the Blue Jive Five and the first CD "Listen here” was released. "Drummin' Man” was booked onto jazz festivals from Finland to Cork.
Pete performed with the Big Band and the Steamers under the sponsorship of a cooking pot company who constructed a drum set made of kitchen equipment. It was back to his beginnings on Mum's pans and created great public interest.

Amongst the many projects Pete had been involved in the Krupa Tribute was dear to his heart and in 1998 he was invited on a similar show for the Hundredth Birthday of George Gershwin.

But this time with a string orchestra and he had to play drums and percussion on "Rhapsody in Blue” as well as playing and singing the Gershwin standards.

The Centenary year of Duke Ellington was 1999 and this was irresistible to Pete.
Once again the strings swung with the jazz combo as Pete sang some of his favourite items of Ellingtonia. As in any other year there were tours with the perennial colleagues but new friends were made such as the original Duke Ellington bass player, Jimmy Woode.

He would join the Pete York All Star Jazz Band for concerts in 2000 to honour the Centenary of jazz great, Louis Armstrong.

Pete's old friendship with Eddie Hardin continued and, when Eddie announced himself ready to return to the road after many years running his own studio in the South of France, a revival of Hardin and York pleased the many fans.

In early 2001 it was possible to tour England with "Drummin' Man” featuring the cream of the British jazz scene. Another happy re-union with Jon Lord in Zermatt resulted in them performing Jon's chamber music for an international symposium of Nobel prize winners.

And the SDG made its annual trip around Europe with Eddie Hardin back on the organ.

A major tour of the UK was a highlight of early 2002 with the SDG headlining for the Troggs and the Yardbirds in a package presentation such as they had not appeared on since the Sixties.
53 days on the road performing 46 shows in 43 cities and towns. The last night was at the Royal Albert Hall and the SDG segment of the show was released on DVD.

Hardin & Yorks "Wind In The Willows” and "Pete York's Super Drumming”, both filmed some years before, also appeared on DVD. These releases were a satisfying way for Pete to celebrate his 60th birthday in this year, as well his 25th wedding anniversary with Mecky.

In September Pete staged a sell-out concert with an all-star cast in Starnberg playing swing and R&B.
A trio with Helge Schneider and Jimmy Woode had already proved a success and Helge produced a film "Jazz Club” in which the trio played a central part. This would arrive in German cinemas in 2004.

At the end of 2004 Pete broke his shoulder but out of this accident a new project was born. Herman Rarebell, formerly of the Scorpions,
asked Pete and Charly Antolini to build a three drummer show with him to be called Drum Legends. Rehearsals began.

In Spring 2005 Pete had a call from the manager of Eric Burdon. Although very busy with his New Animals touring band, Eric wanted to do a short tour of Greece with only piano and drums.

Christoph Steinebach, a young and spirited exponent of blues and boogie would play piano.

The music was right out of the youth of both Eric and Pete, the blues of Big Joe Turner and Jimmy Witherspoon, the rock of Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Drum Legends and their band played the first concerts to good audiences and excellent critics, most hailing the idea as original and exciting.
They also took the whole show and a film crew to Gran Canaria where a concert was filmed for a DVD release.

The beautiful music arranged by Martin Schrack for the Swing concerts with the Kammerorchester Schloss Werneck was dusted off and brought to sparkling life again in Pete York’s Swing & String Orchestra for a few concerts.

Pete got the call to join Helge Schneider on some big open-airs in Summer and as a result was asked to join the upcoming „Kampf Im Weltall“ Tour

This began in Autumn 2005 to run on into Spring 2006.


01 - High Heel Sneakers 06:28

02 - Flip, Flop And Fly 06:44

03 - Parchman Farm 05:41

04 - Lover Man 05:02

05 - Dimples 02:57

06 - Born Again - Get Back 07:33

07 - Ain't No Love (In The Heart Of The City) 07:58

08 - Never Too Old To Rock 06:28

09 - Resurrection Shuffle 10:51

10 - Out Of Time 05:32

11 - Johnny B. Goode 04:53

Pete York here:

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Downchild Blues Band 2007 Live At The Palais Royale

The Downchild Blues Band is a Canadian blues band, described by one reviewer as "the premier blues band in Canada". The band was formed in Toronto in 1969 and still performs today. The band's international fame is partially due to three of its songs, the originals I've Got Everything I Need (Almost) and Shot Gun Blues, and its adaptation of Flip Flop and Fly, all from its 1973 album, Straight Up, being featured on the first Blues Brothers album, Briefcase Full of Blues (1978). The band's musicial style is described as being "a spirited, if fundamental, brand of jump-band and Chicago-style blues.

Almost 40 years since there formation, Downchild are still at the top of their game, and showing no signs of slowing down. This blues institution has inspired and excited blues fans and peers alike with their upbeat and jumpy delivery. Founded by brothers Donnie and Hock Walsh, Downchild were the inspiration for actor Dan Ackroyd to create the Blues Brothers.


01 - It's Been So Long

02 - Going Dancing

03 - Wednesday Night Blues

04 - (I Got Everything I Need) Almost

05 - I've Been A Fool

06 - It's A Matter Of Time

07 - When I Say Jump

08 - Mr. Confused

09 - What You Gonna Do

10 - Dew Drop Inn

11 - Soaring



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Crowbar 1971 Larger Than Life (And Live'r Than You've Ever Been)

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:07:25
Size: 61,74 MB


Review by Keith Pettipas

Larger Than Life (And Live'r Than You've Ever Been), the second album by Crowbar, was originally released on the now defunct Canadian independent label Daffodil Records in 1971 as a two record set and achieved gold record status upon its original release. Repackaged on a single CD by the Unidisc label, this recording represents the best performances by Crowbar taken from a live radio broadcast of a concert held at Massey Hall in Toronto on 23rd September, 1971.

This high energy performance by Kelly (Captain Canada) Jay and company features the band in top form with renditions of some of the band's best known songs from their debut album Bad Manors, some rock and roll and blues cover songs and a rousing ending with the band's biggest hit "Oh What a Feeling".

Along with Crowbar, this recording features support performances by members of Lighthouse, Dr. Music, Everyday People and King Biscuit Boy. One of the best live albums to come out of Canada in the early 70's, Larger Than Life (And Live'r Than You've Ever Been) is a testament to the popularity and prowess of one of Canada's top blues rock bands and an essential addition any rock fans music library despite the recording flaws in the recording.


01 - Prince Of Peace 03:52

02 - Murder In The First Degreee 03:37

03 - Newspaper Song 03:35

04 - Corrina, Corrina 04:48

05 - Fly Away 06:41

06 - Tits Up On The Pavement 08:11

07 - Mummy & Daddy 02:04

08 - Ask Me No Questions 05:57

09 - Over The Mountain 07:04

10 - Cane On The Brazos 05:33

11 - Medley (Rock Around The Clock, Sh 02:46

12 - In The Dancing Hold 03:49

13 - Oh What A Feeling 09:28

Crowbar here:


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Freddie King 1989 Live In Nancy 1975

Freddie King was an influential American blues guitarist and singer. This is a 12-track set recorded live, just a year before his untimely death.



01 - Messin' With The Kid

02 - That's All Right

03 - Going Down

04 - Stormy Monday Blues

05 - Sen-Sa-Shun - Looking Good - Boogie Chillun

06 - Sweet Little Angel

Volume 2:

01 - Got My Mojo Working

02 - Sweet Home Chicago

03 - Wee Baby Blues

04 - The Danger Zone

05 - Feeling Alright

06 - You're The One - Final


Part1 Part2

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Muddy Waters With Johnny Winter 1979 My Father's Place

Pre-FM Remastered Recording
Old Roslyn, New York, US
My Father's Place
Recorded 18. March 1979


01 - Intro

02 - Instrumental

03 - Walking The Blues

04 - Muddy Intro

05 - Nine Below Zero

06 - They Call Me Muddy Waters

07 - Walkin' Through The Park (w/ Johnny Winter)

08 - Got My Mojo Working (w/ Johnny Winter)

09 - Mannish Boy (w/ Johnny Winter)

10 - Outro Jam

11 - Kansas City Here I Come

12 - Bare Footin'


Part1 Part2

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Dear visitors and friends of SouthernBluesRock!

Since many of you have problems with TinyPaste, all my postings will be republished with a link to a multiple filehoster and no password will be required. This will take several weeks and I hope that this decision is in your sence. From time to time I'll post new music too, so you'll find new fine stuff on my blog every day.

Have a nice day!


Sean Costello 2001 Moanin' For Molasses

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:44:06
Size: 100,85 MB

Review by Hal Horowitz

The third time's the charm for this young Atlanta bluesman. Not only is Moanin' his most accomplished and evocative album, it is also the one that took him from being a little-known but promising up-and-comer who once backed Susan Tedeschi to a prominent solo artist who landed W.C. Handy award nominations and was featured on the cover of national blues magazine Blues Revue.

Combining stunning covers of obscure soul (James Brown's 'I Want You So Bad' and Johnnie Taylor's 'You Can't Win With a Losing Hand'), blues (Otis Rush's 'It Takes Time' and Willie Dixon's 'One Kiss'), and R&B (Mike Bloomfield's 'You're Killing My Love,' likely picked up from Atlanta's Theodis Ealey, who also covered it) along with his own sturdy originals, the album crackles with excitement.

Costello's soulful voice has matured, and his singing is authoritative, although without the pretentiousness that often mars many young blues musicians. Most importantly, Costello owns these songs and makes his points concisely, with most tracks running under four minutes, and some under three, a rarity for blues albums. His solos are classy, crisp, and succinct, supporting the songs without overwhelming them, and the occasional horns perfectly punctuate the tracks, adding emphasis but never overshadowing Costello's finesse and charm.

He sounds absolutely inspired here, helped by tough and sparkling originals like 'You're a Part of Me' that easily hold their own with the covers. Costello also shares the spotlight here, especially with harp player Paul Linden, who co-wrote a few tracks and plays solid solos throughout. Costello's natural charisma and obvious delight in performing, along with his ability to mesh blues, R&B, and soul, make this album one of the roots highlights of 2001, and a terrific listen anytime.


01 - Moanin' For Molasses 03:19

02 - You're Killing My Love 03:53

03 - Don't Be Reckless With My Heart

04 - You're A Part Of Me 03:02 03:11

05 - One Kiss 02:57

06 - No Lie 04:09

07 - The Plumber 03:51

08 - I Want You So Bad 02:52

09 - It Takes Time 03:34

10 - Miles Away 03:49

11 - Low-Life Blues 02:45

12 - You Can't Win With A Losing Hand 03:30

13 - Good Advice 03:14

Sean Costello here:

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kathi McDonald 1974 Insane Asylum

Kathryn Marie McDonald (born 25 September 1948), popularly known as Kathi McDonald, is a blues and rock singer. She currently performs with Kathi McDonald & Friends. She has appeared on an extensive list of rock and blues albums and toured extensively with Long John Baldry prior to his death. Kathi was born in Anacortes, Washington and resides in the Seattle Washington state area but still has strong San Francisco music connections.

At the age of 19 she set off for San Francisco and its burgeoning musical climate, where she met the Turners and, through her association with them, took the first step on a career path that would span more than three decades. McDonald got her big break and her first big professional gig when she was attending an Ike (& Tina) Turner concert and was singing in the audience at Winterland. Her powerful voice drew Ike Turner's notice and he invited the aspiring singer to his and Tina Turner's next rehearsal. McDonald had snagged a spot in the Ikettes. It was a heady and magical beginning for someone who never had any formal lessons.

Not long after the evening at Winterland, McDonald's talent caught the attention of Sam Andrew of Big Brother and the Holding Company. Invited to audition with the band, McDonald hitched and worked her way down to San Francisco. Before McDonald could arrive, the band had gotten a singer through a hometown friend of Chet Helms. Her name was Janis Joplin. Eventually the band resurrected itself after Joplin's departure, with the addition of Nick Gravenitis and Kathi McDonald, and subsequently recorded three albums: Can't Go Home Again, How Hard It Is, and Be a Brother.

McDonald went on to sing with Mad Dogs & Englishmen for Joe Cocker, and later sang with Leon Russell's Shelter People. Her session work included recordings for such artists as the Rolling Stones, Nils Lofgren, Rita Coolidge, Delaney & Bonnie, and Dave Mason. Her work for other musical artists totals up to appearances on almost 150 albums, more than six dozen of which achieved gold status.[1] In addition, McDonald also launched a solo career in 1974 with the release of the album Insane Asylum. The recording was arranged by Pete Sears, whose formal band associations include Hot Tuna and Jefferson Starship and was produced by David Briggs. Insane Asylum featured performances by Tower of Power, the Pointer Sisters, Aynsley Dunbar, John Cippolina, Neil Schon, and Ronnie Montrose. (Wikipedia)


01 - Bogart To Bowie

02 - To Love Somebody

03 - (Love Is Like A) Heatwave

04 - Threw My Love Away

05 - Freak Lover

06 - Down To The Wire

07 - Heartbreak Hotel

08 - If You Need Me

09 - Something Else

10 - All I Want To Be

11 - Insane Asylum



Enjoy the music!

Dave Chastain & The Blues Rockers 1992 Something For The Pain

Originally from Paragould Arkansas, Dave Chastain is a mid-western living legend who is considered by many to be the best blues guitarist in the midwest. It has been said by some that his every performance is a soul stirring, spontanious healing experience.

Influenced by many great blues guitarists including Albert King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Johnny Winter and Jimmy Hendrix, Dave Chastain has developed a style all his own and has written, recorded and released three albums featuring absolute top quality vocals as well as musicianship.

In 1979, he received the best song award from WWCT, a Peoria, Illinois local radio station. Dave Chastain has shared the stage with numerous top acts, including The Outlaws, Molly Hatchet, Greg Allman, Buddy Guy, Johnny Winter, Elvin Bishop, The Marshall Tucker Band and many others.


01 - Hey Baby

02 - Somthing For The Pain

03 - Found Somebody

04 - The Way You Use To Do

05 - You Got No Right

06 - She's Gone

07 - For Your Love

08 - Two Hearts

09 - Son Of A Guitar Man

10 - Hey Joe



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Alan Haynes 1994 Wishing Well

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:44:27
Size: 101,72 MB

United States

Review by Dan Forte

Still largely under the spell of early Johnny Winter, Haynes matured in terms of studio savvy in the decade since his previous effort. Backed by the Double Trouble rhythm section (Chris Layton, Reese Wynans, and ex-Winter bassist Tommy Shannon), he covers T-Bone, Bo, Elmore, Little Walter, Eddie Taylor and others, with the Bobby Blue Bland title track being the standout.


01 - Knocking At Your Door 03:12

02 - Bout To Lose You Clown 02:54

03 - Treat Me So Lowdown 03:34

04 - Wishing Well 02:34

05 - I Can Tell 03:37

06 - Knocks Me Out 03:47

07 - Here In The Dark 04:17

08 - My Bleeding 05:26

09 - Mean Old World 04:20

10 - Everynight & Everyday 06:22

11 - Albert's Shuffle 04:24

Alan Haynes here:



Enjoy the music!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Buddy Whittington 2007 Buddy Whittington

If some one asked me for one CD that embodies the sound of Texas Blues today, I would not hesitate to hand them Buddy Whittington, the long awaited solo release from the Texas guitarist. Rollicking AND melodic, with thoughtful and thought provoking lyrics delivered by strong, honest vocals. I’m serious – if you love Texas Blues, hell, if you just love Texas, this is one CD you have to own.

There are ten cuts here – nine of Buddy’s own songs and a well-chosen cover of Billy Gibbons’ “Sure Got Cold After The Rain Fell”. Whittington chose an outstanding group of musicians to join him in the studio. Together they form a tight, clean canvas for Buddy to paint his heartfelt vocals and giant Lone Star State guitar talent all over. The CD kicks off with the rocking “Young and Dumb,” an honest tale of the perils and delights of growing up and playing the blues in Fort Worth. “Pay the Band” could be the anthem of every poor working stiff among us, breaking our backs daily just to make the futile attempt to get even financially.

“Stevie Rave On” pays homage to the man and the legend, and is the most straightforward, honest and celebratory tribute to Stevie I’ve heard since Jimmie’s own “Six Strings Down”.

Lyrically, my favourite cut is the chilling “Minor Blues”. Early blues were often political in content. Now artists tend to back away from being too political for fear of offending the spending public. Buddy has no such qualm here, addressing global warming, drug abuse, gangs, unwatched and unloved kids growing up in the streets, overcrowded jails – realities of the world that should give everyone the blues.

Whittington is one of the most down to earth, friendly men you could ever want to meet. A regular guy. Simply a man whose decision to play the blues has taken him around the world and whose talents landed him the much-coveted guitarist spot with John Mayall. Buddy good naturedly pokes a little fun at his position in the hilarious “Second Banana” – ‘May not be the fairest in the land, but if you need the get done, baby, I’m your man’. Everything from serving as referee between wife and girlfriend and tracking lost luggage to fixing amps, setting up gear and backing up the front man. All the while admitting ‘There ain’t much of a market for good old boys like me, cause when the lights comes on, we’re not the one’s you paid to see’.

These are the only lyrics of Buddy’s I disagree with. There’s LOTS of a market for good old boys like Buddy. The world would be a much better place with more of them. And, the blues are better for his excellent contribution to them on Buddy Whittington. (Blue Lisa - Southwest Blues CD Review - November 2007)


01 - Young & Dumb

02 - Pay The Band

03 - Minor Blues

04 - Stevie Rave On

05 - Second Banana

06 – Greenwood

07 - Can't Be Good For Me

08 - Romance Classified

09 - Sure Got Cold After The Rain Fell

10 - Every Goodbye Ain't Gone




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Bruce Willis 1989 If It Don't Kill You It Just Makes You Stronger

This shows Bruce Willis from its different one, musical side. A completely successful blues-rock album with a touch of swing.


01 - Pep Talk

02 - Crazy Mixed-Up World

03 - Turn It Up

04 - Soul Shake

05 - Here Comes Trouble Again

06 - Save The Last Dance For Me

07 - Blues For Mr. D

08 - Tenth Avenue Tango

09 - Can't Leave Her Alone

10 - Barnyard Boogie

11 - Love Makes The World Go Round

12 - I'll Go Crazy



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Rhett Tyler & Early Warning 1997 My Passion

"My Passion" marks the second release of New Jersey's renowned guitar slinger Rhett Tyler and his blues outfit, Early Warning. Brilliant original songs and classic blues staples in the tradition of Magic Sam and Stevie Ray Vaughan, retrofitted for the next millennium, are the two hallmarks of guitarist Rhett Tyler's trio. The power band concept is taken to the nth degree with this group, led by the blistering guitar playing and powerful, soul-felt vocals of Tyler. Tyler spent much of the 1970s and 80s playing in now-forgotten rock 'n' roll band. But since he again turned his energies toward blues in the mid-1980s, New Jersey and New York audiences have reaped the rewards of his musical change-of-heart.

Tyler, born in Texas, was raised in a blues lovin' household in New Jersey. His father, who runs his own public relations agency, also plays a mean blues piano. Rhett also spent several years playing large venues on the road with singer Ruth Copeland. "Get Tough", the band's critically acclaimed 1996 debut album showed Tyler and his trio as New Jersey's most multi-faceted blues group. "My Passion" is a further improvement in style, sensibilty and power. Unlike compadres Chris Duarte, Corey Stevens, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Popa Chubby, Rhett Tyler with his strong focus on roots, raw emotions and tremendous feeling seems to be one of the very few musicians ready to climb the guitar throne of the post Stevie Ray Vaughan era.


01 - All Your Love

02 - Robin Hood

03 - My Passion

04 - Train Song

05 - Sweet Memories

06 - Hear My Angel

07 - Be Careful With A Fool

08 - Love In Vain

09 - Carry On The Light

10 - Cold Wind Blowin'

11 - Poor Boy

12 - Right As Rain

13 - Walkin' In The Spirit



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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bushmaster 2008 Live & Blue

Genre: Blues
Rate: 224 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:05:49
Size: 105,41 MB

Album Notes

Gary Brown (Guitar/Vocals) is a DC area native (Palmer Park) with 30+ years playing experience. After picking up his first guitar (an old Guild acoustic) at age 14, the 45 year old Brown quickly progressed to electric and after stints with various local bands, most notably The Spoilers, and sitting in around DC area clubs he decided to take the plunge and form his own group in 1992.

Bushmaster - Live & Blues

Produced, and Performed by Gary D. Brown of the band Bushmaster: featuring Jay Turner on Bass; Mark St. Pierre and Joe Schrum on drums/percussion.

Independently released in the spring of 2008, Bushmaster's third CD is an inspiring collection of original tunes and re-energized blues classics. Recorded live in Carlisle, PA, at two gigs, this album captures the energy and "musical conversations" that occur when Gary and Jay take the stage together. Influenced by a host of blues greats, including Alec Rice "Sonny Boy Williams II" Miller, McKinley "Muddy Waters" Morganfield, Eddie Boyd, George "Buddy" Guy, Albert Collins, Roy Alfred, Ray Charles, Elmore James and many others, the music on this CD is sure to please a wide spectrum of blues music lovers.


01 - Night Shift 06:56

02 - Have You Ever Been Mistreated (Nine Below Zero) 06:31

03 - Lights On, Nobody Home 05:13

04 - I Got News 03:49

05 - Drowning On Dry Land 04:43

06 - Nappy's Boogie 07:09

07 - Thousand Miles From Nowhere 08:16

08 - Four Times Better 06:14

09 - Good Life 11:58

10 - The Sky Is Crying [Bonus Track] 05:00

Bushmaster here:

On request of the artist all links deleted

Enjoy the music!

Luther Allison 1984 Life Is A Bitch

This CD is of course one of the best ways to know and understand why Luther Allison was considered one of the best blues performers. All the interpretations here are true, intense, that seems to become from the deep down of his soul. Luther's linkage with soul music is constantly in the whole album. The guitar riffs, absolutely fantastic!!! This is really a "Serious" work!!! The vocals are strong enough to put all of us in a kind of catarsis, difficult to explain... A masterpiece album, of this authentic bluesman, that need to be knowed better, much better!!! This is music for lovers........, so try "Just Memories", and feel all the sensuality in the air. "Parking Lot" is a Rolling Stones revisited tune. Serious, Serious in all the ways!!! (Amazon)


01 - Backtrack

02 - Life Is A Bitch

03 - Reaching Out

04 - Parking Lot

05 - Serious

06 - Just Memories

07 - Should I Wait

08 - Let's Try It Again

09 - We're On The Road



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Darrell Mansfield 1989 Live At Calvary Chapel

Darrell Mansfield's blues style vocals and harmonica has been touching Audiences for over 30 years worldwide. Darrell Mansfield has released more then 25 albums in his thirty year career.

In 1980 he was inducted in Hohner Harmonicas Hall of Fame and is regarded today as one of the worlds finest harmonica players.


01 - You Got To Move

02 - Lay Down This World

03 - No More Blues

04 - Runnin'

05 - Thunder And Lightning

06 - Heaven Southwestern

07 - Jesus Will Reign

08 - Bible Study



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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Scarlet Runner 1996 South Chain Gang

Scarlet Runner is a power trio of blues-rock with influences from Stevie Ray Vaughan and Robin Trower.


01 - Peace O' Mine

02 - Take The Fall

03 - See You Cry

04 - South Chain Gang

05 - Reflections

06 - Set You Free (Sh't Song)

07 - Comfort Me

08 - Outta Time

09 - Let Me Be

10 - Gamblin' Blues

11 - Manic Depression



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The Legendary Rhythm & Blues Revue 2008 Command Performance

The Tommy Castro Band (with associates and friends) delivers a Stax/Volt Caribbean vacation workshop on how to play the blues! This is a live powerhouse set from the best of the best including the mouth harp of J.Geils frontman "Magic Dick", the piano and sax stylings of the east coast "Girl in the Band" Deanna Bogart and the Chicago guitar bluesman Ronnie Baker Brooks who sounds like Otis Redding himself reincarnated on the soulful "See You Hurt No More".


01 - Can't You See

02 - I Feel That Old Feeling Coming On

03 - Whammer Jammer

04 - Still The Girl In The Band

05 - See You Hurt No More

06 - If It Ain't Me

07 - If I Had A Nickel

08 - Will It Go Round In Circles

09 - She's Nineteen Years Old

10 - Tell Me Mama

11 - Looking For A Love

12 - High On The Hog

13 - Sea Cruise


Tommy Castro: Vocals & Guitar
Deanna Bogart: Vocals, Piano & Saxophone
Magic Dick: Vocals & Harmonica
Ronnie Baker Brooks: Vocals & Guitar


Marcia Ball: Piano & Vocals
Elvin Bishop: Guitar
Curtis Salgado: Vocals & Harmonica



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Bluestone Company 2008 Supernatural Delight

Excellent new instrumental studio disc from the ultimate bluesy heavy guitar jam band from Japan called Bluestone Company (formerly known as Savoy Truffle) featuring 10 tracks (60 minutes) of outstanding, retro-70's, bluesy, southern-inspired, heavy guitar, jam-based, rock/fusion that showcases Super Guitar Hero - Toshihiro Sumitomo and his vast talents on the guitar. A first-rate, incredible guitar heavy musical document that is all about phenomenal, deep, dynamic muscianship/grooves plus serious extended jamming from Toshihiro and the superbly talented Bluestone Co. brothers.

The Bluestone Company: Supernatural Delight disc is an outstanding bluesy, instrumental heavy guitar document that is highly recommended to fans of Warren Haynes/Gov't Mule, Allman Bros., Duane Allman, Derek Trucks, Hendrix, Cream, Robin Trower, Rory Gallagher, SRV, Robben Ford, Joe Bonamassa, Chris Duarte & Plankton among other world-class, serious, bluesy Axemasters who rule the Guitar World.


01 - S.S.S.

02 - Got Your Spell On Me

03 - Electric Rainbow

04 - Real Gate

05 - Song Of Yesterday

06 - Colonel Panic

07 - Stomp

08 - Rubbernecking

09 - Cissy Strut

10 - Desert Blues



Enjoy the music!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Lynyrd Skynyrd 1999 Solo Flytes

Lynyrd Skynyrd wisely disbanded after the tragic 1977 plane crash that killed its leader, Ronnie VanZant. The band later reunited, another wise move, but at that point in time, the members needed time to grieve and move on by pursuing other projects. And that's exactly what they did. Guitarists Gary Rossington and Allen Collins formed the Rossington-Collins Band, which featured various other Skynyrd members. A little while later, drummer Artimus Pyle formed his own band. Both groups were active in the early '80s, with Collins releasing his own album in 1983, but tragedy struck again in 1986 when Collins suffered a car accident that left him paralyzed. Rossington carried on briefly, before re-forming Skynyrd.

Highlights from these three post-Skynyrd bands, plus a solo cut by Steve Gaines, the guitarist who joined Skynyrd for the Street Survivors album, are compiled on 1999's Solo Flytes, a 17-track collection that tells everything that needs to be told about this period in the band's history. Neither the Rossington-Collins Band (which dominates this disc with 11 songs), the Artimus Pyle Band, nor the Allen Collins Band made any classics, but they were entertaining Southern rock outfits. By and large, the music on Solo Flytes is generic material in the best sense — meaning that it typifies its genre — but it suffers from songwriting that is not only weaker than Ronnie VanZant's, but not as good as that of .38 Special, the most popular Southern rock band of the early '80s. That said, dedicated fans of Lynyrd Skynyrd will likely find this interesting and, by and large, pretty enjoyable. It fills in some gaps nicely, pulling the best songs from records that were well-done but uneven. REVIEW by Stephen Thomas Erlewine


01 - Prime Time

02 - Don't Misunderstand Me

03 - One In The Sun

04 - Getaway

05 - Opportunity

06 - Red Hot Light

07 - Tahauna

08 - Seems Like Everyday

09 - Next Phone Call

10 - Pine Box

11 - Fancy Ideas

12 - Chapter One

13 - Makes More Rock

14 - I'm Free Today

15 - Welcome Me Home

16 - Sometimes You Can Put It Out

17 - Don't Misunderstand Me (Live)



Enjoy the music!

Crowbar 1971 Bad Manors

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:39:54
Size: 36,71 MB


Review by Tom Schulte

Canada's Crowbar is the musical apotheosis made by the Full Tilt Boogie Band. The group's theme song, "Oh What a Feeling," resurfaced as a Rush Limbaugh theme song. Here it is in all its glory -- a real '70s studio Frankenstein. And here is Crowbar in all its glory as well, an amazing arsenal of '70s rock, funk, and roots. Bad Manors is an incomparable example of period boogie rock.


01 - Frenchman's Filler #1 01:12

02 - Too True Mama 02:55

03 - Let The Four Winds Blow 02:25

04 - House Of Blue Lights 02:48

05 - The Frenchman's Cherokee Boogie Incident 00:29

06 - Train Keep Rollin' 02:54

07 - Baby, Let's Play House 03:08

08 - Oh Never Be A Dodo 00:21

09 - Oh What A Feeling 04:27

10 - Frenchman's Filler #2 00:34

11 - Frenchman's Filler #3 00:36

12 - Murder In The First Degree 05:20

13 - In The Dancing Hold 03:56

14 - Mountain Fire 03:50

15 - Prince Of Peace 04:13

16 - Frenchman's Filler #1 [Edit] 00:46

Crowbar here:



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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Baseado Em Blues 2000 Ao Vivo

Genre: Blues
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:01:27
Size: 56,39 MB

Criada em 1992, a banda carioca Baseado em Blues é considerada um dos expoentes do Blues nacional. Com três CD's já gravados, o grupo é reconhecido por onde passa devido, principalmente, a qualidade do trabalho desenvolvido. Com influências de BB King, Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Ottis Rush, entre outros, o Baseado em Blues está completando 10 anos de uma carreira vitoriosa. Apesar dos obstáculos que fazem parte de qualquer artista, o grupo tem uma personalidade própria que impressiona.

O grupo foi formado pelo gaitista Jefferson Gonçalves (nosso professor do Mini-Curso de Gaita) e o vocalista André Casquilho. A banda começou tocando em pequenas casas noturnas no Rio, chegando a se apresentar, inclusive, no Circo Voador. Em seguida obtiveram alguma repercussão com uma fita demo enviada à Rádio Fluminense, que abria espaço para o blues em sua programação. Em 1996 chegam ao primeiro disco, "Baseado em Blues", pelo selo Space Music da gravadora Velas, com clássicos do blues e composições próprias. O CD conta com um som influenciado pelo blues de raiz norte-americano, contando com a participação de nomes tradicionais do blues como Flávio Guimarães e Otávio Rocha (Blues Etílicos), Rick Ferreira, que já tocou com Raul Seixas, Arnaldo Brandão, Erasmo Carlos entre outros, e com Daniel Cheese como produtor musical.

Mas caminhada estava apenas começando. Depois de excursionarem pelo Brasil para realização de shows, a banda entrou em estúdio para registrar o segundo CD, "Madrugada Blues", cujo repertório era todo original, à exceção da regravação de "Velha Roupa Colorida", sucesso de Belchior na voz de Elis Regina. Neste disco contaram ainda com a participação de Celso Blues Boy, com quem fizeram turnê pouco tempo depois. Vale lembrar que neste CD, a banda mostrou um lado swingado que veio reforçado de um naipe de metais e percussão.

Em 2000 gravam a partir de um show no Mistura Fina (RJ) o disco ao vivo "Um Acústico Baseado em Blues" (Blues Time Records). A formação do grupo neste último disco conta com André Casquilho (voz), Jefferson Gonçalves (gaita), Sérgio Rocha (guitarra), Pedro Augusto (teclados), Fabio Mesquita (baixo) e Marco BZ (bateria).

Estivemos reunidos com essa galera que tem muito mais pra contar. A trajetória deles é grande, e a banda pretende o reconhecimento a nível nacional para que o Blues, um ritmo pouco difundido nos meios de comunicação, passe a ser respeitado. Confira! (


01 - Something To Tell You 04:11

02 - Sitting On Top Of The World 05:01

03 - Engano 04:15

04 - Como Vovó Já Dizia 04:02

05 - Antes De Te Ver 05:56

06 - Medley 03:27

07 - Kind Of A Woman 04:36

08 - O Poderoso Thor 04:32

09 - Sempre Brilhará 04:57

10 - I Am 03:34

11 - I Don't Care About You 04:00

12 - Madrugada Blues 03:32

13 - I Got My Mojo Working 09:24

Baseado Em Blues here:

Get it!


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Otis Rush 1992 Screamin' And Cryin'

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:50:55
Size: 93,29 MB


01 - Looking Back 05:24

02 - You're Gonna Need Me 07:52

03 - It's My Own Fault 07:16

04 - I Can't Quit You Baby 05:36

05 - Every Day I Have The Blues 05:58

06 - A Beautiful Memory 07:54

07 - I Got News For You 04:52

08 - I Can't Quit You Baby 06:03


Part1 Part2

Enjoy the music!
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