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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Elias T Hoth 2008 Let Sleepin Demons Lie

Hell fire and brimstone, hard ass mean kickin Southern states style Rock.

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 225 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 01:10:07
Size: 112,29 MB

United States

Album Notes:

Elias .T. Hoth has been writing his own original material for more than a decade. But now at last the final deliverance of his new album “LET SLEEPIN' DEMONS LIE” concludes what is for him the end of a 10 year quest giving him time to reflect and take stock of this personal watershed, as he will openly admit, it has often been a long, painful journey, full of struggle, bitter disappointments, abandonment, great pain and personal suffering, but such is life!

Above all, it is he more than anybody who recognises that it is only through such suffering that we ultimately become what we really are. Elias. T. Hoth wrestles with the human condition, its moral questions and deals with its fears, torments and excesses. He attempts to reach out to those who have crossed those moral lines and warn others of its consequences, but that choice is as always ultimately yours!

Elias .T. Hoth has lived on the edge, the music he forges is shaped by the searing extremes and dark depths. He is relentless, suppressed, smouldering, raw and yet full of perceptive insight, wit and invention. Here are the stories of the the vengeful, the violent and the doomed. But while the grim reaper gives chase, Elias.T.Hoth finds compassion for those on the run.

Set in a hellfire and brimstone, bible preaching moral landscape of the Southern United States, the blistering opening track Mississippi Burnin' ignites a fire that invokes an oppressive, malevolent fever that brings us to a breathtaking precipice. At long last agony subsides, being broken by the cool relief of receeding, rumbling storm clouds, leaving us drenched at the end of the albums most unforgiving and venomous track, Rollin' Thunda.

The ultimate battle between the good and evil that lurks within us all has produced an album of brutal, gritty, powerful, ass kicking anthems that are merciless, and simply tells it like it is!

With influences as diverse as AC/DC, ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zep, Thin Lizzy, Johnny Cash and Elvis these songs will stay with you for a long, long time with the potential like all good songs to become great classics in their own right. After all, you must ask yourself one question- is it really possible to Let our Sleepin' Demons Lie? (CD-Baby)


01 - Mississippi Burnin 05:42

02 - Mobile Alabama 07:25

03 - Roll Down Dirdy 06:28

04 - A Liddle Bit A Sinnin 05:26

05 - Sleazy Hussy Fever 07:49

06 - Ozark Alabama Please 06:05

07 - Louisiana Train 07:16

08 - Down Mississippi Way 06:25

09 - Wanted By The Fbi 06:03

10 - Hex On You 05:50

11 - Rollin Thunda 05:38




Enjoy the music!
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