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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Forrest McDonald With Raymond Victor & The 3D Blues Band 2000 What's It Gonna Take

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:55:50
Size: 99,98 MB

United States

Austin, TX has weaned many a Blues guitar player and Forrest MacDonald can boast being a native son all he wants, but there's a lot more than Texas grease in his latest offering "What's It Gonna Take?" - New Orleans heat and West Coast class play a large role too. Let's get to the special guests first, and leave the rest of the review to the featured McDonald, Victor, and the 3D Blues Band. Roy Gaines, a Texas guitar master of the highest order stops in for a simmering vocal on the self-penned penned "Slippin' Out" and leaves the guitar chores to McDonald where he proceeds to blow the top off it. James Montgomery, long an East Coast favorite, also rolls in with his harmonica for T-Bone Walker's "Two Bones and a Pick" and "Mean Old World." He's not afforded much space on either, but what he does add is tasteful and far more restrained than what he does 'live,' and while McDonald's guitar work owes a lot to Bone, he's comfortably in his own zone.

Raymond Victor gets the keys going in a boogie piano intro for "Work Work," and vocally, he reminds this writer of RJ Mischo in more than a couple places. Dave Parnell takes a fine tenor sax break, and McDonald broils though a good solo. Louis Jordan's "Early In The Morning" is done in fine style, but things get even better for "Times Getting Tougher" - Victor's piano is tasteful and understated - just as it should be for a Witherspoon gem, and his voice has the right balance of smooth grit. Josh White's "Southern Exposure" wilts like kudzu in the Georgia humidity with McDonald's good acoustic guitar and Victor's soulful vocal. "Bad Day" is a groveling slow Blues from Victor's hand and it gets a grilling with the band; McDonald's solo is tough, matching a blazing vocal.

"California Baby" is a jumping West Coast romp and makes way for a good reading of "Roll On Katy." McDonald gets some muscle behind his playing, but it's Victor's strength in singing that stands out here. Some good restraint by the band shows they're seasoned well and can do justice to all the bases they step through. "Red Sunglasses" takes some flavor of jazz and rock making for another strong Raymond Victor original. The breaks sound a bit pedestrian but don't detract from the heavy work by the band and McDonald leans into a distorted solo. Jimmy Witherspoon's "Skid Row Blues" is done with respect, shuffling slowly through some more fine guitar and sax. The final two are written by Victor with the instrumental "Alligator" more than a bit out of place in a set of driving Blues. This would fit comfortably on new jazz radio, and while it isn't bad, it comes from way out of left field. Thankfully it closes on better ground with the reserved "Rolling Down The River" a slow and sweet Blues with some Longhair inspired whistling at the end.

There's a lot to like on this disc... McDonald gets top billing, but his work succeeds even more due to the fine work of the 3D Blues Band. Diane Dutra and Chuck CapDeVille anchor the bass and drums respectively working well together, Victor's vocals and keyboard work are a fine mix of roadhouse grime and society Blues sophistication, while Parnell's sax is flavorful whenever he takes front space. A fine tuned band, a solid guitar player with good chops, and lots of variation make this CD well worth tracking down. (Lawrence M Proman, Chamblee, GA United States)


01 - Work Work 02:57

02 - Early In The Morning 03:12

03 - Times Getting Tougher 03:23

04 - Slippin' Out 02:46

05 - Southern Exposure 03:51

06 - Call My Baby 02:16

07 - Bad Day 04:36

08 - Two Bones And A Pick 02:56

09 - Mean Old World 04:47

10 - California Baby 02:06

11 - Roll On Katy 04:03

12 - Red Sunglasses 03:54

13 - Skid Row Blues 04:07

14 - Alligator 05:44

15 - Rolling Down The River 05:12

Forrest McDonald With Raymond Victor & The 3D Blues Band here:



JP Stingray 2007 Bad Luck & Trouble

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:47:11
Size: 107,95 MB


Album Notes

"Bad Luck & Trouble" is the 2007 release from the excellent Dutch blues/rock guitarist JP Stingray. This is another hot rockin' set of scorchers from our favorite "one man band" and one of the finest all around blues/rockers in the world. The CD includes a number of the patented JP Stingray blues/rock tunes as well as a very fine "Man of Constant Sorrow" featuring vocals by JP's brother, Dutch country/rock singer Ramblin Wayn. It's all good stuff, as always, with my favorite tracks being the track with Wayn and "On Mainstreet", which has become one of my favorite Stingray tracks of all. Mr. Stingray of course plays all the instruments, provides all of the vocals aside from the track featuring his brother, and serves once again as recording engineer and producer. You'll be hard pressed to find anyone anywhere who can so capably handle all of these tasks. If you like hard rocking blues and modern rock, you are sure to enjoy "Bad Luck & Trouble" as well as ANY of the other JP Stingray recordings.


01 - Don't Change Your Evil Way 03:49

02 - How Bad Can It Get 04:34

03 - Crazy Bob 05:35

04 - 2 On A Heaven Bound Flight 04:59

05 - Cherry Blossom Road 03:15

06 - World Of Hurts 05:18

07 - Man Of Constant Sorrow 04:56

08 - Blue For You 04:21

09 - Bad Luck & Trouble 04:52

10 - On Mainstreet 05:32

JP Stingray here:



Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Paul Karapiperis 2008 Fifteen Raindrops In An Ocean Of Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 110 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:46:35
Size: 40,39 MB


Welcome to the show…where the soul, love, obsession, memories and passions are mixed together creating an intuitive scenario in a theatrical way. (cdbaby)


01 - Welcome Onboard Clap Your Hands 01:29

02 - Let's Do The Boogie All Night 03:51

03 - A Voodoo Woman Can 04:30

04 - In Wood Alcohol Line 04:36

05 - Dr. Lonely 02:18

06 - Crazy Tones 02:15

07 - Midnight Ride 02:03

08 - Goodbye My Good Luck 03:53

09 - There Is No Place For You 03:53

10 - S. B. T. 03:03

11 - A Dance With Shadows 03:23

12 - Up In Heaven & Down In Hell 03:31

13 - Mr. Rob 03:11

14 - My Lonesome Song 01:23

15 - The End-Or The Start-Of The Journey 03:16

Paul Karapiperis here:



Eric Sardinas 2003 Black Pearls

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:48:17
Size: 110,48 MB

United States

Eric Sardinas has a keen sense of history when it comes to the blues. With his musical passions driven by the likes of acoustic blues pioneers like Bukka White, Charlie Patton and Mississippi Fred McDowell, coupled with the electricity of Otis Rush, Albert King and the classic sounds of Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters, it only makes sense that Sardinas would choose the hard hitting blues path that he has personally groomed since his debut CD, Treat Me Right, in 1999. The Florida-born, California transplant followed his debut with a second incendiary release, Devil's Train in 2001 and his latest release from Favored Nations Entertainment, Black Pearls.

Lovers of hardcore blues-rock will really enjoy the hot sounds found on Black Pearls, a collection of twelve original songs by Eric Sardinas, backed by Paul Loranger on bass and drummer Mike Dupke. With his trademark electrified slide guitar and distinctive vocals, Sardinas sounds very much like a younger, healthier Johnny Winter. The music on Black Pearls offers an excellent representation of Sardinas' sound since it was recorded live and direct to analog tape.

The recording gets off to a fiery start with the aptly titled "Flames of Fire," laden with lots of Sardinas' guitar. Produced by the legendary Eddie Kramer, producer for the late guitar god, Jimi Hendrix, there are definitely times when Sardinas takes on the Hendrix persona with his guitar, as noted on "Liar's Dice Blues," midway through Black Pearls. The CD also has some less heavy moments as well, especially on the acoustic slide-laden "Big Red Line," "Sorrow's Kitchen" and the exceptional "Old Smyrna Road." On several songs, Sardinas' sound "flips" between a lighter acoustic sound with sudden shifts to a very heavy electric sound. This shift can be noted on cuts like the previously mentioned "Liar's Dice Blues" and the title track, "Black Pearls," offering a bit more Hendrix-like sound as well. The CD ends with two songs offering examples of both of Sardinas' styles with the heavier, more electric "Tenfold Trouble," followed by the decidedly acoustic "Wicked Ways."

With the combination of Texas blues rock, delta slide blues and a bit of hard rock, Black Pearls offers a sound that is modern enough to attract a younger audience (this is borne out by attendance at Eric's live shows), yet can still be of interest to the more traditional blues lover. To find out more about Eric Sardinas and to pick up a copy of his latest release, Black Pearls, visit the Eric Sardinas website at (This review is copyright © 2004 by Dave "Doc" Piltz, and Blues On Stage at:


01 - Flames Of Love 03:43

02 - Same Ol' Way 03:48

03 - Bittersweet 04:03

04 - Ain't No Crime 04:22

05 - Big Red Line 02:47

06 - Liar's Dice Blues 06:29

07 - Black Pearls 03:56

08 - Sorrow's Kitchen 04:23

09 - Four Roses 03:23

10 - Old Smyrna Road 04:03

11 - Tenfold Trouble 03:52

12 - Wicked Ways 03:28

Eric Sardinas here:



Monday, July 29, 2013

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble 1978 First 'Unreleased' Album

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:10:14
Size: 160,72 MB

United States

The one and only surviving test pressing was recently discovered in a cupboard in South Austin, Texas where it had lain for the last 19 years, all other recordings of the project have been destroyed after alleged contractual disputes arose. These recordings, notable for their raw energy and rare slide guitar work are essential for all true collectors. Also featuring four early arrangements of songs that later appeared on the Texas Flood album.

The above paragraph is the supposed story behind this recording as told on the cd inlay. The real story is that the band didn't like the way the album turned out and paid a large sum of money to keep it from being released. As you would expect, someone got their hands on a copy and bootlegged it.


(Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble feat. Miss Lou Ann Barton)

01 - You Can Have My Husband 02:53

02 - Rude Mood 03:25

03 - Pride And Joy 03:00

04 - Oh, Yeah 03:01

05 - Love Struck Baby 02:04

06 - Ti-Ni-Nee-Ni-Nu 02:45

07 - Gonna Miss Me 02:23

08 - I Wonder Why 05:32

09 - I'm Crying 03:31

10 - Sugar Coated Loving 03:22

(Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, 1978)

11 - Natural Born Lover 03:42

12 - Ti-Ni-Nee-Ni-Nu 02:55

13 - Scratch My Back 04:00

14 - I'll Change 03:11

15 - Shake A Hand, Shake A Hand 04:33

16 - Oh Baby 03:35

17 - Sugar Coated Loving 03:41

18 - Love In Vain 04:30

19 - You Can Have My Husband 05:17

20 - My Baby's Gone 02:54

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble here:


Johnny Rieger 2008 Come On

Genre: Blues
Rate: 210 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:45:05
Size: 67,15 MB


Album Notes

When you look at Johnny Rieger, you cannot believe your eyes and ears. It seems like an illusion to your eyes .This Voice, this intensity -timbres that crawl under your skin straight to your heart and touch it deeply.

He's fantastic and bursting with energy at one, sad and passionately in the next moment. For sure there is a matured Bluesman on stage, one that is just as old as the Whisky he drinks and helped to build that voice. Listen to that young modern Blues Album and have a nice time.


01 - Come On 05:04

02 - Heaven Cries 04:16

03 - No Water 03:54

04 - Hey Baby Hey 03:35

05 - Everywhere I Go 04:18

06 - Gangster For Your Love 03:49

07 - Easy Come Ans Easy Go 04:28

08 - Lying Here 03:51

09 - Happy 03:14

10 - The Right Way 04:20

11 - Lucky 04:16

Johnny Rieger here:



Sunday, July 28, 2013

Elias T Hoth 2009 Let Sleepin Demons Lie Live

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:14:10
Size: 67,76 MB

United States

Album Notes

The ruthless, uncompromising vocals from front man Elias complement the blistering lead guitar work of 18 year old prodigy Sam Barnett, while Cydark brings us his dynamic, bold and brooding bass lines and Danny Law provides his own special brand of savage high energy drumming. This is relentless, breathless rock at its best!


01 - Intro 00:55

02 - Mississippi Burnin' 04:36

03 - Wanted By The FBI 06:33

04 - Louisiana Train 07:05

05 - Hex On You 05:53

06 - Mobile Alabama 08:02

07 - Down Mississippi Way 06:12

08 - A Little Bit A Sinnin' 05:23

09 - Ozark Alabama Please 06:58

10 - Roll Down Dirdy 06:28

11 - Sleazy Hussy Fever 08:29

12 - Intro - Guitar Solo 01:05

13 - Rollin' Thunda 06:31

Elias T Hoth here:






Saturday, July 27, 2013

Forrest McDonald Band 2004 Colorblind

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:58:22
Size: 106,75 MB

United States

This CD is full of well written house rocking funky original Rock and Blues. Superb quality from start to finish. (


01 - Big John 03:55

02 - I Wasn't Looking For Trouble 04:48

03 - Only Moments 06:08

04 - Colorblind 04:48

05 - Oh Happy Day 02:55

06 - Guitar String Blues 03:37

07 - Thru These Days 07:42

08 - I'm Gonna Drop My Troubles 03:51

09 - Blues In The Basement 07:58

10 - Riding On The Blues Train 04:46

11 - River Of Tears 04:01

12 - Going Back To Memphis 03:53

Forrest McDonald Band here:



Geoff Achison 1994 Classically Blue

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:54:41
Size: 75,14 MB


Review by Charles Hodgkins

One of the wilder attempts at stylistic fusion to come along in quite some time, Geoff Achison and Adrian K.'s Classically Blue melds -- as its title suggests -- classical violin with elements of blues and bluegrass to mixed results. Adrian K., violinist for the Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra, ropes in acclaimed Aussie blues guitarist Achison for this 1994 collection of blues/R&B covers, Achison originals, and songs that Elvis helped make famous.

Clearly a labor of love for both performers, Adrian K.'s weeping bow provides a strong counterpoint to Achison's meaty vocals and top-form guitar work, making this percussion-free (save occasional congas) album an earthy experiment in genre collision. The album's opening violin strokes on "Mystery Train" scream symphony hall, but as Achison's smooth guitar picking steadily enters the mix, the venue makeover to a dusty barroom becomes increasingly clear. The guitarist's husky vocals -- which recall Joe Cocker or even Paul Rodgers at certain times -- work well on Robert Johnson's "When You've Got a Good Friend" or his own troubadour-ish "Kissing Angels," but tend to come off a bit overly earnest on acoustic boogies such as Johnny Otis' "Hand Jive" and Sam & Dave's "Hold on, I'm Coming."

Classically Blue's momentary flirtations with bluegrass are pleasant asides (most notably on Rodgers & Hart's "Blue Moon"), while Achison's three solo acoustic pieces act as a sort of adhesive for this patchwork album that doesn't ever indicate its true intentions.


01 - Mystery Train 05:37

02 - All Shook Up 03:33

03 - Dark Horse 03:19

04 - When You've Got A Good Friend 04:12

05 - Hand Jive 04:55

06 - Song For Jenny Dean 03:26

07 - Woman Across The River 04:18

08 - Chaser 02:37

09 - Well Alright 04:12

10 - Kissing Angels 05:08

11 - Blue Moon 03:10

12 - Guilty 04:51

13 - Hold On I'm Coming 05:23

Geoff Achison here:


Friday, July 26, 2013

Ladell McLin 2005 Stand Out

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 225 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:37:02
Size: 59,52 MB

United States

Because he was always surrounded by music, it made sense that Ladell would be musically inclined. He was born to singer Marsha McLin and jazz drummer Lamont Braswell. His cousin, Marshall Thompson, was in the Chi-Lites and his brother is blues drummer Andre Cotton. Though renowned for his guitar playing, Ladell started out playing drums. His credits include having backed up Buddy Guy, KoKo Taylor, John Primer and Johnny Guitar Watson. Ladell has been described as a cross between Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimi Hendrix, with a lot of cosmic consciousness that takes you traveling. He possesses an unforgettable soulful blues guitar feel and his hellified solos leave you unable to exhale until he's through with you. Ladell McLin is one of the last of the true Chicago Royalty blues guitarists. Ladell's latest CD, Stand Out is a hot rockin' CD, featuring mostly original tunes. It showcases Ladell's ability as a songwriter, guitarist and singer. (


01 - Rich Man's Lounge 02:37

02 - Hooked 03:36

03 - Stand Out 03:42

04 - House I Built 03:12

05 - Mona Lisa 03:31

06 - Comin' At Ya 02:50

07 - Play The Blues 4 U 03:33

08 - TNT 03:41

09 - Cold In China 03:33

10 - Universe feat. Vernon Reid 06:47

Ladell McLin here:


JP Stingray 2003 Mister Blues Strikes Again

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:57:55
Size: 132,48 MB


Album Notes

J.P. Stingray returns with a new 2003 release, which is his best work yet. "Mister Blues Strikes Again" delivers more of JP's hard driving blues/rock guitar, great original tunes, and top notch vocals. From slow blues to smoldering guitar driven blues/rock, this CD will get your motor running. JP greatly appreciates your support!


01 - Before You Accuse Me 03:50

02 - Mister Blues Strikes Again 05:04

03 - After Hours 03:11

04 - Square One 05:17

05 - The Day You Brought Me The Blues 06:54

06 - Jailhouse Blues 04:59

07 - Love Is No Game 06:48

08 - The One Under The Sun 02:50

09 - Trouble No More 05:06

10 - Bluesbrothers For Life 04:21

11 - The Day You Left 04:41

12 - Voodoo Chile 04:54

JP Stingray here:



Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rebel Syndicate 2008 Welcome To The South

Genre: Country-Rock
Rate: 160 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:37:10
Size: 42,67 MB

United States

A little bit 38 Special, a little Hank and some Little Texas, mixed with a heaping dose of Florida sunshine and a shot of Jack, Rebel Syndicate are consummate professionals. Their songs are expertly crafted and flawlessly performed. (cdbaby)


01 - Welcome To The South 03:17

02 - Slow Walkin', Sad Singin' 03:39

03 - Anything But Me 02:48

04 - Drive On 04:06

05 - This Town 03:54

06 - Beer Don't Bitch 03:09

07 - That Man Don't Live Here 02:42

08 - All But Gone 03:57

09 - Saving Grace 03:33

10 - Settle Down 02:34

11 - Bang, Bang! 03:31

Rebel Syndicate here:



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