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Monday, March 31, 2014

Cyril Lance 2004 Live From The Outskirts (With Johnny Neel)

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 225 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:55:23
Size: 93,55 MB

United States

This LIVE album is a jamming, free-wheelin', blues-rock, New Orleans funky, soulful romp featuring extended solos and 10-plus minute versions of Lance's classic guitar/Hammond B3 sound. Features Allman Brother alumni JOHNNY NEEL. (cdbaby)


01 - I Want The Real Thing 05:05

02 - I Went Down 10:51

03 - Remembering Jon 06:58

04 - Blues Ain't Nothing 10:47

05 - Same Thing 12:38

06 - Chank 09:04

Cyril Lance here:



Lester Davenport 1992 When The Blues Hit You

Genre: Blues
Rate: 268 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 01:00:12
Size: 116,15 MB

United States

Serving up 12 Davenport original tunes on the album, 'Mad Dog' and his mates have cooked up a spicy stew of vintage blues sounds. Tracks like the hopping 'It Won't Work Like That, I'm Gonna Move' and the rousing 'I'm Gonna Give It Up' find Davenport ... singing convincingly in a gruff time seasoned tone, and blowing up a storm on the harp. (Chicago Blues Magazine )


01 - King Of The Jungle 04:30

02 - I Believe My Baby Got A Mojo 06:51

03 - I'm Gonna Move 03:51

04 - Slow Down Baby 05:58

05 - It Won't Work Like That 04:34

06 - All My Life 05:54

07 - Mad Dog On The Loose 04:10

08 - Walkin' The Streets At Midnight 05:38

09 - Just For Spite 04:17

10 - My Baby's Gone 05:39

11 - I'm Gonna Give It Up 04:26

12 - When The Blues Hit You 04:24

Lester Davenport here:



Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tim Elliott & The Troublemakers 1993 Tim Elliott & The Troublemakers

Genre: Blues
Rate: 212 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:52:32
Size: 75,85 MB

United Kingdom

These are the sounds from an era when acoustic blues was taking on amplification. Not an "unplugged" album, but one firmly rooted in the tradition of blues and gospel. There is no overkill here, yet the treatments are totally loaded with conviction. Tim Elliott re-introduces the drive and vitality that was there the first time around on gems by Hooker, Howlin' and Johnson. The recording is relaxed, and you won't find any bleached copies on this CD. Tim Elliott and The Troublemakers are one of the unique examples, and living testaments, of why the music, nowadays, is very much alive and well. Talented artists bringing emotion, craftsmanship and spontaneity on home. (


01 - Cat Squirrel 03:42

02 - Ridin' The Freights 02:03

03 - Hobo Blues 03:23

04 - Good Morning Blues 03:11

05 - Judgment Day 02:41

06 - Come On In My Kitchen 03:45

07 - Calling Out To Jesus 02:54

08 - Down On The Farm 01:50

09 - Chain Gang Bound 04:27

10 - I'm Gonna Tell God All My Sorrows 03:33

11 - Evil 02:38

12 - Rollin' & Tumblin' 03:11

13 - Thunder And Lightnin' 03:44

14 - Sally Mae 03:31

15 - Morning Train 01:49

16 - Cow Cow Blues 02:34

17 - Me And The Devil 03:36

Tim Elliott & The Troublemakers here:


Jonny Lang & Corby Yates ? Minor Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:59:08
Size: 163,39 MB

United States


01 - Intro 08:27

02 - Just Love Me Tonight 05:37

03 - It's Bodacious 03:42

04 - Playin' The Blues 05:13

05 - You Crossed The Line 06:20

06 - Good Morning Little Schoolgirl 04:49

07 - Hit The Ground Running 05:13

08 - There's Gonna Be A Change 06:46

09 - A Quitter Never Wins 07:40

10 - Back For A Taste Of Love 02:28

11 - Otis Redding Song 04:18

12 - Lie To Me 04:28

01 - Freezer Burn 17:23

02 - Spanish Castle Magic 05:45

03 - Guitar Hurrican (Corby Yates) 03:14

04 - May I Have A Little Talk With You (Corby Yates) 06:04

05 - Tee Ni Nee Ni Nu (Corby Yates) 03:30

06 - Hurtin' Inside (Corby Yates) 03:55

07 - Tin Pan Alley (Corby Yates) 10:02

08 - Common Ground (Corby Yates) 04:14

Jonny Lang & Corby Yates here:


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Grinderswitch 1977 Unfinished Business

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 214 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:37:39
Size: 57,85 MB

United States

Review by Michael B. Smith

Grinderswitch was one of the most soulful bands that rocked the South, and indeed the rest of the world, during the '70s, highlighting Dru Lombar's powerful vocals and guitar work; Stephen Miller on keyboards; Larry Howard on guitar; Rick Burnett on drums; and the late Joe Dan Petty on bass.

In 1977, the band found themselves in the studio working on their second album for the Atco/Rabbit label. This following the huge success of Redwing, and three less successful releases on Capricorn Records. Just as they got the album ready for release, they were shelved in favor of the latest trend in music, disco.

Twenty-three years later, this fine album has finally been released in its entirety for the very first time. The record was produced by Paul Hornsby, perhaps the best known producer ever to come out of the "Southern rock" scene of the '70s, and recorded and mixed by Sam Whiteside. The Muscle Shoals Horns are featured guests, as is the timeless Bonnie Bramlett, whose solo work and recordings with her former husband, Delaney, are the stuff of music history.

"How Come It Is" is a straight-up rocker that opens the album, backed by a tight horn section and laced with an adequate dose of B-3 organ from Stephen Miller, who also wrote the tune. "Moving on Back to You," a soul-stirring R&B number, is power packed, and Larry Howard's "If the World Was My Guitar," is absolutely haunting in its beauty and spirit. When the band covers Albert King's "You're Gonna Miss Me," it is so hot you can shut your eyes, feel the heat, and see the burning embers smoldering. "That's What You Get for Loving Me" has the Otis Redding vibe down to a tee, and Lombar once again sings at his soulful best. This is a great album, filled with soul, blues, rock, gospel, and even a little '60s pop, as in the band's rollicking cover of the Drifters' "I Count the Tears," a track that manages to combine elements of Southern rock with a definite early '60s radio-hit sound. "Dr. Hector's Traveling Show," which inspired the name of Dru Lombar's current band, Dr. Hector & the Groove Injectors, is a fun-filled rocker that is highlighted by Lombar's red-hot slide guitar and catch lyrics.

This is an incredible documentation of one of the best bands to come out of the South since the Allman Brothers Band, and a welcomed addition to any collection.


01 - How Come It Is 03:38

02 - Moving On Back To You 03:33

03 - The Warm Kind 03:53

04 - You're Gonna Miss Me 06:23

05 - Dr. Hector's Travelling Show 02:22

06 - I Count The Tears 02:52

07 - If The World Was My Guitar 04:26

08 - That's What You Get 03:09

09 - Lady Luck 03:27

10 - Wheel Of Fortune 03:56

Grinderswitch here:


Mauricio Pedrosa Blues Trio 2011 Piano Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:32:30
Size: 74,34 MB


Já bem conhecidos no cenário do Blues paulistano, Mauricio Pedrosa, Marco Guto e Victor Busquets lançam mais um CD, “Piano Blues”, com Mauricio Pedrosa Blues Trio.

Marco Guto é fundador e contrabaixista das bandas paulistanas Zona Blues e Mad, acompanha também vários artistas e bandas de Blues e sua participação é fundamental na criação de um estilo próprio de base rítmica e melódica, contribuindo para dar ao Trio seu som característico.

Victor Busquets se apresenta também com Zona Blues, Robson Fernandes Blues Band, Comparsas do Nogueira, entre outros. Tem formação acadêmica, é baterista e percussionista. Com um estilo marcante e de muita personalidade, é considerado um dos grandes bateristas de Blues.

Mauricio Pedrosa, tecladista, compositor, arranjador e produtor, que já se apresentou no Festival Internacional de Jazz de Montreal e participou de shows com Rita Lee, Walter Franco, J. J. Jackson, Zona Blues, Lil’ Ray Neal, Charlie Love, Tom Hunter, entre outros, apresenta em seus shows, clássicos do Blues, New Orleans, Boogie-Woogie, Jazz Blues e composições próprias.

Neste seu segundo CD, “Piano Blues”, as faixas são todas tocadas no piano acústico e apresentam vários estilos de Blues, como Shuffle, Slow Blues, Boogie-Woogie e New Orleans.


01 - Boogie Woogie 03:27

02 - Great Northern Stomp 04:19

03 - Doin' It 02:52

04 - African Mailman 03:18

05 - Low Steet Blues 03:34

06 - The Blues 04:30

07 - Mess' Around 02:32

08 - Black Satin 03:03

09 - Frankie And Johnny 02:13

10 - Piano Shuffle 02:42

Mauricio Pedrosa Blues Trio here:

This album is published with the kind permission of Mauricio Pedrosa. Thank you Mauricio for all your wonderful music!


Friday, March 28, 2014

La Triple Nelson 2004 Seguir Mejor

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 156 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:57:03
Size: 63,41 MB


La Triple Nelson es un grupo de rock uruguayo formado en enero de 1998 e integrado inicialmente por Christian Cary (guitarra y voz), Fernando "Paco" Pintos (bajo y coros) y Rubén Otonello (actualmente su nuevo baterista es Rafael Ugo). (wikipedia)


01 - Fuera 03:02

02 - Descansar 03:08

03 - Americano 04:36

04 - Sin Tu Angel 02:52

05 - Llego A Casa 06:19

06 - Tu Sonrisa 04:50

07 - Despierta 05:30

08 - Selva 05:20

09 - Seguir Mejor 04:32

10 - Billete 02:59

11 - Llorando Te Besé 04:45

12 - No Cambia Más 04:47

13 - Minha Cabeca 04:23

La Triple Nelson here:


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cyril Lance 2003 Stranger In My House

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:58:23
Size: 133,51 MB

United States

A fiery blend of blues, New Orleans funk, and southern rock with influences of latin and jazz -- American roots music at its best. "...has the energy and fervor of a sold out concert..." (cdbaby)


01 - I Want The Real Thing 05:31

02 - I Went Down 06:54

03 - Just Not Ready 06:39

04 - Hot Tamale Baby 06:16

05 - Stranger In My House 06:22

06 - Same Thing 05:18

07 - Light Of This World 04:49

08 - When I First Met You 05:06

09 - Catfish Pie 04:23

10 - Remembering Jon 07:05

Cyril Lance here:



Kaz Lux 1979 Luxury

Genre: Rock
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:32:33
Size: 29,75 MB


Een waardige opvolger van Distance, deze LP. Het blijft misschien wat meer binnen de lijntjes, maar toch ben ik wel gek op dit album. Shame on you, met een funky schreeuwende Margriet Eshuijs in het koortje, Blisters, het gospel-achtige Rolling (wat een hitje werd) en het onwaarschijnlijk mooie ingetogen Sky zijn de hoogtepunten van deze plaat.

Kopen, als je 'm op LP tegenkomt. Ik heb ook de Fonos-uitgave op CD. (normaal gesproken verwijs ik nu als tip naar hun website, maar Fonos is helaas terziele gegaan...) (


01 - Not Now 02:34

02 - Blisters 03:25

03 - Shame On You 03:27

04 - Grandpa 04:00

05 - Sky 03:12

06 - Hangover 03:06

07 - Sisters 04:16

08 - Blind Man Willy 04:05

09 - Rolling 04:28

Kaz Lux here:


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mystery Train 2001 Love Lost

Genre: Blues
Rate: 263 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:57:59
Size: 104,41 MB

United States

Great blues album by Mystery Train, the group of Jim McCarty (Cactus, Rockets) after leaving Detroit Blues band. And the only one in studio. (


01 - I Need You 06:18

02 - Your Loss Now 06:19

03 - I'm All Alone 07:10

04 - Where Were You Baby 04:47

05 - Allman Joy 05:54

06 - Hold It Right There 06:05

07 - Love Is Rough Business 08:41

08 - Come On Back To Me 05:48

09 - I'll Never Turn My Back On You 04:22

10 - Cold Wind 02:35

Mystery Train here:


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dan Patlansky 2009 Move My Soul

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:10:19
Size: 160,83 MB

South Africa

Don’t forget to read the label: Move My Soul is a blues album.

But it’s the strongest album I have heard this year. Of any kind.

Blues junkies would call it ‘versatile’, but for me, that’s too detached. It is a fully-realised album, sometimes caressing, sometimes rampaging, that begs to be listened to as a suite.

Think of it as a series of in-your-seat, out-of-your-seat-and-on-the-table moments. “Big Things Going Down” is the latter, a momentous epic that floats through ten minutes of peaks and troughs as if it was thirty, and still ends too soon. Faster, less compromising, and more fun with a glass of “fruit” juice, is the rapid lovin’ of “That’s Alright Mama”. Then there’s “Backside of Paradise”, a slow-cooked cauldron of hoodoo and voodoo that invents the perfect origin story for Patlansky himself:

They say I was born on a stone at night Jammin’ to the blues

Albert Frost will have something to say about it, but Dan is South Africa’s most prodigious, virtuosic guitar talent. Ask any recent All Black about the ‘T’ word, though, and they’ll tell you: talent doesn’t mean squat without end product. Move My Soul is Patlansky’s final-winning performance and it should be his Webb Ellis Trophy. Now he needs to find a little luck, or perhaps make some of his own: time to hit the Crossroads. (


01 - Jump On 05:53

02 - Why 05:50

03 - Big Things Going Down 09:41

04 - Insufficient Man 04:56

05 - Peace Of Eden 03:54

06 - Move My Soul 06:02

07 - You Upset Me 04:06

08 - Come And Play 04:08

09 - Luca 11:24

10 - Lord You Are Beautiful 00:57

11 - That's Alright Mama 02:36

12 - Backside Of Paradise 04:27

13 - Namaste - Love City 06:25

Dan Patlansky here:


Mauricio Pedrosa Blues Trio 2010 Jazz Blues Fusion

Genre: Jazz
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:36:21
Size: 33,21 MB


O trio de Blues paulistano entra em cena com o CD “Jazz Blues Fusion”. Com Mauricio Pedrosa nos teclados, Marco Guto no contrabaixo e Victor Busquets na bateria, apresentam em seu primeiro CD, clássicos do Blues e do Jazz Blues, que se intercalam com algumas composições próprias.

Marco Guto, fundador e integrante da banda paulistana Zona Blues, conta com seu groove e estilo melódico marcante para criar um forte elo de ligação entre o teclado e a bateria.

Victor Busquets, que se apresenta também com Zona Blues, Robson Fernandes Blues Band, Comparsas do Nogueira, entre outros, mistura sua formação acadêmica com o verdadeiro espírito do Blues.

Mauricio Pedrosa, que trabalha também como compositor, arranjador e produtor, já se apresentou com Rita Lee, Walter Franco, J. J. Jackson, Zona Blues, Lil’ Ray Neal, Charlie Love, Tom Hunter, entre outros. Realizou shows nos principais festivais no Brasil e exterior, com destaque para sua participação no Festival Internacional de Jazz de Montreal.

O resultado desse trabalho está neste CD, que apresenta uma fusão de Jazz e Blues, com a sonoridade marcante do órgão Hammond B3.


01 - Blue Miles 03:47

02 - Groovin' B 03:53

03 - Blues Alive 03:16

04 - Anthony's Blues 04:29

05 - Organic! 04:37

06 - Give Me Your Hand 03:29

07 - The Blues Is My Best Friend 04:38

08 - Jazz 'It' Up 04:06

09 - Boogie Woogie Blues 04:06

Mauricio Pedrosa Blues Trio here:

This album is published with the kind permission of Mauricio Pedrosa. Thank you Mauricio for supporting this blog!


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