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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Superstitions 2006 Juke Town

Genre: Blues
Rate: 172 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:56:05
Size: 68,32 MB

United States

Album Notes

The Superstitions brings that Rod & Culture Cruisin' and House Party Hi Fi Sound in this Record Juke Town (Coast to Coast Jukin'). It goes like this:

Take your Louisiana style Harp Master&VocalistDumar Dupree; shake him up real good with Conqueror Root & Louisiana Bayou feel of Excello and Imperial records artists and just a little taste of Mussel Shoals Soul for good measure. Add some Little Walter, Sonny Boy, George Smith, and Jr. Wells and you really have somethin’! Now move Dumar Dupree into a hard hitting L.A. band with just the right mix of the Old Southern blues, Cajun, Jump/Swing, “really all them roots sounds” and you got it much more!!. It's been 10 to 20 years since a “fresh sound” has come out of Los Angeles playing hard driving roots music lead by one of the great Louisiana inspired” Harp Ace’s”, but once again it's time! Like their predecessors "The Superstitions" have the key timeless elements and are sensational. With a firm grasp on the music of the 40's 50's and 60's with a fresh new fire that is instantly evident. An outstanding mix of Young Talent and veterans to watch their back. This tradition goes all the way back to those 1950’s Midnite theater Sessions with T Bone Walker, Jimmy Reed, Joe Houston, Chuck Higgins, Big Jay Mc Neeley , Ladies and Gentlemen, The Superstitions are in your town!

Most Wanted:

Dumar Dupree – Duberly Louisiana & N.L.A. - Master of Smokin' Harp/Mississippi Saxophone and oh so authentic vocals where it counts like Walter, Elmore, Otis and Louis Jordan.

“Dr.” Jay Stolmack N.L.A. – “Phd” of Tenor and Baritone Sax - an amazing veteran of finest Blues, Soul and Rock with an ear toward juicy full bodied Honkin' solos Smooth ballads and Jazzy passages each just at the right time and place every time.

Mike Recendes – El Monte - Lead Guitar - showing all the other young and journeyman players alike what the new generation of "T" Bone, Gatemouth, Muddy, Elmore, and yes Santana too interpreters what it's all about and then some. He's got the goods in Time, Tone and Style! Brought it with him from a past life! A real rising star!

Rich Torres – E.L.A. - Drums and percussion - A purveyor of Blues, Jazz, Latin, and rock. Rich lays it down with ELA Personality, Class and Style. A guy with the sound and sense of musical adventure, a key and foundational element in the group on and off the stage. Louis Bellson and Rogers drums are always with Rich!

Sergio Osollo – E.L.A. Bass and Vocals - Smooth and industrial strength wizard of Fender and Dog House a veteran of the blues and 80's L. A. Roots Scene, Sergio has run with the toughest of the tough and is standing tall, no worse for wear. And an outstanding blues vocalist to boot.

Johnny Williamson – Atlanta & N.L.A. Rhythm Guitar and Vocalist - the veterano and stick to your guns old school guy who was there at the beginning in 1950 and is still doing it in 2006. You're in trouble if you ask him to play anything modern. Johnny is a self described Roots Rat and always wants to keep it that way.

In summary these guys have collectively played with or played on the same stage with the roots brightest stars: Big Joe Turner, Etta James, Chambers Brothers, Cal Green, George Harmonica Smith, Natalie Cole, Slim Chris Green, Katy Segal, Top Jimmy & the Rhythm Pigs, Dewey Terry, Juke Logan, Richard Berry, Don Julian, The Jaguars, Joe Houston, Chuck Higgins, J D Nicholson, James Harmon, Rod Piazza, Rick Holstrom, Tony Allen, Alex Schultz, Johnny Turner, Jobe Strials, Max Bangwell, Austin's Billy Campbell, William Clark, Barbara Lynn, Son Seals, Harmonica Doug (Joe Lee) Bush, L T Jones, Grady Jackson, Felix Reyes, Mighty Paul Linden, Jeff Termes, Linda Hopkins, Johnny Dyer, James Gadston, Hollis Gilmore, Randy Resnick, Sam Taylor, Coco Montoya, Debbie Davies, and Paul Butterfield to mention most but not all of the people with whom they have shared the stage and the music.

I can say with confidence, put the platter on; the party has begun right here, right now!

As Dr. Jive would say "Come on Baby's Play it for all the people in the welfare line and down on the Chain Gang Too!" Or Old H. H. “Hunter Hancock” would say " From Swing to Sweet, Be Bop to Ballad, and Blues to Boogie" Here's an L. A. Group who have made good!, lets give a listen to The Superstitions" puttin' out” on their latest record!

Featured artists on Juke Town are:

Mike Recendez 24 year old guitar genius/Phnom playing T bone, Muddy, Lightning Hopkins, Elmore James and others with perfect accuracy.

Dumar Dupree Harp virtuoso and Vocalist like Bill Clark, Jr Wells, Sony Boy and more, with additional features from Johnny Williamson performing guitar and vocals in the form of Jimmy Reed, Wynone Harris, Snooky Prior, Jimmy Nolan and other 40's 50's stars.

Dr. Jay Sax ala Big Jay, Joe Houston, Chuck Higgins, King Curtis.

Powerful rhythms of Richie Torres Drums and percussion.

Surgeo Osolo Vocals & Bass.


01 - Juke Town 04:21

02 - Hawaiian Boogie 02:39

03 - Tin Pan Alley 05:35

04 - Gamblin' For My Bread 03:43

05 - Cleo's Moody 03:27

06 - 300 Lbs. Of Joy 03:07

07 - Party Gras 02:16

08 - That's All I Need 02:51

09 - No Minors Allowed 07:51

10 - Jo Ann 02:58

11 - Let Me Explain 03:47

12 - Too Many Cooks 02:53

13 - Nighthawk 03:28

14 - Rock A While 04:28

15 - Voodoo Workin 02:41

The Superstitions here:



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