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Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Hardcount 2013 Blow It All Up Burn It All Down (Single)

The Hardcount is a rock n roll band cut from the same cloth as Motorhead, the Misfits, AC/DC, the Ramones and Johnny Cash. Rock n Roll is in our blood, it keeps us sane enough to walk the planet with "normal people". If we didn't have this we'd be dead.

A few hours ago I got a mail from The Hardcount you can read here:

It's here. "Blow it all up, Burn it all down", the new song from the Hardcount. Recorded at 48th Ave Studios by Bill Patterson. This is the first song that will be on our latest CD to be released late this summer. To us, this represents a big step after a couple years of rhythm section turmoil. A couple years that also included 1 marriage, 1 divorce, 2 arrests and a fight. The band has not had it easy and not unlike personal hardships we've all battled through in our personal lives the hardcount has experienced similar hardships and is now stronger and better than ever. "We're evolving as a band not only as musicians but also as band mates and hopefully better friends and lovers.” Donnie.

FREE: Listen and Download "Blow it all up, Burn it all down" at:

We want to thank everyone who not only supports the Hardcount but also those who support other original bands making their own unique mark on the world.

Donnie, Adumb, Spike, Vince

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