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Monday, March 25, 2013

Blues Power Band 2009 Zee

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:06:18
Size: 90,48 MB


This second album from the Blues Power Band, ‘Zee’, is not what you call a ‘traditional’ album. Two years after their success with their first CD, ‘Shoot, Shoot, Don’t Talk!’, the quintet doesn’t release yet another album but a ‘concept’, and it’s up there with the giants produced by the likes of David Bowie or the Who, people who’ve made a really deep cut in rock music.

And there’s a cherry on the cake: with this concept album you get a superb booklet, 28 pages of photos, lyrics, comments and notes, and it becomes a true collector’s item. You see, it’s not just in Rock that you can get some beautiful objects and just for that, it’s respect to the BPB!

What about the music? Again, it’s impressive because it’s certainly as good as many heavy productions made in USA. Looking for Zee is brilliantly put together with 21 simply beautiful tracks: there’s a stroke of genius with ‘What’s Up Buddy?’, a musical common thread you discover at the beginning of the album and played here and there throughout played on the dobro or sung. It’s pure genius!

In this quest to find Zee, there are several perfectly hard-hitting tracks, which would make excellent singles, just like in Tommy, you had ‘Pinball Wizard’ or ‘See Me, Feel Me’. Here there’s no pinball machine but great big lorries with ‘Got A New Truck’ and there’s no blind, mute and deaf hero but some dudes looking for Zee and really struggling to find her: ‘I Wish I Could Find Zee’, and ‘Reviens Zee!’. It’s a powerful blues which sticks to your fingers and your ears, it’s a bright and shiny blues, so colorful it gives the BPB’s music so many other shades than just blue.

Listening to the electrifying ‘100°F’, then to the acoustic ‘Mississippi Joe’, you (finally) realize (and you must forgive me because it was so good, I had forgotten all about it)…that the sound is huge, massive, enormous. And you need to be really talented to play your dobro alone in the mish mash of a quintet in search of high voltage electricity, and you have to admit, that it’s great… simply great! I know a Ziggy Stardust who would be green with envy!

Just as Ziggy would kick himself for not having written the fabulous ‘The End…’, a track during which you’re simply thrown off your chair by a breathtaking guitar solo. It’s undoubtedly the hit of this album but then again it is not easy to pinpoint one or more tracks since this concept album deserves to be listened to in one go. But I have to mention, and I won’t apologies for saying so: with ‘Banish’ & Co, and ‘The End..’ , you’ve written some of the greatest tracks in electric blues for…quite some time, and that’s quite something. Sorry but I have to play it again and then it’s back to ‘Zee’, but that guitar solo is just stupendous. You know, Jim, there are some tracks which can’t help but become hits. Except that you’re not here to listen to ‘The End..’.

Original, ‘Zee’ is the proof that those Frenchies can produce top quality, innovative albums. Respect, Gentlemen! (


01 - What's Up Buddy 00:52

02 - Got A New Truck 03:19

03 - The Missing 03:47

04 - I Wish I Could Find Zee 05:21

05 - What's Up Buddy (Zee I Miss You So) 01:16

06 - Riding With Jane 03:21

07 - Fortune 03:29

08 - What's Up Buddy (Went To The Marquee) 01:36

09 - Reviens Zee! 03:07

10 - 100°F 01:36

11 - Mississippi Joe 04:24

12 - Noite Doce Em Bahia 02:46

13 - What's Up Buddy (Cosa I Lé Zi) 04:49

14 - Tchoga Zanbil 01:01

15 - Marsquake 03:02

16 - Aftershock 02:56

17 - Below 04:33

18 - The End ... 05:20

19 - Back In Town 02:45

20 - Somebody 02:56

21 - Somebody Won't Talk 04:02

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