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Monday, March 11, 2013

Walid Itayim 2009 Where I Wanna Be

Genre: Blues
Rate: 190 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:53:15
Size: 72,63 MB


Album Notes

Walid Itayim was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon. Ever since he heard the Beatles at age 6 he wanted to become a rock star. His main instrument is guitar. During the eighties and nineties he played in several local bands. He was a founder band of the Lebanese band Force (1983-85). They recorded an album of original songs which was pretty innovative and the first of it's kind to come out of the Lebanese Rock scene. The album was called Forced. It was recorded at Bypass Studio which was owned by the legendary Lebanese musician/composer/ playwriter Ziad Rahbani. Rahbani himself played all the keyboard parts on the album. In the years since then, Walid continued to write songs and play gigs in local clubs but never managed to make his living from playing music. He got to record on other people's albums such as Ziad Rahbani's CD Monodose with Salma on which he played guitar on 2 tracks. His first official solo album "Where I Wanna Be" was released in April 2009. He and musician Munir Khauli played all the instruments on the album except for guest appearances by Ziad Rahbani, Arthur Satyan, Jeremy Chapman and Sami Shabshab.


01 - Angel 03:52

02 - Running Out Of Time (feat. Sam 03:23

03 - Thank God It's Over 04:26

04 - Moving On 05:16

05 - Faith 04:21

06 - Can't Live This Way (feat. Zia 04:31

07 - Image And Appearence 03:34

08 - Strangest Little Creature 04:14

09 - They Call It Love 05:35

10 - Theodore 03:50

11 - What She Does 05:49

12 - Where I Wanna Be (feat. Arthur 04:24

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