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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blue Junction 1998 22-17 Live In Aarhus

Genre: Blues
Rate: 188 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:44:23
Size: 55,17 MB


If you slipped the Blue Junction's debut CD in your player without looking at the liner notes, you might wonder where the disc was recorded. It feels like it could have been recorded in a Chicago club or perhaps a Mississippi Delta juke joint.

You probably wouldn't have guessed that the recording was made in Aarhus, Denmark, although the title might have given it away - "22:17 - Live in Aarhus." (Intermusic)

The band, which consists of Ole Frimer on vocals and guitar, Uffe Steen on guitar, Morten Brauner on bass and Esben Bach on drums, is a Danish super group of sorts, formed from various leading Danish blues bands. As I've never been to Denmark, I'll have to take their word on that.

I can tell you that "Live in Aarhus" has the self-assured feel of a seasoned blues band; certainly, one that is accustomed to laying down a funky groove for a club full of patrons ready to dance and drink a little beer.

The set, a mixture of originals and covers, includes "Tired Man" by Albert Collins and "Messin' With the Kid" by Junior Wells. The originals, mostly written by Frimer, range from the traditional Chicago blues of "If You Only Could Forgive Me" to the soulful ballad, "Done Foolin'."

The CD was recorded in 1998 at the Fatter Eskil club in Aarhus, but the band is gaining converts in recent months in the United States, including Bruce Iglauer, founder of American blues label, Alligator Records. "This band is certainly as good as many U.S. blues bands and better than most," Iglauer said.

As for the "22:17" in the album's title, it stands for the time the concert started - military time, of course. (


01 - If You Only Could Forgive Me 04:34

02 - Get Out Of My Life Woman 05:08

03 - Tired Man 04:53

04 - Done Foolin' 03:56

05 - Black Widow 04:46

06 - Messin With The Kid 04:51

07 - Working' Too Much 07:54

08 - Junction Shuffle 08:21

Blue Junction here:

Thank you Hellhound & Gordon P Green for sharing this album!

Unfortunately one share had track 8 missing and the other share had about 1 minute missing at track 8. So I searched for this track and could only find a version in 128 kbps with little faults. If you can offer a faultless version of track 8 in a better bitrate post it in the comment-section please!

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