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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Museo Rosenbach 1992 Rare & Unreleased

Genre: Progressive Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:18:03
Size: 178,54 MB

Review by ZowieZiggy

This is an album with several pre-released versions of songs from "Zarathustra". Sound recording for these are quite good which was not evident for such an old work.

The full suite is featured without any breaks (which is a plus compared to the final studio track). It is slightly shorter as well. I must say that I prefer the arrangements and production of this version. A perfect flow through the "Zarathustra" anthem leading to the fanstactic and fully symphonic finale. Great work, my friend.

"Degli Uomini" was my preferred "standard" song on the reference album. This version is quite close to it : featuring pleasant mellotron it is a gentle and sweet piece of music. The next one (also released on "Zarathustra") is far more complex. A combination of ELP and Crimson (yes, it is possible). The jazzy mood of the middle section is more difficult for me; but globally it is a very good version.

So far, I am more positive about these three pre-released versions than the final product available on "Zarathustra".

The problems come with both versions of "Dopo". The sound is really poor on the Italian one (but better than on "Live 1972") as well as during the English one. This song is just average (but maybe that with a good production, something better would have been achieved. But we'll never know.

Where things are seriously messing up is with two cover version of Heep songs. And not obscure ones. "Look At Yourself" and "Shadows Of Grief" belong to the best of their repertoire (but they wrote so many great songs...). These are also on the harder edge so, I would not have imagined "Museo" to cover these songs (maybe "Salisbury" or so...). You can also add to this comment that the sound is as poor as on their live album. While "Look..." is OK, "Shadows" is absolutely awful. The long drum solo is rather inadequate in here (although good; but they should have made one separate of this song IMO).

The cover of "With A Little Help..." is a cover of the fabulous Joe Cocker version. The lead singer almost sounds as Joe (would you believe?). If only the sound had been better! Like during the short "Valentyne Suite".

All in all, this album is good (except "Shadows Of Grief" of course). It should please any "Museo" fan and it is definitely more interesting than their poor "Live 1972".


01 - Zarathustra 19:03

02 - Degli Uomini (Instrumental) 04:16

03 - Della Natura (Instrumental) 07:50

04 - Dell'eterno Ritorno (Instrumental) 05:58

05 - Dopo 04:48

06 - Look At Yourself 05:39

07 - With A Little Help From My Friends 05:31

08 - Shadows Of Grief 10:32

09 - Valentyne Suite (Excerpt) 03:52

10 - Dopo (English Version) 04:33

11 - Dell'eterno Ritorno 06:01

Museo Rosenbach here:

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