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Monday, April 11, 2011

Sarasota Slim 2001 Boney Fingers

Genre: Blues
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:53:12
Size: 48,86 MB

United States

Veteran Bay area blues guitarist Gene "Sarasota Slim" Hardage confidently explores several varieties of blues on his latest release. Opener "I'm Gonna Get You" is Elmore James-style whang while "I Want To Know" travels the Delta-to-Chicago highway. The two-part "Booty Boomerang" is an infectious dance floor filler. "A Child Could See It" is a moody tale of bad love. Tight horn charts fire some tracks while a rotating cast of backing musicians carries the groove. Hardage's guitar work is clean and classy - he's got the chops to wail away but never overstays his welcome. (Curtis Ross)


01 - I'm Gonna Get You 03:50

02 - Booty Boomerang - (Send) 05:22

03 - Out-O-Sight 06:25

04 - Swing Thing 04:40

05 - I Found Out 05:22

06 - I Want To Know 05:27

07 - Call My Name 04:55

08 - Meet Me When The Stars Come Out 04:18

09 - Booty Boomerang - (Return) 05:07

10 - A Child Could See It 02:50

11 - Calypso Joe 04:56

Sarasota Slim here:

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